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Training the Helpless [Mini-Event ll LeeAnn and Manzo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Training the Helpless [Mini-Event ll LeeAnn and Manzo] Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:42 am

Lee Nakamura
Leeann was starting to feel better a bit. Enough to walk and do a mission at the very least. It had been several days since she first saw Manzo. The redhead was eating her meal of human remains freshly cooked. Most would find the smell horrible, but to her it was simply divine. Over the course of the last two weeks since meeting Manzo, she had forced herself to eat the proper nutrition. Leeann was starting to fill out to her new figure, but her sickness struck. LeeAnn lost the weight she had just gained back. She made sure to add more to each meal. LeeAnn ate like a bird. She really didn't eat much anyways, but she was forcing herself to eat more. It was a sickening feel when someone does that to themselves. After eating a full meal, her stomach was a bit upset and stuffed. She let everything digest and settle before getting ready for her mission.

Her body was actually allowing her to walk and function like she normally would. After a while, she sluggishly got up from her chair to put on her everyday outfit. A red cloak with a purple shirt and white pants countered with black boots. She combed her hair and did a little extra than she normally would to make herself feel better. A lot was on her mind with the death of her Aunt Paisley, the Rune knight's disloyalty, and now her crush's betrayal. She just had enough of her life right now. Though, she somehow had to keep pushing to find something good at the end of the tunnel. Right now the only thing keeping her going was Manzo, the only sort of friend she really had. Perhaps doing a few missions would do the kitsune some good?

She gave a sigh. Getting up from her seat, she looked over at the picture of her and Asteral, her long lost service companion. That black fox always kept a sharp eye out for her. Little did she know how much she would miss her. LeeAnn shook her head and made her way to the door since now she was fully dressed. She closed it and locked it behind her. Walking off the Nakamura premise, she remembered where to meet him. It was in the park?

LeeAnn's head was foggy. All she can remember was the park. Which one? She would think the one nearest to the house. She searched her pockets and found a note she wrote down. It had the meeting place and with a relief, she smiled. Putting in back into her pocket. They had to train some of the civilians to defend themselves. She passed the idea of that job to Manzo to see if he were able to. It was a good source of pay and not to mention get some training done as well. Perhaps, she could use some since it was a good form of therapy for her. She founded where the park was and took a seat. It was quite easy to spot her in a heavy crowd considering she was the only kitsune around.


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The sun was high in the sky on this beautiful day in Era. The white wolf of Joya could be found in his usual form on this day. Cigarette between his lips, and on his way to the local tavern to get a drink before getting around to the rest of his day. Though truthfully it wasn't all that much of a day. He had just finished a meeting with one of the more powerful families in the city to secure a package that needed delivering to the appropriate parties, seeing as how the appropriate parties were also known to be present at this particular bar, it would be like killing two birds with one stone if they showed.

Manzo made his way through the door of the bar, surveying his surroundings. As luck would have it, they were in the corner booth of the bar. One of the members of the party locked eyes with the white wolf, motioning him to come over to their spot. Manzo nodded his head and made his way over to them. The package secured in his cloak. As he made his way over there, the gentlemen's protection stepped into his path. "Let him pass boys, he's welcome." The man in the middle with the pronounced scar on his face said. The two gorillas that were with them stepped aside, as if he had parted the red sea.

Manzo took a seat across from the scared man. The man slid a bottle of whiskey over to him, which he appreciated of course, seeing as to how this was his original purpose for being here. He took a drink from the bottle before turning his attention back to the gentleman at the table. "White Wolf, I understand that you have something that belongs to me." The scared man said with a look of intrigue and excitement on his face. Though he would not get his package from him that easily. The white wolf threw back another swig of his bottle, placing it down on the table, grabbing a cigar out of the from pocket of the gorilla of a man flanking him to his left.

He snapped his fingers to light his cigar before letting out a large puff of smoke. "Well see here's the thing, I gotta have your word that you won't take this package and it's contents and won't go back on your agreement." While truthfully speaking his wasn't entirely worried about it, his job did depend on this going well, so he would have to care just a little bit for today. "So what are you gonna do to make me believe that if you get your hands on this package I have, that you will stick by your word." The scared man chuckled at his accusations that he would go back on his word to the parties involved in this deal. "I get that you're supposed to be the muscle in this whole ordeal, but you're very out numbered here, so why don't you just hand over the package and let the chips fall where they may."

