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The Weight of Loyalty [Priscilla]

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Vali walked around the Mead Hall. This structure- just like most of the other structures- were here long before Skaal arrived. At first Vali doubted that this place existed, finding it made living in Fiore so much easier. It saved them the duty of building homes from scratch. It had been nearly eight months since the vikings had arrived to Fiore and nearly seven since they had revived this abandoned  Icebergan settlement. The titan couldn't believe that he was the one fated to lead such a big village. He spent his entire life trailing behind his older brother, standing in his shadow as everyone praised him. If his sibling was alive, there was no doubt in his mind that he'd be the one to be Jarl. His elder brothers death was the worst and the best thing that happened to him. It forced him to grow up, to take on responsibilities that other men his age couldn't handle and meant that he was next in line to be Jarl of Skaal. On the other hand it also secured Val's feeling of loneliness.

The Fairy Tail mage took a deep breath. It felt like years since he stood in the the mead hall. The building was as big as it could be, and at the moment it was as empty and quiet as ever. Val looked toward the empty throne, slowly making his way towards it. One day soon he would be sitting there- not that it really mattered. Although he wasn't the Jarl yet, he was still the one making things happen... a title meant nothing in this case. Suddenly a blue flash of light zoomed behind the Jarls throne. There was a space a bit darker than the other spaces and corners in the hall. This corner seemed to call to him. This strange pool of darkness made it especially hard for him to see the wall behind the throne.

The half-elf squinted his eyes, slowly putting his left foot in front of the right until he could finally see something within the darkness. In seconds his own eyes witnessed Icy blue eyes glaring at him, watching as he moved continued to move forward. Quickly the Lord moved with haste trying to approach the mysterious being but also trying not to frighten it? "If that is you Alfather, reveal yourself..." he whispered in his native language. This mysterious being continued to visit him yet he had no idea who or what it was. While he felt that it was Odin or another one of the Satri gods but it could have very well been something else. Maybe Illumin had a take in his fate since now the dark skinned Icebergan knew that Illumin existed as well.

"M'lord." A voice interrupted as the doors to the hall angrily opened revealing Vali only a few feet away from the throne. For a split moment Val turned to face the viking who called out to him but when his eyes returned to the shadowy area behind the chair, he could no longer see the icy blue eyes. "What is it?" he sighed as he faced the viking once more. He was equipped with an axe on his waist, a shield on his back and leather armor across his body.

"There is a woman here to see you..." Nothing important. Another villager perhaps wondering if Vali could lend her more supplies or food. With a slight twitch the elven lord nodded lightly. "Please, send her in." He replied in Icebergan as he awaited the mysterious woman with his arms behind his back. When the woman entered she would be followed by two guards. To his surprise it was not one of the villagers who wanted anything from him, It was someone he had allowed to join him on his quest to a better life. It was none other than Priscilla; the woman who had sworn loyalty and promised to aid Vali for land in return. "Priscilla, you did not forget about me after all!" He chuckled from the other side of the hall. His arms raised in happiness as he stood before the Jarls home. He wondered what Priscilla thought now that she had been in one of Vali's villages. "I was beginning to worry that you would not follow through." his voice was smooth, cool, slightly raspy and light to the ears.


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Priscilla seemed a bit less then fair, She still had some bandages on her and a few not serious wounds to as well."I am not use to being so personable if that is what you were expecting while I worked." She mentioned but there was still a friendly tone in her voice."I had a few people I needed to hunt down for personal matters, But I am fair too loyal to commitments I have gotten myself into." truthful being she seemed to be. Priscilla was carrying a few bags they seemed to have various files and papers on her, Priscilla had yet to take them off.

"Met a Lich, force myself through a window, lit a few things aflame, But I am here now."Priscilla seemed to either stared chaos in the face, Or caused it herself it seemed. It did show, Even if she was in good spirit, her eyes seemed weary either from lack of rest, being in pain or other things she was dealing with. Maybe it was signs of early withdrawals she dealt with, maybe the impact she forced upon her self was far too much then she expected and knew well she could handle.

"But I gathered what would hopefully be enough with in these bag massive bags."
She would just take her time unstrapping them from herself trying to place one of them down, in Priscilla state they seemed a bit too heavy for her and she seemed to drop them at the very last moment as she was trying to hand them over. Maybe resting was far overdue for Priscilla or pain as well could be a factor, she might not have gotten all of the shards of glass  only the one she could see. The next on her back would seem heavier but trying to be stubborn she seemed to for herself to at least not only getting it off of her back but putting it on the ground next the one she dropped, She was hiding like it was a mistake and more making it seem intentional.

