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Fantastic Fabrics [Q]

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Diana had agreed to meet up with Rita, one of the friends she made at a concert, for breakfast that morning. It just kind of happened. She called Rita up because she was bored one night and now they were going to meet up after a long ass time, to meet up at this breakfast place for its famous dim sum. Even though Diana’s family came from Minstrel, after living in Fiore for such a long time, she was no longer afraid to try new things. Dim sum was not really a Fiorian thing, but there were immigrants all over the country and they were probably the ones who brought dim sum to Fiore. And Diana was craving for some of  that deliciousness.

The next thing she did after drying her short hair was spend approximately fifty minutes coming up with an outfit for the day. Rita was kind of hot, and she did not want to let that just slip by. There was a chance and she wanted to see if it could work, because honestly she did catch Rita staring at her ass a couple of times before. After what felt like ages, she finally came up with an idea of what the wear. With a satisfied chuckle, she grabbed her keys and left the hotel room. She had rented a bike for her stay in Baska, but since she wasn’t going anywhere far, she decided to walk. The dim sum place was only a few blocks away. Diana wasn’t surprised to see that Rita was already there.

“Hey, Dee! What’s up?” she hollered.

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“Hey, RiRi,” Diana replied, taking a seat opposite Rita’s. Rita was one of the people who called Diana ‘Dee’ or ‘D.D.’ because ‘Diana’ sounded too princess-y, and apparently Diana was the opposite of that. If she saw Diana when she lived like a princess, under her parents protection and everything...actually she wouldn’t. Because if Diana still lived like that, she would never have come to meet someone like Rita, because her parents would never let her go to a concert on her own, and probably would not have let her buy tickets that were not VIP or VVIP. Yeah.

The two finally caught up to speed, and breakfast time was almost over. Rita tossed some flirty comments at the way Diana was dressed, like she was teasing her or something and Diana flirted right back but she did it in a not so subtle way, it made Rita blush. “Geez, can you make it less obvious?” was the nervous response she got. This made them both laugh. Diana paid for the both of them, which Rita was not very happy about, but Diana did not do it often anyways because she already learnt the result of doing that the hard way.

Unfortunately, Rita had a job to attend to around noon and she wanted to get ready for it. Which was a bummer, because D had wanted to spend more time with her. Not because she was lonely, but because she was bored. Now that her company was leaving, she decided to go make some money herself. She headed to the request board in town and browsed through the many different colorful fliers pinned to the board.

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Among the many different colored fliers, Diana’s attention was completely absorbed by a pink one whose client name was the main reason she was so interested in it. ‘Fernando Milano’. That name sounded like it belonged to someone who was a fashion icon, like a nation-wide famous fashion designer or something like that. She read the details of the job quickly as she walked towards the spot she where she was supposed to meet the client. This was definitely a unique job. She had never done anything like that. And so she began walking to the boutique that Fernando owned.

Once she got there, the first thing she noticed was how busy everyone in the little boutique was. It was a fabric storm in there, and not a single busybody realised an outsider was standing right at their doorstep, open mouthed in awe. Snapping herself out of it, Diana walked in, asking around for the client as she showed the pink flier. Fernando came out from the back, dressed flamboyantly though a bunch of fabric pieces were draped over his shoulders. It seemed like his face displayed a different emotion every half of a second as he talked about the distress he was in.

Fernando launched himself towards a pile of selected fabrics, bringing her samples of them so that she had an idea of what he wanted. Since Diana was not an expert in this area, she did her best to remember exactly what he asked her to bring.

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Fantastic Fabrics [Q] TRaNgli

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After hearing instructions from Fernando, Diana felt like she could take a nap to process the information because she heard a bunch of fabric terms that she thought never existed. Thankfully, she recognized some because of how her mother used to teach her since she was a girl and a girl should know how to handle shit like that. Apparently. Anywho, Fernando gave her the location of local stores and flea markets, in case she did not know, and told her to be back before three, which was convenient because it was only half past ten. Not even noon yet.

As she left the boutique to find the stores that Fernando mentioned, Diana bought herself some milk tea on the way. The first shop didn’t have much to offer, so she visited two more until she got impatient of how few fabric types she could get in stores. Next, she went to the flea market where she was stunned by the number of types of fabrics she found there. A bunch of random merchants who claimed to have brought their fabrics from outside of Fiore, kept shoving their wares in her face. She was kind of pissed about this, but she wasn’t the only person who was having to go through this, so she felt less pissed about it.

Unable to control herself and resist the temptation, Diana bought way more fabrics than necessary, but Fernando did mention to bring back as many as she could, and gave her a lot of money, too. It only took her a little over an hour to spend every last jewel that Fernando gave her, and returned to collect her reward. That was unsatisfyingly easy. She probably should find another job, since it was only noon.

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Fantastic Fabrics [Q] TRaNgli

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