"I'm not gonna be able to do that friend, you either give me your word, or I walk with this package. Of course you know what that means for you and your little organization." He said with a smirk on his face as he took another drag from his cigar. The scared man had just about enough of this little game of cat and mouse and decided that he would try to buy off Manzo the only way he thought he could. With the affection of a loose woman, but it had no effect on him what so ever. Manzo laughed once more in the face of the scared man, and began to get up from the table. The scared man acted out of fear and begged for Manzo to stay and hear him out.
"So how are you going to sweeten the pot, what are you gonna do for me to insure that you won't back out of it."

Manzo took out a knife from his cloak and handed it to the scared man, he knew what he had to do with it. He stepped out of the booth and took one of his men to the bathroom with him. Upon returning to the booth he came back with something contained in it, rather blood as well. Seeing that he did such a thing to prove it to him that he was serious about the deal. Manzo slid the package across the table and to the scared man who did look a bit traumatized from what he just had to do. Manzo lifted himself up from his chair and exited out of the bar. Now that the deed was done he could get on to the rest of his. He decided that it was time that he set off to the park and see what was in store for him.

Upon arriving tot he park he spotted a familiar face that he hadn't seen for a few days now. Someone that he would very much like to link up with on this weekend. He walked over to the bench where said person was located. He sat down beside the busty redhead of a companion that he had, and placed his hands on her ears and rubbed them gently as his sign of a greeting to her. He knew she couldn't resist such a thing, specifically from him. "Afternoon little lady." He said with a cheery tone.


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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was too much into her own thoughts. The ex-rune knight was far too aloof to notice Manzo walking up. Her thoughts wandered about her respnosiblites and where she might go from here. Ya know? All that deep thinking stuff. The kitsune gave a small sigh. A voice that sounded familiar came from her left. She jumped a little and grabbed her chest out of shock. She didn't what was his deal, but he was really good at sneaking up on her or he was just very good at making sure she never noticed him. Either way, she gave a smile at her friend. "Hello, to you too. Seems like you have a thing to scare me a lot" she joked.

Though, she was relieved it was just him and not some stranger. She had a bad past with that kind of thing a lot, all the kidnapping and all. The kitsune laughed a bit, giving a small smile. "So what is a wolf wandering the park at this hour? Did you get the message about the mission" she asked. She hoped he did because she never really felt like explaining it. Though, the letter was probably lost thanks to her griffon. She was trying to see if Zalor would make a good carrier pigeon or mail bird. That seems to very unreliable. LeeAnn decided to give an explination anyways.

"Well, in case if you did not, I found a mission for us to do together. Just training some of the civilians to fight or defend themselves. With my experience and yours, I think we could make a good team. Its good pay and quite simple" she explained. LeeAnn gave him the flyer that explained all the small details like where this job was and the client. The redhead leaned back in her seat, relaxing a little bit. She closed her eyes till he was don't reading. Afterwards, she was handed the flyer back and smiled. "So are you up for some jewel or what? I need to get me a new companion. After Asteral, I need a service companion for a few things" she said. The thought of her lost and possibly dead Umbreon haunted her. She was the closest friend LeeAnn ever had and possibly the best. Even if she was an animal, LeeAnn felt closer to her than with most people. She shook the thought to focus on Manzo and their mission.

"Sorry, day dreaming. It's in the south side of the park, we could be there in just a few minutes" she smiled. She held the job flyer in her right hand, She stood up from her seat and waited for Manzo. The busty woman walked with him silently, still thinking about Asteral. The last time she remembered her was the fight between herself and her ex-fiance trying to kill her for reasons unknown. Asteral took the hit and managed to kill him in the process, protecting LeeAnn. It was a very horrific sight for her. Perhaps, the worst thing she had ever seen. The thoughts on betrayal were heavy on her heart. LeeAnn gave a heavy sigh and pushed forward to their destination. Upon arrival, there was a group of people already there with their client standing in a shop keeper robes of some sort. He looked worried about something. LeeAnn waved her hands to catch his attention.