"Your choice of living spaces are interesting, Can't say it is one I would complain about."Priscilla almost mentioned about it, She seemed okay with it."What situation would I be in with such a promise? An area like this I assume?"Unless Vali had something else in his mind for Priscilla. She seemed okay with how this all seemed so far, But promising a new life for some one who did not seem to have much of one to start with. Priscilla was not going to be super picky.

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Priscilla was bruised and battered, bandaged here and there. She looked like she really had been through a lot for Vali, who was rightfully her lord. Val nodded with a smirk, almost devilish s he listened to her short venture. She hunted down people for personal reasons, but she also met a Lich and turned up before coming here. "A Lich..." he whispered. Could she have seen the same Lich Judith saw? Hopefully this creature of darkness didn't become a problem. The bags around her body were filled with papers and information.

Just like Vali had asked it seemed like Priscilla had successfully gathered information regarding every Rune Knight official. These were essential because these papers would reveal the one who murdered his brother. The purple haired mercenary was curious as to what she'd be given for her work. "Unfortunately I cannot offer you land as big as mine but what I will offer you is still good land." He ensured as he quickly moved towards her. Behind her, directly in front of the door guards stood awaiting a command from their leader. "Bring me a medic." He told them.  

"Yes M'lord." one of the guards nodded before exiting to fetch a healer. "After you are tended to I will take you to see your land, it is close to the water...close to Njord." He admitted. The piece of land was manageable, beautiful really. It was at the end of this village but separated by homes in front of it. There Priscilla could have a sense of privacy. If she wanted she could even start her own guild or something- that's how big the land was. Truthfully it was only Val's to give because nobody else had claimed it yet. Once the viking reached Priscilla, he'd gently take the bags from off her body before directing her to the bench right in front of her. "Please sit." If she had done so, Vali would beside her not he saw bench, giving her a space of about 3 feet.

"I have worked hard to have all of this." He raised his hands the the air as he was referring to the village and everything in it. "The files that you have brought me will have the details I need to avenge my brother without harming any other innocents." He smirked, twitching his fingers a bit. His voice was calm, his mind was at ease- or at least more at ease than it usual. "My people are eager to raid this country but I know that will be a failed attempt." The silver titan scooted closer towards her. "I have grown to love this country, just as I love my own country. Is avenging my brothers death is worth everything that I've worked for?" He asked almost rhetorically. He knew the answer he wanted to hear, he just hoped that Priscilla would give it to him.

Still, It was a serious question. He wanted to avenge his brother but in doing so he felt like he would ruin everything he worked so hard for. Icebergans were heavy on loyalty and pride. The Jarl himself was set on avenging his brother, it was the only reason he sent his son here. Val took it upon himself to settle for this long. Vikings didn't care about any of that so long as they died a glorious death to secure their spot in Valhalla. Val though...he was much different then his people. He was not eager to enter Valhalla, he was eager to obtain a sustainable life, a good life for his people and their children's children's.

Suddenly, before Priscilla could respond the door would swing open again, revealing two women with long ragged dresses carrying a handful of herbs, bandages, and special ointments for Priscilla. "my friend is injured, can you help her?" He asked the medic women in Icebergan. "I believe we can." She replied in the common tongue. Her hair was blonde and long. She was not a warrior women, her phsyque and occupation made that obvious but her tone of voice could fool one into thinking she was. Slowly she moved towards Priscilla. "I am Borga. You are in good hands for some believe that I have the power of an Eir. What is your name?" She smiled. The other medic was a smaller woman with shorter black hair. She set a cloth on the floor beside the bench for Priscilla to lay down on. Borga would extend her hand towards the cloth directing Priscilla there.

Vali awaited his friends answer to his question though, hoping that this would not distract her or cause her to forget.


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She seemed to laugh but not in terms of insult or anything."I am not worried about how large of land you offer, If i can get a decent living space for myself I would consider our deal met."Which was easily guessed for a lass who has not had a home in many years."Give me enough land to build a house for myself, since i am more private person as long as i am not bothered super often I would be find."At least Priscilla seemed to be simple and easy to deal with over all."Then check up on me as you wish too, Talking me as you wish to."Priscilla at least seemed to know she was still a bit out of place despite being forward and willing to Vali, That or it was just the life she was use too and over time Priscilla could change into a different woman."You could have simply given me a room where none were to bother me, I would not have bothered me in the slightest."Just how long has Priscilla be at this, that she considered just a room a home.

