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Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:26 am

Tomoe Tanaka
It wasn't every day that a dead man got a new chance at life, but for Tomoe it was a reality as clear as the pitch black nexus above him. The stars were starting to peek out from the raven black galaxy above, giving way to a sight that while seen time and again, never ceased to mesmerize the man looking up at it. It was as if looking into the skyward abyss left a hint at some kind of truth, malicious or otherwise, that waited for him out there in the world. Despite the beauty of it all, the living corpse also lamented the fact that it was his fault that night had drawn so quickly. It was his own fault in the end, for taking a chance with the old woman in her tent and the fortune telling she promised him. Palm readings, card predictions and all that were just for entertainment; or that's what he had told himself, up until now.

Everywhere he had ventured would turn to night, and Tomoe saw that as largely problematic. Life had been different since he had taken up as Her servant, and yet it felt all too natural at the same time. Had he always been so willing to follow a higher power, or was it the work of Her who had given him a new chance at life? Regardless of his personal thoughts, there was no question in his mind as to the ultimate answer: She was true justice, She was benevolent, and She was as perfect as the scent in the air after a fresh torrent of rain had passed.

The only thing that bothered him was that other than the man who initially introduced him to the group, there were no others he had met along his travels pledging allegiance to Her. Not that he would ask, of course; he was not the kind of fool to so easily reveal himself with the irrational and illogical hate that Fiore's government held for Her. It made his blood boil to merely think of their shortsightedness and inability to accept Her love. A vein nearly popped, and what started as a calm night walk turned into turmoil in his mind that he had to tranquilize.

Sons of bitches
, he thought to himself with a stern expression.

Finding a nearby park bench near the outskirts of the city, Tomoe sat and began the breathing exercises he had taught himself to calm his temper.

#2Odin † 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:34 am

Odin †


Mere moments ago it had been day time, and now the shroud of night had fallen over Crocus. It hadn't been that early, maybe mid to late evening when the sun would be thinking of setting anyway, but the sudden disappearance of light was far too quick for it to have been natural. Perhaps most of the common people, or even some mages, would have been too distracted to notice something so subtle, but Odin had grown accustomed to the changing of the hour, and it was something he knew well. Time was no longer a rule he had to abide by, and that caused him to appreciate it more. He had come to the conclusion that their were three types of people in the world where time was concerned: there were the blissful, the ignorant, those who did not know when their time would come, but simply hoped that they would be ready for it when it did. Then there were those that had moved beyond that, those who knew when they would die, and were preparing for that day as best they could. And then, much like Odin, there were those for whom death was something they had embraced once, and as such were free from its constraints. He wasn't waiting for the day of his demise, nor did he know when it would come, because it wouldn't. He was undead, unable to be destroyed if he so desired. It was freeing in a way, and allowed him to throw away most of the cares that a mortal would be tied to.

One of those concerns, not that it was one Odin had ever really cared much about, was the opinion of the public and the police within Fiore. He had always been a 'dark mage', even before becoming a Lich and embracing HER, but his brazen lack of care had become more pronounced in recent years. It was this reason that caused Odin to be sitting on a park bench reading. Now, on its own merits, this was not an 'evil' or 'terrible' thing to be doing. However, context was very important. Odin -a known Lich capable of great destruction- was sitting on a park bench in the middle of the holy capital -perhaps a few hundred metres from the royal family themselves- reading a black gospel which he had received from HER -a book that identified him as a member of Midnight Cult to the few who would recognise it. There were only a handful of people who knew what the book was: some Holy Knights, maybe the upper echelon of Rune Knights, and other members of the cult.

Of those three options, Odin wondered which one he would come into contact with on this night.

#3Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:59 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Minding his own business on a forced night like this, the last thing Tomoe expected to see was a monster in Crocus; yet, there he was, sitting on a nearby park bench: a Lich. It wasn't the sort of creature that would be seen in the capital city of Fiore, home to so many wizards and knights eager for their shot at glory. The brigand had to rub his eyes and look again to make sure he wasn't hallucinating, and after confirming once more that the entity was indeed real, drifted his gaze down to the object in his hand. Tomoe let out a quiet gasp, noting that the design of the book was that of his own.

In a fit of confusion, he walked over towards the Lich's bench and stood before him.

"Uh, 'scuse me.", Tomoe spoke faintly, a hand digging into the breast pocket of his coat.

He wore a curious but non-combative expression to let the Lich know that he didn't approach out of hostility, and slowly and subtly pulled his gospel out of his pocket and showed it to his fellow cultist the way an officer would flash their badge. Tomoe would then look over his shoulder and around him to ensure nobody was around to witness gospels being shown in public. Upon finding nobody else nearby, he returned his gaze to the Lich.

"Mind if I take a seat? I don't think we've met."