"Hey! Dude, over here. It's me, LeeAnn Nakamura" she called to the client. His eyes lit up when he saw the two of them.

"Oh good, you're here! I was beginning to worry that you'd never show up. I want to thank you for taking this job" he said. LeeAnn shruged with a smile. "Its really nothing. Just gives up something to do. Anything else we should know about before starting" she asked. The client shook his head. "Nope, just teach them how to fight" he said. LeeAnn smiled and laughed. "Can do! Something were both good at, more him than me" she smiled. She was giving Manzo more credit, even when she knew that she had never seen him fight. LeeAnn knew all too well she still had a long way to go before she could even consider herself on his level.


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"I did indeed get your letter, you have summoned me, therefor I am here my dear." Manzo said with a laugh as they walked toward the western side of the park, while true he did need the jewels. The white wolf was truly more excited about the prospect of training others to defend themselves, it was truly a good way to spend an afternoon, the ability to protect one's self could not be, and should not be understated. It was important to know correct stances and responses to certain stances in order to best defend one's self in any situation and at any time. Whilst they were walking, Manzo did something rather cheeky, but he couldn't help but place a hand on one of Lee's cheeks as they walked toward them all. It was something simple, yet he thought she would find it reassuring as he knew she needed a good touch to be able to feel somewhat comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable environment.

"I assume we ought to assess their capabilities one by one, a fight club if you will. Nothing too crazy something in order to basically split them off into different classes so we can give them their proper training." He said as the distance between their target and them became smaller and smaller. He did of course hope that all in all they would be receptive to their teachings. Considering they were the ones who asked them for help to begin with. His mind wandered off to a time when he needed help, the one thing his master taught him to hold above all else was the request of someone in need. If a man asks for help you help him help himself. That's truly the only way to get anything done in this world. Take life by the horns and just get on with your business.


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#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was relieved that the letter gotten to him in time. She thought Zalor lost the letter or something along those lines. The Gryphon was smart but sometimes lost mail and sometimes people. There had been times she would not hear from her parents through their letters and come to find out that it was all because her gryphon lost the letter. She would never be mad since she knew the risks, but it was a good way for her companion to stretch his wings. LeeAnn trusted him completely and knew he loved to fly freely. His spirit was much like his own. Manzo replied and what caught her attention was calling "my dear". She paused, trying to figure out why he called her that.

The kitsune stared at him trying to process the whole idea. "You called me, my dear? Uh...did I do somethi-" she paused.

Manzo had grabbed her ass. Bold move, buddy. She felt heat rush to her cheeks a bit. Though, secretly she did enjoy the attention. The fur on her tails stood up as so did her fox ears. LeeAnn's reaction was priceless. Her cheeks grew a rosey red, seeing this was still new territory for her. She blushed staring at Manzo, wide eyed. Words could not be formulated. All that came out of her mouth was air sounds. Being touched in such a gentle manner was new terrian. Sure, Kazimir did try, but nothing like this. She didn't know if he was doing this to tease her or just cause. LeeAnn would normally slap him, but she couldn't bring herself to do that. It was... not like her to freeze like this.

"D-Di-Did you just touch my ass" she whispered into his ear. LeeAnn blushed a bit more and covered her face. She rushed stay around his pace while enjoy the feel of it. Her ears twitched even more at the thought of being touched like this. Manzo could notice this made her embaressed, shy, and horny at the same time. He was smart enough to see the signs from the kitsune. What was it with this guy and trying to bring the best out of her? She didn't know what it was exactly, but she seemed to enjoy his company. He just had that magic touch to bringing out her real self. The shy and vulnerable LeeAnn Nakamura that people used to know when she was a kid. They reached to the group of people. All eyes were staring at her, still blushing from what Manzo had done. Her face was still covered with her hair and tails. Manzo probably enjoyed watching her reaction to all of this.

She risked a peek at the white wolf then quickly looked at the group of people she looked at Manzo and then at the group of people. "Wh-What... do you think we should start with" she stammered. She had a whole plan, but Manzo made her completely blank out on the whole list. Her thoughts were still frozen with shyness. LeeAnn would simply just stand still, trying to look confident. It was easy to tell she was still a little embaressed and shy what Manzo had done to her back there. It was funny to everyone else to see the fire mage so flustered. She shook her head and tried to get back into training.

