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A Voice to Give in to(Foot Travel to Era.)

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A Voice to Give in to(Foot Travel to Era.) Empty Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:17 am

It seems allowing herself to linger only left her to feel worst, The ever quite struggle Priscilla deal with. That hollow misplaced desire to feel like a normal person was also over shadowed by the voice her head to continue. To continue that goal to ruin a life that took everything away from hers.

That voice seemed to made even given it's self a visual form when she looked into mirrors, It was something Priscilla herself was unsure how to explain to anyone, Did anyone truly understand this struggle? Or was Priscilla being selfish by saying nothing.

Looking into a mirror and seeing a woman with shorter dark purple hair, Both eyes and various tattoo upon her arms. Priscilla wondered if that was her desires giving it's self an appearance or not since the voice also seemed to show up as her with the opposite eye missing to the one she was missing or even the younger version of herself just after that life altering event. Back when her hair was it natural color same with her eyes. When she was a littler girl named Valerie Ivalice, Rather then her current name. That image always seemed to shatter her heart more, some how seeing yourself cry.

To quietly looking at mirror while about in the worthwood sea, She saw all three of them at one just staring at her, in the same despair she felt currently, Was it when the voices go quiet when you give in? or is it when you give up? She had to wonder.

"Go to Era....One of the target areas is there."
All three images in the mirror spoke at one to her at that moment. Priscilla seemed to only just give in because she could just desire of set the score even. With the small younger Priscilla hugging her, The two other images that were adults hugging her as well.

But what if setting it even to some one ruined your life, only made you worst of a monster? Was Priscilla actually becoming that even if she was okay with it, Better question could she continue with this entire thing, Part of her viewed it better to just stay in the home and wait until Vali called for her to do something. After all she had land, home and people, it was all she wanted in such a small time...yet she still wanted to do what she for so long felt like she needed too.

"Yes...for Priscilla...For Mother and Father...For me..."Her and all of the other images in the mirror some how said all in the same time, It was normal for her and as far as she knew she was alone,With that she would depart from worth wood sea. To head back to Era. Since that was one of the other two areas she had yet to shit for the man she sought for this situation. It would be a long trip but it gave Priscilla time to plan, think and maybe keep her mind in one place as best as she could.


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