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Miller Time [Quest: Faye]

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Faye gazed curiously at the pristine letter in her hands. She was out on her search for Hana again when it was delivered right into her hands by some unknown lad hurriedly passing by in a brown hat. It was sealed at the front with an ornate wax seal, swirling lines and strokes on it resembled the letter D. Just by the nature of how the letter was delivered, and with the alphabet it was sealed with, Faye had a faint idea about who the letter was from. It reminded her of someone she already knew and had once helped with something. Hopefully, however, it would not be the case and her suspicions will remain just suspicions again since Faye knew she had much more important things to do other than accompany a strange and sick man with whatever he wanted to do and find around the town next. The last time they met, he did inspire her for a new puppet but currently, she was in a bigger predicament with the sudden disappearance of Hana a few weeks ago. Strangely enough, along with her disappearance, the demon named Leviathan as well as her new powers were gone. It was impossible to tell exactly what had happened. At first, she had suspected that someone stole from her. But except for the small window left open, nothing in the room looked like it had changed, which meant that Hana or Levi had just left on their own. No matter how long she thought about it, Faye couldn’t figure out the exact reason other than the fact that perhaps Levi felt she was too weak to house a powerful demon like her. Regardless, Faye tried searching for them, coming up short every time she thought she got some kind of lead on them. This is why the sudden letter in her hand annoyed her. She didn’t want to do anything if this was actually from whom she thought it was from unless he was going to pay her generously.

Tearing open the letter, Faye initially searched for the familiar symbol for Fiore’s currency, taking note of the number of zeros before carefully placing the letter back. She sighed. The monetary reward was definitely not bad. However, she was eighty percent sure she saw the word ‘blood’ written more than once all over the letter, and she could already guess what he was up to. It wasn’t enough that he dragged her along to a useless hunt last time but now he wanted her to make the perfect crime scene for him, didn’t he? What an ambitious person Dex Miller was. She seriously doubted his mental ability. Although they all say he is insane, to come up with such tactics, just how mentally challenged could he really be.

Nonetheless, Faye turned around and walked down the road she came from. Right next to the inn she stayed in was an alleyway no one went to. It was dark even with the sun high up in the sky and overall held an eerie atmosphere. And sure enough, Dex was there leaning back against a grimy, dusty wall, puffing out smoke from a cigarette held tightly against two fingers. He was looking up, obviously waiting for a long time. But even as he heard the sound of her footsteps, he didn’t look back down. There was a slight curve to his lips and the cigarette in his hand was soon discarded and crushed by his dusty brown, pointy shoes.


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He began to explain, starting with his grievances on how people have been indifferent towards him. Not only did they refuse to acknowledge him, but they also have been talking ill behind his back. And apparently, he has had just about enough of it. Understandable, too, since not too long ago people actually used to respect him well.

Faye couldn’t quite figure out why he would need her though. When she expressed her doubts to him, he finally turned his eyes to her and excitedly began narrating his masterplan on how he can go back to being one of the most popular detectives in town. Apparently, just like she had suspected, he was going to create the crime scene for himself this time. It was both fraudulent and illegal. Not only will it alarm people of a fake crime, but if the Council ever heard of it, both Miller and herself would have answers to give. Simply put, the whole idea Miller had was too big of a headache for Faye to handle. It is even possible that she would end up paying most for the whole thing since Miller is famously not very sane at the moment. She had to choose between what is right and the amount of money she would receive from this. It didn’t help the fact that Miller was also excitedly looking forward to it. Just that sharply shining look in his eyes told her that he was not going to listen to reason, no matter how seriously she explains it to him.

In the end, she decided she would go along with it. As long as they were able to keep things away from the Rune Knights’ eyes, they actually had a chance of pulling it off and satisfying Miller enough in order to pocket that money he is ready to part with.

Firstly, she was to get the bag of animal blood from the butcher. Dex was an old friend of his and the old butcher readily agreed to supply him with as much animal blood as he possibly could. When she arrived there, he had already packed it up in a large transparent bag, making it look as horrendous as she imagined it to be. “You can take that. Give Dex my regards,” the butcher said in between his job, hacking away at some meat with his big knife. She honestly wanted to ask him why he was letting Dex do whatever he wanted but just decided to wordlessly nod and carry the bag of blood out. She placed it right in front of her and covered it with the long jacket she was wearing. It was such a risk to just carry something like it out in the open especially in a town like Orchidia where it was filled with Rune Knights.