"So you all want to learn how to defend and fight? Against these demons or simple theives from your shop eh?" she said. Her made sure her voice was loud nad easy to hear. She did not stammer a word with what she had said. The young mage's ears simply twitched when she looked at all of them. They all had some fire of deteremination. She thought of herself as a young kid and all the ruthless training her mother put her through. It was tough love she would say. "I can see some potential already. The first thing were going to do is.." she paused. She looked at the quiet boy next to her. A simple "I am up to no good" smirk came across her face with a cocked eyebrow.

"What is it wolf? What are we going to do" she smiled, mischievously. She put him on the spot as a little way to get back at him, but she knew he would probably not care. It was worth a shot after touching her ears, her weakness, and driving her wild about earlier. She tried to not let that bother her, but Manzo had already won at the point already. She really hope to get back at him. If not now, eventually sometime down the road. She never knew the White Wolf had a cheeky side to him which was kinda sweet. She would walk up to him to try get into his face a little with a grin. Like this would work? She was not bold enough to make a move as sneaky as his, but she needed to focus on the mission first. "I will deal with our little situation later. Let's focus on the mission, ya horny  bastard" she whispered quietly into his ear.


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"Well well well, lets what we have here." He said to himself as he saw the recruits for today's training. Commoners the lot of them, but there was indeed some potential in the crowd which was a nice change of pace to say the least. Though it would be hard to draw the best out of them if they didn't know exactly what they were doing. But he would have to get their attention in such a way that they too would believe in themselves. "When I was young, I was a lot like all of you, there was a time where I had no way to defend myself, my family, or my home." He said before pulling out a cigarette and putting it to his lips, snapping his fingers to light it. He let out a cloud of smoke before continuing his story.

"While I'm not Fioren, in any way possible, I do know a thing or two about a war that feels unwinnable. As a child I was sold into slavery for a civil war. I was made a man at the young age of 9 years old. It was up to me to defend our territory from invaders. That's what you're here to do. Defend your home, defend your country, as well as your families, and most importantly each other. This group of people is only as strong the weakest among you." He said, taking another drag from his cigarette. He gave this group a once over, walking in front of them from side to side like drill sergeant. He saw the look in their eyes, the will to protect, the fire within needed in times like this.

"The world often feels bleak right now, and rightly so it should. We are at war with two forces that do not care if we survive or not. They only care about destroying the other. We are just collateral damage to them, nothing else. But let me tell you this, I'll be damned if I don't go out without a fight, and it's going to be one hell of a fight people. So now you have to ask yourselves. Are you prepared to fight, prepared to see your comrades die. I"m not gonna sugar coat it, not even remotely. War is hell, and it never changes." He walked over to a young man, no older than he was when he saw his first taste of combat. As he looked out among-st the sea of faces. There were women and children scattered here among-st the men. Something he did not see coming, this was truly a war for the sake of earthland as a whole, and everyone wanted to pitch in.

"I want you all to look at each, look at the faces and remember them. Because these are the faces you are fighting for, and with that said, let us finally begin. I want you all to form a circle around me, and I want you all to come at me with everything you've got. There is strength in numbers." He said before snapping his fingers creating clones made of black lightning to help with their training. As the fight began the clones made short work of those who took the command seriously, after moments the fighting had a flow, the people of the city were learning to take the clones two on one, employing the buddy system when fighting a being that was inherently stronger than they were. It was important in those situations to fight smart, use every tactic they could get their hands on and use it to the best of their abilities.

After a few minutes he saw that the group had tired themselves out, and he took this time to address them. "That was a damn good start people, you've earned yourself a nice break, but while you are resting we are going to talk about ways you can set traps and things of that nature to guard your homes on the off chance you find yourselves attacked at night, or with little to no warning. Let me tell you, this is even more important than learning to fight. Now we are going to cover ways to fight demons with effectiveness without magic. Demons abhor anything holy, anything remotely pure and natural." He said as he took another drag from his lit cigarette. He reached into his cloak pocket and pulled from it a vial of water.