Slowly taking a sit Priscilla listening and taking in what all would be said. At least slowly being able to relax now sitting down her single eye fixated and listening to Vali while he spoke. She had a few ideas to mention."Tough choice in life will always carry a lingering balance of unknowns."It was almost a moment of no kidding but Priscilla had her potions.

"But given my dangerous and chaotic nature, I will only mention what I can in my best and most logical manner."Bluntly spoken Priscilla would continue on while the Medics would slowly reach her. Priscilla seemed unsure about it, So far the only person Priscilla had trust and faith in was Vali could see it in her tired eye that for that simple moment she was unsure.

But she would still have way to get him to think."Have you truly exhausted every option for the lives of your people to continue to live?"He most likely did but Priscilla asked anyway to be sure or maybe get him to think again. Walking over to the chair and before Priscilla sat down she took her scarf and when sitting down put it on her lap for the moment."Even if people truly want one things as well as you, Have you use other ways to forward yours goals." Priscilla seemed to just close her eye and waited she was not distracted either."You have people who are willing to take out the target you seek, Or even kidnap him so you can still do it quietly as well." That was normal for Priscilla to offer."Keep in mind with revenge, I know personally it is a little too....relieving to do it on your own for yourself."

She would finally answer who asked her name."Va-"She stopped either because she was use to hiding her name but in this case Priscilla let part of her real name slip."Priscilla....Sorry that first one i was mentioning i don't use anymore."If she was asked about it, She would most likely answer."You know very well your people willingness to go what they will do, It is far too much of a risk yes, But with both situation ask your self, As I will ask you now."Priscilla seemed to for the moment embrace relaxing because she had that trust branching out now, It could be picked up from who she was not longer tense.

"What is more important to your heart first, For what brings you to feel whole again, to what makes you complete. To what makes you....Lord Vali, For what you do the people who are true should follow in faith." Priscilla still found it hard to truly to be sure if it was the best advise but it was the honest Priscilla answer that she could give him.

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One thing the half-elven Viking lord could say was that Priscilla was humble. Usually women where he was from also sought out a simple life. They were grateful for any opportunity, where he was from, just as long as it benefited them. This purple haired woman reminded him of an Icebergan woman. Oddly enough though, many of the people he met were stubborn and tough like him. With a smirk he nodded. Even if Priscilla didn't desire a flashy life-style, she deserved that much. Vali absorbed everything the women before him was saying. While he was very intelligent and wise he still had much to learn. Priscillas words struck his heart like Thors lightning. His eyes were focused on the wooden ground beneath her feet but his ears awaited more of her words.

She asked him things that forced his mind to push further than it usually did. However, Vali always thought of these questions. He was prepared to answer every single one of them. Truth was; he did exhaust every option. There really wasn't any other option at this point either. He was in too deep. Fiore was his home now he couldn't go back even if he wanted to. If he attacked Fiore, then he would have nowhere to run...nowhere to retreat. This was Fiore's land by right. The mysterious and wise purple haired woman presented other methods such as kidnapping which would also benefit him. Even then the risks were great.

"Revenge was too relieving to take yourself" The strength of those words seemed almost unreal. Never in all his years of living had he taken a life for vengeance. Could Priscilla mean that payback was an unpredictable flame? Perhaps it could burn Vali in other ways...perhaps it could completely break him and cause him to thirst for more. "Mmm..." he let out as Priscilla finished her last words. The viking would have a lot to think about- even more than what before this moment. He was comfortable with how Priscilla thought. He liked her.  "I have much to think about, aye. I fear I already have too much in my head." he snickered with a slight twitch. Lately his minds been a lot looser.

Borga and her assistant began working on Priscilla, wiping her bruises with moss covered in the liquid of various herbs. They rewrapped her, and the whole time they remained quiet as the two spoke. "The things that we speak of can never leave this room." He whispered to Priscilla with a smirk. He meant every word. He would have to kill her if they did. Loyalty was everything. The fact that he had someone around who was probably a true thinker excited him. Conversations with far more meaning would come...dangerous conversations. The fire in the middle of the hall burned, creating cracking sounds and releasing sparks of heat.

Suddenly the door swung open. This was the third time it had happened. The large wooden building rung with the slam of the pushed door. "Lord, Chief Leonus is here with the Nekomata Rebels." The Desiertan Viking raised an eyebrow. He was surprised that Leonus was here so soon. Chief Leonus was the leader of the the Nekomata Tree Village, but Vali Onfroy was his superior. "So soon, aye?" He nodded with a sigh. The young lord clenched his jaws before glancing over at Priscilla, then Borga. He really wasn't ready for what was to come in the following moments... he wondered if Priscilla was ready. It was all so sudden.

