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Foot Travel Magnolia to Astera(Travel)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Foot Travel Magnolia to Astera(Travel) Empty Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:24 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It would be a long trip for Priscilla, even going alone in which she preferred. But she still needed to travel light as well and quietly for as she normally would. The balance between would be a bit hard to achieve since she was yet to travel this far at all in general so she did not fully know and had to figure this out on the spot. Maybe she needed to spend a few nights in some inns. She did not rule that out. So she would collect jewel to carry for said nights in the inns or hotels she would need to stay in.

Leaving at the crack of dawn, Priscilla found it weird she was leaving at this time and going so far. Part of her mind felt uneasy about this. But also a built up of interest and desire for what she could learn. She wanted this. She would achieve it Priscilla at this point needed to for her own benefit and mental state. It was something she could almost go insane over trying to learn this. A clue for so long she even gave the person who told her. Money to not only tell her but also tell her if anything else came up.

Priscilla would manage a lot more with out sleep with in her first day of travel but she felt herself feeling rather winded already from it. Only being driven by her own personal and harden goal driven feeling she was having for that moment, but each step was draining her more and more.

So that night she would go to the closest Inn or hotel she could find. Settling into the bar for a drink and slowly settling into the inn for the evening. Listening to people talk about the trying other conversations around her that she never cared about it. But the normal kind of rumors that people generally about,As well as the news of the town and the talking of the land. It was kind of boring so Priscilla would finish up her drink and food and settle into bed, Oddly having a bed was nice for the evening and not just walking. So laying in that bed, relaxing and drifting to sleep. She would wake up to get some breakfast and get cleaned up to get on the road again. On so many simple things where nice.

She would travel again for a full day willingly trying to get as much traveling into her path she could give into the need to stop and rest again on her travels this time. Looking around to the barren road. She could look at the sky and take in life around her alone and it felt interesting and much like she had gone and done this before it felt refreshing to her. Eventually she would find where she would stay in next. It was taking a bit longer to sleep. Sitting by the window and looking among the stars, But eventually turning it in for the night.

Getting up in the morning staring blankly at her cup of coffee since it was an off chance she drank coffee. Priscilla just kind of wondered to herself and kind of just set something to herself to keep in mind. This one lead if finally the answer she seek out so much, Was correct she would finally at least promise after she got the revenge she wished for all so much, She would only try to kill one last time then do her best to turn a new leaf in life so to say and never do it again.

drinking and finishing her coffee Priscilla then gathered her things to finish her traveling. Astrea was not a place she had ever heard of, Priscilla was interested to see where this lead got her, As well as she wanted to get this over with quickly. After all she had new goals and things she wished to achieve. She could see what was the entering area of Astera, She notice something was offer feeling and this time was not people who would just stare at her. Demons where about and made her realize what she was after might be at risk.

{Exit to Astera.}


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