"While you may think this to be an ordinary vial of water, you would be absolutely wrong, this is going to be your strongest defense of home and self. This is holy water, coat yourselves in, coat your weapons in it, and make water balloon traps out of it. This is important to know about because they hate this shit more than they hate the celestial's they are warring with. Does anyone have any questions so far?" He paused to see if anyone had anything they wished to ask him, and low and behold there was nothing. Which was sign to him that the info was coming across quite clear which was very important when teaching. If they didn't pick up what he was putting down there would be no reason to keep talking, but they were and that was the best sign of the day.

"The next thing we are going to cover you will probably laugh at, though I assure you it is nothing to laugh at. House sale, kosher if you can get your hands on it. If not, it is available in bulk at most markets. Now with that being said, put them on your window and door seals, that will keep them from entering your home, at least easily depending on how powerful the demon is." Here he would pause and look back at Lee to see if she was also following what it is he had to say.


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#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Putting Manzo on the spot was actually not what she had thought. To her surprise, he was actually a natural leader and someone she would actually listen to. At first when she had met hte man, it was out of fear that she listened to him. Slowly getting to know this man, it made her realize there were more to him much like the layers of the onion. LeeAnn began to understand what he was saying. He told his life story a bit. The kitsune's mixed matched eyes stared at her friend as he spoke. He was a child slave? She could feel her heart brake even more for him. LeeAnn had noticed that she never felt any sort of sympathy or empathy for anyone other than Hikaru or her family. She could feel her heart opening up to this man, not a lover's manner, but a friend. Companion.

LeeAnn thought of her own dark past. The thoughts of being tortured and hearing her mother's cries. The cries to make them take her instead. They made her watch her own daughter, not of blood, become a victim. A victim for what? Her mother's punishment for doing her job as a Rune Knight. To this day her mother could never forgive herself. Leeann gripped her wrist tightly trying to not think about it. She did have to learn to fight for herself since meeting her ex-fiance. The Rune Kngiths were always so harsh on her and yet she proved them wrong. Her father and older brother were always behind her in every step of the way. Now, they depended on her. Manzo's words about defending one's family, country, and land all against these demons or seraphisms. Things she had almost as the Rune Knights.

LeeAnn had to defend her family now. It was her job to. Perhaps, that's what Manzo was teaching her secretly. The buddy system was always a good method. She watched the civilians defend each other and covering each other's backs. Things the Rune Knights never really understood. LeeAnn's training always consisted of relying on yourself and no one else. Her and Hikaru always had a problem being too independent when it came to a team. While all of them were fighting and practicing, she looked and stared at Manzo. LeeAnn kept her emotional composure for later. The waterworks would have to wait. "What you said to them, it really...hit home to me. I am sorry you had to go through all of that, Manzo. Honestly, I never felt empathy like this before" she whispered to him. She was careful to not let the others hear while they were fighting. She watched all of them fighting. He seemed to take the reigns more so than she did. It was perhaps for the best though.

The thoughts of what he had done earlier had gone out the window. All of them were very determined than she ever saw in herself. The fire that had died inside of her a long time ago stared to burn a little bit. Not a whole lot, but a little bit. Before she had met Manzo, she had given up on life and everything. She saw no meaning in it anymore. The only thing that really kept her going was the thoughts of her parents and older brother. Now there was more at steak than she realized. All of her family were in danger and the home she grew up in. LeeAnn didn't know what the hell it was that Manzo did or said but something really brought some of her old self back. She stared at him with a small grin and soft eyes. The kind that she rarely used or allowed around anyone. He was a great guy on the inside he just had a tough exterior much like herself.

"Wow, look at them go" she smiled in satisfaction. Manzo seemed to be doing a good job. LeeAnn really lacked knowledge in the areas of religion and demons. Holy items such as water that was blessed by a priest of some sort. She knew about that kind of stuff just not a whole lot. LeeAnn just used her sword, Sting, and fire to kill the demons. Fire solved everything in her book, but it probably wasn't the answer they were looking for. She could tell all of them were well in tuned with what her companion had said. She had nothing to say or to even add at the point. The kitsune let him continued on about his advice.