"Alright." He said after running his palms over his face as if he was rinsing it with water. Quickly and confidently Vali stood up. "Thank you Borga." He then looked at Priscilla. "You are here just in time for the execution, brace yourself." He breathed before tucking his lips and widening his eyes. "Here we go again" was all over his face as he began to walk out of the mead hall, expecting Borga, her assistant and Priscilla to follow. The ground was soft- sturdy, but soft. Vali's boots left barely visible marks as he trailed behind both of his guards who would lead him and Priscilla to chief Leonus.



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Priscilla seemed to look a bit in a puzzled manner and finally just would wonder to ask him because she wondered if it would be something a bit too troubling. Since Priscilla seemed to be showed something, slowly trying to get up she would wait to see if Borga stopped her or not so far Priscilla seemed to not have heard anything, Casually and slowly walking Priscilla would eventually catch up to Vali. She would ask."What ways do you relief your mind of such things to help you focus on what you need to?"Priscilla asked him so far she almost wondered if it was a too personal question or not, so far Priscilla was just helping or hoping too.

Assuming Vali was just playing it safe Priscilla would hold any words of mention that she would not speak about it at all. but at least letting a nod yes about it, It was interesting to learn so many things behind a lord she was still interesting to learn of, One who gave her a chance just on a whim, what a way to give hope to a woman that if ever asked felt stuck in a hopeless loop. But Priscilla would even talk to him about it, Because she wanted help to change.

Since it seemed something different would be around her since arriving. Priscilla did not raise an eyebrow but there was an interested expression on her face when she heard Nekomata being mentioned, But still seemed to hold any words she had which would have just been a comment about how she had never met any of the nekomata before but given how Priscilla is she seemed to be a generally open minded person.

But when that part was mention. Priscilla did not seem nervous at the mention of it."Execution you say? Well what an interesting time to be around."The type of person she was a part of Priscilla brain wanted to do it herself to get the rush from murder but she would have to restrain herself."I will be fine to be around this, I have slaughtered enough people before."Could easily wonder how Priscilla could be so casual about it. Nonetheless she followed and waited to watch quietly, wanting to learn from this.

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"I fight..." he whispered quickly with a devilish smirk. What else could he do when he needed to blow steam? Things were different now though. As much as he wanted to fight, he had no intention of "spending" lives. He needed his people just as much as they needed him. Now that he had nothing to occupy his thoughts, he was on the brink of what may be his insanity. Vali didn't trust many people anymore. He banished his closest friend, his mother went insane, and with his brother gone it felt like he had lost everyone. Oddly enough though, he felt like he could trust Priscilla. It was something about her that Vali could connect to.

The purple haired woman ensured that she'd be alright. After all, she was a killer- probably more of a killer than Vali himself. Though the difference in their strength was pretty obvious, Priscilla's wisdom and experience was probably a weapon in itself. "Very well." He sighed facing forward. Priscilla and the noble lord walked together as they were guided by two guards. Behind them four more guards trailed. As they began to walk through the village, the people outside would stop what they were doing, honoring their Lord. They were preparing themselves for the execution. The villagers would gaze upon Priscilla, some whispering to each other about her. She was a stranger after all.

The skies began to darken as the sky was being swallowed by the gray clouds. Thors clouds. Suddenly, . Thunder had boomed so loudly even the villagers who were used to stormy weather jumped. Vali, however did not. His eyes were set on the people up ahead. A block after the village gates, a few meters in front of him stood Chief Leonus of the Nekomata Tree tribe. He brought his two advisors and was accompanied by his warriors. Beside Leonus was Jarl Tristan Onfory; Vali's father and Bunda; Tristans most trusted friend.

"Chief Leonus." he forced a smile. "My lord." The Chief greeted with a slight bow. The guards in front and behind Vali and Priscilla would step aside. Leonus moved to the side, revealing a line of approximately 30 Nekomata warriors a few meters behind him. They were waiting to die in chains. The titan's false smile dropped into a very real frown. Meanwhile the ruler of Skaal seemed to have found someone important. "Is this your new friend, Vali?" Tristan asked as he stepped towards Priscilla. The Jarl smirked, just like his son. "You are a beauty like none I have ever seen." He would gently grab her hand and if she allowed, he would kiss it. "You resemble the Valkyrie Brunhilda... How did you find my son?" he said. Awaiting her reply.

Vali had been pre-occupied looking at the men, the few teenagers a bit younger than himself, and some women who were anxious about their new fate. How could anybody be ready to execute so many people though. Chief Leonus remained silent, he notice Vali's slight twitching. "That is Priscilla and yes, she is a friend of mine." He said, still looking at the traitors. "She is our biggest asset right now, so she should not feel uncomfortable." he added. Although Vali was pretty much running things, Tristan was still the Jarl at the moment- there was only so much he could say to him.

