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Training & Helping Those In Need [Amen'ra | Solo | Mini-Event]

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Training & Helping Those In Need [Amen'ra | Solo | Mini-Event] Empty Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:54 pm


It hadn't been much time at all in his travels to Crocus a bit before the ball he was to attend, and already things were getting hectic. Amen'ra was running currently, toward a flying red winged man who was holding a small boy by the ankle toward it's 'flock'. It wasn't long ago that he was closing the demonic rifts alongside his brothers in arms, traitors to their own cores, but now he was dealing with demons again. Things like this had been happening more frequently and a woman had informed her of the creature taking her son during an attack that had happened a few minutes prior.

Informed him more like she ran into the bar in a fit screaming for someone to help her baby boy for some jewel, but she had him at 'help'. He wasn't in it for the money... that was just a bonus.

"Unhand him, hellspawn!" He yelled while sprinting after the demon, the little boy screaming his head off the entire way as the cold was bitter around them. Wearing a pair of blue form fitting jeans, a white sweater and black spiked choker, a red fur coat with white gloves and black boots; he was clearly unfit for a fight. The only saving grace being the smoldering sword he'd purchased that lucky was on it's way for a cleaning as a rusted blade was no one's friend.

Trudging quickly through the snow, he would find himself leaping off of a vendors cart to reach the rooftop for a closer shot. It would keep the snow from slowing him down and let him get close enough to the demon that he could extend his hand backward and prepare a spell. Palm open wide to create a red and gold magic seal raw sunlight would pour through in the shape of a 4 foot spear, perfect for the occasion. The warbling pointed pole of orange fire and golden light was then hurled forward at the demon's head, speeding through the air to impale the beast.

"Saintly Lance!"

A sickening scream as it's body wen't limp and it released it's clutches on the boy, both quickly plummeting toward the earth. Amen'ra lucky had dashed through the air toward the young man and managed to catch him well before he would hit the ground, saving him thankfully. Landing in a pile of the cold element he would stand the boy and himself up and look him over, making sure he was alright before directing him home to his mother. He had unfinished business as he continued moving in the direction the demon had been moving to, eager to find the rest of it's friends to put them out of their collective misery.


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Training & Helping Those In Need [Amen'ra | Solo | Mini-Event] Empty Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:19 pm


Not long after his sprinting had he managed to find around five demons on equal size to the former flying around a building, raining down hell on it. Two of them continued to swoop down to claw and bite at people while the three others were actually landing to box the poor humans in. Scoffing at the sight, Amen'ra continued running while quickly brandishing his smoldering sword; a blade with a fire enchantment. It's silver body would light ablaze when finally being unsheathed and the sun mage would now leap into the air while dashing to quickly impale his first target.

Riding the creature to the earth while his knee was dug into it's side, the blade pushing off the ground as it's red body thumped against the pavement. Blood staining the falling snow and prompting the earth bound demons to look over to the man who'd slain their ally. Amen'ra stood without fear, stepping on the demons chest to then decapitate it for good measure.

"You all will share a similar fate, now who's first?" He asked for only a screech as a reply, the beast beginning to charge him. Reading and waiting Amen'ra easily sidestepped the demons assault and slashed it's belly with his sword, causing it to fall to it's knees while clutching it's steaming wound. Arms struggling to contain what one should never be seen on the outside, before he was spinning and using the momentum to decapitate his second victim.

Amen'ra turned quickly as his face was merely side swiped by one of his flying foes, rolling out of the way quickly to land on his knees and lunge at the flying creature. Slicing one of it's wings clean off to force the hell walker to slam into the building it had been terrorizing and paint the snow more shades of violence. The mage walking over to drive the sword through the creatures skull and out it's mouth, another down... two more.

Sure it was merciless but that was what happened when someone went against otherworldly threats who wouldn't hesitate to do the same. Readying his weapon Amen'ra would lurch backward when talons were slashing at his own gut, hoping to rip flesh but instead cutting air cleanly. Using the opportunity, he would toss his weapon high into the air while clapping his hands together to prompt the creation of a gold and a red magic circle before him. Opening his hands quickly to showcase sparks shaped like flaming golden orbs of fire and light the size of marbles.

Amen'ra watched as the small spheres would rush forward to surround the two demons before promptly and quickly expanding into an orb of fire. The explosion of solar fire covering a 4 meter radius and engulfing the two beasts who were now thrashing around in the snow, yellowing out in pain. The ground once covered in snow around them now steaming and wet, the frost melting from the sudden heat of the spell. He didn't waste time in finishing off the demons with two quick slices, each one separating cranium from it's home.

Checking to make sure everyone was already he would move to reach the local enforcement to get rid of the bodies and get the people medical attention. Gaping wounds and trauma aside, at least they had avoided being killed thanks to the solar magic wielder.


she wants to
dance like uma thurman
bury me til i confess

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