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Revenge of the Pagans [Travel -> Era]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Revenge of the Pagans [Travel -> Era] Empty Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:57 am


Nothing was normal. Everything felt...off. At this very moment it was as if Vali was disconnected from himself, from his purpose. When he first came home months ago, he was visited by Sage's spirit. The Viking Lord shut down and as such disregarded the rest of the world. Day by day he'd deal with the politics revolving around someone with his position. His father had already formely named him Jarl and Priscilla had been brought to her rightfully earned land. It wasn't too much but it was enough to start something great. The titan could see someone like Priscilla starting an assassinations organization or something.

In the span of 4 months Vali took the time to thoroughly go through every document he had. He read documents  about almost all of the rune Knights who had been involved with killing his brother and their people. It was years ago, but Val feared that his brother would not be able to rest in Valhalla until he was avenged. Family was everything to the silver-headed Lord - despite the fact that he executed his own mother. So now with months of planning, deep thinking, politics, hunting and farming for winter, he was ready to re-enter the world. His mind was different- much different then it was when he first came home but he was ready.

It was the pressure of his position that was trying to hold him back. Part of him felt obligated to his brother because it's what his people would expect him to do. Even Val's father wanted him to take action. Fairy Tail wouldn't allow any of their members to partake in the events he'd been planning. For that reason alone he would have to leave them. No longer were they useful. Skaal and Treerin village had been prospering and that was no thanks to the guild. Fairy Tail was weak. Tristan was right, it was making him soft so without another thought, he was ready to stray away. He had done his part.


The silver headed man stood at the entrance of his village besides both his father, and Bunda. Borga wasn't around because she had no idea that Vali was leaving at all. It was the middle of the night, none of the villagers were up. The trio of leaders remained silent until they heard a large *SCREEEEEEEECH*. "She moves more gracefully every day." Tristan whispered with his jaw dropped. Bunda on the other hand just watched and Vali smirked evilly. The black Wyvern soared above the village, making circles and cawing until finally and slowly landing in front of Vali. The creature lowered it's head as the dust from its powerful wings settled.

This beast belonged to Vali Onfory. To think that the gods had given him such a gift during such a confusing time was mind-boggling. The Jarl slowly stepped forward towards his loyal mount, gently brushing his head with a twitch. Her eyes were deep and bright, Moons of blood. Suddenly the giant viking leapt onto the creatures back before placing both his hood over his head. "M'lord. Safe travels. I would advise you to travel with some of Treerin's warriors. They are well suited for this type of task."

"Ohohoho! You worry like a woman, Bunda! My son is favored by all of the gods!" The former Jarl laughed. Vali smirked and nodded at Bunda. "I will be fine, do not worry yourself. Besides, I can not die before the true war begins." The young Jarl placed his hand under his cloak and focused his power with a grin. A grin so twisted that even his father seemed a little caught by surprise. Suddenly a vibrant blue glow surrounded his palm and began burning his shoulder where his Fairy Tail Isangia was. That was the end of that chapter, officially he was no longer apart of the guild. They didn't need an explanation for they were nothing more than the past.

Who was he fooling believing that he could find some way to co-exist with the people who slaughtered his brother. It was only a matter of time before he would have to move forward with the original plan. Vengeance was the primary reason for his venture to Fiore. Fuck it. His mom was dead, Sage was dead, and day by day he was losing a part of himself. "Take care of the villages for me." With that, he patted his creature and began soaring through the clouds of Worth Woodsea to the only place that mattered right now.

- EXIT -

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