Quickly Vali would walk step back towards Chief Leonus. "My Lord, how is your health?" The Neko-man asked. "Very well, thank you. I see that you are healthy." Chief Leonus nodded. He half expected his leader to ask about his well being. The Fairy cared very little about how Chief Leonus was feeling- at least in this very moment. The people of Skaal were probably growing impatient. "Can you say for certain that you have captured all of the traitors?" "Yes My lord..." Chief Leonus said in a whisper. It was obvious that he felt bad for having to watch his people be executed but he swore loyalty to Vali. Vali was his leader and as such, this was necessary.

Meanwhile Tristan had been entertaining Priscilla. He was interested in how she came into the picture. He was more so interested in knowing if she had any feelings for his son. "You and my son...are you both...?"  The Jarl pointed at the one eyed woman then back at his son trying to figure out if they were an item.



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Not phased by such a comment Priscilla then just said."Nothing like a bit of bloodshed to feel alive."Priscilla mentioned, but her case was much different then Vali's so much so Priscilla was still unsure Vali would wanted to deal with the reality of how Priscilla gets with blood shed and murder, That time would come eventually. After all it did not take much to turn Priscilla into that so called monster.

Priscilla looked upon the chief and her expression still seemed normal of her." I do not know of what you speak me looking like, I however could assume is it flattering." Priscilla mentioned casually with a smile she would let him continue to kiss her hand, Priscilla let out a friendly smile about it.

Her answer rather simple."It is something easy to recall, He was looking for some one will take risk for something he wanted."Priscilla was not telling a lie about it either even if she was a woman who could easily."And I answered his call for such a risk."The bandage on one of her hands would most likely prove her point along with what else was on her."That is how I came to be here."Not like she had a reason to lie anyway, She seemed perfectly clam for now.

Not too much after Priscilla would at least bow to him to continue following Vali. But not trying to be too horrible and leave him wondering."No, We are merely partners in work and nothing else, Do not mind me, I am deadly curious about what will happen." Priscilla mentioned to him, watching his reaction while she walked away because she was interested in learning of what hear ears picked up, So far Priscilla still seemed rather polite.

Talks of traitors seemed to be something she was only interested in because Priscilla wanted to see what they did with the. If they had no idea Priscilla just needed the order and her hands. So far she would stick now a few feet away to watch, After all she did not know what all was to come and that way if The Jarl wanted to ask her something else Priscilla was not too much away to pick up anything else to listen too. Wanting to wanted too keep her comments about how she felt about traitors to herself for the moment, unless anything else was brought up to her by Vali and this situation, Priscilla would seem like a ghost here.

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Jarl Tristan listened to Priscillas words. At first she didn't know who the Jarl referred to when he described her beauty. Still he accepted that I was probably a compliment and smiled with a light nod. The purple haired mistress then explained how Vali came to meet Priscilla. To the Jarl it sounded like nothing more than fate. Tristan noticed how she did not tell the Jarl too much information. Her explanation was broad. Tristan smirked, acknowledging her loyalty to his son. Vali had a way with winning the hearts of people over- he was a good person at heart and most people could see that. Even someone as daunting a this woman here must have saw that right?

"I see..." he responded. Then Priscilla assured the Lord of Skaal that her and Vali were merely partners in work. Suddenly she began to move away more interested in what his son was doing. With an eyebrow raised Tristan was...even more interested in her. However she probably wasn't interested in the Jarl. No matter how much power he had there were always women out there who'd reject him. With a sigh The Jarl moved towards his son, trailing behind Priscilla. Just as Priscilla approached Vali he turned to walk to the center of the town, standing directly beside the lined up Nekomata traitors.

First the elf glanced at Priscilla, then towards his father, then at Chief Leonus who'd all be standing in front of the line of traitors while he stood on the other side- behind the line. The young Lord took a deep breath before looking around at the villagers. They were put at ease upon realizing the ceremony would begin. "People of Skaal, people of Treerin Village, friends..." he glanced at Priscilla again before turning his head back to the crowd. "These people here are Traitors to your Lord. I have sent a team of warriors to Treerin village in order to help Chief Leonus dig out the rebels who do not think that I am worthy of leading us."

