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Spring Side Open.(open)

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Spring Side Open.(open) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:50 pm

Being a bit exhausted from all of the travel Priscilla could not help herself to find an area to go sit down and maybe even get a seat to sit down as well.

This place was different that was for sure. Priscilla would find a spot with an umbrella and at least so far two other chairs aside from the one she had to sit in. So far she really hoped no one else sat with her because she was not in the mood for dealing with other people talking to her.

When sitting in a chair Priscilla would take off her: scarf, the tiny black choker, gloves, belt and her small cover pad. She would sure seemed actually pretty tired from all this moving at once. Her mind was not clear. She was thinking about other things that normally she wouldn't want too. She was so close to that one thing she wanted, IT almost was a need to her mind now.

Slowly under the shad of the umbrella and being able to seat down, She kind of just nodded off slightly because she had not been letting herself not rest when she should. maybe that whole skipping two days of sleep did not help. then again her mind was working over time with various and being sleepy herself. So slowly closing her eyes for a moment hoping no one would take her things while she possibly fell asleep.

Maybe a drink was good but for the moment, she could not want to move at all. There was no reason too to move. At least she was not a sleep. The breeze of spring here was also super relaxing and kind of just what she needed to keep herself relaxed and in a decent peaceful mind set. How long this would last is a good question.

#2Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
Theo never really saw the value in just gazing at the ocean when you could just swim in it or just sal across it but it was not his place to judge anyone given his past actions. The people that walked around the pier seemed to be fairly relaxed something he wished he could sympathize with them but it would have been so much better if he had a companion. The salty air was a good change though a lot better than the insane in the church. As he walked the pier he noticed a woman that looked like someone back in Orchidia "She has the same aura about like her." he muttered to himself as he made his way over to her Could it be Bella? She does have the habit of randomly showing up, he thought to see as it could be either or.

TK would place his hand on her shoulder nice and calmly as he didn't want to startle her if it was the women he knew "Sorry to bother you but could I trouble you for a drink on me?" he would ask assuming she didn't do anything to him. Keeping true to his care-free personality realizing that someone is stressed, he must try and help them become less stressed in some way at least. If only he had some type of way to affectly talk to women without seeming to gulible


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It would wake up Priscilla in some manner and get here a bit more alert. But hey Priscilla was at least okay and a bit more awake now."Oh hello my dear."at first Priscilla said to him she remembered and knew very well in her mind who this was.

She almost at first wanted to play around with him and act like she did not know who this was. So she did"A stranger offering me a drink. Oh my what is next you wish for a date and an evening with me for the entire night too?"She sounded and acted like Theo was a stranger to her and she did not know who he was, With their moment was her meeting for the first time. She wondered if it would work.

If.....Priscilla did not end up laughing shortly after about it and letting her act fail so quickly. Her laughing was not her mocking him or anything she was just simply toying and having fun with him."Yes Darling, you could trouble me all you wish after all that is what some acquaintances do for one another isn't it?" Priscilla at least was trying not too be too horrible to him about her being the way she was.

"Or do you want me to buy this time? After all I can afford too as well, It is endearing the fact you mention that already."
Priscilla mentioned to him, Even sitting up because she realize she was not because she was lounging about and it was polite for her to make her she was sitting be straight and  such manners permit as well as it being in grained into her system for so long. It was normal of her to do so. It was normal signs of her being what he knew or remembered her to be.

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Theo Kaguya
He had thought the women was the one had shared sweets with while in Orchidia but it would seem that he was wrong on this account as she misses took him for one of those men that use women for their own benefits "No I...just thought. Its nothing like that!" the mere thought of doing that to a woman was not something that he wanted to keep in the forefront of his mind. The knight felt as though he slightly made a fool of himself with this whole situation but no good deed goes unnoticed what his father told him anyway.

Theo didn't know if she was playing around with him or being serious so he didn't really know how to respond to her "No I can pay! besides, you look like you could rest more. What would you like?" from the way that she was before he came over to her. It would look like she been busy with her own work though he had to admit with everything that has been going on seeing her again was nice.


