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Where it started [Judith]

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Where it started [Judith] Empty on Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:42 am

Kailette gazed at the moon from the stone cold stairs that lead to the Cathedral. Ever since that night she hasn't been allowed inside. Not because of people telling her no, but because it literally made her feel like there was some kind of barrier blocking her. Was she no longer accepted? It was quite obvious on what was happening. After reading it all, after studying for the time she was gone from everyone it was there. A few days beforehand she sent a letter to Judith to make sure to visit her here at night.

There was much to tell, and things to give for the next.

The next...

It sounds sickening just thinking about it, but it was life and had to be done till the life mission was complete. Her light purple hair flowed behind as the wind danced about. Her darkened eyes were hallow as there was no light within them any longer. Slowly, she felt some sort of toxin within her becoming greater. Once in awhile she thought of things she never thought she'd think of, but it wasn't the case anymore. Judith deserves to know everything as she was a mom figure for awhile...

#2Judith Karlinius 

Where it started [Judith] Empty on Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:07 pm

Judith Karlinius
Not too longer it seemed just was easily guess Judith seemed to show up much like as she always did when she was mentioned with the intention of being met and spoken with. The main sign for Kailette or whichever of her varying names could see that Judith was near by now, Was the sound of something shifting and moving the snow around with a bright light not too far away from her, Judith's magic had change slightly.

With a large leaf cover her from the snow, and one with a light sprouted from it to help her see in the evening Judith had arrive and it did not take long for her to speak."There you are, I have been rather worried about you since you had vanish." Judith said right away, not even a hello. Just a normal worried mother being as they were.

The lantern plant's light would fade to a reasonable bright as they were close enough, Not blind them both, the cover plant would go over both of them and expand to cover Judith and Kailette.

Judith was start inspecting Kailette and start realizing something was amiss."Wait...what has happen now,Your hair matches...Your eyes fade..." Judith not only sounded worried, You could faintly detect panic in her voice, Was Judith right really to panic over this? But that was just how she was."Please, Do not tell me I have found you only to leave now..."It sounded like it filled Judith with some kind of despair did not expect, As she ran over and hug Kailette quiet in her fearful panic trying to grasp together what exactly happen. Maybe Judith was acting overly worried because she had not seen in her a while, The time passed Greatly in Judith's mind, As well as the events leading to where they were now too.


Where it started [Judith] Empty on Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:23 pm

She looked at the woman who came out of the shadows with a lantern that shined bright in comparison to the stars. Kai wasn't sitting, but just stood there with no motion expect a small smile. Her arms crossed against her bust as she put her her hip towards the right. She had her talk and some pauses, but Kai let Judith talk first and finish. The weather was chilly and she was suprised the woman didn't question on why they weren't going to talk inside.

''It's time, Judith.''. She spoke womanly, coldly with a small ghostly smile. ''To be honest, I didn't think I would have gotten this far, but nonetheless I'm being denied. Every lifetime... It has taught me many things, there's really no reason to have love in my life." She began her words and reached into her pocket. There she had a bag of money for Judith to carry. ''I don't think I need to say much more other than give this to her, when you meet you'll know. If you have any questions, it'd be best to ask now before I go.". She ended with silence in the end.

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Where it started [Judith] Empty on Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was something rather heart breaking for Judith to realize, One of the few things to make the gentle voice quiet. It did one things when it did break on her, it brought a few tears to Judith's eyes.

It almost seemed like Judith was going to never speak at this moment again but she would finally speak up."What about your sister Judina? What about your brothers:Waylon? and Regis? My Husband? They all love you."She said in her emotional state you could hear the slightly whiling in her tone of voice as she started to cry, Attachment was the key to Judith's ruin, It would not a mastermind to know this.

And Judith was attached to her, Just as much as Kuriana. She did not want either of them to do, Even if Judith was some one who did turn her back on Kuriana for her own personal moral views. Judith's attachment showed and she mentioned it like all she wanted to do die in her place."You don't need to do this, You never needed too...."Judith did not seem to hint, Most likely it was already well known Judith had different hopes for her and now they were just gone.

Judith would take the money in her right hand and as she raised it slightly above the ground, A plant sprouted from the ground and wrapped around it to ensure she did not lose it.

Was Judith just fighting for this last moment to not be over before she had to embrace some one knew, Even if she was expecting it Judith was not ready for it."Why?...Why do you need to go?"Judith just asked."Why does everything need to be this cycle of reincarnation? Why must we chase immortality like prize we can never catch?"Judith said this part of Judith was the one locked so far away, No one else really had saw it for years. Only Kuriana so to say.

Judith waited for now for the answers, Holding on to what moment she had left with this one, Not wanting it to fade away, but it was easily guessed she did not want it to fade away, Her tears had not faded if anything they had became more apparent. Judith even seemed to ignore the cold too, Maybe it was the reality that she would rather freeze to death in this moment, For now the thought of if she was gone, Was Judith cursed to lose everything she loved? Much like whom she was trying to hold on to felt cursed like they would never be loved.