Val spoke with a nonchalant expression, turning to face the other side of the crowd as the entire village remained quiet. "Let me remind you that it was my brother who risked his life to come here! Let me remind you that I had to execute my own mother for the sake of all of us. Do not forget that I... fought against demons, putting my life on the line to save everyone standing before me! I did! Nobody else, me!" The Desiertan Lord was slightly frustrated. Even through all of his kind gestures towards everyone, people had been betraying and hurting him left and right. The Titan walked around the line of chained traitors standing in front of them. His father, Chief Leonus and Priscilla would be behind him unless she moved. Vali's eyes scrolled to each of the traitors, meeting with young ones and women. He looked up quickly shaking his head as he sucked his teeth.

"I do not want to murder these people because these people are my people... But I cannot allow traitors to live without punishment under the Jarl's rule." He was referring to his father but almost everyone knew that he was really referring to himself. Everyone respected Vali as their leader at this point. Jarl Tristan would step down soon, he was just waiting for the right moment to do so- and everyone knew that too. "So I will warn all of you now..." he began with his lips tucked and his eyes widened. "Anyone who betrays me will see the same fate as all thirty of these people here." With that, he extended his hand as a warrior came from beside him with a sword. The warrior handed the sword over to his lord before stepping back.

Slowly Vali walked towards the end of the Line and of course he was first faced with a teenager. The Nekomata teen looked at him with sheer hate in his eyes. There was no sense of regret, his eyes revealed that he did not see Vali as his true leader. The silver Titan clenched his jaw. It didn't matter if this boy hated Vali, it'd hurt to execute him. The boy turned to Chief Leonus before spitting by the Chief's feet. With a deep breath the white haired viking raised the sword above his head, swinging it down with all of his strength and chopping the head of the boy clean off. The village suddenly went into a frenzy, cheering "Traitors! Traitors" and cheering Vali on to execute the rest of the chained Neko's. Vali continued to execute them and quickly too. Each kill resulted in splattered blood on his clothes and specks of red liquid on his face but he didn't stop.

Truthfully, he just wanted to get through this. This was the most people he's ever had to execute. Then again, this was only the second time he ever had to execute anybody. Finally the silver titan was faced with the last traitor. Val halted himself for a moment and following him the cheering halted as well. His eyes met with the Neko's face but his eyes were closed. The traitor's knees were planted in the ground and sweat dripped from his forehead. Suddenly before Val's very eyes he saw...someone in the crowd. Someone familiar? It was...sage? Vali's eyes widened immediately. A rush of excitement, happiness, and love flushed through his body.

"Sage..." he whispered. Then in another moment the boy disappeared. Just like that his body was gone. Vali knew what such a vision meant and the gods knew all too well that he wasn't ready for such a fact. Sage? No....I-it can't be....Sage? No no no not sage, not sage, please no. He thought. After Sage vanished his eyes met with the icy blue eyes of the mysterious phantom who had been in his life and that's when it was confirmed. Sage was dead. The blonde headed elf boy that Vali had grown to love like a brother...was gone? Despite them believing in different gods and having different morals, Sage was a light in his life that he could never ever replace. Sage was truly a kindred spirit, someone important to him... Why would his god take him so soon!?

Vali suddenly no longer had the will to kill the last traitor. He was brought back to reality with he booming sound of thunder in the sky. Trying his best to look unbothered he turned to Priscilla. His eyes began to water and his voice began to tremble but nobody would understand why. Nobody could see the ghost of Sage or the mysterious cloaked phantom. "Priscilla...will you Honor Skaal, Leonus,  the Jarl, and I by killing this traitor?" He asked. He was certain she wouldn't deny. If she agreed he'd move towards her to hand her the sword and step to the side, watching her as he held the tears in his eyes. Tristan would only glance over at his son, but would say nothing. Leonus would remain quiet for now as well.

All eyes watched Priscilla. The one eyed stranger. Tristan's eyes landed on her as well, waiting to see her in some sort of action. It was easy to determine a person based on how they killed someone and the entire village was waiting to see the type of person this mysterious woman was.



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At least one final remark."It is foolish to date the boss who hires you, It leads to problems."At least logically it would work and Priscilla left The Jarl the reason why. Leaving it open to think weather or not she might actually or would wish too, That was something Priscilla would not answer eve nif asked.

It seemed like the kind of thing she was expecting these were the kind of speeches and things Priscilla seemed to expect from Vali here it was so far a grand speech, Priscilla even wanted to clap, the group was gathered around would kind of do the things Priscilla was thinking. Maybe Priscilla had a lot more in common towards these people then she first assumed.

A person putting so much was bound to have a few stray, Priscilla accounted for that easily just well, this was very far from the time to mention it and Priscilla still did not wish to speak a single word quite yet while watched.

