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Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina)

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#1Judina † 

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:35 pm

Judina †
It was like the quiet still calm before any storm, That still feeling of being on duty always stuck upon her mind Judina. So eventually showing up to the pier might just what she needed to maybe ease the worried mind's doubt upon her easily doubtful mind. Setting the a small table and umbrella.

Judina would put on the small table a pot for tea, Varying different kinds of tea but a total of at least 3 different kinds of tea and it was just ones she could get her hands on because she was in a bit in a rush. Mint green, A basic black tea she could only guess was Earl Grey and Jasmine Tea. 10 bags each of this since still it was the quickest she could get her hands on. Judina did sometimes wish for a bit better quality tea, She had neither the time or thought of it happening any time soon.

So nonetheless looking upon the sea among the piers edge where her sit up is. Judina seem now to just be settled mentally for the moment. Even having in mind to put her armor on a stand since she had no need to wear it today. Hopefully Judina's outfit under her armor just matched her dark blue hair, sleeveless short, long pants, Keep the boots she wore because she had no other foot wear. She would look upon the overcast of the sea she had placed herself back while this was an attempt to clear her mind Judina also just hat these moment as a rare time that the quiet and the moments were for once nothing was happening was good.

She would only be thinking about what kind of tea to have first, Anything else normal human beings could do she needed too. So many more simple thoughts, Rather then fighting demons and saving people being the selfless Rune Knight she was.

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Alexss10

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It was another glorious day at the pier, Manzo found himself wanting to do a bit more target practice, the other days was interrupted by a viewing crowd, so he had hoped that today would be a tad bit different. At least in the respect that he would indeed be able to practice. Upon arriving at his usual spot he only saw one person, she seemed to be minding her own business, having tea.

Tea was one of the simplest pleasures Manzo allowed himself to enjoy. Due to the fact that tea was so simple to make and enjoy Manzo could have it on his travels almost daily. Though it had been some time since he enjoyed it. Perhaps once he was done with his target practice he would approach the woman and see if she cared to share with him. Though it wouldn't shock him if she wanted to keep such things for herself.

Back to business though, he began to set up his spot at the edge of the pier, firing off bolts off lightning.

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Judina †
Staring upon who was close by, It seemed to interest Judina in a larger manner. Not too often she saw lighting magic in front of her it had been a decent amount of time. It did make her notice and jump slightly but nothing too large or notice. She also was playing it off rather well to the sight of no one who that she did jump from that.

Being interested as she was Judina would slowly walk over to make sure she was interrupting this man and what he was doing after all, That was rude and she had manners. Beside she found it more of her interest in knowing, To watch what was going on even if most of was still.

It was interesting, Then again maybe because it had been that long."Fascinating." she would mention while she watched, Even if it was pretty basic Judina did not seem to mind. Or did not know of to play it off if mentioned it was basic. Judina was just more of the learn from anything you could watch sometimes.

Then again something that was not demons and attacking her was a bit more interesting to her then what she was normally doing currently. So she would not hide that she was watching him practice, Walking over and stopping five feet away Judina would stand and still say nothing to him. Then again she thought he would not be able to hear her over the sound of the bolts of lightening.
But before she continued watching Judina would walk over to the stand where her armor was and taking a piece of it and making a stool for herself to sit on while she watched from metal. Even if it could be general repeats of the same spell, Having it go as effortlessly on repeat was the interesting part.

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Alexss10

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While firing off bolts Manzo could the electricity around him shift, as if something had entered his personal space, but only for a moment. He turned his head slightly to see that the woman he had seen previously had set up shop behind him, watching what he was doing. Maybe she enjoyed watching the target practice, maybe she enjoyed watching him. It was impossible to know or to say, though it wasn't his business in the long run, she was minding her own business and he was minding his. Though it was peculiar in some regard. He couldn't help but ask her what it is she found so interesting about what he was doing.

"Enjoying the view?"

#5Judina † 

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Judina †
Quick to answer."The sea was nice, The lightening was interesting." Short and kind of to the point but Judina would try and carry the conversation forward."Even if it is common in some manner, Lightening in any kind of magic seems almost oddly rare now days." She admitted and seemed to keep trying but she was not just going to talk about magic she did wish for other things to talk about other things as well.

"Would a new face enjoy tea with a busy Rune Knight free for the moment until work calls for her again?"
she hoped yes, Wondering what else she would talk about after all she knew nothing about him. But the new experience of meeting some one was interesting, There was an interesting learning process to learning about a new person, Even if she was bad at learning and sticking with friends. She last track easily which annoyed Judina for that reason with herself if that happen at least she could only blame herself that.

"I should have enough tea for the both of us." she assumed she had enough for both of them. She would wait for his answer, But she would go check to see ifi t was all still where she remembered having then or if the wind had blew any away.

The water was almost done as far as she knew anyway, She set up two mugs as well in one piece.Which they were. But she still waited to see what he would said. He seemed pretty reasonable in person, Yet no one really knew for sure until they started walking normally. She was unsure if they needed anything else for this moment so she would still sit back where she normally be or it being easy to find her.

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Alexss10

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She was quite forward with her offer, which was fine. Manzo didn't enjoy guessing games, they served no real purpose for him. Though a cup of tea did sound nice right about now. It had been some time since he had enjoyed a cup. Which was rather out of character for him.

"I'd love a cup thank you. Don't find too many people willing to share with someone they had just met. It's a nice change of pace."