#4Odin † 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:01 am

Odin †

For the first time since he had first joined the cult, Odin was finally meeting another member. He seemed a bit concerned as he approached the Lich, but that might've simply been because this was his first time meeting one of Odin's kind: he was known to have that unsettling effect, even before he activated his Fear ability. He approached Odin first, before revealing his intentions, so of course the dark mage's eyes had been on this boy from the moment his trajectory put him in Odin's path, even cautiously asking for Odin's attention for a moment.

It was at this point, when his hand reached into his pocket, that Odin got ready for combat. He had no idea who this person was, they could've been a member of the magic council, here to finally assassinate the Lich that had been plaguing Fiore for a while. If whatever he was about to pull out of his pocket was in any way threatening, then the boy would soon regret coming so close to Odin. Luckily, for everyone involved, the item was not threatening. Or, at least, it wasn't anything Odin should feel threatened by.

A black gospel, readable only to the one who was given it, the symbol of a Midnight Cult member. This boy was also one, he was like Odin.

"Feel free to sit. We're all friends here."

After the man would join Odin, the Lich wouldn't be able to help himself, "Can I inspect your gospel. I've never seen another one. And", Odin's voice accidentally sounded more threatening than he meant as he asked, "What is your experience with HER?"

#5Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:43 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe sat next to the Lich, somewhat uncomfortable. Though, who wouldn't be in this situation? There was very clearly something off about the man, Lichdom aside, that scratched at the Joyan's mind. Something eerily unnatural about his speech and posture. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that he was simply unable to comprehend somebody who radiated such confidence. Such a being was clearly full of wisdom and power, and being a mere human, Tomoe didn't wish to anger him. Yet, he couldn't help himself but stay himself either way.

A head tilt and sly smirk followed for the Joyan upon the request to see his gospel. He shook his head in response while maintaining eye contact.

"You know I can't risk parting with this for any length of time. I treat this book like my own soul! It's HER gift and thus is without question my greatest treasure of all.", Tomoe responded, clearly unwilling to hand over his book but holding it up to show the Lich that it was the genuine article, if his inquiry was anything regarding a potential forgery.

The rogue slithered back in his seat upon the raised and menacing voice of his conversation partner, his eyes narrowing.

"I'll admit: I'm still new to this group. But without a doubt I can say that I owe HER my life. And why might that be?", Tomoe paused, debating about how much he would reveal in his next few words.

"Well... I died once. I thought my life was over and that I would simply cease to be. Thanks to HER power though, SHE gave me a second chance to live and to serve. This body of mine completely and wholly belongs to HER for all of time, and I wouldn't betray HER love no matter what hurdles life might throw my way."

Afterwards, Tomoe sat proudly once more, honest and meaning every word he had said. Such intimidation wouldn't shrink the Joyan, but serve to strengthen his own resolve even further as he looked into the Lich's sockets.

#6Odin † 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:04 am

Odin †

The boy's response was everything Odin was hoping for. Despite having a grand desire to see and to hold another gospel with his own skeletal hands, Odin knew that no true believer would ever give it up, no matter who was asking for it. Even if one's life was on the life, the life would go before SHE parted from us. That was devotion, and that was what made someone a true member of the Midnight Cult. Despite this, Odin made sure to get a good look at the book, holding his own up to compare the two. While the insides were likely unique to the holder, the covers were otherwise perfectly identical. It was HER word to the owner, and the two books seemed to hum with power having been brought within close proximity to another.

It seemed an embarrassing question to ask: why do you believe, but this cultist seemed to have no objections in giving a full answer, whether it was what he had wanted or not. Odin realised that, much like himself, this was probably a story that had never been said to another living (more or less) soul.

Death. Just like Odin's story, she stopped this man from dying to serve a higher purpose, bringing him HER love and reminding him that the world still had some use for him. That SHE had some use for him, and that he would obey. The similarities were numerous, and it caused Odin to do something rather out of character.

He stretched out his hand to the man, the permanent and malicious grin on his face looking perhaps a bit lighter than usual, "We are much the same, you and I. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Odin, devout follower and, as I'm sure you've noticed, probably the only Lich most people have ever come across."

#7Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:31 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
The Lich's relaxed posture also put Tomoe's mind at ease. The Joyan breathed a silent sigh of relief, knowing that he was in the presence of a friend. Or at least, somebody who was dedicated to the cause and wouldn't dream of betraying HER intent. It was a breath of fresh air to finally have somebody to talk about the organization's duties with and to discuss HER love with. The Lich held out his skeletal hand with his villainous grin somehow seeming a bit... kinder? It was odd how a skull could even change expression, and yet as Tomoe looked at the undead before him, he could tell that there was no malicious intent in the gesture.

"I'm glad we can see eye to eye. I'm Tomoe, a human and wandering swordsman just here to humbly serve.", the Joyan responded with an earnest smile, accepting the handshake with a confident grip of his own.

