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III. The Storms Wrath

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

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The rain didn't stop. In fact it seemed to become stronger as the rightful heir of Skaal marched quietly into the village he had managed to build. The people outside looked as if they wanted to greet their lord but they knew all too well that he was not in the best mood. It looked as if Vali hadn't slept for days. The bags under his eyes darkened his demeanor and when he turned to see that 5 ships were parked in the Ocean beside the village his mood darkened even moreso. Five ships... he thought. Why would his father bring five entire ships to Worth Woodsea. He was playing a dangerous game with this country. Everything that Val had worked hard for could easily be ruined if any of the government workers had seen the travel vessels. The Desiertan's eyes faced forward again. He rushingly walked through the village, passing houses that looked a bit more presentable than he had left them.

In the distance he could see none other than Bunda approaching him. The two vikings met in the middle and Bunda wasted no time in filling the young Lord in. "My lord." He greeted before extending his arm. Vali extending his also, gripping the black haired man's forearm and patting his shoulder. "Bunda." He greeted "Apologies for leaving you to deal with my responsibilities, gratitude for doing your best to keep it in line." Bunda nodded. "It was the least I could do, I'm afraid I didn't do a good enough job though." The tall elder man huffed as the two of them began to walk deeper into the village. "You did what you could, that's all that matters."  Bunda nodded.

"I couldn't tell that you were having such a difficult time though, the place looks...better." Looking around it was almost amazing how clean the village looked. It really began to look like paradise only it wasn't. "A group of Rebels have formed in within The Nekomata village. Leonus and I have tried to take them out but the only problem is that we don't know how many of them there are. They just continue to grow it seems. In the last week they managed to stop trade. Seems like they aren't taking the new leadership lightly." Vali sighed. "That won't be a problem for much longer." He simply stated. In his head he had a way to beat that.

"Any sight of Troy?"  "Not since he left.""And what of my father and mother." Bunda's eyes immediately looked into his leaders own eyes. "Your father has brought in another hundred from Skaal. Something bad has happened and... your mother...she's a prisoner." "Why?" He asked angrily, his jaws clenching and hoping Bunda could give him a direct answer. "I'm afraid I don't know all the details, Vali." The Desiertan viking tried his hardest to keep a level head. It was very rare that he became so angry that he acted irrationally so he was doing his best. "Take me to him." he demanded.

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Together both Bunda and Vali walked in silence. Emotions of both men were at an all time high for one reason or another. The lord himself wanted to finally face his father. He missed his old man more than anyone but his mother so while he was quite happy and comforted in the idea that the Jarl of Skaal was here but he was also anxious as to why his mother was in...well...chains. The anxiety grew with every step he took until finally Bunda and Vali had reached the large home in the heart of the village. The viking elf slowed his steps as they neared the door, balling his fists up and taking a breath. Bunda stepped for before slowly pushing open the home revealing a man sitting on what seemed to be a throne. The sitting man looked up and when he saw his son his eyes widened with pure joy.


The old man's voice boomed through the large home as he stood up and rushed towards his son with open arms. The young lord's eyes lit up but unlike his fathers his was mixture between anger and joy. Hesitatingly he welcomed his father in for a tight hug. "Father..." He let out softly. After a few seconds the bronze titan broke away from his father, his jaws clenched. "Why is my mother a in chains?" He asked. The Jarl of Skaal took a deep breath and shook his head. "I..." He began as his eyes slowly moved towards Bunda who had been standing behind the two. The temperature of the room seemingly dropped in a matter of seconds and the eager Vali awaited a response. He wasted no time in asking the one question that lingered in his mind. "Leave us." He nodded towards Bunda. The bald headed man left without question. He knew that this business was of no concern to him. Oh how the young Desiertan male couldn't wait for an explanation.

The Jarl sighed and walked towards his seat. It was of course the Jarl's throne from the village of Skaal. For a moment there was silence. Tristan looked into his son's face as he began to pour ale into a cup from the flask beside him. "Speak!" The half-elf demanded, startling his father. Not once had he been spoken to in such a manner from his youngest child. The white haired man held his tongue, understanding his son's frustration. "Sit, so-" "I don't want to sit. I want to know-" "Vali, relax-" "Where my mother is!" "Hold your tongue-" The man stood up, with the filled cup of Ale in his hand, demanding that his son shut up.

No longer was the young desiertan-Icebergan simply the son Tristan thought he could still control. The young elf quickly approached his father, standing directly in front of him as his breathing quickened. "Or what?! What will you do, Father?!" The elder man glared into his son's eyes and for a brief moment none of them said a word. "Oi, you think you stand a chance against me now, aye?" Another moment of silence. "Why did you put my mother in chains?"

