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Light exhibition [Alesia and Alistar] [Open]

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Light exhibition [Alesia and Alistar] [Open] Empty Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:06 pm

Baska's great rock, it was a scenic location to be sure and one that many people visited all the time. Alesia was no exception to this as she was there to witness the tournaments. Staving off boredom as well as possibly learning some sort of combat techniques from watching people fight well as long as it wasn't something so complicated or dainty as using a Rapier.  Still at least people weren't making a big fuss about her not wearing all that much, probably something to do with Lamia Scale's reputation since it was really easy to see her guild tattoo. Her outfit consisted of what could basically be called a two-piece swimsuit, and she was fine with that much more and it would just end up being a hassle.

She had already picked up food and drink so now all that she needed to do was get closer to the stage, someone of her stature wasn’t going to be able to see anything unless she was right up front. Mug and some sort of meat on a stick in hand she started to shove her way into the crowd, it wasn’t that large but still moving in wasn’t easy considering people don’t want to give up their spot even to someone that couldn’t see at all. There was only one person left without her, thankfully, not having dropped anything through the crowd, some near white-blond guy that didn’t seem to notice her. ”Hey, move you’re blocking me.” so it wasn’t the most kind way to start a conversation, but it could at least convey her message the easiest. She took a bite out of the meat on a stick waiting for him to respond or just move.


Light exhibition [Alesia and Alistar] [Open] Empty Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:16 am

“The Great Baska Rock”, a place known for the many tournaments that are held on its top. The assumption that violence is a foreseeable part of social life is rarely debated. As long as people believe in the inevitability of violence, they will never have faith that compassion can become the predominant ethos of social and political life. However, there are those who fight for the greater good… are they any better? Do we truly make a difference…? I wouldn’t know, but I refuse to stand on the sidelines and do nothing. These guys fight purely for entertainment but I see an opportunity to learn from them. The battle was turning a bit predictable but I stayed regardless. Somehow the fight began to intensify and despite my deep concentration, a young and small lady calls up to me.

I instantly noticed my carelessness and apologized.—I… I am so sorry! I… I didn’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable. I moved a bit, but now I was unable to see anything with the huge guy that stood in front of me. He was extremely well built and his shadow covered me entirely. It’s alright; I could still hear the fight, or I was able to until the guy next to me started to scream frantically. I really want to see but I couldn’t possibly bother those who also want the same. I stretch up and to the sides making an effort to see the fight.

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Light exhibition [Alesia and Alistar] [Open] Empty Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:54 pm

Great he was a huge push over, it saved her the need to push him out of the way, or well she would say that if he didn't step out of her way only to himself be blocked by some giant looser. Of course she wanted to say that she was fine with that but she can't really say that she wanted to have it so that he couldn't watch the fight, she just figured the shortest people should be at the front of the watchers. The next course of action was obvious, she couldn't just let him be unable to watch so she bit the meat to hold it and reached out to pull him back into the gap with her.

She ripped a chunk off the food and swallowed it with a chaser of whatever drink she had gotten."You know you could have just made a little space, not like I'm going to be able to block your view genius." Of course now that she had pulled him back they sort of stood apart from the crowd. She probably seemed like an angry girlfriend to someone that was only glancing at them. She turned back to the fight, after her simple resolution, the fighters were getting to the end. One of them was getting tired and the other wasn't, that was as simple as it was the person running out of energy was just going to fall, he'd make a mistake and yep clean blow to the jaw.


Light exhibition [Alesia and Alistar] [Open] Empty Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:42 am

-Oh! I guess you’re right… sorry; I just didn’t want to be a bother. Thanks though! I honestly smiled a bit ashamed though. The fighting seems to be escalating quite dangerously. I would normally find a spot that’s a bit further away but let’s be honest… it’s packed and I definitely won’t find another spot to sit on. I’ve learned about the adrenaline and a rush. How it consumes the audience so wildly and sometimes it makes them a bit hostile. Like the little guy next to me who sadly got hurled out of the place for starting a fight. Outside the arena, the fighting made no much sense, but inside it, there was a completely different story. The fighters were so focused on each other and the way they moved was most times just too fast to see. I might sound crazy but there was a moment I thought for a second that they were somehow communicating through their fist. Their technique was a bit off that true, but there was something about how they fought that made it different. It wasn’t violence anymore… I think, I really shouldn’t be over thinking. —Gosh, this is so hard to understand…  I said unaware that I was thinking out loud.

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Light exhibition [Alesia and Alistar] [Open] Empty Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:58 pm

She looked at the boy side long, if he didn't understand the fight what point would there be to observing it. Refusing to give up in the face of someone more skilled or powerful was just a part of it all. "The shorter one is less experienced, the way he's fighting, even though they're the same level of bulk even a four inch difference in height should change the way you handle fighting someone. The other guy gets it so he keeps him at a distance where his fists reach and the other guy doesn't land solid hits. It's something you learn when you're short, if you can get inside the reach you are way better off." Dispite the inexperience the loosing party fought through blow after blow as if he had something to prove. Perhaps he did but, ah he was wavering. If he didn't find his second wind he was going to go down.

"This is the part where he could turn it around, just when he looks like he'd fall. something you gotta remember about an exchange of blows is that it's only when you give up that it's over." She turned away from the fight and started walking away, waving goodbye to the kid casually without even witnessing the end.

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