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Quick Job [Priscilla]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Quick Job [Priscilla] Empty Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:49 pm


There wasn't a lot of time left before the ball began. That's where everyone would be and where everything would go down. Vali's peers had already discussed things that would take place and how they would happen, but Vali himself believed that the plan needed a bit more o efficiently work. He never underestimated his enemy. The country was likely going to be shaken with the things that were to happen during this event. This was the Viking's one moment to make a country-wide impact. It seemed like everything he wanted was finally manifesting. His dreams were so close to becoming reality- as did the dreams of all gods. At this very moment, he was standing behind an abandoned building of some sort. It could have been a library due to all the books he found scattered around it. Why was he waiting? Well, he had been waiting for Priscilla, his loyal assistant, to meet him for a quick and very important job. He needed her to do a few things before whatever the hell he was going to do at the King's ball. Priscilla would find him because she was a werewolf. Her vision and sense of smell were both extremely powerful so nighttime didn't matter. With his cloak covering his body and his hood over his head, he leaned against the broken building. Then...he could smell her approaching.


Quick Job [Priscilla] Empty Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:26 pm

Was it being a werewolf or the fact Priscilla lurked in darkness normally before they met, A horrible night time murderer or not horrible depending on view. But one thing easily guess that it would not take long for her to show up, There was an allure Priscilla seemed to have with Vali, The thing on her mind is did she hide it well?

Would Priscilla be playful about showing up. From the ceiling above? or just walk normally as a sane person would do. But Priscilla would not hide or really talk long.

So wasting no time about it Priscilla then would just walking over to Vali and would wait."So what beckons to me? A god, A lord or an unsure soul?"Priscilla said so casually, Then again Priscilla poke in odd ways sometimes, But not entirely hiding behind her curious way she would ask.

"What would you need of me, My Lord?"
It might have been strange to hear Priscilla say that, to finally be called lord from some one who normally most of the time was bound by no one and obey because of needing to. Was she compelled too? Or just simply felt like she needed to?

Crossing her arms and waiting quietly to hear what would be had of her, Priscilla seemed curious with that single eye she would look Vali in the eyes and wait no smile, just the plain expressionless face Priscilla always had since they met, it was just something she was use to at this point

Was this just being called to action way of Priscilla working? At least she did not seem in pain anymore from turning into werewolf, She seemed herself. The loyal shadow she was. To wonder what is needed and why here was always a trail in her thoughts, But so was murder since she had killed a few people recently, Vali could see it in her eye she had killed people recent it just looked like Priscilla was far too spaced out in her mind even with focusing.

#3Vali Onfroy † 

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Priscilla moved closer and closer until finally, she was beside Vali. At first, he had managed to drift into deep thought about how he carried himself. He wasn't an arrogant or cocky person- proud and confident of course, but he never boasted - he made sure of that. So why would Troy call him such things? It made him wonder if his people believed the same? And how the hell did he recruit Icebergan warriors? he thought to himself just before Priscilla spoke. The young Jarl turned his head to face his loyal assistant. She asked him a strange question, alas it was a question that didn't require much pondering. "Perhaps all of the above. Who knows?" He smirked, happy to see Priscilla. There was something about her that seemed...different.

The Viking couldn't put his finger on what that something was, but Priscilla had evolved- that much was obvious. Part of him wanted to tear off her clothes, but instead, he looked into her eyes with a different look than any he's given her before. It was eye-language and although her eyes were colder and emptier than before, she would be able to tell what thoughts ran through the Titan's mind just by looking at him. Then, the newly turned werewolf asked Vali what he needed even referring to him as Lord for the first time out loud. The Alpha raised an eyebrow and nodded lightly. Surprised. "You may or may not have heard that King Reign is hosting a ball at the Grand Cathedral. King Vali plans to introduce himself. So..." he began.

"Unbeknownst to the group I am working with, I will see to it that Forty of my men are involved. I want five of those men to be the stealthiest Nekomatas from Treerin village. Cheif Leonus will know that you are carrying out my orders." He scratched his chin, quickly thinking of the best strategy. Treerin village was the village of Neko's that he ruled. He was lucky to have them. "Find Fioran attire for the Icebergans and dress all of them. They need to blend in as Fiorians so make sure their well-groomed too." The thinking never stopped, at least not for the youngest Jarl in history. Val began to step away, allowing his mind to shift in different ways to think about the possible outcomes of many different scenarios. "Aye. The Icebergans will enter the ball all at different times. " Still not done, he turned back towards Priscilla to see if she was following his words.

"After you drop the men off in Crocus, you and the five Nekos will make your way to enter the Cathedral as well. I will already be inside. I would prefer you and the Neko's to enter through the least occupied Archway as a group, but I'll be honest, I think the main gate may be the safest way in. Regardless, just get you and the Neko's in without drawing attention. When you see the time is right, roam the Cathedral and pillage, kill, do whatever you want to anything in the building. Make sure you tell the Nekomatas to take anything valuable too."

"Simple enough right? Just get the Icebergans to crocus."


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So It was to lead to carry out wishes and orders, the purpose of Priscilla seemed to have now. It was all pretty simple orders."Shame to think of it many personalities in one, I would only personally want just the plain one for his company is better then what the world can see before it now."It was something Priscilla feared admitting and let slip that she had grown some kind of attachment beyond working for Vali, She was hiding it well, Even if just faintly starting to spark.

For now Priscilla would leave any remarks like this to just that moment."But I guess such a thought will wait another day." Priscilla would just go right back to obeying orders like she would actually be known for. It was pretty simple of her to arrange, So what would be requested would be done.

But it seemed the fun would start soon."A Party crasher are we? Sounds like my kind of fun."Priscilla turned into her almost toying mischievous way of thinking then again almost of this kind of work was everything she had done before, Just by herself, under orders or some one else it was a interesting experience so far.

But as much as Priscilla seemed to almost want imply a few other things that she could feel, She had work to do now. Orders where given and understood. So she would bow slightly and say."Very well, your orders will be done."With that Priscilla left rather quickly then she arrived to carry out orders, The fun would soon start with Priscilla, Because in her twisted mind that was all far too normal of her. So she would be off to gather and collects the people and out fits no doubt to raise an interesting wonderfully blood filled day. It would be a delight for Priscilla, She left with a smile on her face for what was to come, After all that had lives to ruin now, It would be interesting.


#5Vali Onfroy † 

Quick Job [Priscilla] Empty Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:14 am


Vali had been giving orders but that didn't mean he didn't notice the way his subordinate was looking at him. However, for the sake of the mission at hand he hadn't pressed forward on it. Plus, Priscilla was strange and he could have just been making things up. Either way that would be something to worry about later, just as he heard Priscilla say. After giving said orders, the purple-haired mage accepted her duties before hurrying to leave off. Vali nodded and watched as she walked off, thinking multiple things. His thoughts started with ideas of seeing Priscilla ina more intimate way. Honestly, the thought of seeing someone like her open up for him to the point where they'd actually be together was interesting. His thoughts then went on to imagine the sex and boy did that place him in a daze. Just before he left he remembered. "Thank you, Priscilla." He'd say aloud. Val knew her ears were strong enough to hear him. Priscilla... he thought as he watched her hips move sway with every step. Priscilla? he thought scratching his chin.


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