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Whatever It Takes [Training | Akira]

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Whatever It Takes [Training | Akira] Empty Mon May 13, 2019 11:35 am

Falling too fast to prepare for this
Tripping in the world
Could be dangerous
Everybody circling, it's vulturous

His return to office was as uncomfortable as he expected it to be. Most stayed away from him. In the inevitable circumstance that they had to see him, they forced a smile that he could spot as fake from a mile away. While no one dared to utter a word about his change directly to him, there were hushed whispers in his wake. He didn’t blame anyone. After all, he too was sceptical of the dark races. He still was, even though he was turned into one.

The one who turned him could have killed him as easily. In fact, that seemed to be his objective in the beginning. What changed and why he chose to make him a Vampire instead was still a mystery to the Knight. Maybe he thought Haru would be shunned by the Knights and will be forced to join his coven if he turned him. Alas, that wasn’t the case. The Rune Knight might hate what he had become, but he had to admit that Vampires were magnificent and powerful. There was a grudging admiration towards the new abilities that his turning had brought about. While it had forced him into working alone, it had also made his missions much easier.

In his heart, Haru was still a human. He saw the recent changes within him as an alien force that clawed its way in; like it was something that he could fight back and banish. He was still in the phase of denial.

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#2Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Negative, nepotist
Everybody waiting
for the fall of man
Everybody praying
for the end of times

She ducked behind another tree, the bark chaffed against her back as she paused to catch her breath. The Shimada had been forced into making too many decisions that had political roots, rather than the simpler do-or-die variety. She had allowed herself to remain cooped up in her house too long.  Midnight walks were apparently too dangerous, as were day light strolls. This wasn't out of fear of her own safety per se, but out of concern for her victims, in terms of people sent after her and the structural damage to the region where such unfortunate trysts happened.

At this point, she was wondering if her muscles were going to deteriorate as she made preparations to continue playing her role. If this cycle was allowed to perpetuate and if she remained chained by the assumption of hazardous encounters, the Shimada would certainly wither away. So here she was, in the thick of the Orchidian forest yet again, the place that she had discovered so many significant details about herself.

She had followed whispered rumors to the location and had wrought a perilous plan. Even the thought of executing it, was rewarded with a surge of adrenaline. She stifled the need to snicker to herself. No interruptions, no company and so, no need for her to hold herself back. At worst, her victims would be a few dozen trees... Maybe just a little more than that. Hardly an opportunity cost worth considering, given her targets and their vile, tainted intentions.

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Everybody hoping
they could be the one
I was born to run,
I was born for this

Whether he would continue to fight this and find a way to return to his old self, or accept what he had become, was yet to be demystified. Irrespective, he knew what he wanted. Human or Vampire, his allegiance lay with the Knights and his purpose was to defend Earthland’s inhabitants.

Even if he had to do it alone—without Akira or Kazimir at his side—he would keep at it relentlessly.

The rise in the number of demonic rifts opening up in Fiore had emboldened some of the cults. One group, in particular, was becoming more than just a nuisance. There have been sightings of mutilated dead bodies, arranged to form peculiar symbols, with strange runic markings seared into their flesh. The coroner mage had noted in the report that these markings were burnt on them before their death. There were more gory details in there, but this one fact was enough to get Haru’s blood boiling.

The newly turned Vampire had also been hungry lately. This was a wonderful opportunity. This cult’s most recent activity was deep in the Orchidian forest and Haru had already planned on secluding himself there for the weekend, hoping to feed off the animals. He remembered the bloodlust when he woke up for the first time after the conversion. The Knight knew he wouldn’t be able to discriminate between animals and humans if he ever got that way within the civilization. So, he had been careful enough to isolate himself consistently whenever he began to feel that inevitable urge.

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#4Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Whip, whip
Run me like a racehorse
Pull me like a ripcord
Break me down and build me up

She waited for the person that was following her, to collect more people for his little game. She knew if she cast her bait right, that one alleged shark will soon grow into a shiver, like a snowball becoming an avalanche. When she noticed enough of a crew was now on the lookout, she stole a few more moments, to enjoy watching them waste more and more resources in trying to catch her. If only they knew...