Vali had a lot of trails set before him to bring him to this point, Priscilla could have read that from staring at him for a few minutes but also with that very way he carried himself, for the most part killing them was going exactly as she expected them too and Vali was just showing what any leader had to, To prove a point that such things needed not to be tampered yet again another thing Priscilla could admire.

It seemed slowly something was a miss, Priscilla did not know who sage was but now he was kind of not able to do this part, curious in her mind why  he could not and would give into what was in his mind right away, but Priscilla was different.

This case a wonderfully different monster, one far different then Vali and his people would have seen. Priscilla then would walk over and take not only the sword from him."It would be more then a pleasure Darling."That odd change that Priscilla always had when she pick upon murder and starting her normal cycle of addiction. After all she was murderer by nature.

Patting Vali on the shoulder."Worry of nothing about this moment any more....Their last breath will be my sweetest inhale of fresh air."To anyone that did not know or expected this, it might have most likely been rather horrifying to hear her just mention that right away.

She would follow the way Vali had done before her. Priscilla seemed a lot more quick with her swing, Equally as clean but Priscilla normal rather settle face had the face of slight smile, Like a addict getting their fix, It let that part she was trying to hide out, She wanted more now but knew she could not have it, but that sweet relief and sweet embrace of blood shed made her feel so normal. She would with the final one dead stab the sword into the ground leaving it there like the sword in the stone and in the middle of the three bodies. Walking away slowly to wait for Vali next action.

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The Jarl was a very wise man. He was a man with experience who has dealt with even the strangest women. Val's own mother wasn't an ordinary woman thus he completely understood what Priscilla meant. Under her words though seemed to be something else. Either she did have some sort of feelings for his elven son and she preferred to keep those feelings at a distance for professional purposes or Tristan wasn't as wise as he thought he was. Usually Icebergan men had the tendency to think optimistically. It was no secret that Val was handsome. He was also very young with a bright future at the rate he was going. Needless to say that the heir to Skaal was a far better option than himself.

As all 3 noble men stood side by side, they watched as Priscilla took the blade. The villagers went quiet, waiting to see what the woman would do. They found comfort in her optimism. Tristan's face remained nonchalant as he scanned the surprisingly bold eyeless lady. The chief of the Treerin forced himself to watch. To look away was to disrespect his lord. Val however, watched with his eyes but his mind was elsewhere. The only way Sage could have visited him was if he was dead. It was simply his ghost after all. The only other explanation was his approaching insanity but the titan felt completely normal and aware. The mercenary patted her friend on the shoulder and told him not to worry. Suddenly her voice seemed to shift into a more...demonic(?) tone.

The noble Desiertan of Iceberg simply nodded with an obviously fake smile. Part of him had been itching to see how Priscilla handled these types of things. He wanted to know if she truly did appreciate the art of killing like his Brethren or if she simply had no problem with it. It didn't take long for him to see that it wasn't the latter. Priscilla truly was a blood driven woman. Time slowed as Priscilla moved towards the last being. It was a younger man. His eyes looked into Vali's one last time but the young lord was fixed on the woman. He noticed her smile slightly as she swung, chopping the boys head clean off. A moment later and the village cheered for the woman. They loved her... they didn't know her...but they loved her.

Tristan glanced over at his son. The two pairs of eyes met. The Jarl smiled with a shrug whilst Vali merely turned away. Chief Leonus gazed upon the woman with utter fear as if he could feel how dangerous she was. By now, Leonus probably knew that he was being ruled by a Barbarian with barbarian people. Animals, pure animals he thought as Ironic as it was. Val shook himself out of his thought and stepped towards Priscilla, putting his arm over her shoulder and faced the crowd. "Now, we feast in the Mead Hall!" He shouted as the villagers began to disperse. A second later and rain began to fall onto them.

"Thor is pleased!" a random villager shouted. The half Desiertan turned towards Priscilla. "Will you feast, or would you like me to bring you to your new land?" He said in a soft tone. He really wanted to break down and cry at this very moment. His heart ached and morned for Sage. Could he have really died?



The Weight of Loyalty [Priscilla] Empty Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:24 am

There was some varying thoughts and things Priscilla heard in her mind during her brief space between her and Vali while she was walking towards him. Her mind having a taste of blood, her drug, her need, her relief what to make her whole in some manner. Even hearing a voice that was female, trying to edge her on to more. It was luring and tempting avoid.

