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Checking In [Fairy Tail]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Checking In [Fairy Tail] Empty Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:15 pm


It really shouldn't have been this beautiful of a day. Especially not with all the dark energy in the air. The sun had managed to push through and give the town a golden glow, yet nothing outdid the smell of fear. Vali himself had nothing to be afraid of. He knew what he was capable of. The only thoughts going through his mind consisted of...well... a load of nothingness. Today, he didn't want to think about any of the negatives. The young lord was here to clear his mind as much as possible and also to meet up with his guild mates. Aisha revealed to the half-elf a technique that made messenger men useless and that same device is what he used to contact his guild mates. He was pretty certain everyone had one. It was a pager of some sorts, a device that sent messages and locations to any guild member - it really was handy.

The blue sky reflected off of the body of water. The pier wasn't too lively, but it wasn't exactly dead either. It was a bad time to be enjoying life anyway. "Right here, perfect." Val smiled as he pulled out a chair to a table close to the water. With a sigh of relief, the viking plopped into the seat and threw his legs over the table. The air here was much less natural then the air at home, but the aroma knocked Iceberg way out of the park. Val tried to remember the smell of his home but to his surprise his brain couldn't remember. The desiertan dug the guild messenger device from his pocket, twirling it, wondering if it actually sent out the message to the guild. If so then people should be arriving soon. Since Val had prepared many of his guild mates for this endeavor to Astera, he felt that it was important for him to check in. Besides, nobody else seemed to be keeping the guild together.


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Nidelia walked slowly around the pier, taking in the sight of the ocean.  Despite being a Nekomatta she didn't mind the water, in fact, she found it quite lovely, though she would prefer it was frozen to look like an ocean figure made out of ice.  She smiled at the thought as her eyes scanned and landed upon a lone male figure.  Was that him?  Was that who had sent the message?  She couldn't be sure, as she was very new to Fairy Tail and had not had the opportunity to meet any of her guildmates yet.

"Hi!!" she called cheerfully and she sped up to a light run across the pier.  She was excited by the idea of getting to finally meet her guildies and form a team with them.  She hoped she could be useful, though she doubted herself immensely.  She had a bright smile on her face as she runs up to the man.  "Hi there!  Are you Vali Onfroy?  If so I got your message to the guild, calling to meet up! I'm new, my name is Nidelia Sponze, but everyone that knows me calls me Nid!" she says in a very happy go lucky tone.  "It's a pleasure to meet you!" she adds as she holds her hand out to shake his in greeting.  Even if he wasn't a member of Fairy Tail, he was still someone new to meet, and who knew, if he wasn't the person, he might be able to help her find who she was looking for.  With that thought in mind she looked at him with her green eyes searchingly, hoping she actually had the right person instead of the wrong.

She remembered someone telling her that meeting strangers was awkward and she shouldn't just run up and introduce herself out of the blue.  She shook her head suddenly, to shake away the thought and hold her conviction to make friends with this new person.

#3Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali wasn't hard to miss. He was a seven foot tall half-elf with darker skin than everyone around him. His wait hair made him the bull in the room. Still, he was used to everyone watching him all the time. In fact, he kind of grew to like it. Gazing upon the vast blue sea, the music playing behind him helped in putting his mind at ease. This was the only moment Vali was at peace. Just when he was about to doze off he heard a voice. Kinda cute, but very full of energy. Pulling the Viking from falling into a deep slumber, he turned to see the owner of the voice sprinting from across the pier to where he was.

A Neko? Maybe she's from the Leonus' Tribe He thought as the cat-girl stopped in front of him. The only time Val had met another Neokomata outside of the tribe of Neko's he ruled over in Worth Woodsea, was during his run in with the demons. As of now he was the ruler of two groups of people. One being his own from Iceberg, and one being a tribe of Nekomatas who he was able to control out of nothing but intimidation. He was basically thrown an extra army. Proof that the gods did favor him. Soon enough though, the young emissary discovered that this little Neko-lady wasn't a messenger from his people.

The white haired being introduced herself as Nidelia. It seemed she had gotten the message he sent to all the guild mates present in Astera. Before the half-elf could answer, she shot out her hand and said that it was nice to meet him. Such a naive soul she seemed to be. Fairy Tail was good for having light-hearted people. From his experience, it was the people like this who often died first. Yet he was only judging a book from it's beginning pages. The young lord Swung his legs down from the table they were across and revealed his hand for her to take. "Aye, I am Vali Onfory. Pleasure is all mine, Nidelia. Welcome to the guild. A spirit like yours is exactly what the guild needs right now." He smirked. "I hoped that more of our guild mates would be here but it looks likes they have other things to do." He sighed.

"Thank you for checking in though. When did you come to Astera?"


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Nidelia grinned at the man as he confirmed he was who she was looking for.  "Thank you!" she responded when he welcomed her to the guild.  He went on to say that he wished more members would have shown up.  She nodded in agreement with him, she too was disappointed that there weren't more, she'd been looking forward to meeting more of them. Then he asked when she'd gotten to Astera.  "Well, fun story that.  I was told this was where all the guild members were and I was headed here when you sent the message, so I was already just about here, thus it worked out!" she explains with a chipper tone.

