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Cloak and Dagger [Akira|Social]

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It was a beautiful day at the pier in Astera, the man in black was strolling along the wooden planks until he found a secluded spot away from all by standers. Open water was the best place to practice his technique, and seeing as how today was specifically vacant at the pier, now was the best time to do such a thing. It had been several days since the last demon attack, his mind couldn't help but wander to his comrade in arms in that fight. How much of a struggle it was to get through it. All this wandering was causing him to grow dull in his abilities.

As a younger man he was as sharp as a razor blade, able to stand up to any challenge, but no longer. It seemed he had lost something in all of these travels of his, something he hoped to reclaim on this day, if he could only figure out how. This was quite the predicament he had found himself in. Not one he'd like to repeat once he got himself out of it, if he could get himself out of it that is.

Manzo held his hand out over the open water, electricity crackling in his palm, a blast of lightning magic left his hand. He winced in pain for a moment before firing another one. Over and over again he fired blasts until his fingers went numb and the smell of burning flesh could noticed by anyone who was remotely close to the area. He stopped for a second and looked down at his hand, burned and raw. He felt empty in this moment, like all the life had left his body.

Seagulls flew over head, cooing their usual cools during this time of the day. Manzo lay on his back and stare up at the sky thing of younger days, even though he was not that old, he had felt that he had truly lost something, lost more than he had found.

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Akira Shimada

Are you insane like me?
Been in pain like me?
Bought a hundred dollar bottle
of champagne like me?  

After spending a considerable amount of time exploring Astera, she had a rough idea of her predispositions with regards to the various spots she could isolate herself at. She preferred rocky rawness of the cliffs to the pedicured wooden slats of the pier and she was partial to the sands of the beach over the gruff hills. The docks were out of the question, they were always too populated. Nonetheless, the view of the ocean was spectacular from all those locations. Though the way the sea kept peeking at her, no matter where she went, did steal away from its splendor.

Having recently discovered that she had control over her wings, the Shimada had been trying to perfect her aeriel manouevers. Dropping off a cliff with the hope that her wings would unfurl in time and carry her, had surely tested her mettle and her faith in herself. They large feathery appendages usually opened just in time before she hit the unruly waters below. Her toes would nick the greedy, turbulent waves, before she began her glide towards the piers.

She'd been doing this for a few days now, the Shimada had charted a simple path that ended close to a cafe - all that flying was exhausting and left her quite famished - so she could grab a bite. She didn't fly too high, especially over the land. Just enough to learn to keep herself in the air and not fall too far should her wings fail her.

Today, as she swooped, low over the piers, her shadow climbed upon a figure lying under her. There was a person in her spot. It wasn't really her spot, just the one she'd chosen for herself when exploring the piers. Nonetheless, she felt attached and almost territorial about it. Despite that, it was always intriguing to meet those who sought quiet places like her.

Even from the slight height, it was easy to notice the wounds on this man's hands. Curiously, she landed with a soft thud, crouching to ensure she didn't stumble. She rose and gave into her curiosity, sauntering towards the man. Her silhouette probably eclipsed the sun as it cast a shadow over the man. 'You look like the literal definition of burn out.' she stated, with a small, playful smirk.

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A flying person, you don't see one of those everyday Manzo thought to himself. As the woman spoke to him, making comments about the burns on his hands Manzo could only smirk at her attempt at humor, her smirk signifying she was proud of herself for that pun she had made. Though truthfully it wasn't a bad one, even if it did add insult to injury. Though she had no clue as to what those burns meant, and how tortured he was about them. So no harm done in that regard. 

"Huh, pretty observant of you, don't fly to close to the sun icarus or you'll end up just as well done as me."

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Akira Shimada

Just to pour that motherfucker
Down the drain like me?
Would you use your water bill
To dry the stain like me? 

She'd had no real intention to incinerate or wound with her words. In retrospect, she quickly realized that they could potentially hurt. So, she chewed on her lips as she waited for the older man to respond.

The Shimada was relieved when her smirk was reflected and a teasing remark was used as a retort. 'If I possessed Icarus' abilities, I wouldn't waste them on flying that high.' she mused, looking up at the sky poignantly.

She wondered what caused the injuries the man bore. Considering no one else was in sight, could they be self-inflicted. She wasn't entirely certain, but while she was still airborne, she vaguely recalled seeing some bright sparks that originated from the spot they now inhabited. 'What happened to your hands anyways?' she asked simply, unwilling to spend time needlessly speculating.

