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Two of a Kind [Shichiro]

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#26Vali Onfroy † 

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How Foolish could he have been? How could he have run into such an obvious spell? Literally, nothing made sense at this point but for some strange reason, Vali liked it. The spell collided with his armor, taking full damage and immediately breaking it, however it would do nothing to him. Granted the force of the spell was strong, his body, constitution, and Endurance all were up to par. There was absolutely no reason for him to fall, or be hindered. Still, falling to his back is exactly what happened because for that mere moment his confidence was shaken. Finn had managed to approach him as soon as he fell, but it was obvious where he was aiming for considering he was coming from in front of Vali. That'd mean he'd have to reach over the seven-foot man to even get his torso, especially since it was aimed closer towards his right shoulder anyway - hitting just between his right breast and his shoulder but just below his shoulder blade.

Logically the Icebergan would have readied himself for an attack. If he was in Finn's position and his opponent had been hit with such an attack, he'd be going for that person as well. So just as he'd be falling, he'd ball up his fist to activate a spell. Then it would be Finn's turn to claim his hit. Immediately after he fell on his back, and right when the sword stabbed Vali, the Viking would punch towards Finn's chest with his left hand, releasing a spell at point-blank range that would more than likely hit him while also knocking him on his ass. The Titan was not going to go down without at least one hit. It was obvious that the God of War was a superior fighter, but Vali Onfroy was Viking and he would not give until he was dead..

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After kicked his spell towards his opponent, he witnessed the stranger pass below him from the hook he had shot forward in order to assist in his frontal assault that was initially directed at him. Rotating his waist mid fall, Shichiro turned his body to look in the direction his opponent had currently dashed towards in order to witness where he had gone since he had  escape his field of view briefly. Focusing his gaze towards the stranger that was now behind, he witnessed the stranger continue and redirect his assault towards Vali instead who was currently falling onto his back. It was too late for him to do anything about the spell, not that Shichiro had the power to stop it in the first place or he wouldn't have dodged it. Maybe he could prevented the incoming blow but alas, Shichiro couldn't do that either since the final blow had already been dealt, and most likely Vali would be incapacitated. Shichiro face distorted into a look of disgust as he witnessed the events unfolding before him. It hasn't even been a minute yet, his partner was already on the verge of being taken out before Shichiro touched the floor. Well, it couldn't be helped he assumed. If he was that great a fighter, he wouldn't need to hire somebody like himself anyways. 

Still, he thought Vali would at least be able to keep up and hold his own in a fight for a little longer than this. Giving out an agitated sigh, Shichiro scratched the back of his head as he used this time to deactivate both his spells. Well, if he managed to take out one of them while they were outnumbered, he figured it would be best to kick it up a notch. He had never needed to do this before but he felt like now would be a great time in order to test this new ability of his out. Landing on the floor and grinning ever so slightly, Shichiro felt his heart pulsate a little harder before getting hairier rapidly. 

His muscles convulsed briefly before expanding, growing larger than they already were starting from his arms, legs and then finally his torso. His head also growing hairier as the hair on his head grows longer almost into a wolf's mane that only covered his shoulders and arms. His teeth grew exceptionally large, especially his canine teeth which now protrude from his mouth ever so slightly as well as his ears extending slightly to resemble a wolf's. Lastly, his nails on both his hands and his feet grew larger into the shape of claws to which he could rend flesh from bone if he so wished.

Various parts of the body, like his chest and face, still revealed that he was still partially human in this state but he was no longer capable of wielding weapons, not that he had any on his person for the time being. Most his clothing was tripped and torn off in the process of his muscles expanding but surprisingly his pants had still managed to cover most of his lower body. Now that he completed his transformation, Shichiro could feel great physical prowess emitting from his own body as well as an acute animal instinct. His earring and his sense of smell felt sharper than what they already were before and he felt he could hunt anything down with little to no problem. 

Giving a slight grin, Shichiro leaned his upper body back, releasing a devastating howl from his mouth. This greatly bolstered the limits of Shichiro's body, feeling as if nothing in this continent could come to harm him. He knew that was far from the case though as he prepared to take on the foe before him. Now that his actions were complete, it seems as if his opponent was preparing to face Shichiro, if his partner Vali couldn't find the means to escape the dire situation that he was currently in. If his opponent was still standing to face Shichiro, Shichiro would begin to walk slowly towards him, raising his now claw-like hands in front of his face similar to his usual stance but instead, keeping his hands open as he now had lethal weapons of his own. He didn't want to rush straight just in case, something were to happen in the next minute or so.

