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Pillaging 5 [Solo]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Pillaging 5 [Solo] Empty Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:45 am

Tomoe Tanaka
It was a new day, and another day in which to steal and kill. Any day like today where Tomoe had the freedom to do whatever he wanted was a good day indeed. If not for HER blessing, this life that he lived would never have come about. The thing that he loved most about life was days like today, where he knew he could gain money and power for little work. Crocus was a risky place to venture in search of people to rob due to its overwhelming presence and the sheer number of soldiers within it. Being the Holy City and the capital of Fiore, residence of the king, the danger it posed to criminal inhabitants went without saying.

The other unfortunate aspect of his operation in Crocus was the loss of his thieving friends; allies whom he couldn't remember the names of, for lack of trying rather than amnesia this time. They mattered as little to him as insects in grass, complete with the crunching sound that's made when crushed underfoot. They were simpletons one and all, and they weren't needed to conduct an operation of the ambition that Tomoe aimed for. In truth, the Joyan scoundrel never needed allies to complete his goals. Rather, they were merely pawns for his own entertainment. There was nothing to their presence other than to shake up the monotony of his day to day work. He firmly believed that, on the contrary, he tended to work best alone. Thus, he would venture outward once again to find victims to steal from.

Rather than wandering the streets in search of people to murder as usual, Tomoe went for the classier approach of raiding people's houses in search of valuables. As he moved, he swore he could hear HER whisper into his ear.

"Kill them all, Tomoe.", the Joyan would hear reverberate through his entire being, granting him a command that he wouldn't dare defy with an authoritative voice that was yet filled with elegance and grace.


#2Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Not once did the normally perceptive rogue question the validity of the statement or if it was even real; rather, he was so overcome by emotion that his first and only instinct was to follow the command of an ethereal voice. Only one such as HER would ever have such a perfect, beautiful and soft voice even when commanding HER servants to commit such acts. For that fact alone, Tomoe knew that the voice had to be HER command guiding his hand towards the true path.

"Alright, let's get it goin' then.", Tomoe muttered, and proceeded towards a house a few blocks away.

The target wasn't one that was specifically chosen or anything of the sort. Rather, it was a perfectly random location merely chosen by HER will. Whatever SHE said, went. It went without saying that Tomoe's approach was to kick the door down and begin shouting about valuables at sword-point. He spat threats at men, women and children alike; especially children.

As fate would have it, it seemed he had walked into what appeared to be an orphanage. And like any orphanage, it wasn't the best with its finances. There were very few commoner and working class residences Tomoe hadn't raided in Crocus yet, and he'd be damned if he would grow a conscience now when it came to pilfering from children and the poor.

Filling bags stuffed full with everything from jewelry to children's toys, the Joyan rogue was shameless about the standards he had set for his thievery. Rather, his goal this time was quantity over quality, relying more on his luck to get him by. As kids cried and caretakers reassured them that all was well, Tomoe scoffed at the idea of familial love and connection.

There was little in the world that he truly valued other than monetary gain and HER love, and neither of those was provided by any type of family connection. Unless the lucky child in question was nobility or royalty, they would be as subject to the rule of hard work as the rest of society. Tomoe disagreed with that concept, desiring the easy way to success. The fast way. The way that would lend itself to power over any kind of thought or personal skill.


#3Tomoe Tanaka 

Pillaging 5 [Solo] Empty Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:49 am

Tomoe Tanaka
The Joyan knew full well that he wasn't the kind to have many personal skills of his own, but rather to simply enforce. SHE chose him not for his proficiency or knowledge of any kind of task, but just for his pure lust for carnage. Threatening innocents and holding people's lives in the palm of his hand was the sole remaining thing that reminded him that he was truly alive. The money he made from life as a thief was merely the cherry on top, validating his efforts with a hard-earned meal or a shiny new piece of gear.

By the time Tomoe left the orphanage with sacks filled to burst with orphan loot, he had only been forced to kill two people! It was a new record for his raids, having previously been forced to kill many more than that. Even among them, only one of those deaths was in front of a child, scarring her for life! The lifeless grey of her eyes confirmed for Tomoe that he had done good this day, guaranteeing a young and impressionable daughter to a life of misery and maybe even crime.

The rogue breathed a sigh of relief as he made it back to his murder basement, setting down the sacks of orphanage valuables in a dark corner. No matter how much he could sell the loot for, the money served little in comparison to the joy he felt on another job well done. Popping open a bottle of whiskey, he sat back in a lawn chair in the center of the basement and looked at the ceiling fan.

"Did I do good...?", Tomoe asked to the air, peering into the darkness ahead of him and simultaneously dreading and excitedly preparing for the response he might receive

And yet, there was no response. Tomoe would then sit there for hours on end afterwards, drinking until the bottom of the bottle and sitting in complete silence.



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