After the exchange, the rogue would put a finger to his chin stubble in thought and review their conversation so far, fast-forwarded in his head. Something about the entire thing still bothered him, however.

"Have you never met another of HER servants before?", Tomoe inquired, looking back at the Lich known as Odin.

Admittedly, he found it strange how distant and far apart HER followers were. One might think that unity would better serve to strengthen their organization rather than to spread out, able to be picked off under the tyranny of the heathens who would see their service dissolved.

#8Odin † 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:09 am

Odin †

The man was glad that the two were amicable with each other, introducing himself as Tomoe, a human swordsman dedicated to HER. It was an interesting duo they both made, as he seemed not to have magical powers of his own, instead relying on his physical abilities. He seemed strong, and would likely be a strong ally for Odin in the days to come, and there were tough days ahead.

The next question was much harder for Odin to answer: had Odin ever met another servant of HER. The short answer was, of course, no. Well, there had been one girl whom Odin had used for blood after being requested by the guild, but he hadn't seen her since so assumed she wasn't still breathing. But the question raised more emotions from within Odin: anger, annoyance, disgust, and he couldn't think of the best way to describe them without going against the cult, but what he needed to say had to be said.

"No, I've yet to meet another member of our group. This is where we are weak. The cult is too spread out, not even the bishops reveal themselves to each other. We are too busy hiding in the shadows where we should be focusing on bringing HER into this world. As we are now, we are weak. The Rune Knights don't fear us, most of them barely know we exist, and those that do think us a laughing stock because we haven't done anything. We need change to come to Midnight Cult."

#9Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Sun Jan 19, 2020 2:33 am

Tomoe Tanaka
"Really? Not a single person, huh?", Tomoe thought openly, a disappointing expression crossing his features.

Adjusting his hair as it blew in the cold night wind, the Joyan thought and genuinely considered the fact that he, too, had never met his fellow believers. He thought on it, realizing that the only person he had ever met within the organization was the man who picked him up from the shores of Astera. Ever since then, SHE had sent him forth into the world, wandering aimlessly with no direction.

There was nobody to discuss HER teachings with or to assist him in his tasks, and for that the rogue would have to agree with his newfound friend. The cult was weak due to its fragmented existence, and easily hunted down because its members had no contact with one another. Everybody simply did as they wished with no desire to create serious change.

"Do you know where we'd start? Finding our comrades, I mean. We're all loyal to HER will, and we can't serve without being together. We aren't taken seriously because we haven't once united.", Tomoe concluded, seemingly gaining new insight into the organization's lack of organization.

The Joyan then looked to Odin for his opinion, hoping that there would be some kind of insight that the Joyan had yet to think of regarding ways to find their brethren.

#10Odin † 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:26 am

Odin †

Both cultists were coming to the same conclusion: Midnight Cult were weak while divided. Neither had been approached by another member until now, and the bishops stayed in the shadows. Odin knew he was devout to HER, more so than even those held the fancy titles or abilities. They were blessed, perhaps, but they squandered HER gifts and did nothing to reveal who they were. A guild like Midnight Cult could change the world, redesign the entire system to bring HER into the world. But no, instead they did nothing.

"You're looking at it the wrong way my friend. We should not look for our comrades who sulk in the shadows. Instead we should give them a reason to seek us out. We all serve HER, but who decided we should hide? It has kept the cult alive all of this time, yes, but nothing has been accomplished in all that time. SHE hasn't returned, and we have been hunted to near extinction anyway. If we're going to be eradicated anyway, I say we go out loud."

It was refreshing to Odin to be able to give his opinions to the fellow member, as they were ideas he had considered months ago, but never had someone to voice them to. But times were changing, and Odin would have to change with them, as would the cult.


#11Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:32 am

Tomoe Tanaka
"I agree with the general scope, but not so much the last part.", Tomoe responded promptly following Odin's question.

Crossing his arms and putting a hand over his gospel, he closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. Disagreeing with a Lich wasn't usually the smartest choice for many people, but in this case the Joyan had to be as honest as possible. Without honesty among one another within the cult, how would any of them achieve success? Since the only people they could be honest with was each other, they would certainly fail without that level of connection. They were all exiles in this world together, after all. The vile and disgusting lies that the public would spread about their organization were, of course, exaggerated; they merely wished to spread HER message, and they would do so by any means necessary. The world would know and understand HER love and message, because SHE was the only one that could be considered perfect in an imperfect realm.

"If I'm being completely honest? I'd also like to avoid death.", Tomoe continued with his input after a long pause to think on things.