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There wasn't anymore but the truth that Tristan could say. Seeing his son's anger and also seeing how much he grew led the Jarl to believe that that little boy he once knew was already a man. Vali was more than capable of handling whatever his father would say. With a defeating sigh the white haired viking sat back down into his chair. "Alright." He began before chugging his entire cup of ale. He prepared himself for what was to come moments from now. "A few weeks ago Iceberg began to experience some...strange things. People began to spread rumor of Draugr sightings but others...others called them creatures far more dangerous than simple Draugrs..." The old man began as his eyes stared directly into his sons.

Val's eyes began to widen as he instantly knew that his father was referring to what Fiorians called Demons. "Many people didn't believe the rumors, but when Moorefull was destroyed and the Jarl was killed, some of the other Jarls including myself sent thought it would be best to investigate..." Tristan threw his hand onto his face, rubbing his cheek as he continued to explain. "Your mother begged me to go and I knew that if anyone could come back alive to tell the tale, it would her but when I didn't hear from her in days... I sent more men- I worried myself to sleep every night."

The young viking finally took a seat, sitting directly across from his father. The story was becoming so intense that he wanted to catch every detail. "A few days later, hundreds of disgusting, roaring creatures were outside of our gates..." Tristan's eyes fell to the floor beside him. He stared into the wooden ground beneath him and shook his head slowly. His tone mimicked that of...fear- something Vali had never thought his father was capable of feeling. "I did what any leader would do; I readied our men for battle and I told the people to stay indoors. I-I didn't know what I was about to fight but I knew...I knew we had to fight them. They reeked of...pure evil..."

It became harder for the Jarl of Skaal to force the words out. His voice trembled as he spoke, remembering that moment. "I want to the seer before I made the call to march...and...and he told me that these creatures were from a realm not relative to our gods...he told me that Skaal would fall that day." His head turned to face his son, his eyes darkening with pain. "I couldn't bring myself to believe him. The seer never lied and yet I was so sure that he was mistaken...so I made the call. I commanded everyone to board the ships, I tried to make sure I could protect as much people as possible but I would not leave without a fight." He stated confidently. Although his tone withered and shake Val's father tried his hardest to hold it together.

The Titan watched his father, empathizing with him, feeling his pain and trying to put himself in the image his father had in his head. "The creatures tore through the gate and swarms of them attacked us. We fought hard and strong but-but we were no match for these terrifying monsters. I told everyone to retreat but they just kept coming and then..." Tristans eyes began to swell with water. For a moment he looked away and there was silence. "Father..." Vali gulped hoping that whatever he was going to say next didn't include his mother...but of course he was wrong. "Your mother just walked...straight through them from behind as if- as if they were on her side."

The Jarl turned once more, tears began to fall from his eyes. The viking elf couldn't believe his ears. His eyes widened in utter shock and a cold chill forced itself through his entire body, sniffling him in the moment. "I thought she was lucky or maybe the god blood within her allowed her to pass through safely, I tried to think of any reason as to why she could just walk through them. I-I was so happy to see her...but then she came closer and the closer she came the more it became clear that...that was no longer my wife." The Lord's breath quickened. He was unsure how to feel and could only stand up to move closer towards his father. "What...what are you saying?"

"Your mother walked to me and she threw the blade of her sword into my leg." The small streams of tears became waterfalls as Val's father explained. "Why!? Why would she do that!? She would ne-" "She wasn't herself anymore, Vali. I don't know what she became but it wasn't her. She was stronger, faster. She was killing every man in her wake, every man that tried to defend me fell before her." "No...She couldn't have been one of them, no." The viking stated in denial. He turned to face the door, holding back tears of anger and sadness as he tried to justify his mother's actions. "I couldn't bring myself to kill her so...so I commanded my men to bind her. The village fell but most of us managed to escape and with nowhere else to go we came here."

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"Fuck.." Vali whispered under his breath. His father was done speaking. From behind he could hear the older man sniffle. It all was just too hard to believe but Vali knew his father was no liar. Still, the young lord needed proof. Slowly the half-elf turned towards his father and slowly began to walk towards him. What could he possibly say at a moment like this? His mother could have gone mad, or she could have been possessed but either way she committed treason. Whatever the reason was didn't matter but he had to see her, he had to see that what his father was saying was true. "So many loyal men, gone...so many." The Jarl wept. Never had he been so vulnerable, so sad- or at least Val had never witnessed him this way. Seeing his father so torn only worked in saddening him even more yet he knew that he'd have to be strong for the both of them. With a gulp, Val wiped his tears knelt down in front of his father.

"They're in Valhalla now, father. They died as warriors and the gods will open the gates for them." Nobody understood why these demons were suddenly rampaging through the entire country they could only pray for protection of the Satri gods. "This is my fault. If I would have just told her to sta-" "No, Father you cannot blame yourself for this." If anything the bronze viking felt like it was mostly his fault. With him being so selfish and trying to escape a life that he had already cherished in hopes of a much better one, he crippled Skaal's army. If he was there then maybe he could have made a difference. "Right now we need to be strong...the both of us- for each other and for Skaal."