She imagined what it would be like if the bag slipped and went splat all over the street. Not only will she be arrested, but no Rune Knight would also willingly hear her explanation even if she told them it was just animal blood. There was no way she would be able to involve Dex at that point either. So simply put, she felt like she was carrying a time bomb – a rather foul-smelling one at that, too. If she didn’t hold it carefully, the thing might even leave some sort of a trail of blood. For the remainder of the walk, Faye had her head down, eyes fixed to the street, and occasionally turning back to see nothing was spilling.


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With the first objective complete, the next one was to obtain some weapons - knives, spears, swords, anything that can be used as a murder weapon. For this one, she could not just stop by the smithy and get whatever she wanted either. This time, she was going to have to steal the weapons because Dex had no friends or acquaintances there. Although Faye did know the guy who ran the smithy in Orch, there was no way she would be able to get the number of weapons Dex requested for free. So she really did have to steal this time. Maybe she could get some of the old ones. After all, Dex did say he needed something that looked like it has been used a lot, meaning he was creating a murderer with a lot of kills. Then to make the scene look as real as possible, it was better to get the ones that look obviously used and worn out.

Looking through the array of weapons, Faye soon felt a headache coming since she couldn’t find any old and used weapons in the smithy. At the very front, there were only the new and shining ones with not even a single scratch on them and she couldn’t sneak into the back of the building without passing by the head blacksmith. So she waited patiently for almost half an hour before walking into the forge.

The blacksmith did notice her but he had already seen Faye around the town many times and knew she was from one of the legal guilds. She had even helped him at one point in time when he had to deal with a thief. So it was no surprise that he let down his guard against her and went into the back of the room, leaving Faye to freely look through the catalog of used and worn-out weapons. She found a few things she knew she would be able to carry and quickly snatched them up, hiding some of the small ones like daggers away in her clothes and some of the others, she wrapped up in a long piece of fabric and tied it all up like a large bundle.

Stepping outside, Faye realized just how the weapons combined with the blood she was carrying made her look incredibly suspicious. So much so that even she was starting to feel like some murderer plotting her next crime. Nevertheless, she hid as much of the horrible items as she could and quickly made her way back to where she met Miller in the morning. She had finally relaxed a little since entering the alleyway when there was suddenly a strong grip on her shoulder, scaring her almost into dropping the large bag of blood.

Turning, Faye almost had her heart threatening to jump out her throat at the prestigious symbol of Rune Knights staring back at her. She was caught by an officer and he had been following her for a very long time already. The man looked very angry as if he was already convinced that Faye was up to no good. He had seen her come out the smithy earlier with all those weapons and blood and was almost sure of her crimes until he saw that the blood –after taking a sniff of it- was in fact just animal blood. Still, he said, he was going to arrest her for stealing since that was something he saw her doing with his eyes. Faye tried to reason, telling him she had a really good reason what she was doing. She even had to show him her guild insignia. Until this point, the Rune Knight was grabbing her by the collar, ready to drag her away to interrogation. But upon seeing the very much familiar blue Pegasus symbol on the back of her hands, the officer finally agreed to listen to what she had to say.


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Miller Time [Quest: Faye] YJbUk0F

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However, Faye had no idea just where to begin or what to say. If she was an officer and saw someone carrying the items she did, Faye probably wouldn’t even wait for any explanations. He was being very kind and patient just by listening to her story. And thus she told him all about Miller’s plans, making sure to throw in his unfortunate circumstances and motivation for doing such a thing.

“And that is why I need to be doing this, sir,” Faye concluded, sighing at the exasperated face the Rune Knight was making. He looked extremely displeased but not even after hearing all the story, he did not look surprised, as if he had come across such situations countless times.