He was easy to follow. Even she was listening to his shepeel about all of this. She was taking in what he had to say. It was all very interesting to say the least. Now at least the next time she faced a demon, she knew what kinds of extra moves to do. Leeann snapped her fingers. "Before you go on, Manzo. I want to add something. When fighting these demons, use anything as a weapon simple pitchforks and shovels will do. As long as it can cause some sort of damage, thats all that matters. Sorry, go on Manzo" she spke, stepping behind him was he talked. She stared at his backside. LeeAnn took a quick glance at his ass. Quickly, her eyes shifted back up at him while he was talking. She couldn't help herself. LeeAnn kept her best face of seriousness forward. When he looked at her, she smiled with a nod.

"Agreed. One more thing, do not go out at night! I know that's common sense but I have to say that. Night is the time when the most dangerous creatures come out. Many people don't listen when I preach this. Wolves, demons, skinwalkers, hell even Wendigos are always out for your flesh and bones. Terroors and screams. So head my warning, lock your doors and windows. They will not go inside you house if you lock them. Its too much effort to deal with them unless they are really hungry" she said. Speaking from true experience with them, she had a few stories to tell about those creatures. LeeAnn shivered at the thought. A lot of hte people looked scared. This reassured her that she probably wasn't the best to teach in this crowed anyways.

"How about we drink some water and hydrate, Manzo. Then we could work on speed or something" she spoke to him, crossing her arms above her busty chest. Her eyebrow was cocked on her left side to await an answer.


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"Alright everyone make sure you hydrate it's a hot one out today, so be sure to keep hydrated alright?" He said with a cheerful smile before turning his attention back to Lee, this had been a nice day to say the least, soon it would be over and they would collect their pay which would be nice, it had been a while since he had trained a group of people like this and for that he was grateful. Seeing people come together like this truly gave him hope that he too would be able to rise to occasions such as this again in the future, though he didn't want to think so far ahead of himself. Right now he had to turn himself back to the attention of his fiery companion. He walked over to Lee, putting his arm around her waist and leading her away from the group, his hand found it self perched firmly on her rear once more, a slight poke at her once again, finding it quite amusing to poke fun at her shyness though he didn't mean anything truly malicious by it.

"So what do you think of their progress so far, think we need to do anything else with this rag tag group of civilians." He said with another smile before putting his cigarette back in his mouth and leading her to a park bench where he would perch himself along with her, staring out at the pond where several birds could be seen playing in the water. He hoped that this scene wouldn't change any time soon, it was important to him that such a thing did not occur. That these people's lives wouldn't come to an abrupt end, not like his life did on that fateful night.


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#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The group of civilians took their times and grabbed the bottles of water that were supplied. Manzo came over to her. She had her arms crossed and leaned against a tree under the shade. He had a smirk on his face. She smelled trouble coming from a mile away. His firm grim around her waist made her feel happy. It was yet again he placed his hand on her ass firmly. Claiming it like it was a prize he won at the country fair. She grew red and pursed her lips shyly. She knew that he was only joking and he knew that she enjoyed it a bit too much. This kind of attention did make her shy all over again. Leeann looked back to see a few of them staring at both of them. Her ears folded back as she covered her face with her hands.

"Why do you do this to me? Their staring. You....you know how to...UGH! Manzo..." she huffed. She crossed her arms and tried to act angry, but it broke too easily. LeeAnn cracked a smile and shyly turned red. She still looked down. They were lead back to their bench. LeeAnn stared at the pond as she closed her eyes laying her head against Manzo. She felt...happy again. Peace. "This moment should last forever. Don't you think, Manzo? We could try speed with them, I am pretty quick" she whispered.


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Manzo laughed to himself at all her reactions, it was truly what he had wanted to see out of her. Emotions other than fear or anger. A nice happy memory that the two of them could share, even if it all came to an end. At least the two knew that they did their best. Though he still wanted their best to be good enough. It was something that was on his mind as of late, wanting all his effort to be good enough to succeed at what it is he was wanting to achieve. Sure he was accomplished as a mage, and he was a damn good courier but there was always something lacking for him in this regard. Which he found to be quite aggravating to say the least. He just wanted it all to work out, in one way shape or form. His whole life that is. He felt the need to rewrite everything about him, although maybe that was his own problem and no one else's.