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The younger woman was quite interesting, in an intelectual sense, not in a carnal sense. Though it is true had she any abilities like an icarus why would she should even remotely be among mortals.

"Smart girl, you'd have escaped that tower with any issues wouldn't you."

Once the topic of his hands was brought up he smirked to himself with a small wince of pain mixed into it. He stood up from his spot, his back now facing her, he put his hand out to face the ocean. Gathering a large amount of Lightning magic in his palm, after a few moments he released, a massive both of lightning left his hand, followed by a blinding flash of light.

"That's how, just a little target practice is all."

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Akira Shimada

Are you high enough without
The Mary Jane like me?
Do you tear yourself apart
To entertain like me?  

She eyed the man impassively and then shrugged, despite the rhetoric and seemingly condescending nature of his question, she decided to respond with a genuine answer.

'It'd just be a matter of finding the right, balanced height.' That was her take away from the story, had he flown too low the spray of the sea would weigh the boy down. And of course, opting too fly too high had resulted in his fall. There was a middle ground.

Instead of just recounting how he injured himself, the man decided to boldly demonstrate. When he got up, she grew wary, but did not change her stance to anything overtly defensive or offensive. Her deductions about the wounds being self-inflicted were soon substantiated by his actions. For an instant, his form was the silhouette. He created the spark in front of him and despite the challenge of the sun, it shined brightly. It kicked up a plume of sea foam which splattered across the deck of the pier, leaving a gentle shade of darker wood behind.

'There must be a way to ensure the lightning doesn't harm you.' she said, ambling to stand beside him, cocking her head curiously.

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She did have a point about balance, and it was something Manzo couldn't honestly grasp at the moment, for it had been so long since he had truly pushed his limits. But unfortunately, balance with something as pure as lightning was hard to come by. It required perfect execution, even the slightest bit of timing being off would throw the whole spell out of whack and then hurt him in the process. Though lightning users were few and far between these days. Not to mention a full blooded Joyan mage was almost unheard of these days given how steeped in the art of the sword their culture was.

"I just realized you and I haven't been properly introduced. My name is Mattori, Mattori Manzo."

Power Is Beauty At Its Purest

"Begone, with the thunder clap"
- Manzo Mattori

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Akira Shimada

Do the people whisper 'bout you
On the train like me?
Saying that you shouldn't waste
Your pretty face like me?  

The young lady was concerned about his practice tactics. She also realized that it'd be interesting to get more insight on the element itself. She'd only wielded light and darkness, and wondered if elements like fire and lightning posed more of a challenge for the mages commanding them.

He decided not to grace her observations and implied inquiries with a response. Given her stubbornly curious nature, she chose to continue assessing what she'd witnessed. However, she kept her ideas to herself this time, letting them crystallize in her mind.

She'd deduced his descent to be similar to hers, but given that she wasn't the patriotic sort she decided not to dwell on their shared heritage. The name he offered confirmed this and she was swift to offers hers in return. 'Akira Shimada.' Her introduction was not embellished, or rather plagued with the usual niceties.

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It had occurred to him that he had not even remotely acknowledged her questions. While it was true that there was indeed a way for him to do such a thing, it was a power that he had laid to rest long ago. Along with his true appearance. Though now seemed as good a time as any to throw off the shadows of his true identity. Manzo lowered his hand, turned to her and smiled for a moment.
"Well Shimada, it's nice to meet you. Seeing as you and I are of the same home land, it seems only right that you see the true me." It was then that he snapped his fingers. Revealing his true self to Akira. His solid black clothing shifted to something, more homey. Something that she could easily identify, if she knew anything of her Joyan heritage.

He snapped his fingers again. Attire left to him by his old master was finally brought out. His standard outfit consists of a white yukata with a blue swirl pattern on the bottom and at the end of the sleeves, worn so that his arm only goes through the left sleeve and the right half droops down over his obi. Over this he wears a black belt buckled so that there is leftover dangling from the buckle, from which his bokutō Lake Toya hangs. Underneath, he wears a black red-lined shirt with a popped collar and black pants. He also wears knee-high black boots, buckled at the top and above his foot, which appear to add about half an inch to his height. All in all, his outfit suggests an air of laziness and may be a reflection of Manzo's own personal sense of style. Soon after that his height grew, and his body began to shift. Naturally he was a very well built young man. His jet black hair shifted to curly and somewhat shaggy white-ish blue. His black eyes shifted to red, one of the main traits of someone with a god slayer magic.

