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Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:16 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Sprinting through the forest, Shichiro turned his head backwards a few times to see if there was anybody that could potentially be tailing him but so far, he was in the clear. He wasn't the fastest mage in the game of life, nor the smartest but he was confident he could take on a small militia and come out on top. Now wasn't the time for that as he was busy trying to figure out what his next course of action would be. He still had the documents in hand from his previous plea mission but now he just needs some place to settle down to read the various gathering of documents. He figured now wasn't the time or place for this so he'd just return to the city of Crocus to analyze his findings. Making his way to the gates of Crocus, Shichiro began to firmly tuck the documents under his jacket and proceeded to walk with caution. He didn't want to bend or tear them, preferably keeping them in good condition so it's still legible. He already thought the penmanship was poor but Shichiro wasn't the one to place judgement on another's academic achievements considering the position he's in now. Well, no time to wonder about that now. He arrived at the gates to which he entered through as casually as he could while carrying sensitive information. He decided he would rent a room for the night at an inn so he could plan out his next course of action. He decided to go to a nearby, cheap inn and pay up for the night although, he didn't really plan on getting sleep but if it happens, it happens. Shichiro was led through the dainty inn to a cheap room with a wooden table, chair a candle lit light source and a hard mattress bed. Well, he paid for what he received. 

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:16 pm

Shichiro Uchida
After being ushered to the room he'd be spending the night in, Shichiro thanked the man and gave him a tip as well as a warning not to disturb him or allow other patrons to disturb him unless it was meal time. The employee nodded, taking the tip and went back on his merry way as Shichiro shut the door, locked it and proceed to pull the documents out from under his jacket. He then placed it on the table t begin deciphering the whereabouts of the group of mysterious researchers and their findings. The first thing he began to look through was what seemed like a letter from a superior. That means the big, bad wolf wasn't the brains of that operation, nor was he going solo. It meant he was answering to somebody up the ladder that was in on this finding. At least he now knew, he was heading in the right direction. After reading the contents of the letter, all that was revealed to Shichiro was the werewolf's boss was not happy they were falling behind schedule and wanted them to speed up their operations. Understandable, since Shichiro also wanted to hurry up and find that artifact. Brushing the letter aside, he took the next piece of paper to examine. This time it was a map with a few key points marked of where they had already started digging and searching. For the most part, a lot of the digs have ended in failure and they weren't able to uncover much, or so another document behind said. He presumed this is where they kept their records. He even found the on the map the camp he just robbed it wasn't marked like the others so that means they weren't done with that specific area. Well, he'd have to go back there and check. 

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#3Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:17 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Going over the material he review in front of him one more time, Shichiro made sure there was no other details he failed to notice the first time around. Well, as much as he hoped this would help, it didn't. Sighing, Shichiro leaned backwards into the wooden chair, lifting it onto its hind legs and resting his foot on the table. He was now frowning since he didn't get enough of a lead on the whereabouts of the item he was looking for. He didn't even know what it was or how it looks like which is overall frustrating. Nothing he could do about it now but take the time to relax and rest. There was another packet for him to examine but he had hoped he could find what he needed within the first pages of the content. Eventually, a bell was rung signalling that the kitchen was open for people to get their dinner. Getting up from the wooden chair, he decided to leave the documents out on the table until he grabbed a plate from the kitchen and then returned. Walking into the cafeteria, he started to receive some strange looks from a certain patron in the room. Shichiro ignored it and continued with his task of receiving his meal. Grabbing a bowl of stew, Shichiro went to a nearby table to sit down and enjoy his meal. He couldn't shake of a feeling of unease though as he ate. At this point, hes learned not to shrug off his instincts anymore as they have saved him numerous times already. In between spoonfuls of stew, he'd shift his eyes from left to right then back again. He couldn't take much more of this and decided to wolf down the rest of his stew before rushing back to his room and locking it shut. 