She then took a moment to think.  "Um, that being said, would you happen to be in need of a team member?" she asked in a meek tone.  It was obvious she was nervous he would outright reject her, and it almost looked like she was prepping herself for it, as though it was a very normal occurrence.  Her ears were already pinned back against her head and her eyes downcast, obvious she was already ready to be disappointed by his response.  But she said nothing more to prompt either his answer, or even encourage it.

Her self-confidence was nowhere where it needed to be to become a great wizard, but she was determined to do it anyway.  She then managed to force her ears forward and give him a bright smile as she awaited his reply.  After all, it wouldn't do to have him think she was as weak as she actually was, or that she didn't have what it took to be a wizard.  No, she needed him to believe she had potential.

#5Vali Onfroy † 

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At first the threatening truth that once again Fairy Tail was lacking spirit didn't bother him, but upon realizing that there was probably nobody else making their way here, Val's doubts about the guild slowly crept on him. Thoughts of when he first joined the guild began to wiggle their way inside of his mind. This time though, he actually loved the Fairy Tail so his negative thoughts didn't have as much power as before. On the brighter side this young nekomata girl seemed to be almost too happy. Even if she was faking it, Val couldn't tell. Her smile was so genuine and pure that even the viking couldn't stay upset.

Nidelia began to explain when she came to Astera. It just so happened that she heard that the rest of the guild was here. The young lord smiled lightly, "Ahh. I see." he responded before the Neko took a leap of faith. Perhaps Nidelia was just that Naive and didn't understand that things weren't that easy. Or maybe... she was enlightened beyond her years and realized that things actually could be that easy. When the Nekomata asked Vali to be teammates, he smiled warmly. "You do not even know who I am, Nidelia." the half-elf teased with a chuckle. "Being team mates is a big commitment, ya know? It is like..." Val stopped to think of the right word. "marriage." he chuckled.

"I do not know your loyalty or your abilities. Might I be your enemy, you can slit my throat while I sleep... there are people who wish to have my head." He looked Nidelia in her eyes speaking logic and giving the Neko a whiff of what life around him is like. If she really wanted to be teammates there would be a lot she'd need to learn being around him. From first take, Nidelia didn't seem ready for Vali's world.


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Nidelia's ears went back in disappointment, it looked evident that she thought he was going to reject him, but then he continued speaking.  It seemed as though he was insinuating that being around him was dangerous.  Which she didn't necessarily mind.  Not because of naivety, but instead, she felt she could help him, she was a healer after all.  And instead of backing out on her decision her ears shot back up and her eyes filled with determination.

"I understand that being in a team is a commitment, but it is a commitment I'm willing to make.  As you can see, none of our other guild members showed up today," she started off with, her overly cheery demeanor switched to serious as she stood up slightly straighter.  "And I would trust someone of the guild I chose to join, over some stranger from somewhere else.  And I swear on my being a member of Fairy Tail, I mean you no harm," she says as confidently as she could muster for being a rather meek girl.

"A-And I know," she starts with a stutter, starting to deflate by the next words that were coming from her mouth.  "I know I look small and weak, but what I lack in physical prowess and the ability to fight, I make up for in spirit and determination.  I am a healer, and if you're really in as much danger as you just insinuated, perhaps, I could be of some use to you," she says, now shrinking back to her normal self, looking absolutely unsure about what she just did.  She wasn't good for anything, and despite what she said, she believed she may be completely useless and he'd just end up having to kick her to the curb in the long run.

She let out a soft sigh to cool her nerves.  "I want to be in a team with you, even if it takes us a bit to get used to being together.  I try to be easy to get along with and manage.  I'm a follower, not a leader.  I would always follow your lead on things.  If I speak up at any time, it would only be because I felt it necessary," she says.  "S-so, Mr. Onfroy, will you allow me the privilege and do me the honor, of allowing me to be your teammate?" she asks, putting on a genuine, hopeful, smile as she looked at him awaiting his answer.

#7Vali Onfroy † 

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The nekomata who proved herself to be rather cheery and overly joyful managed to switch her tone into a serious one. She was so determined to join this team and Val admired how persistent she was. The Viking looked her in her glossy orbs as she spoke. She first threw out that she understood what being on a team with someone meant. Then furthered her cause by pointing out that nobody else from Fairy Tail had come. That brutal fact alone was tide changing. The elf glanced away as he thought about Aisha, Sage and Tomoe. Three people that he had grown to care about all seemingly nonexistent. It felt like forever since heard from any of them.

What was even more interesting was Nidelia's next point. Although she understood she wasn't the best fighter per se, she revealed her ability to heal. Immediately Val's eyes widened with a nod and a smirk. The gods were doing him a favor by sending this woman his way? Or was it just a coincidence? For a while the young Desiertan had been searching for a healer. He was purely an offensive mage and that could mean constantly getting hurt. If Nidelia was a healer- even if she wasn't the strongers- she was essential on his side. After all her points were made, val sat back on his chair, facing the water. "Well how could I deny someone like you?" He smiled. "I accept you as my teammate Nidelia, but I must warn you..." he turned to look at her.