Not long after black lightning began to swirl around him. "Truthfully speaking, I was a fool to try to suppress my power for the sake posterity, and honestly a little bit of shame. Being associated with something that could slay a deity. Something made out of the necessity to slay a god. But what use is it to hide what I truly am anymore, seeing how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Maybe power steeped in darkness is truly needed. So allow me to be perfectly clear, the only reason I hurt myself, is because I reject myself. I do so no more." He said, in his mother tongue to boot. As soon as he was done speaking, he fired off a barrage of black lightning that hit it's target perfectly, as well as obliterate it. The wounds on his hands completely healed from the use of his true magic.

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Akira Shimada
And all the people say
You can't wake up,
This is not a dream
You're part of a machine,
You are not a human being

She wasn't self-important enough to think that she had a part to play in the changes that she witnessed the man undergo. She merely watched, with an amusement and a good measure of curiosity as he transformed himself. Everything about his attire changed, as did the tresses upon his head. But something about him still remained the same. Akira hadn't known him too long, but despite the alteration in the outward appearance, it did little to manipulate the course of their interaction. The change was perhaps for the better, if this was truly this man's most organic and natural self, Akira could hope that this allowed him to be more comfortable in his own skin.

His words attested to as much, Akira was a careful and a considerate listen, she sought not to interrupt him. However, his experience did resonate with her own. While she had never physically harmed herself, even by simple over-exertion during a training session, she did recall possessing a more indifferent attitude towards her life and her own well-being. A lot had changed within the Shimada as well, she was not physically the same little girl she had been when she joined the Rune Knights, but that instinct to put herself in dangerous situations had still not entirely perished. So perhaps, her words were a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

She bowed her head gently, to acknowledge her heritage and responded in Joyan as well. She had not had a chance to interact in that language for quite some time, so this was a welcome change. 'I understand all to well, the restrictions of society. The kind that force us to believe that we are not fit for it. The ones that propel us to change who we are. To wear masks and to hide.' She stated this, for the moment, she did not color it with her own ill experiences, having being a subject for people's prejudice in a rather rampant manner as she grew up. Perhaps as they continued conversing, they could share more about their pasts.

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Her words struck him like a gong in the silence of the night. She had a point to be sure, that they were made to believe they were not of this world, and should hide. But he would hide no more, not now not ever. It was time to truly spread his wings and fly. But there was something about this woman that he couldn't quite pick out, something odd, yet familiar, maybe it was her joyan heritage, maybe it was her striking resemblance to someone from his past. Or perhaps it was just nice knowing that there was also someone like you out, someone who also needed validation, in the form of being seen, the form of being accepted.

No matter what the reason was, he was simply glad he found a kinsman, someone with whom he could share his experiences with. It was a new feeling to be able to speak in their native tongue, it was almost like being back home, though home was far from home at this point. He longed for the days of being able to put an end to this civil war of theirs, to do something of worth for the country that had made him into a man. That made him put down the toys of youth and become a man of purpose. Though he honestly had no idea of how to go about such a thing at this moment in time.

"Tell me Shimada-san, what exactly are you doing in a place like this to begin with. What brings you to such an accursed place it seems to be, these days?" He still preferred to speak in his native tongue with fellow kinsman.

Power Is Beauty At Its Purest

"Begone, with the thunder clap"
- Manzo Mattori

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Akira Shimada
And all the people say
With your face all made up
Living on a screen
Low on self esteem
So you run on gasoline

She wasn't sure if her words bolstered his spirit or not. But she took in the changes that the man had undergone right in front of her eyes. She was curious, wondering if this was truly the first time he was coming in to his own, like he claimed. Of course, mere changes in appearances could be achieved by even the simpler varieties of deceptive magic. She'd have to see more to believe the context he was portraying. Her time in the world, short as it may have been, had colored her cynical. This was the case even before she joined forces with the Knights, but her time there only made matters worse.

However, as she learned the tools require to hide in plain sight and play spy, she further understood the value of silence. She'd always kept her opinions to herself, but in the past, the feelings she attempted to shroud with silence were transparently displayed in her demeanor. This was no longer the case. So despite her general skepticism, she buried any evidence of it and maintained her neutral, albeit slightly intrigued expression as she addressed the fellow Joyan.

'I'm responding to the call to arms against the demonic invasions, I'm sure you've heard?' she asked, speaking slower than him, given that she'd not had a chance to speak to people in her native tongue as often as she'd have liked. 'I once possessed the element of darkness too...' she mused, smiling pensively and slightly bitterly as she reminded herself of the experiences with that magic.

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