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Pillaging (4) [Solo/Mini Event]

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Pillaging (4) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:49 pm

There had been word of a special artifact going around.  As Shichiro sat there in a tavern for a meal, he heard through the grapevine of a special group of people that researches ancient artifacts of power that has discovered one that puts most of the collection the have to shame. Apparently it was a helmet of some kind that grants special properties to specific individuals. Not much was known about the said artifact though. Not where it was being kept, where it was found, nothing. Apparently, they wanted to keep it a secret until enough was known about it. Taking a sip of his drink, Shichiro wanted to asked the guys that were whispering about it more information but technically, he wasn't even suppose to be able to hear what their conversation was about. He was now a werewolf though and could now pick on things he normally couldn't anymore. This uncanny ability was already pretty good but he wasn't satisfied with just that. Still he decided he would take his leave and prepare to search for that artifact the were talking about. The problem was, he didn't have any leads other than he was aware of a certain group's existence. Well, he figured he would try asking around the tavern anyways. Pacing around the tavern and getting clues, he only got as much information as he initially overheard. There was one new piece of information he didn't know beforehand though. It turns out there's a small camp outside of Crocus that specializes in the research of lost artifacts. It wasn't exactly the secret group he was looking for but he was informed most people in a trade normally knows other people in the same trade. Shichiro had thanked the person that informed him of this and he figured he'd head out to find the camp.

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Making his way towards the gates of the city, Shichiro looked at a map to the outer regions of Crocus that he had borrowed. Even though he claimed to have borrowed it, he had no intention of actually returning the thing. Heading through the gates of Crocus, Shichiro set out to find the camp of researchers. It was a bit of ways off from Crocus but he'd eventually find his way. Travelling through the outskirts of Crocus, Shichiro got a bit parched and decided to find a river or spring with some fresh water of some kind. Taking his break, he happened upon a small clearing in the forest that provided a trickling waterfall of drinking water. He didn't have a container or a flask on him so he just cupped his hands together in order to gather said liquid and consume. Taking a few sips of water, immediately refreshed his body so he could continue on with his travels. Pushing past the greenery, he eventually came across a camp that was described to him by the tavern patrons. He checked the map to confirm if this was the right place and indeed it was. Tossing away the map, Shichiro approached the camp in hopes he could talk his was into learning the whereabouts of the actual group of researchers he was looking forward. Spotting what seemed like an intern, Shichiro waved towards him in hopes he would assist him. The intern instead stared at him briefly before coming towards him and asking if he needed something. Shichiro nodded, asking about a certain group of researchers. The intern wasn't sure but he decided to take Shichiro along to his supervisor and the head of a camp.  After a brief moment of walking, Shichiro and the intern came across a gruff man with his hands on his hips, over seeing the research and apparently, an excavation. 

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Observing the supervisor, he was a fairly large and bulky man and a little hairier than most humans. He had defined muscles, with a square, broad shoulders. Blinking twice, Shichiro continued to size the man up. He looks more like a fighter than a some sort of researcher. It dawned on him, there was a familiar scent of his kind. He didn't recognize it at first but now he was sure of it. This man was also a werewolf, like himself. He was positive of this. As he stared the man down, the man had turned to him and his intern and flinched at the site of Shichiro. Putting on a scowl in their direction, the intern began to ask his supervisor if he knew anything about the group of researchers Shichiro was asking for. Immediately, the supervisor said no and told his intern to get rid of him, that he was not welcomed here. Well, this reaction didn't exactly surprise Shichiro but still, it was quite over the top. Thee supervisor also threatened to punish him for bringing unauthorized personnel into the camp without permission, especially without knowing who they are. The intern looked a bit shaken and ushered Shichiro out of the camp as almost as quickly, if not quicker, than when he first addressed him. Well, that was a bust. No luck on getting what he wanted except for the obvious fact, the researcher was hiding something. Well then, it seems a different approach was needed and Shichiro knew just what he had to do. He slept until nightfall to enact his plan of sneaking into the camp and trying to figure out what exactly he could dig up from searching through that one werewolf supervisor's room. At least, he assumed that was his room since that's where he was at the time of meeting. 

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Creeping his way through the camp, Shichiro attempted to retrace his steps through the pitch black night. There were shanties and tents that were put up and built to house materials and the personnel. He figured it be a fancier operation or this was temporary until they could get more fitting accommodations. Well, that wasn't neither here or there. Focusing back on the task at hand, Shichiro crept through the camp at night in search of the room he was in earlier that day. He wasn't used to being able to see so well in darkness like this, but he was acclimating. After a few minutes, he discovered the whereabouts of his location and proceeded to attempt to break in. Of course, Shichiro just tried to waltz in to test if the door was locked or not and obviously, it was. Now he had to figure out a way to get in without alarming the camp. In the end, he figured he would have to force his way in because he didn't really know or have the skills to do anything else. It was tragic really, body building, working out and combat was all he ever really studied because it never felt like studying for him it was more like having good fun. One day, he decided he would overcome his disdain for books and try to sit down and learn about other trades and possible skills. He figured that day would be far into the future though as he had zero interest at the moment. For now, Shichiro decided to use his strength in order to push in the door handle and turn it until it broke the lock mechanism, so he could easily push the door in. It was by no means a stealthy approach and it probably alerted anybody that was already still awake or staying vigilante.

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Even though he was quite sure humans thought the noise was just some wild creature hitting against a steel door, he knew  the werewolf of their group would be keen enough to pinpoint the noise and wise enough to check. He wasn't sure of what exactly he was looking for but anything that could point him in the right direction would help. Maps, documents or blueprints literally anything that would help him find the group he was initially searching for or the item of question itself. Time was now of the essence as he marched through the field office and started to rummage through drawers, cupboards and files. Eventually he found some classified documents of some kind that would probably give him the clues he needed in order to find out the whereabouts of the artifact or the group that knows about the artifact. He didn't have time to read it though, just enough time to gloss over it in order to pick up a lead of some kind. With that, he took the documents in a folder that he found nearby and sprinted out of the doorway as fat as he possibly could into the cover of darkness. Once he was outside the camp, he could hear the sounds of an uproar created by him behind him. He also picked up on the sound of somebody or something, galloping at their top speed in his general direction. Shichiro didn't need to guess who it was even though he couldn't smell him. Being able to hear angry stomping was good enough to know that he was in danger. Normally, Shichiro was all for a fight be he couldn't risk having the documents being destroyed in the process. The only thing he could do was hide and mask his scent with natural smells of the forest. Eventually, when the coast was clear, Shichiro slipped off back into Crocus with his temporary prize.


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