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Attention to Detail [Quest: Sage]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

Attention to Detail [Quest: Sage] Empty Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:03 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage was walking down the hallway of the castle, with two guards, equipped with full body armor and a lance on each of them, walking right behind him. They were heading towards Lady Merlin’s room. Sage had accepted a request from the High Sorceress. Once they had arrived at the front door of Lady Merlin’s room, the guards stood at the end of the giant door, that was engraved with beautiful patterns. Sage adored the beauty of the door, until it swung open, revealing Lady Merlin sitting on her own throne, with helpers opening the door and serving her food. Sage walked in, bringing his mysterious and charming aura with him, his soft smile his most attractive feature. The way he walked was graceful as it ever was. Lady Merlin grinned at the sight of him. When Sage got close enough to where she was, he bowed and introduced himself, “Sage Meilyr, at your service.” he said simply. Lady Merlin replied to him, “I admire your professionalism, not many mages are like that.” she complimented him, which made him smile a bit more, he likes compliments, but he didn’t show it to the public as it might ruin his image. Lady Merlin then continued, “I am expecting an item to arrive tomorrow. But I’ve heard rumours that the caravan who are going to deliver them are not that good at handling precious and delicate items.” she explained, stopping briefly to let out a short sigh. She then looked at Sage directly in the eyes. “So I want you to accompany the caravan while they deliver the item and make sure that it arrives in my hand tomorrow.” She ended, telling Sage what the mission was. It sounded simple enough, Sage agreed by bowing, “You won’t be disappointed.” he said, and turned to leave, accompanied by the guards earlier.

WC: 308

#2Sage Meilyr 

Attention to Detail [Quest: Sage] Empty Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:16 pm

Sage Meilyr
As Sage left the castle, he thanked the guards with a smile for escorting him, he was very polite and kind to others. The guards were taken aback by this and they smiled in return, blushing a little as they were not used to being thanked. They waved goodbye to each other and parted ways. Sage headed back to an inn where he was staying and rested his body for his mission tomorrow. He rested his body mind and soul by making himself a cup of tea and reading a book. Which sounded really pleasant to him. The next day came and Sage woke up early. He washed his face and brushed his teeth and prepared himself to meet with the caravan at the gates of Crocus, which were quite far away and that was why he needed to wake up early. Sage got out from his room and locked the door, he did not want anyone to get in and look into his stuff. He proceeded by going to the streets and stopped a taxi caravan. A nice gentleman stopped as he saw Sage waving his arms near the edge of the street. The gentleman stopped, and asked Sage where was he headed to, and Sage simply replied that he was going to the streets of Crocus with that sweet smile of his. The gentleman nods, being a gentleman he was, and the horse carrying the caravan started to move it hooves and they were on their way to the gates of Crocus. As they reached the gates of Crocus, Sage stepped out from the carriage and handed the gentleman a few jewels with a smile and a thanks. The gentleman nicely welcomed him. Before the taxi caravan went off Sage pet the horse, which neighed delightedly. Then off they went for their next customer.

WC: 306
T WC: 614

#3Sage Meilyr 

Attention to Detail [Quest: Sage] Empty Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:35 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage looked as the taxi caravan went off with the same tranquil smile of his. He then turned to see who was at the gates, there were basically no one that could be seen in the vicinity as it was only just a road. Except for one man, a guard who was sitting under a small tiny building which could only fit one person, it was a guardhouse. Sage walked up towards the guardhouse and greeted the guard, going there also gave Sage some shade from the sun. The guard greeted Sage back and asked him what was he doing there alone. Then Sage stated his business, that he was waiting for the delivery caravan to arrive. As he waited he chit chatted with the guard, expanding his fame a little. Then finally the caravan arrived. Sage was glad as he was not sure if the caravan did make it or not and he did not want Lady Merlin to get upset. As the caravan arrived, Sage stopped them, they asked him why had he stopped them from continuing the journey and Sage simply said that Lady Merlin sent him so that the package arrived to her safely. They then let Sage get on the caravan. Then they proceeded on the journey, and Sage left the gate while waving goodbye at the guard with that same sweet smile of his. They proceeded on their journey, the employees who were driving the caravan complained about the unnecessary time being added to the journey. Sage could then see where Lady Merlin were coming from, the reason why they had such a bad reputation on their job, they seemed sloppy and not take things seriously and instead they want to do things quickly and just for the rewards, so Sage reminded them that the time was added so that the package safely and in one piece.

WC: 313
T WC: 927

#4Sage Meilyr 

Attention to Detail [Quest: Sage] Empty Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:45 pm

Sage Meilyr
The caravan employees didn’t look so happy after Sage said that. So the atmosphere became quite quiet afterwards. Then ahead of them Sage could see that there were bustling roads, they were heading to the main streets, and Sage knew how dangerous the situation was, he knew that the main streets were filled with pickpockets, being pickpocketed himself. He asked the driver to instead of heading towards the main street, to go and take the outer streets instead, where it wasn’t as busy. The driver then complained that it would take twice as long, Sage then said that he did not care and told him to just do as he was told. So he did obey Sage and took the outer streets, redirecting the horses and into they go, the place was much more quiet, there were potential of an ambush so Sage watched the side of the road ahead of them for such potential danger, but it seemed like there seemed to be none. After a while, they encountered a group of construction workers. Sage peeked his head out from the caravan and one of the construction workers came walking up to them, near enough so that they all could hear each other clearly. The construction worker then told them that they were fixing the road and the road ahead were not in a very good condition. Sage thanked the construction worker for informing them ahead. Sage then turned to face the employees of the caravan and told them to take the alleyways, even though there were many more turns, at least it was safer for the sake of the package. Sage could hear the employees grunted, but he did not care, they should learn something from this and instead of being egoistic focus on the job at hand.

WC: 300
T WC: 1227

#5Sage Meilyr 

Attention to Detail [Quest: Sage] Empty Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:56 pm

Sage Meilyr
So they turned the horses driving the caravan and into the alleys they went. There were definitely more turns going through the alleys. But Sage was just simply doing his job, to make sure the package arrived safely. After a few more turns and grunts from the employees. Sage could then hear something, it sounded like a rune knight ordering someone to stop. Sage quickly told the employees to make a turn for it, and they comply with his request despite them looking so angry, then again Sage could hear the sound of a rune knights ordering someone to stop. Sage hastily told them to make a turn again, rerouting their path all over again. Then another one more time Sage heard it again, the voice of a rune knight loud and clear enough ordering someone to stop, Sage told the employee to make a turn again but this time, they had enough. One of them burst in anger, his face as red as a cherry, he was definitely steaming. He then grabbed the package which was inside a little red box. He told Sage that they had enough of it and told him to deliver it himself. With disgust in his face, of the employee’s manners and code of conduct, he dropped out from the caravan with the little red box, the caravan then went on ahead, far from sight. Sage looked around and he noticed that the castle wasn’t that far away, he could see it clearly from where he was. So he simply walked and greeted the guards, this time they were different guards from yesterday, probably due to different shifts. Sage then met Lady Merlin, he greeted her with a bow and the little red box in his hands, handing it to her, she then took it delighted by the package and he gifted Sage for his amazing job.


WC: 313
T WC: 1540

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