“Where are you planning to pull this…trick?” He finally asked. The Rune Knight, too, seemed to sympathize, apparently knowledgeable about Miller’s circumstances as well. Surprisingly, he even agreed to let her continue with Miller’s plan as long as the whole ‘investigation’ stayed under the Rune Knight’s supervision. Faye agreed, finding no issue with that arrangement. In fact, that made her feel somewhat relaxed, no longer having to worry about being found out doing something like forging a fake crime scene. Although it didn’t change the fact that this was going to cheat a bunch of people, Faye guessed it was alright to do for the sake of an old man trying to regain his honor –even if it is by faking it…What they were doing was morally ambiguous, and even someone like her, a shut-in, could guess as much. She couldn’t tell exactly why the Rune Knight was even allowing it. Not just him but the old butcher too was okay with Dex doing such a thing. It was, Faye repeated in her mind’s voice, cheating people. This was not any simple prank or the like either, it was actually making others believe that some murderer is on loose. Was this not a violation of some sort of rules somewhere? Faye kept looking back at the Rune Knight in bewilderment.

But with all that being said and done, Faye moved over to where they will create their ‘crime’ along with the Rune Knight tagging along, this time, also carrying the bag of blood for her. Throwing the weapons around, Faye’s first objective was to spill the blood all over the place in a pool, mimicking a situation where someone had lost a lot of blood. She carefully opened the bag, half holding her breath so that she wouldn’t have to smell the foul, crimson blood, and spilled the whole thing on the ground, making sure to splatter it at the walls and over some of the weapons as well. Just the scene of blood pooling around the ground by itself was horrendous. Faye almost wanted to throw up from the strong smell. Why is someone like her, a puppeteer, doing something like this? She should have been out there trying to find Hana. Ever since her absence, Faye was forced to come out of the prison of her own making and actually converse with people on her own. She had to actually articulate everything and no longer had a puppet to hide behind. It was both exciting and scary. She guessed, even if she did get Hana back, she will probably continue to talk on her own. At this point, she truly wanted Hana for the sentiments she held towards the doll. That and the fact that she was carrying an actual demon inside her. Faye had not known Leviathan for a long time but just her momentary interaction with the once highly powerful demon had given her just enough clues as to how to handle it. It was, as it called itself, the demon on envy. It got envious at just about anything –both good and bad. Thinking about it, Faye also felt that it is a relief that she did not have to cater to that old demon anymore. She wouldn’t want to lose her consciousness to the selfish desires of something else…She did not want to be like her father. Instinct told her that Hana will return to her on her own. If that power that momentarily seized her was supposed to belong to her, then they surely will meet again. But for now, she had to survive, and she needed a lot of money and experience to do so.

Surprisingly but not so surprisingly, the Rune Knight was actually giving her pointers on how to create the crime scene because Faye apparently did not have any ‘experience’ with it. He placed the weapons around the scene, making it seem like someone had just tortured someone with a variety of tools. Once the scene was crafted, what was left was getting the attention of people. Faye had no trouble doing this with a couple of her magic spells. All she had to do was throw a powerful water-ball to one of the walls and create a good amount of commotion. Just as the spell connected, it exploded and even destroyed a very small part of the wall –much to the Rune Knight’s chagrin. Then, the blood soon started to spread out of the alleyway, slowly getting into the view of people walking around the street. It flowed like a river.

Orch, as busy as it is, there was no difficulty at all to make people notice of such a commotion. A woman noticed and her screams alerted the others. People soon gathered from all around crowding around the horrendous, bloody scene. They gasped and yelped at the sight of such a large amount of blood. A roar of chatter, questions, confusions, perspectives, conclusions, and stories suddenly arose. People were truly alarmed and scared of such a sudden situation. They soon made a crowded circle around the scene while Faye stealthily joined them. She looked around, trying to find Dex Miller but did not see him.

As Faye, using the distraction, bid farewell to the Rune Knight and snuck away, she finally saw Dex Miller at the opposite corner, smirking at the gathering crowd like he was ready to put on the greatest performance of his life. It oddly added something to Faye’s supposed character traits over him. Dex Miller was many things and he might seem somewhat insane, but he was actually a very smart person and perhaps even knew just what he was doing. It made her question where his moral compass really lied but seeing as whatever it does not come to the point of fatally wounding or hurting someone, Faye felt that perhaps it was just fine, after all.

She slowly pulled away, and Faye saw Dex push through the crowd and stepping into the center, a light shining over him as he put on his intelligent look and quickly addressed the Rune Knight. Dex was going to be happy, she guessed. It was practically coning people but perhaps it was fine if it hurt no one? She wasn’t sure why people came up with ideas like this.


Miller Time [Quest: Faye] YJbUk0F

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