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Cronus - Baska {Foot}

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#1Enoch Vi Britanina 

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Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

Cronus - Baska {Foot} NHrtogw

"A cold heart is what I have."|Enoch

The journey to Baska would be a tedious journey but for an immortal whose time isn't essence. The journey would be very brief for an immortal of his statue. In need of income to push his plans forward, Enoch VI Britannia set off for the merchant town Baska.

The town is known as merchant haven thus work was there all was required was his arrival. Being waddle in his own pride Enoch believes he God who roam this Earthland. No longer the foolish dreams of Vahalla instead he will shape this world into his own Vahalla.

Enoch pale skin glim in the moonlight as he continues his journey. Prior to his leaving he had a small snack on the poor woman. That should hold his thirst for a while but as a Vampire, he knew that wouldn't be long.

As for the woman, he didn't drain her completely instead he left her, and abandon her in the woods. Surely lurking creatures of the night will finish her.

He was sure to keep off the main roads of the city. He stays within the shadows using his stealth to travel. As immortal he didn't wish to let his guard down after all he isn't at his full power. He knew that but he didn't wish to admit it his pride wouldn't allow that.

He had plans, dreams, and goals surely he will reach them if he remains vigilant. Examine the night sky seeing all the stars that the sky had to offer that night.

It wasn't that many due to being so close to the cities borders. That didn't matter though because where he was going the sky would be open fill with stars.

His body carefully stalks the countrysides as a soundless man his armor didn't hinder his movement due to his warrior class. Enoch took note it wouldn't be long until the sunrise even though sunlight wasn' his weakness.

It was light should it be used in a harmful manner.
Letting out a sigh he continued to move forward heading for his destination form there he will take it from there.

What did Enoch expect from the merchant haven? nothing much that he shouldn't be able to handle. The first thing he must do is seek shelter, food source, and then wealth. By any means necessary those who get in his way shall experience his wrath.

As of now, he didn't have any beef with anyone as of now but that could change on a dime. This world is filled with evil, and good whether they decide which side all will bow before him.
Travel Complete {Topic Exit}


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