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Home Again

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Home Again Empty Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:32 pm


"Lord Vali, welcome back." Bunda was the first to approach the three vikings on their horses as they entered through the village gates. The guards stood and waited for all three vikings to dismount and took their horses to the stables. Vali was glad to see Bunda, it was always a pleasure to see someone as loyal as him around. "Thank you." He smiled lightly as his hand gripped the elder mans. People all around him were working, farming and creating tools and weapons. Everyone seemed to be doing their job with chipping in. Upon seeing their beloved Lord though, they all stopped to show their respects. The young titan smiled as he gazed around. "Where is my father?" Val asked. Bunda turned to face forward, pointing to the end of the village where the Jarls home was. "He does not leave the comfort of his bed. The Jarl misses your mother deeply." The half-elf winced at the thought of his fathers continuing pain. It was because of him that the Jarl was depressed. "As do I..." Val whispered as he took his first steps with Bunda.

"Vali, you cannot blame yourself... we all loved your mother but you made the right choice. What you did showed just how strong you are. Treason is a crime punishable by death, if you did not make that decision then others would never think twice about betraying you. A leader must do things for the greater good, even if it hurts." Bunda's words were wise and soft. The man had lost his entire family, he knew what pain both Vali and his father were going through. Even so, the Desiertan Elf did not want to turn his mother into a conversation- not while it still hurt like this. "What of the group of rebels in the Tree Village?" He quickly changed the subject.

"It has been dealt with. I sent a team of warriors to find the traitors just as you commanded. There were thirty-two rebels, some men and some women...and a few children. Now we await the arrival of Chief Leonus and our men. Your father has refused to deal with anything diplomatic so I held off as much as I could until your return." "Children..." Unbelievable. Treason was punishable by death but now he'd have to execute children. The viking sighed before running his fingers through his hair. "M'lord, you are not required to execute anyone. You are not the Jarl yet so the Tree Village is not truly your responsibility."

"My father is no Jarl- not anymore. He holds the title, yes, but everyday he becomes a weaker version of himself. I cannot allow him to fulfill justice like that, not while his mind is clouded by other things." Bunda simply nodded. The older of the two warriors wanted to ask Vali about his venture to Astera. He was curious about what had happened between him and the "demons" but the duo had already reached the Jarls home. "Thank you Bunda, for everything that you continue to do for all of us here. You are my greatest friend and I am forever in your debt." With a smile Bunda placed his hand on Val's shoulder.

"I want nothing more than your friendship, Lord." Bunda turned before walking away, his final words meaning much more than he could have imagined. "Tonight we will sacrifice to Gefjun!" he shouted to Bunda before walking inside of the Jarls home.

- EXIT -

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