*More give in and have more.*
The voice inside Priscilla's head was speaking to her much like a faded whisper. But that one eyed woman heard it far too often, Priscilla left hand seemed to be twitching but she did not seem to notice at all since she was more trying to check on Vali, Part of that very devilish smiled remained but it was so faint it was almost hard to pick up upon.*Just a little more, You don't need much.* it was itching at the back of her mind like that tempting voice of  Siren to lure men to their death's.

But Priscilla was the only person who could hear this voice, The only one it would speak too Priscilla could learn she had a belonging place here, These were people she seemed to fit into place it allowed her to kind of just shrug off the voice she was hearing in her ears. She was an outsider fitting into people who had no reason or matter to accept her or want anything to do with her. Priscilla just needed to remain in control about herself.*You can find an easy and simple person to take out, You will be happy....You will be normal*Priscilla at least seemed like she was okay with being around for a small amount of people for the moment."I could join the feast for a while."

*You could be whole again...*Priscilla would only talk about horrors because by all accounts she had something like one always speaking to her. But still being the normal way she was."Will you need to rest Vali, You seem unsettled?"Priscilla was too but she would not be speaking it generally right away, That would be if Priscilla would open up a bit more to just Vali while she got comfortable around these people. Priscilla was seeing if Vali needed anything else first."After a bit of time at the feast, I will wish to see what land you have for me."At least her goals were pretty straight forward and in line.

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Vali's thoughts were clouded, but not to the point where he lost sight of his purpose. There was a purpose to all of this, everything that happened had a reason, however, he seemed to get the bad end of the stick. The gods were either testing him or trying to change him. The Viking Lord spaced out for a split moment after speaking to Priscilla. The Villagers walked towards the mead hall. Every so often a handful of them would glance over at Priscilla and Vali. It was obvious that none of them weren't used to her. Hell they were always wary when in the presence of a Fiorian. Even so, if the one eyed woman managed to catch the eyes of a random villager, she'd probably be greeted with a smile. They liked her.

Priscilla finally replied. It seemed she was interested in the feast after all. Unfortunately, Vali was not totally interested. Politeness was usually how he ended up in situations he didn't really want to be in. The Young Lord still didn't respond. He heard Priscilla yet he was still spaced out. The only thing on his mind was the well being of Sage although he was more than sure he was dead. The gods spoke to him often and never have they lied. When his murderous friend asked if he needed to rest, the Viking shook away from his thoughts. "Aye...actually I do." he began as his eyes rose to set on Priscilla's eye.

Vali almost couldn't hold his tears back as his eyes watered. The purple haired woman declared that she'd go to the feast for a while then want to see her land. Vali nodded, forcing a smile as he glanced around. "Alright." He finally faced her again. The silver titan placed his hand on her shoulder. "It will be good for you to familiarize yourself with my people- afterall, you are my people now too." He said coldly before turning around. "Ask the Jarl to bring you to my home after the celebration, I will take you to your new home then." He said before walking towards his home.

- EXIT -



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At least Priscilla would feel a bit better since he mentioned he would."Now is your chance to give in one more time...."That voice kept talking, With the little Priscilla actually spoke if that voice was more loud to her."It is all you need...I promise."The only other part is the voice sounded like a younger her."Do it for you."Priscilla desire to check on Vali was also a way to keep herself in place."Do it for me..."But she did not give in, not while Vali or anyone in this land, She had a new chance none of these people would be died by her hands unless she needed to, not for her hollow, empty feeling blood lust for a problem she was working on dealing with, Anyone to have their life end would only be by Vali's order in Priscilla's case, They is who was leader to her, Even if some one else was the leader of this nation."Do it for them.."

With that moment they stared Priscilla could pick up that something was going on, But Priscilla only did not press much else to it because Vali mentioned he was going to rest."Then hopefully you rest as you need too."Priscilla said some how managing a peaceful yet delighted smile. Since it was that she could trust Vali she needed and would go and try to trust in the people now as well.

It seemed Priscilla was not bothered by the cold tone, It would be good to take note of in case she ever heard that tone again."Yes Sir."Not much else really needed to be added to it.

Priscilla setting off to The Feast, It was surely opposite of a woman who was use to serving others for so long; Waitress, bartender, maid Priscilla at one point did the various kind of tasks it is how she knew about so many house hold things. Priscilla had an okay time at The Fast, given something so new and strange to her, She did the best of it what she could. It was oddly endearing to her as well she had some what of a smile on her face, That voice was gone she felt like a new person but not alone for once.

Much like Vali told her, Priscilla would have asked The Jarl to show her to where Vali was staying, in turn to where she would have her home,Even thanking them both, After that Priscilla would figure some way to settle for that moment to rest for a small while, Some how getting sleep by sitting in a chair only because she was not use to home.


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