"Yes, I suppose that is true now isn't it, you are quite the fast worker." He then leaned into her to whisper in to her ear. "Unlike me, I like to take my time, really enjoy every moment like it's my last." He said with a smirk on his face before going back to looking out at the blue pond. When was the last time he spent a quiet moment just doing nothing - just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park? Just truly taking in life for what it was, something so pure and so simple. Lately it seemed everything in his life was so complicated, and it was truly something he could not stand, not even a little bit.


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Lee Nakamura
Leeann only gave a small smile up her companion. She felt happy and wanted to laugh. It was all new and exciting feelings that she had not felt in years. Excitement about something so small like a mission. LeeAnn wrapped her arms around Manzo and looked out at the pond. The water was pretty how it reflected with the light. Children playing and animals just enjoy the hot day. This moment didn't have to end too quickly. LeeAnn nuzzled her face into his chest, feeling safe. Happy. At peace.

He whispered into her ears, making her shiver a little. The nerve endings were still sensitive even when someone spoke into her ear like that. What he had said made her stare up at him with big, innocent eyes. "You're right. I need to learn how to do that. In time I will, I just want to lie here. Enjoy this moment with you" she smiled, staring back at the water. She needed to have moments like this with someone special as Manzo. He was a good friend that she was starting to really care for. LeeAnn thought about how simple her life was as a kid. Play, train, and study. That's all she knew up til' she was fourteen. LeeAnn shived at the thought of that night. She pushed it back and started to laugh a little, thinking about funny today was. It was the little memories she held with Manzo that made today special.


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What a curious girl she was, the once timid ice queen had now melted in the palm of his hands with the fires of friendship. It was a nice change of pace, as well as healthy for her to see that the world wasn't as dark and bleak all the time, even now things were not as bad as they could be, things could be much worse. Though knowing how these things go, the demons would be sure to bring this world to it's knees without warning. The white wolf could only hope that the celestials would be careful enough to keep the civilians out of their line of fire. If not this would turn into a three way war without warning. One thing that man kind had shown in the past is that they were not to be taken lightly, by anyone or anything. The human race had experienced war, famine, and bloodshed without end, but still came back swinging when it came to preserving each other against invaders.

His mind began to wander to the people of hargeon. The guild he called home, how was Belladonna preparing the people, and the young ones of the guild. That was truly another concern of his as well, wondering what exactly would befall his long lost home since arriving here. Perhaps he should make contact with Alisa and see if she would be willing to go with him to check on home to be sure that everyone and everything was in order, perhaps Snow would join him as well. He truly wanted to go home again to see his family at the guild, but he knew he had pressing matters elsewhere at the moment. It would be impossible to forsake those duties at this point. Though he truly wanted to, but he was a man of his word and knew that such a thing was dishonorable. Unless catastrophe befell the city. If that were to occur he would have to dart to hargeon as fast as he could without warning to anyone or anything.

"Well I suppose we've sat here long enough, should probably get back to the group and be sure that we have covered everything. Don't really want their deaths on my conscience if you know what I mean." He said as he got up from his seat, turning his attention over the group that was finished hydrating, and were practicing fighting stances without them, clearly taking the initiative which was lovely to see at this stage of the game, it was truly important for them to want it enough. If they truly did not want it enough than all their hard work would be for not. That would be truly heart breaking, see their spirits crushed because there were those among them who did not want it badly enough, such a thing he would not stand for, not in the slightest.

"Come Lee, our group seems to be getting on without us, and that just won't do." He said teasingly while he walked over to the group without her, but walking slowly enough for her to be able to catch up to him without any real issues at all. Considering she was undoubtedly faster than him. As he arrived at the group their heads all turned to him, one of the children raised his hand to ask him a question. "Someone told me that the White Wolf of Joya was in town, that wouldn't happen to be you would it mister?" Manzo laughed and walked over to the child. Picking him up and placing him on his shoulders, then turning to address the crowd. "People it is true, I am the one they call white wolf. So now you all should known they when I say that this ordeal is very serious, you should take it all as serious as I'm taking it. Let the youngest among you be a source of inspiration, they are fighting for their future, these young ones are going to be all of our source of inspiration. Let us make sure they have a future to look forward to."