"If I died, I wouldn't be able to serve HER. I had no meaning in my first life, and if I ceased to exist now, I'd regret it in the afterlife. We wouldn't accomplish anything of HER will by dying pointlessly, and I think for that reason we should value our own lives as well - knowing full well that our lives are entirely HER creation.", the ronin finished, taking a breather as he looked into the night sky.

After another moment, Tomoe looked back to Odin to gauge his 'expression'. He shrugged his shoulders and added a final little note to convey his views with a bow on top.

"I agree that we should set an example for the others that hide away in the shadows, but to consider it a suicide mission would be the opposite of what we're tryin' to do, yeah?", the Joyan finally finished, rolling his stiff left shoulder to relieve some of the tension brought forth from thinking about the cult's flaws.

#12Odin † 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:17 am

Odin †

Tomoe, the human, had one major issue with what Odin, the Lich, had said, and honestly it made sense. Odin's words had laughed at the prospect of death: he had accepted that they would likely be exterminated, but hadn't really cared about that. Of course Odin wouldn't care much about the idea of death, he was a Lich. Death was nothing to him. But at the same time, why wouldn't Tomoe care. He was a human, death was a very real concept to him and something that he, obviously, wouldn't like to see until he had lived a full a fruitful life. It made Odin pause as he listened to the man, who spoke more about HER wishes than about his own life. He didn't want to avoid death because it would be inconvenient, he wanted to better serve HER, and that would be accomplished through staying alive and spreading the message of destruction.

His proposal was the same as Odin's: make sure the world notices the power that HER followers have, set an example to any of those (such as the Holy knights) who would rather see their existence eradicated, just don't expect to die from it. After all, your can only be a martyr if you have more followers. They weren't to be martyrs, they were to be messengers.

"My apologies, Tomoe. You are correct. I spoke out of turn, as death is no longer a rule that I need to adhere to. Of course, I don't believe we should be destroyed. Instead, we shall reap the destruction and chaos that we ourselves will sow. How does that sound?"

#13Tomoe Tanaka 

Meeting at Midnight [Tomoe, Odin] Empty Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:06 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe was surprised that his proposal was taken so well from the Lich of untold power before him. Despite that, it was the kind of thing that reassured the budding cultist that things would turn out alright. One thing that bothered the Joyan, however, was the idea that Odin wasn't already leading the cult. While the so-called Bishops in all their glory were skulking in the shadows, here was this individual sitting on a bench in the capital of Fiore as casually as any businessman on vacation in the Summer season. Tomoe respected the man's insight, leadership and willingness to accept ideas from his fellows. He simply had to wonder why this man of revolutionary ideals wasn't already leading? It was a shame that the cult still had to be kept stagnant and even in danger of going extinct from the Bishops' inaction.

The Joyan stood from his seat and turned to face Odin as he took a step away. Tomoe nodded with a genuine smile at the Lich's acceptance of his ideas, seeing him as a reasonable man despite his rather ghastly exterior. Though at the same time, perhaps it was that very macabre visage that would serve to move the organization in a new direction. One hellbent on HER wishes and desires, for the betterment of all.

"It's been an enlightening evenin'.", Tomoe started, retrieving a flask of alcohol from the inner left breast pocket of his coat and taking a swig before continuing.

"But I'll need to be gettin' on. Y'know, you're the type that I truly do respect. You listen to and understand the words of your allies. And that we'll probably need to break a few of the shitty traditions around in this organization in order to properly bring about HER wishes. The Bishops have grown weak. Or perhaps they always were, for all anyone knows. They're no longer loyal to HER cause."

After finishing up another drink and sheathing the flask once more within the same pocket, he turned to look at another random citizen a number of meters away who seemed to have his eyes fixed on the Lich before locking eyes with Tomoe's own dark orbs. The Joyan sighed as he watched the man walk away briskly, back the way he came. Tomoe turned to look at Odin once more.

"A witness, it seems. Probably off to go tattle on us as we speak, but fuck if I feel like chasing him at this point. Up to you, man, I'm gonna go get a few drinks and sleep off the following headache. For what it's worth? I'm in full support of your version of our violent little family. I'll be stickin' around for the party, but after that I'm off to Astera unless some other shit gets in my way before then.", Tomoe explained, adjusting his hair with the evening wind ruffling it.

"If you need me, just search for the inns in Astera at night. Chances are you'll find me around. Or I'll find you, if I hear about an undead roaming the streets. Ballsy, I'll say that much.", the Joyan finished with a confident smile and a gleam of mutual respect in his eyes.

After that, the ronin would gesture goodbye to Odin and make his way down the quiet streets of Crocus, feeling lifted somewhat by the conversation he had with a very dangerous man. Come to think of it, it was unclear just how dangerous the Lich was, wasn't it? Perhaps the ronin would need to put that to the test some time in a show of building camaraderie. For now though, Tomoe was focused on the simple task of ensuring that SHE be allowed to rise once more.

- Exit -

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