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III. Mushu

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III. Mushu Empty Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:31 am


Name: Mushu

Slot: Companion

Race: Dragon

Class: Rare

Quantity: Limited

Element: Fire


  • Strength: 6
  • Constitution: 7
  • Speed: 5

Physiology: Mushu is a small, red, serpentine dragon. He has spindly limbs, two-toed feet, and four-fingered hands. His claws are dark red, as is a small tuft on the tip of his tail. His belly and two whiskers are yellow-orange. His eyes are large, close set, and appear to be a very dark shade of brown or red. Mushu's teeth are sharp and white, and his floppy ears have dark red tips. The bottoms of his feet and the insides of his ears are pink. Mushu's nose is dark red-violet, and he sports two small, sky blue horns with a dark blue tip on the top of his head.


  • The user must have a Fire-type magic to purchase this companion.


  • Speech: The companion is capable of speech.
  • Flight: The companion is capable of flight, and can fly up to two meters above the ground.
  • Cooldown Reduction: The companion grants the user a cooldown reduction of 1 post on Fire-type spells.


III. Mushu Empty Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:00 pm

I'd like to buy Mushu please. 15% discount for guild Lvl. 425,000 jewels total.

III. Mushu FIXCi2K
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#3Venus Rosé 

III. Mushu Empty Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:05 pm

Venus Rosé

Yumi has purchased Mushu for 425,000J.

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III. Mushu Empty

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