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Pillaging 2 [Tomoe]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Pillaging 2 [Tomoe] Empty Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:35 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe stood in a dimly lit room, sword in its sheath where it should ideally always be. Before him stood three men, each more fearful and timid than the last. Three stooges, each of them undoubtedly useful meat shields and nothing more. Tomoe paced back and forth, the shoddy and worn down wooden planks beneath his feet shifting and being crushed under his weight. Physically, mentally and emotionally above them, Tomoe would reign over his small kingdom of scoundrels. Was this what ruling an empire felt like? Probably not, as the quality of his men was far too lacking for the kind of plan he sought to put into action.

"Last time was a test.", Tomoe finally spoke, shattering the tense silence of moments before.

"A test to determine each of your strengths and weaknesses."

The bandit stopped his pacing and turned in a stiff fashion towards his underlings. A grim smile crossed his face and a darkness in his eyes. He knew that in order to properly train these rookies to be the best they could possibly be, he would need to ensure they could endure suffering and face frustration time and again.

What kind of frustration? Quite simply, the kind that involves loss on a minor scale at first, but gradually escalates in the quantity of despair they would feel. Tomoe knew exactly how he would temper his new weapons best, and that they would be powerless to stop him.

"Grit your teeth, boys.", Tomoe spoke, following up with a booming laugh and the cracking of his knuckles.

Without drawing his sword, the Joyan rushed forth with speed and aggression towards the unsuspecting trio of thieves. Caught off guard, all they could do was let out screams of terror as the mad cultist descended upon them with all of his might. It took a lot to keep up the facade of a harmless drunk to the public, and Tomoe figured this would be a golden opportunity to let out pent-up rage and frustration against targets that couldn't fight back. Simultaneously they would learn what it meant to cross him. Ultimately this was a scenario in which everybody won, in his eyes.


#2Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Half an hour had passed before the last of the three thieves had gone unconscious. It was admittedly a workout for Tomoe as well, who wasn't the most accustomed yet to fighting without a weapon. His physical might gave him insight into the kind of person he might have been before his memory loss: the kind that was proud of his fists and was quick to use them. While his conscious memory was soundly wiped, his subconscious - and by extension his muscle memory - was alive and well. A few of his limbs ached, taking a few solid hits in the scuffle but nothing worth dwelling on. After taking a minute to breathe, he dragged the unconscious bodies of his allies into wooden chairs. One by one, he poured water from a bucket onto each of them to wake them up. None of them had to ask what happened, because they knew that they had failed to defend themselves. They failed, and they would have died if it had been anyone else.

"There are way more powerful people out there than me, y'know.", Tomoe admitted.

"People that wouldn't hesitate to maim you, kill you, or... well, there are some things worse than death out there.", he continued, personally knowing and experiencing what death felt like and coming back for more.

He snapped his fingers to bring his still-waking underlings back to reality, the percussion rousing them. They snapped to attention, less fear in their eyes than before. They had experienced failure, and knew what confronting overwhelming power felt like. Tomoe could tell that they were ready to begin training towards something more than mere lock picking or skulking in the shadows. Indeed, they were ready for true robbery.

"Follow me. I'm gonna show you how we'll really get people riled up 'round here.", the rogue finished with glee.

After those final words and a gesture to indicate guidance, Tomoe walked out of the door and his beat-up underlings followed. This time, however, they had the slightest gleam of intent in their eyes.


#3Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
"Oi. Bastard."

An unsuspecting older man in the clothing of one above working class heard these words spat with hostility from behind. On instinct he turned around to inquire into the original speaker of these words, and was met with a fist bound directly for his face. Pain coursed through his nose as a crack was heard, the man tumbling into the concrete road. He looked up to see Tomoe cracking his knuckles and three more rugged men behind him, the entire quartet wild-eyed and ready for a fight.

The brigand drew his sword as fast as lightning, and even faster had its tip pressed right near the gentleman's throat. Sweat poured from his brow, realizing in that moment that he could very well die. He scanned the faces of the sword wielder's allies, all of them observant and unwilling to stop what seemed to be happening.

"Your money or your life, old man.", Tomoe spoke gruffly, the cold glare in his gaze giving way to pleasure at the situation.

Tomoe pushed just the slightest bit to puncture the older man's flesh, drawing a drop of blood, and the pin-needle pain was enough to send the gentleman into a panic. Immediately he shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He threw it at Tomoe's feet and began begging for his life. The Joyan allowed the man to continue his rambling for thirty seconds before raising a finger to his lips.

"Yeah, I suppose we can let you go. Off with you.", Tomoe proudly proclaimed, shooing the man away as one would a stray animal.

"Normally you'd want to check the cash before letting your mark go, but you can tell that he was the sorta dude to piss his pants and give you all he has without question.", Tomoe continued, turning to his allies who seemed inspired by his method of robbery.

The Joyan thug then picked up the older man's wallet and peered inside. A scowl crossed his features and his eyes dimmed. A defeated sigh escaped him.

"Seems the old guy actually didn't have a lot on 'im... screw this, I'll be taking this haul this time. Y'all got paid in a lesson well learned, so we'll split cash on the next one, got it?", he spat out venomously.

The trio behind him all exchanged glances and agreed in silence, nodding in agreement.

"Good. Well, we'll pick this up more next time. I wanna see you guys doin' some of this, alright? I can't carry your entire fortune on my back."

With that, Tomoe left, happy that he had received more money than he was ever expecting, in truth. A part of him hoped that none of them had seen through his act, but considering that they didn't bother to question the amount or to see the wallet, he assumed they were as ignorant as always.

"We'll see how they shape up next time, then..."



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