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Adventers of Many Minds.(Finn)

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It had been a while since Regis showed himself to some kind of way in life. He was alive but generally around generally as well who had not been doing much but hunting and and living in the woods. Regis would at least be seen shortly around since the noises he made walking around the bushes and into the more public areas Regis had a different goal now finding different food since wild animals was starting to give him a bit of trouble with other things trying to find the left animals and pieces of animal he did not eat.

"As long as I don't get anyone breaking anything on me, This should be a bit better."He muttered to himself so far this moment no one else around. He had no idea what he was getting at this point either. Maybe more then just meat would do it for once so thinking that over he would be slowly walking into town. Orchidia had been quiet for a while Regis felt normal to walk around freely now with or with out people staring at the knight the old withered and tarnished armor he was yet to replace.

He did not have a reason too, Maybe something eventually would get him to change his armor and make him maybe a bit of a different person. changes in life were eventual."Markets are quiet as much as the town, Wonder if I should stop hiding in the woods."He was use to talking to himself at this point, Regis did not talk to a lot of people anymore or in general he avoided them for the most part since the demon fighting and everyone being around but he would be at the edge of forest slowly just getting to the more public area of the Forest Outskirts.

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Tenshi †
Finn had found his way back into the heart of Orchidia, throwing himself into the central markets with the sole intent to find things that would aid him in his journey. The real struggle now came from deciding what that journey was. He'd no goals, nor idea of what driving force was going to send him into his next mission. He had made his way back into Fiore, and met with plenty of old and new faces. Yet here he stood, immersed with the sounds of strangers clamoring to decide what soups to have for dinner.

Maybe the overwhelming sensory information had caused him to take his step back, or perhaps a tug on the string of Fate, but he had gone to backpedal away from the stand before him which was selling pies. No sooner had he placed his foot down than did a hard structure crash into his back. Finn was sturdy, perhaps too much so, and so the impact had not bothered him at all. Whoever it was that had walked into him though, whispering beneath their breath and seemingly unaware as well, would likely have felt as though they had just bumped into a wall.

Turning, Finn stared into the ragged armor of someone who looked to have taken on work far too difficult, and received far too little pay. The thing was practically falling apart on him, and through the thin slits in his beak-like helmet he thought he could see the reflection of eyes staring back at him, though what color or gender those iris' were was another question entirely.

"Sorry about that, I guess I wasn't watching where I was going."

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It humbled him slightly, Regis seemed like it was lightly funny because he seemed to be the only one to stop and look at him."Easily forgivable, I do thank you for stopping."Regis mentioned he was rather polite about it, His rather old voice he did not seem to be too horrible, If anything Regis almost sounded like he could be some one father who was out shopping and picking up dinner for his children. Maybe even a man just later on in his life."People have done far worst, Like break my arm for example."

"It is just something that happens sometimes."Regis seemed however have the wonderful problem of short talk. Maybe then again it showed maybe it was that armor he may need to replace it. Easy to guess Regis knew his armor needed to be replaced.

"Most people just bump into me and scream."
He would just take off the helmet, It would show short blue hair, But an unshaven face that was a short thick bread and blue eyes. But he was human and a normal person, showing that to him at least, But seemed like he just lived out in the woods and could maybe benefit from maybe just shaving and maybe cleaning himself off."People must have thought, I was a monster." He was at one point in his life so to say but that was many years a go.

But with that comment he almost laughed about it but had a smile about it like he was trying to leave with the feeling he was just trying to be happy and go about his day."I should consider a change to this armor...I might just need the money for it first."Then Regis seemed to stroke his beard like he was trying to remembering something else.

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