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Hargeon to Era [Foot Travel]

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#1Shimura Shigaraki † 

Hargeon to Era [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Dec 20, 2019 3:06 pm

Shimura Shigaraki †
The small town of Hargeon was a little fun to stay at and it was a shame Shimura could only stay for a couple of days, oh well, next time he’ll stick around and explore the town some more. Well, that is, if his duties of being a rune-knight would bring him back to the small port town; something told Shimura that they would, but that would be something that he’ll worry about later. He had to ask a few people directions to Era, mostly because he was still new to this country and he hasn’t developed a knack for the locations and geography of Fiorie. Hopefully that would change, having to stop and ask for directions was a little irritating, especially when people give crappy directions and send you the wrong way. Luckily, that only happened once or twice, okay maybe a little more than once or twice. Shimura asked one old man for directions and that man couldn’t tell right from left or up from down for that matter. Oh well, fortunately for him that old man’s wife knew which way was up and gave him the correct directions. 

The old lady told him to head east past Dahlia and Magnolia, warning him that Dahlia was a dangerous place, and commented him on the beauty of Magnolia as she gave him direction. Shimura could only nod in agreement and urge her to continue with her directions and to skip the pleasantries. She told him that once you move past Magnolia, he’d be getting closer to central Fiore, and that would be where Era was. The old couple would wish Shimura good luck on his travels and to be safe before he could leave them. It was time like these that Shimura wish he had his steed with him, but unfortunately he did not have his favorite horse and he was forced to press on on foot, facing all the dangers of traveling alone as he did so.

Honestly, the roads were that bad, at least compared to the roads at home. At home territories were controlled by warring Lords, which made traveling a real pain in the butt. Here the only thing that he had to worry about was some bandit attacks, maybe wild animals, and at worst some monsters. Shimura heeded that old lady’s advice and pushed through the creepy town of Dahlia without stopping. From the stories that the old lady told him about, Shimura was likely to run into some monsters there. Fortunately, by pushing through without a stop, Shimura was able to avoid such conflicts. 

Though at the cost of running low onto food and suffering a little from sleep deprivations. He knew that he needed to stop at Magnolia if he wanted to rest and regather some supplies; or he could hunt. Nah, he wasn’t the type of person to hunt and he certainly didn’t know how to skin a deer or well at least anymore. He was lucky again to run into some friendly travelers who gave him enough food to get to magnolia, and assured him that he was heading to the right direction. When he arrived at Magnolia Shimura did not waste time exploring the town, as he wanted to get to Era and visit the base of operations for the rune-nights quickly. Therefor, Shimura only spent a day to collect supplies and a night to rest up for some more travel. He would have left early that morning to continue to push through to Era, fortunately for him, Shimura was almost to his destination. When he arrived at Era Shimura would enter into a tavern and getting himself something to eat, after all he was rather tired and hungry from his long travel. 

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