Manzo turned and followed her to the table where everything was set down. Pulling up a chair and removing his cloak, revealing a deep cut black shirt, revealing part of his guild tattoo. The head of the pegasus as well as the horn could be seen. It wasn't something he thought about anymore. It was just something that was apart of him at this point.

"So tell me, what's a lovely knight like you doing in a place like this?"

He asked that witch a chuckle and a note of sarcasm, making sure she knew that he was merely kidding with his remarks about her appearance.

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Judina †
That collection of tea was just in a small box organized to each flavor being neatly placed in there own spots."I have nothing to fear in trying to meet new people."Judina started off with that which was more of her assuring herself in thought as well, She knew it was not a large deal to most people.

Putting that piece of metal back upon the stand with her armor she at then only had a small pieces left and made a spoon from it, Just in case she needed the spoon same with him as well, Going to sit in the free chair.

"Short answer, Work."She mentioned which almost was a moment where some one could say no you don't say to her about that. But then again she would follow it up with a bit more detail about it."Either looking out for the public and whomever breaks laws."Which she mentioned and continued on about."The problem of demons might be a worrying one, So I am making sure at least to the best of my being that people are safe from them."

Judina then would ask him in return, politely and rather engaging still."How about yourself? Any huge reason why you have showed up to Astera?"If it was something that he did not want to mention or could not mention she is the type to understand that. Reaching over to the box taking one of the bags. She would just pick one at random not for the moment thinking she wanted any kind she really wanted. She took a bag of Jasmine tea, slowly placing it into her mug she would wait for it brew rather then drink it right away.

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Alexss10

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It seemed her reason for being here was rather run of the mill for those in her position. Duty, it was a typical reason, not really interesting either. Though he couldn't nit pick too much, he was also here for a similar reason, though his has had nothing to do with duty, more of a desire to do it, rather. He truly couldn't live with himself if he didn't come to lend a hand when someone or a city of someones were in peril due to an other worldly force. It was a strong calling that led him here.

"Truthfully speaking, I am here for similar reasons as you. My goal is to stop the demons before they make their way to hargeon. That is my true reason."

#9Judina † 

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Empty Sat Jun 15, 2019 12:42 pm

Judina †
Well some how common ground between them."I am going a bit large scope then just Hargeon."It was show signs of maybe Judina was already the risk of most likely seemed the type to be taking on a too large of a task and most likely was overreaching goals but had good intentions about it."One area at a time I guess would be an better to think of."Or something that could be of note that could be picked a part.

"Last I recall, They have yet to arrive at Hargeon, But I am also behind on reports."Or more like she often kept herself busy and never really ended up seeing them. She would catch up to it all eventually. It could show that she was either the type that hated reports and paper work or lazy."But then again, I much like other people are only one person, sometimes only so much can be done."She sounded like she was worried, but most like about the safety of people she was trying to protect more then anything else.

Picking up her mug with her right hand and quietly taking her first sip she let out a worried sigh."I would be worried if they started showing up in more than one area, I am unsure if anyone is prepared for that."She was thinking and hoping that did not end up a few more populated areas. Judina could also be causing herself to think too deep into it."Maybe it is a blessing that it is that way so far to say, it is just as it is." Trying to ease herself and stay a bit more positive in a grim situation since she seemed to linger on it and it troubled her greatly.

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Alexss10

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She had a point, no one was truly prepared for that. Not even the man known as stormcaller. Though Manzo did pride himself on such things, it was a bitter pill he had to swallow regardless of how he felt about it. Maybe there was a better way to go about it, there had to be. But deep thinking was not one of Manzo's strong suits, drinking tea on the other hand was one of them, that and eating sweet dumplings. Manzo's was known for a few things, his sweet tooth was certainly one of them. A few moments of silence had passed without he or Judina saying a word to another. It was beginning to become a rather awkward situation. So in order to break the silence, he had decided to go into his bag of tricks.

"So what made a lovely thing such as yourself want to join the Rune Knights. Not to say beautiful women can't be a part of low enforcement. I'm not sexist, just curious is all." Manzo hoped that his words would not rub Judina the wrong way, she was a member of law enforcement after all, and sexually harassing a member of Fiore's lay enforcement had to be a crime of some sort. If it wasn't it absolutely should be.


Power Is Beauty At Its Purest

"Begone, with the thunder clap"
- Manzo Mattori

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Judina †
It was almost flattering kind of."Well as much as I thank you, I do not believe i am the most prettiest of woman around." She did not know how to take the compliment it seemed."But only for means of not only bettering myself, As well as seeing that bettering progress to happy lives for people around me."so for the main part improvement."A temper problem I have, i once tried to solve by training as a monk, Yet even when i try to put that slightly uncontrollable part of my mind away, It sticks." Judina was hanging on herself faults and she seemed to doubt herself, It was easy to pick up on.

"I would assume you sexist in the slightly, Then again I have yet to meet anyone who is."
She admitted truthfully. taking a drink of her tea."I am sure I might have a different situation otherwise."But she said it like was more intended to be humorous about it. giving a slight laugh about it."But that is still mostly my temper, I would not harm anyone hopefully over words given how i am."She also admitted to him.

"I guess I should ask you the same out of politeness, Or else my mother would not be happy with me lacking manners she raised me with."then would ask properly with Manzo."What made you Join Blue Pegasus? Then again interesting to meet another member of it aside from the only other I have met."Since that casual remark she was hoping went well."But Alisa has been interesting to be around..Also slightly on the testing side but pleasant."She then waited to hear what was next.

Pier Time Pleasentries.(Manzo and Judina) Alexss10

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