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Deceptively Simple [Open]

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#1Odin † 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:10 am

Odin †

Piers were always places that had interested Odin, even before he had become a Lich. He had never been on a boat before, not that he could remember anyway. but he didn't see the point anymore. Now that he didn't have lungs, breathing was no longer something the Lich had to do to stay alive, as he simply wasn't. He could stay underwater indefinitely if he wished to, for as long as he might wish to. He had contemplated it a few times: to lay at the bottom of some ocean for one hundred years, let the world die out and forget about him, then reemerge, but so far he hadn't, mostly for two reasons.

For one, as Odin sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, it would be incredibly dull, lying awake for a century or two, doing absolutely nothing and letting time tick by. The second reason, as he noted all the nearby people giving him terrified looks, the world was relatively interesting right now, and who knew how long that would last. Demons were somehow making it through to this world, and that gave rise to the possibility of Odin providing some way for HER to make it through.

His goddess, the reason for his existence. There was only HER.

#2Fujaku Nijiiro 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:09 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku had been enjoying his lunch when the screams of the people running past him caught his attention. He stood up and ran toward where they were coming from, afraid that an incursion may have already started. He didn’t have the needed tools or weaponry for a fight like that but he was not one to run away either. He ran toward the pier and stopped seeing what looked like a flaming demon sitting…on a bench? It looked like it was watching the sea view, contemplating. Fujaku walked toward it and stopped at a seemingly safe distance.

“What ever you may be, I suggest you leave before knights arrive. Or worse yet, you force me to act as a member of the inquisition.”

#3Odin † 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:38 pm

Odin †

Ah the screams, ever present, often misplaced, and always annoying. He was a Lich, a monster, but it was still very rude of people to scream it and run away from him in terror, especially when all he was doing was sitting on a bench admiring the view -it was a pretty view. Nonetheless, this is exactly what happened to him, and it seemed to catch the eye of some wannabe hero, who threatened to fight Odin should he not leave where he was.

If the Lich had eyes, he would be rolling them, as he spoke over to the man, never bothering to stand up, or even look his way, "Listen, I'm comfy, this is a nice seat with a decent view. I'm not moving. And what's this inquisition bullshit you're on about? You in one of those fancy clubs that hate demon and dark shit? I've met a few of them, past tense intended."

#4Fujaku Nijiiro 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:16 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
The sea breeze washed over the two figures as Fujaku turned, and looked at the view before him. The glimmering ocean water and the near perfect sandy beach was only broken by the piers on either side. The view was most incredible indeed, Fujaku would have to admit. But soon after a long moment of silence between the two without any sound besides the crashing waves and seagulls Fujaku spoke up. Keeping his weapon at his hip, and his one remaining arm was held tucked into the fold of his kimono, supported by the belt he wrapped around his waist he spoke with a soft tone, as if unapproving of having to interfere at all.

“Yes, its truly a wonderful view. It would almost be picturesque if not for the two monsters admiring it from afar like starving dogs.” He turned and pulled the wooden sword, which he had taken to replace the wooden sheath Konstantin had broken and shattered into too many pieces to fix. The sword was a red oaken material that still smelled of the polish used to keep it for store displays. He leveled it with the liches head and looked at him not with eyes of hatred, but eyes of determination to rid the world of anything that could be an enemy.

“If you’re a threat to Mankinds Sovereign Rights then I will be your enemy, be you angel or demon. We are no species playthings.”

#5Odin † 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:24 am

Odin †

For a moment, as the silence gathered around the two men, Odin wondered if the man had left, having never bothered looking his way. It was either he had left, or he was preparing to attack, regardless the pause did nothing to increase tension for the Lich. Whoever this was, they wouldn't be able to kill Odin. He couldn't die, so it didn't really matter whether they were here or not.

His voice broke the silence, agreeing that the view was pretty, but for some reason was marred by the two of them, at least Odin assumed the man was referring to himself when he spoke of two monsters. So naive, Odin concluded as he let the man continue, hearing as what sounded like a weapon was drawn, but it didn't sound metal. It was only after the man spoke once more than Odin bothered to actually look at him, and his wooden sword.

"Mankind? You realise I was human once yeah? Angels and demons have their own creation shit so I don't know about that, but I was born just like you. In fact, how old are you?"

Looking at the man, it was entirely possible that he was older, or at least a similar age, to Odin himself, despite the wild differences between them.

"Also", Odin felt it was worth clarifying for the man, "Humans most certainly are the plaything of other species: at the very least seraphim, demons and, well, me."

