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Translate the Noite [Solo Quest: Nue]

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Walking into the library, Nue observed his surroundings calmly. The shelves reached far high, each of them filled with all kinds of books. This sort of great library was where Nue felt the beast at – reading was one of his hobbies, studying his way on life and theorizing his passion. Being in Fiore’s capital city, and having drawn the interest of Merlin’s adopted daughter, this place was definitely a paradise for people like him. However, right now is not the time for that.

Luciel had requested that someone translated a certain textual fragment. If I want to read, then I will have time for it after completing this job. Knowledge was the key for his greatest ambition and throwing it aside would be stupid. Although, I would be far more interested in cracking open Luciel and her teacher’s heads and studying their brains. Unfortunately, for him, that had to remain as a mere thought. Even if they stood still in place, it was hard to say if he would be able to bring them down and split their skulls.

Getting near a shelf, Nue slid his index finger through the books – feeling their texture. His eyes scanned each of them, instead of going straight to the right section. It was only after a while, and after moving over two shelves, that he found the dictionaries. <<Dictionary of Dothraki>>, <<Basic Elven Symbols>>, <<Demon’s Terminology>>… there were all kinds of dictionaries place there, many of them about languages Nue had only heard about. <<Valan Runic Language – An Introduction to Beginners>> finally, the right one showed up.

Lacue had written in the request that there was a great probability that the fragmented text language was Valan Runic Language. Nue had already seen fragmented texts and parchments written on it before, but never spared the time to study it. After all, if I studied each and every ancient language, not even all the time in the universe would be enough. Assured, based on his own knowledge, that it was Valan Runic Language, he grabbed the book and found an isolated corner to sit at.

Slipping a hand inside one of his pockets, he took out a note. With methodical movements, he placed the note down, and then brought over a sheet of paper and then ink and pen. The way they were placed down was meticulous and well organized, showing a certain degree of perfectionism. Some researches would leave their documents and papers jumbled up; however, Nue was the sort that liked his things clean and in order – that allowed his ideas to flow smoothly.

Next, he flipped the book open. While he quite liked the rough and coarse texture of a book’s leathery cover, their content was far more fascinating to his brain and eyes. The jumbled up information, or better say, the unevenly placed symbols over lines and lines of content, did not leave him disoriented in the least. For now let us focus on just translating… while he would like to grasp the whole language, Nue was aware doing so would require some time.

After slightly adjusting his mask, Nue glanced at the note – or at least a copy of it – for a second.

Translate the Noite [Solo Quest: Nue] OltBFJR

He had already roughly remembered each of the symbols – runes – drawn in there. This second glance assured him he did not remember anything wrong. After making sure of that, Nue started to flip through the book’s pages. Although the speed at which he did it was not amazing, the time he took to browse through each of them was surprisingly the same. It was like a machine.

From time to time, his eyes would stop moving and he would jolt down something on the sheet of paper. His calligraphy was perfect, leaving no room for misinterpretation or complaint. Like that, time passed fast. Nue had been rather bored when training the young children of Crocus, however, this time he was completely immersed in his the task. There was even a certain calmness on the ambient that did not fit the wild and savage aura that always surrounded him.

After a long while, he stopped completely. Then, he got up and walked toward the shelves, his eyes searching for a certain book. <A Summary of Valan Runic Language> and <Compendium of Runic Symbols – Sorted by Era and Civilization> were immediately picked up for reference. He had already translated the note; however, the content was so stupid he decided to double check to make sure.

After he sat down and glanced over the two books, he shook his head. Hare Meat, cabbage, potatoes and ox hooves… is this the oldest grocery list in Fiore or something? Despite thinking that, Nue did not find it a waste of time. After all, he had learnt a tad a bout Valar Runic Language.

After cleaning the place and putting the books back on the shelves, Nue walked toward the library’s main desk. The young maiden was not here, so he just left the note there with its translation written on a sheet of paper. Following that, instead of going out of the library, he walked toward a random shelve. Now, he could find a good book to read and study a bit.

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