Tristan sniffled, wiping his tears and nodding his head. "Aye." was the only thing he could manage before pouring himself another cup of Ale. "Where is she?" He asked softly. "On the ship furthest from the village." He said as he chugged the Ale. The old man stood up but his leg was not yet fully healed. "I can take you." "No..you stay here and rest." With that he began moving towards the door but stopped in his tracks as his father said something that Vali didn't really want to think about. "You know she has to die, Val."

"I know." He said lightly as tears once again poured from his eyes. Without another word he left and made his way to the that served as his mother's prison.

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The leather boots tapped against the smooth surface of the ship's wood as the village was absolutely silent. Vali tried to come see his mother after he left his father but couldn't bring himself to do it. The moon began to reveal itself and the sky began to darken, it was time for him to see the one who brought him into this world. The vikings guarding the ship stepped aside to let their young leader walk through. These men also had a deep connection with the Frue and their demeanors proved how upsetting this situation was for them. Val gave them all a light nod, walking down the stairs and moving all the way to the last room under the ship.

"M'lord" "M'lord." Both of the guards greeted Val. "Brothers." He nodded. Only a second after, the two men stepped from in front of the door, pushing it open to finally reveal the prisoner...Vali's mother, Ebonee Onfory. "Mother..." He spoke as he confidently trotted towards her. Her head was down and her Snow White hair fell over her face. She didn't respond. She swayed lightly back and forth, breathing heavily as sweat fell from her face. She looked like she hadn't bathed in days,  and her food was piled directly beside her. When the Desiertan elf was close enough he'd bend a knee to kneel.

"Mother...It's Val." He whispered. Finally she brought her head up until her empty, cold, lifeless grey eyes met her sons more lively grey eyes.  "V-Val?" "Aye.. it's me, I'm here mother." He quickly said, gently caressing his mothers face. She closed her eyes in comfort and for a moment she seemed like the woman she always was. "My beautiful creation, my savior." She smiled. Little did she know that her son wasn't here to save her per se. "Why did you do it?" He softly asked, moving her hair further from her face.  

The noble woman who was once a slave began to tremble as her eyes dropped to the floor beneath her. "Your father is a tyrant, Vali. Every leader in Iceberg is evil...and evil is a disease that spreads like wildfire." She muttered. Her words filled with utter hate and anger. "All th--" "He sent my firstborn to die, Vali. And then he had the audacity to-he sent you to die, don't you see!? He's power hungry just like all the rest of the humans in this world." "You [i]joined the enemy and helped them destroy an entire village of innocent women, men and children!"

"They were disposable my child, they were all too loyal to your father. They would only be loyal to me because I am a godsblood who is sworn by the gods to their Jarl." She snarled. "I have been a slave my entire life. Your father found me as a slave and then he made me his slave. My first son died and now he-he's trying to kill you too, can't you see it!? Why can you not see the truth!? Your father is one of the very reasons why the gods sent a me to Iceberg! He forced me to keep my own children uneducated about the rightful gods and taught you to worship false ones. Iceberg is the start to cleansing this entire world and starting over. Humans do not deserve earthland unlike beings like you and me...the beings they call "Godsbloods". With the help of the underworld I can remake the world...join me, my sweet boy."

The white haired woman scooted forward on her knees, lifting her hands to touch her son's face. "We can avenge your brother a-and change the world. No more slaves n-no more pain, no more humans... we have the blood of gods in us for a reason, my child." The fairy tail mage watched his mother in awe. Slowly he reached for her hand, taking it off of his face when he noticed that her skin was extremely pale, almost unnaturally so. "And we accomplish this by wiping out the the entire population." He asked. "Yes..." She nodded frantically, assuming that she was getting through to her child. "Everyone but those born with the blood of gods." She ensured. She meant elves and half elves. Various cultures believed that elves were Demi-gods, deity like beings, even Vali assumed so.

The young viking lord was pulled back by how His mother was speaking and acting. For a moment he watched her. She twitched, staring him dead in his eyes but there was no emotion in them. That's when he realized the truth above all else... his mother had actually gone mad. Slowly the titan stood up and clenched his fists. He could understand how she'd finally break. She was stolen from her poor family in Desertio, brought to Seven as a slave and was forced to be gladiator, then was stolen once more by Tristan Onfroy as a slave at first and finally her first born son died. Still, even though she went through all of that she still made an evil decision.

Ebonee had lost her mind and helped destroy the entire village of Skaal. That was the closest thing to the truth. Vali's home, all his friends...dead because of his mother. The silver-haired viking turned. "Vali?" She called to him as he began walking towards the door. "Vali come to your mother at once! Come to your fucking mother, Vali!! Get me out! Get me out!!!" The door behind the young lord slammed, leaving her to be alone with her thoughts and her voice. Eventually she stopped yelling. "Bring my mother out." He commanded to the men in front of the door. "Unchained?" "Fuck no." He said as he walked up the stairs, standing on the deck as his men stood behind him.