#6Fujaku Nijiiro 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:58 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku looked down at the Lich. A look of not disgust, but shame in his eyes. Because he could see the appeal of being this… monstrosity. He could understand wanting to be somethign that made others afraid. If his father had been like that, perhaps his family would still be alive. But as he began to speak once more, to ask him to at least allow him to stay and set the other people at ease, there was a hearty laugh and the sound of approaching metal. Fujaku turned and looked at the sounds source and he found himself staring at the Holy Knights who had finally arrived to deal with the Lich.

The leader of the group of knights, a group of five, strode forward. “Greetings! All people who wish to remain alive need to leave, so that we the Holy Knights(!) may deal with the evil infesting your streets.” However when Fujaku didn’t move, he smiled. “Do you dare stand in opposition of the Holy Knights? Who are you to stand in the way of those Blessed by Illumins Order?”

Fujaku looked the man up and down, and repositioned himself. “Regardless of who you are,” He said to the unnammed Lich “I hope you wont mind teaming up to destroy these false Protectors.”

#7Odin † 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:46 pm

Odin †

Well, that took a turn. What started with a random man threatening to 'destroy Odin for the sake of humanity' had now turned into the beginning of a brawl, with a squad of holy knights on one side and, apparently, Odin and the stranger on the other. It was confusing to the Lich why this man with a wooden sword would decide to team up with someone who he had just threatened to destroy, to defeat other people who also wished to destroy him. As far as Odin could see, both the man and the squad of knights had the same goal: to destroy the Lich.

But hey, who was he to judge. Neither the stranger nor the holy knights seemed capable of actually harming Odin in any way, so if nothing else this would simply be a bit of fun. Pretending to stretch his arms -as the Lich had no muscles to stretch- Odin finally got up from his bench, and walked a little bit, so that he was slightly behind Fujaku, and maybe ten metres away from the group. He didn't bother taking a stance or anything, simply waiting for them to come would give him more than enough time to react.

"Well, let's get this over with."

#8Fujaku Nijiiro 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:13 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku was Annoyed to say the least. But to have the Holy Knights arrive was even worse then dealing with what ever the monster was. He served Nervas Forces, and the Holy Knights would not take him alive. He watched carefully as the leader of the group of five drew his sword as his underlings did the same. Each sword was different, of different styles and countries. One even carried a spear on his back, with a swort sword that looked of Boscovian make. He would be Dangerous if he changed to that spear during the fight. Fujaku sheathed his wooden blade and crouched down.

The knights stepped forward and confidently attacked Fujaku, who jsut barely dodged the attack be stepping backward. He dodged around one of them and ducked under another he grabbed his wooden swords handle, drawing it in a quick upwards slash knocking one of the men back.

#9Odin † 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:19 am

Odin †

What genuinely surprised Odin was that the man, who had so abruptly and arrogantly threatened him, could actually fight to a decent degree. He was able to manoeuvre around the men attacking him, but in terms of power output his wooden sword wasn't going to be able to do much.

Odin, distracted by the samurai fighting against some of the knights, didn't notice two of them coming up to attack him, both stabbing him with their blades: a katana and a longsword respectively. That was their first, and by extension, last mistake in this fight. Stabbing into the Lich, their blades got locked within the maze of bones. By even slightly twisting his body, Odin could stop them from pulling their sword back out, much as they both tried. The Lich would grab one by the neck, snapping it with a quick twist and killing him instantly, before looking to face the other. At this point, the knight was about to let go of his blade and run, but he wouldn't be permitted to do so. As he turned, Odin grabbed him by his collar. His screams would get the attention of everyone else, as Odin would take the knight's sword out from inside himself, and take the moment to savour the kill, "Now now, I thought you wanted this back" before thrusting the blade through the man's back, his screams reaching a climax, before ceasing entirely.

Three left, including the leader and a spear wielder. Odin was happy to let the samurai deal with them, but if they came for him, they would die.

#10Odin † 

Deceptively Simple [Open] Empty Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:50 pm

Odin †

Unfortunately, for them at least, the three soldiers left the samurai alone and came towards Odin, hoping to avenge their fallen brethren. Apparently screams of horror and agony, while sweet to Odin, weren't appreciated by friends of the man creating them. Regardless, Odin was happy to send them to the same place.

They ran at him: leader with katana, Boscosi with spear now in hand, and what looked like an Icebergian berserker with a blade in each of his hands. The spear attacked first, lunging forwards to impale Odin. It was another attack that really made no sense to the Lich, but he assumed that some people were just stuck in their way. He didn't allow it to go through him this time, however, instead side-stepping and spinning along the shaft of the spear before transferring that momentum into a punch to the man's nose, shooting the bone upwards into his brain. He died instantly, causing the captain to pause for a moment.

In this moment, Odin dispatched of the Icebergian, and then the captain himself, before simply walking away, choosing to ignore the samurai who had threatened him before. He hadn't even managed to kill a single soldier after all.


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