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She seemed aware of that."Yes It has been a fairly long travel and I am rather winded." She admitted to him right away she was just casual about it."Figured a bit of a teasing was good for even a slight moment."She also mentioned to him right away because of his reaction in reality Priscilla even do something a bit more out of her norm about it."I am sorry if my teasing did bother you, I get carried away sometimes darling."At least it showed she some what cared when she wasn't a blood hungry murder monster.

Priscilla however seemed to be rather happy about his offer."Since you offered and I know there is nothing else behind your intentions."This would be the Priscilla Theo had been around and knew from last time now, They would easily and most likely at this point pick up where they left off in terms of conversation and life."I won't want anything special this time. If anything a glass of orange juice sounds wonderful right about now."He mentioned so far maybe she just seemed to want to be normal for they way she could.

"What brings you to the area sweety? I am sure something is interesting or of need if you are roaming about the area." She did not sound nosy but curious about it even if she did sound a bit sleepy and tired, Even yawning slightly shortly after asking why he was around. Even seemed to be thinking about a few things in her mind as well but unless asked she would not really talk about it."I guess i am also not a day time person either, It is a bit weird bout walking from Magnolia to here, It took a while."

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Theo Kaguya
Theo let out a sigh of relief as she apologized for playing such a joke on him he was happy to see that she was so lively being so tired and all but then again he would be the same had he not rested up before coming here. he nodded as he went to get the drinks and hurried back to her, while he was making his way back to her he nearly dropped both their drinks but was able to catch them before they fell. The knight placed the drinks on the table and pulled up a chair to sit with her holding his green tea which he seemed to be drinking more recently after the first Incursion.

"I actually don't know for once and that's okay. What brought you here?" Most of the time that he traveled somewhere he had a goal in mind but this time he had no such thing this time around. Maybe it would be better if he just went with the flow and not have a set goal all the time and now he could see why his sister never really let most things bother her it was all just extra weight that she didn't need. Talking to Priscilla again as fun but he couldn't help but think he was stopping her from getting some much-needed rest. "How's work been for you?" a rather honest question as he knew she was a freelancer and had more verity when it came to jobs.


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She seem to just let out a slightly unsure of herself kind of sigh."It has been interesting that is for sure, My current task I am unsure how to achieve it."She admitted right away. But kept to herself so far what this task was."It seemed at least you can keep an eye out for some in case you need help them I can assure you that is always hopeful."Priscilla mention to him even if she had a feeling he might have already had that in mind.

For some one kind of dangerous and unsettling Priscilla seemed oddly helpful. Then again these people were actually talking to her and treating her like she was a normal person. She had not needed to lie or make something else. Time may come when she needed to do that, Given one of her current tasks. Even if she wanted to separate herself from her work currently."Have any word were i can find a church or priest?"It might have seem almost out of no where but there was reason behind it."Astrea is a new town so I am going off of nothing."Maybe he knew, It was one of her two tasks well she really just had one but this one was more personal.

Nonetheless she took a small drink of that orange juice. Starting to think if she needed to lie to him about why she needed to find a either a Priest or a Church. if needed anyway she did not want to lie to Theo the innocent soul he was but Priscilla had her reasons it was the nature of the beast."I do thank you for your kindness yet again."Even remarking on it, She would fight back a small need to yawn and seemed to at least be at ease.

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Theo Kaguya
She always seemed to be holding something back when she would give her advice but couldn't really follow though it sounded like she once had a partner but then lost contact with them or something to that effect. The sea air felt nice with his green tea that had begun to cool down to a more lukewarm than the hot cup that he had beforehand, the knight thought of how he could help the people affected by the incursion while keeping himself together at the same time. Percillia had asked him if there was church or Priest here two which he wasn't too sure if there was one thought it would a matter he can check into at a later date "No sorry there isn't one here to my knowledge but you could go to Orchidia they have a church and priest that are really helpful." he didn't want to dig into her reasoning for this as he was sure it had to be a personal matter that she wanted to deal with. "If you don't mind me asking but could I come to watch you work sometimes?" an innocent question as he wanted to live a day in the life of a freelancer "It can be any job you want I'll just stay bettwen us." he added on in hopes she would agree.