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#4Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:21 pm

Shichiro Uchida
If anybody wanted to come to harm Shichiro, a flimsy lock in this dump of an inn wouldn't cut it. Looking back, at the table, he realized his documents had been missing. He was sure he didn't move them anywhere else or drop them on the floor. That must mean, somebody had taken them. Now his bad feeling was coming to light as he wondered why that stranger kept looking at him. Shichiro then noticed something he hadn't before. A small window that was open, which he never noticed since it was closed and didn't stand out in any particular way. He was so busy buried in the them, he didn't notice. And the perpetrator left it open at that. Now Shichiro was fuming because he wasn't exactly finish with those papers. He then jumped towards the window to see two figures running through the streets towards the gates. Even with the man's back turned, he knew it was the one suspicious patron from the cafeteria that had been giving him dirty looks. With no time to waste, Shichiro leaps out the window with no hesitation in order to tail them. It was getting dark now in the streets of Crocus but he started to hurry after figuring even if he could see them anymore he could smell one of them and if he caught one, he'd catch them both eventually. Trailing the more familiar scent, he raced down towards the direction of Crocus gates until he caught up to the two. As soon as he did though, they decided to split up. One went out the gates of Crocus and the other  escaped into an alleyway. He could still smell him but it was the inn patron he had met earlier. He could always pick up his scent later and track him down whenever he wanted, Shichiro thought to himself.

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#5Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:21 pm

Shichiro Uchida
He decided to follow the not so familiar scent out of crocus since he was sure they were headed back to where he originally stole the plans to return them and tighten their guard. With Shichiro's current speed, it would be an easy task for him to catch up in no time at all not hat he could run at full speed outside of the city, especially since there's no more crowds that he would have to worry about colliding into. With that, Shichiro picked up his pace, sprinting forward at full speed. Maneuvering and evading trees and shrubbery that was in his way with ease. He caught up to the person he presumed stole the documents and violently lunged at him, tackling him to the ground, landing on his back. He did quite a bit of damage but he didn't really care too much about the man's well being. He stole from Shichiro, he stole his hard plundered loot. Even if it originally belonged to them, he found it unacceptable for them to just take it back. Turning the person in question flat on his back, he began to frisk them down to see if the documents were on them. The person began to laugh and explained to Shichiro that they knew he would come after the less familiar person because they knew he was a werewolf and would track their scent instead of the more familiar one. So, in short, Shichiro was baited and tricked and now he most likely wouldn't be able to pick up on the other person's scent who currently held the real documents. It was a simple plan, if not risky, that Shichiro easily fell for to throw them off the documents trail. This enraged Shichiro and he began to violently shake the figure in front of him for answers of where the other person could have gone. Unfortunately for Shichiro, the figure just gave him a victorious smirk which angered him. Swiftly pulling back his right arm, clenching his hand into a fist, he drove it into the figure's face full force which caused them to be knocked unconscious. He wanted to continue to hit them but he didn't want to cause a fatality at the moment. Still, this was a battle SHichiro had lost and he would have to take this defeat served cold. He then decided to search the unconsious person for any clues he may or may not be able to find. 

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#6Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (5) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:22 pm

Shichiro Uchida
His luck hadn't ran out yet it seems. While searching through the person's contents, stripping them to just their underwear, he found a magical device attached to the ear of them that was transmitting signals directly to the person that was currently in contact with them. He wasn't sure how it worked nor would he attempt to since he was afraid of being discovered or breaking his only clue. He at least removed the device from the person and began to wear it himself. He then got up, dusted himself off before he placed both his hands around the leg of his prey and began to drag the unconscious body deeper into the woods outside of Crocus, hiding it under some shrubbery. He then entered the city of Crocus and headed back to the inn with the magical device now fastened on his own ear and waited to see if he would be contacted. Who knows how long it would take or if it would happen at all. Normally, things like these would have a fail safe in case it was stolen, tampered with or damaged. So far, he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so he just kept on wearing. Upon returning to the inn, it seems as if nothing had really changed and people were oblivious to the fact a great chase had ensued not too long ago between two patrons and one of their accomplice. This sat well with Shichiro just fine as he would like to keep his private affairs, well, private. For once in his life, he wasn't feeling up to the weather and he decided he would order a few beers to drink his problems away, or at least attempt too. He heard this was how people coped with problems temporarily since their belligerence would give them a temporary state of bliss, if not forgetfulness. After a three beers, he couldn't take the taste anymore and was starting to feel a bit tipsy anyways. With that, he figured he'd call it a night. All he had left to do was go up to his room, crawl into his shoddy bed and try to fall asleep.


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