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To Battle! [Foot Travel] [Worth Woodsea --> Astera]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

To Battle! [Foot Travel] [Worth Woodsea --> Astera] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:23 am

When Vali came to worth woodsea he knew that he wouldn't be able to stay long. He promised to fight these demons for Fiore and all the people that he loved. He told Sage that he'd meet him back at Fairy Tail but Vali himself would be running far too late for that. If he had any sense then he'd move on to the town without him. It was morning, and the sun was providing the light that the world needed the day before. Finally the weather was getting its act together. Last night was the first time he had seen his parents in months and the turnout of everything would probably haunt Vali for a very very long time. It's not everyday that a boy had to kill his own mother for slaughtering the mothers of many. Although it was a beautiful day, Vali was definitely not feeling it today. Who could blame him.Forgive me brother, forgive me... he thought for about the seventeenth time in a row. His brother would surely understand. Undoubtedly he would have done the same thing because there was nothing else one could do in a situation like that.

His mother was no longer the woman she once was before she died. The woman he thought he knew was not the woman she was. Vali hoped at one point that there was a way he could help her, he hoped that his father was lying or misunderstood the situation but Tristan, in fact, was right about everything. Now it was a new day and the Lord of Skaal was saddling up and readying himself to move to Astera to meet the rest of his guild members. Hopefully Aisha, Sage, and Tomoe would be there, Shin and Aegis too. All help was necessary if they wanted to purge this town called Astera of demons and right about now Vali had had strong feelings towards them. Today he would fight with everything he had. He would slay one thousand demons to blow off steam if he needed to. "You're leaving so soon?" The bronze titan heard from behind. He turned to see his father. The first thing he noticed was the beautiful armor he carried in his arms, red with other complimenting colors. Val's eyes lit up immediately.

"Uh, yeah-yeah. I've got to make sure I'm contributing to this country to stay under the radar...you know, in case they already know we're here." He said while fixing the saddle on his horse. He tried to talk as if everything was okay and his mother wasn't executed last night. The Jarl looked around before limping towards his son. His leg wasn't healed correctly yet it seemed. "Right, right. I uh... hear you're going to fight the monsters. That takes courage and strength. These creatures aren't like anything we've ever dealt with before, this means that you'll need to be ready..." The white haired Jarl extended his hands towards his son. "You'll need this." Tristan smirked. The Desiertan elf turned to see what it was his father was referring to, only to understand exactly what it was moments later. "Wait, Is this..." "The Vanguards Haste armor? Aye it is. It's The armor that was worn by your great great grandfather when he was apart of the Vanguard of a long forgotten army. Rumor has it that he was a noble bastard from Caelum before coming to Iceberg and establishing Skaal, I'm not very educated on the matter though."

The titan chuckled, taking it with a smirk. "You've spoke so highly of this piece, I thought you'd never give it up. Aye, You must be feeling guilty, heheh. You didn't even give this armor to my brother when he asked." He moved forward to hug his father with the one arm he hadn't been holding the armor with. "Agh hush your mouth, boy. Your brother was one of the most talented warriors I've ever seen, but I think you're a much better leader. You deserve this." Tristan sighed with a smile. Quickly the half elf changed out of what he was wearing in the middle of the town and put the armor on, standing tall and mighty as the villagers gazed upon him. "I could think of no better warrior to wear it." Val smirked before climbing onto his horse, two of his men waiting to ride out with him. "I'll be back." He said confidently.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do alright ya old fuck?" he chuckled but his words were very serious. "Ohohoho! I won't, not with your uncle Bunda around keeping things in order. Ride safe, fight well, and come back to us...we need you." With a nod Vali was off to Astera.

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