"My life is complicated and dangerous. I am not from Fiore and I am not a normal mage...."


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Nidelia smiled as Vali said that she could join his team. Then chuckled when he proceeded to tell her he wasn't Fiorian and that he wasn't like most normal Wizards. "I mean, I could tell you're not Fiorian. You're so tall," she says with a bright smile. Then she realized that that could be taken as an insult and her brain started backpedaling immediately. "I-I-I-I mean, i-i-i-i-it's a good thing y-y-y-you're so tall, it gives you an advantage on the battle field a-a-a-a-and..." she trailed off, not sure how else to come back from what she was so scared he would take as an insult.

Actually she found him quite handsome, the tallness adding to his attractiveness. This caused a blush to play across her cheeks and she quickly looked down, so as to use her hair to hide the blush.
She let out a nervous sigh as she collected herself, feeling the blush go away. She then looked up at him with a soft smile. "I apologize, I realize what I said could have sounded like an insult, I promise that's not how I meant it," she says as she looks him in the eyes, silently praying that she had not insulted him.

#9Vali Onfroy † 

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Val couldn't help but laugh at the Neko when she spoke. She was obviously a genuine person. She first acknowledged the Titans height, then went on to apologize. The Icebergan grew up around people who praised his height believing that it was a sign of his relationship with the gods. However, he found that other people usually felt threatened by it. Of course he'd hate for his new teammate to be afraid of him.  "Nonsense. It is a compliment to me, gratitude." He ensured with a warm smile. "It runs in my blood. My people are very large people." He said mater-of-factly. His accent was deep so he found it hard to speak efficiently in the the common tongue.

"Let us enjoy the ocean together, Nidelia." he offered with his hand pointing to the sea as he leaned back with a pleasant sigh. There was a table between Val's chair and the empty chair near Nidelia. "You know, I have an entire village of Nekomata's in Worth Woodsea. I would like to show you soon." Despite being half human, half elf, Vali truly did have an entire village of Nekomatas. They were a people that he acquired rather easily. In fear of his people, the Neko leader agreed to answer to Vali. It probably wouldn't make sense to Nidelia though but the elf was sure that he couldn't throw his entire life story in one conversation."But tell me about yourself, friend."


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She blushed as the man called her 'friend'. No one had ever called her that, and she couldn't help but smile at it as she took a seat across from him, her eyes looked out over the ocean, almost looking slightly entranced for a moment before she finally responded to him. "Um... well... I'm from a rather small village, no one usually heeds it any mind either.
It's mostly just a place for travelers and guild members to stop and rest during quests.

I... finally decided to leave and hopefully make my mark in the world,
" she says with a smile that almost looked forced, but actually looked more pained as though she was thinking about something that upset her, but wasn't talking about it out loud. Any person with decent intelligence could probably assume that she was associating her home with bad memories.

"And I wish to do so as a healer. I'm not battle hardened and the idea of hitting anyone in any way absolutely terrifies me, so I will do it in any other possible way. That's why I know that I can't really do anything without someone strong to team with, and you, definitely look strong and I feel as though I can trust you and this makes me want to be your healer. And I am hoping that together we will make Fairy Tail great with our other members!" she says with a bright and genuine smile, any pain that had been showing gone now.

"And it's interesting that you have your own Nekomatta village! I would love to see it some time," she quickly added, to show him that she hadn't missed what he said, she merely wished to answer his want of learning about her.

#11Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali twirled his dagger in his hands. His eyes faced the open ocean, glaring into the deep blue. With a slight smile he listened to his new friend. She wanted to make her mark on the world. Despite being from a small village, she was obviously someone who had bigger dreams. Not many had the luxury to be brought as Vali has. He was nobility in Iceberg and has always received top of the line treatment. However, Iceberg was a Barbaric country so even the lords of Iceberg lived no better than middle-class citizens of Fiore. Nidelia went on, embracing her healing nature and portraying a clear understanding of her weaknesses. Healers were rare these days- at least rarer than mages who use their abilities for combat.

The Viking lord turned to the genuine new Fairy as she acknowledged the strength that she could feel from him. "You will have no difficulties helping our friends make Fairy Tail great." He began. "I envy you for how positive a light you are. I have been more pessimistic these days. The gods seem to enjoy watching me on the brink of ins-" "My lord!" Val stopped mid-sentence to see who's voice had been calling out to him. When his eyes darted to the two warriors a few meters behind Nidelia, he beheld his trusted friends. The two vikings dressed in their native gear sat on their horses with a third steed between.

"We are ready to go home." The Elven Lord nodded with a sigh before his eyes quickly diverted back to Nidelias. "Looks like my time's up. I will see you soon. If you wish to give me a visit you can find my villages in South Worth Woodsea, or find me at the guild." The Silver Titan stood before gently shaking Nidelias hand. "Safe travels, my friend." He smirked before leaving with his men. Although nobody had shown up, Nidelia was well worth meeting. The guild was on a decline again, and Vali could not allow the guild he was depending on to crumble.

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