"Alright everyone, we are about to wrap up for the day, and before we do, my partner here is going to teach you all the art of stealth. As well as tactical retreats. They are also very important skills to have." He said as he pulled out a cigarette and placed the child back on the ground, letting him scurry off back to his spot with the group, undoubtedly with his parents or friends. This was truly a special group of hopefuls that he hoped to share a drink with once all of this is over.


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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had always been the type of be cold and harsh to protect herself. It only took the right person to understand and bring her out. There was only one person capable of that other than Manzo, her older brother Hikaru. He was the single person she fought for and aimed to be like. Now, she had to follow her own path and not like his. He was his own person as she was too. LeeAnn only thought about her adopted family, the Nakamuras, was to protect them. Things were starting to change now. She had a friend to protect and soon probably a second family to defend. LeeAnn had not idea where she would go now.

Manzo caught her attention, she nodded. Quickly, she darted past him. She was eager to show them her knowledge on stealth. The kitsune transformed into her wolf-self thanks to her ring. The small, quick framed wolf sat having her narrow face stare at Manzo. There was something about that White Wolf that really made him stand out from any crowd. He was able to talk to anybody and was a good public speaker. A little kid caught his attention. She saw how gentle nad kind he was towards the small child. Only made her think of someday having her own when the time was right. Though, that was pushed back later in mind. LeeAnn gave a small smile. Her attention drawn out towards the crowd. The kitsune took her stance, stepping where Manzo was in front of hte group.

She stood still for a few minutes. "Strength is a great and all, but stealth and speed are just as important. The quicker and quieter you are the more you have the element of surprise on you. A good trick is to step lightly and carefully. The best method is to step on her tippy-toes like a velociraptor, digigrade. You are quicker and form a better sense of balance. It takes time to master and get used to, but I assure you its efficient. Manzo, be my model" she spoke. The wolf had him stand still and side ways. "See, his stance is sloppy. If he walked in the woods, enemies could figure out his movements thanks his heavy footsteps. If you are light on your toes and watch where you step, the element of surprise will be more likely to happen" she smiled. She smiled at Manzo.

"Thank you, White Wolf" she smiled. LeeAnn cleared her throat. "Speed is not always accomplished with skill. Different bodies types comes with different advantages. Someone thin framed could be more quicker than someone with a plump built. You have to listen to your body and see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. A good way to accomplish this is by different training styles that focus on different elements of combat. Stealth is a good way to remain hidden like I have said before. Blending in with your surroudnings is key to performance. Let me demostrate. Keep an eye on me" she said. LeeAnn quickly ziped up and tree. She was visibly quick and hard to detect thanks to the speed. Not a single branch was moved or very little noticebility. Some of hte crowd lost track of her.

She was spotted by one of the members as she was pretending to be a dog sniffing a fire hydrant. The kitsune smiled and trotted to Manzo's side. "That's how you do it. Use your surroundings to your advantage. The art of blending in nad its not always hiding in trees, just the role of acting could get you far like my dog demosration. There are plenty of magical items for cheap to transform you into different animals and people to help with stealth. Though, it costs a huge amount of mana, its very effective. That is all for me" she smiled. Looking at Manzo, she wagged her tail in satification.

"I think I did good" she smiled, happily.



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Name: Wolf Metamorphose
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Wolvenhowl Ring
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user changes their appearance into a wolf. Their fur color is the same as their hair color. The user can speak while in wolf form. While in wolf form the user receives a B-rank Speed buff. The user can't cast spells while being in wolf form. The effects of items that were worn while in human form are still applied to the user in wolf form but spells that are attached to items can't be used.

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Well it seemed that today was coming to an end, and with that the two of them would take their leave. What a great day it had been, he had gotten to see an old friend. As well as gotten to see a group of people willing to band together to learn how to defend their community. It was a wonderful to see, just wonderful as a whole. But now he had to find something to fill the rest of his, perhaps he would go back to his apartment and see what was on the tube, or something of that nature. Though he was feeling rather peckish as a whole. So perhaps lunch would be his next destination but who was to know.

With that thought he would take his leave from Lee and go his own way, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and putting it to his lips. He would quickly light it and exhale a large cloud of smoke before disappearing in an on coming crowd. This was his preferred method, disappearing into a crowd never to be seen again until he wished to be. The true trait that made him such a good courier.



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