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Moments later from below the ship, Vali could hear the rattling of chains. The guards held Ebonee by her arms as she finally approached her son. The woman looked around in awe of the scenery. Vali on the other hand only had his eyes set on her. "Is this...." "Fiore? Aye..." He whispered. His gaze fell upon the large forest complex known as Worth Woodsea. "Beautiful isn't it?" He smiled, trying to find something for them to enjoy together before the big event. "Almost unreal." She responded looking towards the forest as well. "The seer told me that I wouldn't die in Iceberg..." She began with a cold tone as she faced her son. "You're going to execute your mother." No tears.

The young Titan's eyes filled with sadness and liquid. He wanted to tell his mother that there was another way. That he could Banish her if she promised to not pursue her plans but that was all impossible. She allied herself with demons, became apart of their army, helped destroy Skaal and hundreds of people. Val closed his eyes, stopping more tears from dwelling and allowing the ones he had in his eyes to fall from his face. She had to die. "You took innocent lives, mother. Everything has a consequence." He began, choking on his words as he held tears back. He had to be strong if not for himself then for his people and for his father. "N-no I-" "You killled my people! You Destroyed my home! Is this what you wanted all along!? Have you been faking your love for Skaal, for my father, for me just so you could wait for the right time to strike!?"

"My child I was forced into this life. Your father gave me a better one but I was always just an item to him. Don't you see that? If I didn't marry him I would have been killed because Godsblood is valuable to these people, it's gree-" "Was this always the plan?" He boomed. The white haired sable skinned woman stuttered as she gazed upon her son. "A-after I fell inlove with your father I didn't want anything other than our family to be together, always. I...I was happy. But this fight...this war between earthland and the realm below... the results are already clear, and I chose to be on the winning side. They helped me find my way again. This world, it needs to be cleansed and even if it means sacrificing those I love...I will not hesitate."

"Even me? Even-" He choked. "Vali...If it was for the greater good wouldn't you want to sacrifice yourself?" She whispered with a twitch. Vali swallowed, nodding in understanding. His heart was shattered into pieces too little for him to put back together. The damage was done and nothing his mother said or do could take that damage back. To think after all this time he only just found out who his mother really was. It was obvious that her interaction with the demons did something to her. She was no doubt corrupted by their magic but she was far gone by now. Quickly Vali turned to walk of the ship, all the men on the ship followed as they dragged his mother out.

As they walked towards the middle of the village slowly the warriors around Vali shouted and demanded everyone leave their homes to watch what was about to take place. Ebonee did not beg for forgiveness anymore, she did not cry. She accepted her faith and knew that she wasn't wrong. Her son was the only person she loved more than herself but in this very moment he was her enemy.  The lord of Skaal stopped in the middle of the village, the people still coming out their homes in a hurry. From behind him Tristan placed a hand on his son's shoulder looking directly into his wifes eyes with utter disappointment and sadness.

The people of the village watched quietly waiting for their leader to begin. With a nod Vali told his men to force his mother onto her knees. The dark skinned woman looked at her husband and shook her head. "Tell me Tristan, did the seer tell you that this was coming, that I'd be the one to betray you?" She asked nonchalantly. "When I was a boy, he told me that my youthful desires would destroy everything I built. About a month ago though, He  told me that my wife would go mad- just like that. He made sure that I knew what he meant...like he was scared. After that I started to notice some things. It became harder for you to pretend that you still loved me, sometimes you wouldn't even speak to me and you'd go for walks in the middle of the night only to come back right before I woke up. And the way you started talking about how we should kill the other Jarls, the gruesome ideas you had in your mind were far worse than the blood eagle." The woman blinked then turned her head to face her son. "Hm."

Vali slowly walked forward towards his mother. He raised his hand above his head and stopped about 5 meters away from her. "Ebonee Onfory. You have committed treason agains the Jarl of Skaal, you have murdered hundreds of innocent men, woman, and children. You killed the Seer of Skaal, and most of all you have deceived all of us. " His eyes staring at his mothers own lifeless eyes. He could no longer see the woman who nurtured and loved him. Forgive me big brother he thought. "I sentence you...to be Judged by Tyr." Eyes wide open, he used a spell to summon a giant hand from above his mother. The hand fell directly onto her as she looked up, slamming onto the ground and shaking it creating a crater and a gust of dirt.

When the dust cleared all he could see was his mothers body broken, crushed and no longer alive. He did not cry, he held his tears back. "Make a pyre for her body." He commanded his men. Tristan stood behind his son, watching the body with him as his men picked it up.


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