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Tenshi †
Finn stood to the right of Vali, blade having fully pierced through the mans shoulder. However, the Icebergan did not wish to go down without a fight. Ignoring the pain, but ruining his body further, he slightly rolled into the blade and punched outwards with his fist, a magic circle directly above his knuckles, in an attempt to hit Finn with an attack. Seeing the magic circle, there was no doubt in his mind that an attack was coming. How easy it would be, at this angle, to simply channel mana through his sword and cancel the spell in the exact moment it formed. It would negate any and all damage, having avoided the need to be careful against the second individual.

Yet part of Finn respected the force of this man. In a way, he saw himself as a younger man. And so, as the attack formed, it hit Finn and burst. The warrior was not knocked back, and as the attack faltered away he stared down at the man who had used the last of his energy to do so. He had taken far more damage than his body could feasibly take; He would be doing no more fighting here. As his consciousness slipped right after the attack, Finn nodded at the unconscious man. He had fought well.

Having then turned to face the werewolf who had partially transformed and was now slowly approaching him, Finn had a smirk on his face. It was not demeaning in the slightest- Rather, it was one of confidence and understanding. He respected the two here now, more than when he had arrived. He had readied his sword when it had been pulled from Vali's body, holding it before him and slightly angled to the left. This allowed the blade to come past his face ever so much, allowing for an easy flick of the wrist to protect his face if need be. At this point his shirt was gone, having been blasted away by the previous attack. His knees had been slightly bent, his left foot leading the other, back to his original fighting stance.

Shichiro's transformation had finished with a howl, an apparent spell judging by the appearance of an afterimage, and then he began walking ever so slowly towards Finn. Finn's eyes narrowed. There must be something here; He just didn't know what. Yet a step happened and there was no dash, there was no desperation to close the distance, only a calm certainty. Luckily, Finn wasn't the kind to be thrown off by such a move.

Shichiro's second step had shaved an entire meter away, and as he lifted his foot for a third, Finn acted. Dashing forward just over two meters, he had already begun slashing Durendal at that angle in a way that the blade would drag itself across the Werewolfs exposed chest. Sure he could move his arm to defend, but then he'd merely cut through the arms. Perhaps he had some sort of spell he could use, a jerk reaction to put distance between them or to counter Finn's attack; However, there likely wasn't enough time for him to bring his foot back down and try to move back. He'd have to find a way to deal with Finn's advance.


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#29Vali Onfroy † 

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The day had finally come for the young Viking Jarl. As good of a leader as he was, as strong as a warrior and determined, his own strength was not enough to face the man in front of him; The god of war. This event was a fatal blow to both Vali's ego and his confidence. However, it filled him with rage. Vali had managed to use his spell which hit Finn dead on, yet it was not enough. The warrior before him had taken the damage, but the Jarl himself had taken far more. The sword had pierced him close to his shoulder, missing most of the important parts. His left arm, however, was fine. Finn then turned to face his other opponent, finally dismissing Vali. The former elf and noble of Skaal felt nothing but embarrassment. If he were white, then his cheeks would be flushed with red.

He couldn't believe that he'd ever be beaten so easily. His arm was no longer able to move, and without proper healing, he would pass out soon. Still, he managed to embrace the pain, not letting out a grunt or any hint of hurt. He could not give his opponent that satisfaction. Besides, if he was to die right now, he could not face the gods in Valhalla. Laying on the floor he stretched his neck to see the fight commence between Death and Shichiro. The first thing that surprised him was seeing the white-headed man almost completely transformed "Shichiro..." he said to himself. Not even Vali himself had been able to awaken the transformation... each moment passing felt like torture. As a warrior, he would rather be dead right now than to watch this battle commence. Soon though, his mind would drift and after watching as much of the fight as possible, he would pass out.

The gods seemed to be mocking him.

- EXIT -

#30Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
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Finn's move was quick, abrupt, and apparently enough. His blade was brought down diagonally, slicing across the chest of the werewolf and immediately spraying blood from the wound, bringing him down. As he scanned the battlefield around him, he realized for a moment that the fighting had stopped.

Then why was there still a drive within him to finish things? A gnawing voice at the back of his mind, threatening to overcome him should he let his guard down. It demanded he finish the fight; And consciousness was not its determining factor. He closed his eyes and shook his head quickly, yet vigorously, and banished such thoughts from his mind. He wasn't that man anymore. The fight was done, and they had lost. There was no reason to take it further.

So instead, Finn placed his weapon upon his back and gathered up the two. The one who had partially transformed had reverted back to normal, making him much easier to carry. With Finn's rather impressive strength, carrying them both after tending to their wounds was rather easy. This way, the amount they bled on him was minimal. Once they woke up, they could try talking civilly once more.

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