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Swiftly, she swayed her hand in an away motion and gazed at Judith. ''Enough, Judith!". She frowned and it was silent for a few seconds before speaking again in a ghostly manner. "Ever since she came to my life, Ana... This will always be a repeat because... if I don't do it myself then I'll be damned anyways. ". Her right hand escorted towards the doors of the church. "For example, I'm no longer even welcomed in there... The place Arisa wanted most Sanctuary from, the one's she followed and they denied her wishes to be closer. All the good she has done and for what?! For what?!". Her teeth gritted tightly as her eyes were filled with hatred.

"I'll make sure the next one won't love or care for the ones' that make her core cold. And if they see me as the enemy, so be it.". Her expression turned back into cold and nothing more. "I will sacrifice what I must, always will. You know this, Judith from all the years you've known me, the past me and so forth. I am cursed and will always be till this breaks."

A pause winded through time for a few seconds as Judith could see obvious sorrow from her face. "She was so close... so close to it all and it was all messed up by believing in another till she was just fooled.". That was all she had to say till they meet next time. She turned away, formed out her wings as they flapped a few times clearing out the area around her within four feet. "Till next time... Judith. For now don't tell your children anything as they have their own problems.".

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Where it started [Judith] Empty on Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:55 pm

Judith Karlinius
It all seemed in vane, it all seemed selfish and self-centered and all Judith could do is watch it all just leave before her like she had to choice of, Like fate had chosen for her."For the freedom to choose what no move to in life....To not think that you path is chosen by some one else." This did seemed fruitless and hollow.

Judith seemed to finally realize that even if she did not want to come to terms with it. Part of her still wanted to fight this one out. Normally the one to preach of freedom and fate would not mention fate once now."No one ever foresees their path in life perfectly....If that were true,I would still be The Forest Hermit."Judith mention that point even if it had nothing to it seems."So holding on to the the present is what would hold the most value..."But Judith maybe seemed to start to give in.

After all she finally let go of her, It seemed to be her sign what holding up to what was left, before she had to meet some one new again so to say."Have you forgotten what I have done for you too?"Judith would start that part."Is it just what you have thrown in for what you wanted to progress? Not what the people had done as well?"Judith would continue on this part and just say, After all they did work on many things together.

Eventually Judith seemed to accept this moment for what it was becoming, Judith would still need time to regain herself to a stable spot."If only she could have held on a bit longer...."That was Judith being hopeful over anything else, Always the brightest way of thinking."If you think this situation will be a problem for just my children, Then you are deluded and stuck in your path far beyond what I could have believed to start with."But she was able to let go now unless the next one would come.


Where it started [Judith] Empty on Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:59 am

''Oh no, Judith.. Not just them, but to those who it concerns they will have to deal with it. There is never any 'going back'. Even if I didn't do it myself then the curse will take it's own place and I will wither away. I won't go, I'll never be just a memory.". She clenched her fist and looked at it. "With this hand, I will learn to crush those who oppose me. I'm tiring of not fighting and being left to rot by those I trusted with what we call, 'our heart'. I will find a way to get rid of it while living.". She chuckled softly with a small smile, but her facial expression showed sadness. There was really no hiding how she really felt.

"Don't worry Judith, we will see each other again though as you can never get rid of me. Rather you want to or not. There will always be an 'Ana' rather Kuri is there with. You won't be an enemy though so there is never any fear till you no longer welcome me. Then..." She paused and stepped back more into the shadows as the moon's light made the shadows cover her face. "I will be something else, now won't I?". She started to lift off from the air as her tip-toes barely touched the ground. Quickly though she disappeared.


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Where it started [Judith] Empty on Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:29 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed it just did not work, Judith came to terms with it quickly, But she could not help but let herself give into that feeling of despair she felt. Judith had to let go of her just like the past one she let go of before she just said."I always miss you, Then and now..."Judith mention just looking at her for her final departure, Sure she stare all the way up until the final moment, Judith was just wishing she would turn around and not go this way."For no matter, You always leave....I linger with what remains."It did kind of make Judith feel alone, For what she felt her only true friend always just kept fading away in one way or another.

But now with her gone, Judith would leave. She wondered if now in the past she should have just stayed a forest hermit, For she lingered on the days that Kuriana stayed the lady that figure a way to make her stop hiding and stay her close friend, Long before she had that dream, Longer before Judith had helped her chase it, before Judith fled with a child to spare it suffering.

She always end up picking up the pieces that were fallen. She ended up alone, Why does she have to stay behind and do all of this willingly? Judith almost considered pulling what was mentioned to her."Will everything fall apart for me? If it does will she finally become what she wished?"Judith said to no one while she would continue on her way. It was time to return home maybe be able to be enjoy what she had.

"Well what visions I had at one point be true? Will everything leave me?..will I be alone like I use to be."Judith sounded paranoid, But it was something she feared and saw in a nightmare once, To picture your own children's deaths was not something she wanted to keep in mind.


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