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That could be dangerous for them both depending on the task so she would figure out what exactly to say to that. So while she figured out what to mention about it Priscilla would simply say."I am unsure if you could truly handle that, I sometimes handle a lot of heartbreaking and emotional things." Priscilla said that to start with, After all varying heartbreaking things and murder would be horrible for a Rune Knight to see.

Last one even tried to stop her."That is also risk considering, After all Rune Knights job does sometimes interfere with somethings i do for work."Even if he said between us, She still had to point that out. It was more a disclaimer for him as well that it was different as well for maybe he did not know how different and grim the jobs she took was.

"I will find something you could tag along I assure you, But sometimes It is my personal and possible risk of current and future jobs, I at least have one in mind you could join me in."
Priscilla at least had an idea that Theo could join her with.

"It is simple might give you a good idea what I deal with, all simple and easy."She then quietly sipped her orange juice."Just if anything happen, Your going to have to promise to let me do what I need to." underlining and even if anything sliver lining that was pretty dangerous. So far the simple and easily covered job she could do it could be wonderful experience for them. So far it was a good idea for that one thing she felt like she could do, There was still a risk even if it was a simple anything she did was a risk.

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Theo Kaguya
"Then I won't be a Rune Knight! I don't want my job to stop you from doing your own okay!" he really wanted to see the life of a freelancer though he also didn't really think about the phrasing of the words that was something that he would figure out later. This was the first time in a long time where he wanted to do something that wasn't work related which was a much-needed change for him at this current point though he may have asked a lot more than he could be willing to look over by doing this.

With the way that she kept bringing up there being a risk he just couldn't help but threw caution to the wind and try to live on the wild side just a little it was just for a day, after all, it wasn't like quitting the Knights or anything that rash. He would grab one of her hands and hold it tightly "I'll do whatever you need me to." Theo really wanted her to agree to this cause if she didn't he would just follow her anyway so, either way, he would get what he wanted to form her. He took a second to realize that he grabbed her hand and pulled his away and tucked them into his jacket pockets.


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Well the deal was now made."Well then Theo."Priscilla said like she was fine with him doing so."Coming along with me then my dear, I will not promise you anything that will go on."She did sound as normally she did with slightly friendly with an odd hint of almost like grim tidings to it.

Taking a small sip of her orange juice."Prepare for evening work dear, Get some early rest and other things you need to for working evenings, It is not the friendliest of things."She cared that is for sure, Like she had empathy and understanding.

Letting herself yawn, She was worried about how this could play out if it when horribly but it was a risk she had to deal with and add into her line of process. Finishing her glass of orange juice Priscilla would get up from her chair walk over to Theo. Priscilla gave him a light hug, But this was not a teasing manner at all. her arms in the hug more around the shoulders if anything.

Like one of them one you could feel that she was putting trust into some one but worried as well."I will find you when the sun sets, You will learn of the things I do then."She was worried there signs of it. But it could also be from her being sleepy.

"Until that time, I will go find somewhere to sleep."even petting him lightly on the top of the head before leaving. Priscilla still seem like a horrible dark figure but seemed to care, She was confusing yes but that seemed to draw people into her. She would not be too much longer until she was gone from site and went off to sleep, Preparing to sleep until like she would until she would awake up for work. Hopefully Priscilla did not embarrass him too much but Priscilla felt a small connection to him.


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Theo Kaguya
Theo restrained himself from hugging her as he wanted to show that he was excited to see what her works is really like "Thank you so much I won't let you down, Ms. Micaiah!" Now that they reached an agreement it was time for him to work on not being so well himself. The first thing that he needed to do before getting some rest was Finish his green tea through before he could finish the tea Micaiah gave him a hug to his own surprise at that as he figured that she wasn't the touchy-feely type.

He gave a nod in agreement when she would come to get him at sundown though he thought that was a weird time to find work he was excited none the less to see what he work entails. Before leaving she gave him a little pat on the head but it felt more like a pat that you would give to someone that you were worried about and seeing how his mother often gave him though he knew what they were like all too well unless she was just worried that he would mess up her job. Once she had left he thought it would be a good Idea to get some rest himself after all he did have a long night ahead of him.

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