She had read a fair bit about Nephilims and her research had only become more extensive after she was forced to ascend into being one. She hadn't quite accepted the change with as much Grace as one would expect, which is probably why it took her time to learn how to sprout her wings. Eventually, she did manage to learn how to procure the pristine white, feathery limbs. But, unfortunately, she was still a flightless bird.

The soft tufts of her feathers did make for an excellent trail though. One to follow, one to lead astray. If she could feel the gentle pluck as she picked at the white quills, it'd feel like tugging out a strand of hair. Having wasted enough time and gathered enough of a posse to chase her, she deliberately stumbled out of her hiding spot. Within minutes several pointy weapons were pointed at her, while she knelt with her head bowed. The strands of her dark hair, hid a gentle smirk.

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I wanna be the slip, slip
Word upon your lip, lip
Letter that you rip, rip
Break me down and build me up

The dense forest was the best hunting grounds he could have asked for. The sheer number of thick tree trunks offered plenty of cover. That, coupled with his absolute silence when he moved, ensured no one—neither the cultists nor the animals—had an inkling of his presence. There were creatures that could be alerted to his presence through their extraordinary sense of smell. Haru was smart enough to avoid getting too close to any of those.

The plan was simple. Sneak past whatever scouts or lookouts the cultists had, follow their trail and get to whatever hellhole of a cave they were hiding in. These crazed lunatics were far more in number than he anticipated. But that wasn’t going to stop him. Besides, with that many lookouts forming a perimeter, they made their base location quite obvious. Typically, protected things were at the centre of the protective circle.

Haru just had to find a gap in the perimeter. A tiny moment where he could slip past without getting caught in anyone’s field of vision. This was a little bit more difficult than he anticipated. They lookouts were well organized, and their patrolling path were perfectly coordinated to ensure there were no gaps in their vision. He was surprised to find a mere bunch of vagabonds to be this efficient. He almost gave up on sneaking and was about to just blast through. As he stood there behind a tree, peeking and contemplating his next move, he finally got his break.

A small group of cultists from within the circle walked towards the edge. “We have her cornered. Come with me,” the leader bellowed. Immediately, three of the nearest lookouts broke formation and joined the group. Haru was concerned. He wondered who it was that they had cornered. Now, he had even more reason to hurry it up. He waited for the entire group to turn their back to him, and immediately dashed ahead, entering the circle.

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#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Whatever it takes
'Cause I love the
adrenaline in my veins

She tossed her head back, the fringe that flopped over her head was flicked backwards. It had shrouded the victorious malice in her eyes and the shadow of the cagey strands had cloaked the menace in her smirk. The expression that was revealed as the curtain of hair was pulled back, was starkly different from the one that was left lingering from that moment before she allowed to be caught.The tug of her lips was downwards now, her mouth hung slightly ajar. A deep sense of fear seemed to reflect from her dark eyes, flickering with an intense despair.

She allowed the alleged hopelessness to wrack her body, allowed her muscles to slacken so her hips slid off the back of her heals and she carefully leaned into the handles of the spears aimed at her, allowing tears to prick her eyes. They didn't seek to wound, they didn't seek to kill, as she anticipated, they sought to capture. Within moments gruff hands closed around her wrists and pulled them backwards, repeatedly a rough braid of fabric was wrapped around her slender arms. Ropes. What losers. she thought, while maintaining her exaggerated performance. She was lucky though, if somehow magic-cancelling cuffs had featured in their apprehension, she could've been in some real trouble.

She was hoisted to her feet, she didn't really struggle, but she didn't make it too easy for them either. More joined the group that half dragged, half carried her deeper into the forest. Spears and daggers were still firmly against her back. She winced, for real this time, in fear that it may worsen the magical scars she had. They were clustered in a tight knot around her as they lead her towards a make-shift altar. There was much cheering and jeering, her wings were still open, but they lay crumpled and folded against her back, perhaps their feathery tips could've been witnessed...

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I do whatever it takes
'Cause I love how it feels
When I break the chains

He followed the group. They seemed to be in a hurry and were completely oblivious to his presence, making it very easy for him to tail them without being spotted. He could see that the ones at the back of the group were conversing—updating the lookout on what was all the commotion about. Haru couldn’t hear them clearly. He didn’t dare get close enough to listen. Now, that would be way too cocky. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t be able to handle this sorry bunch if he blew his cover. Just that he didn’t want to break their party until he knew who it was that they had cornered and why they were so excited about it.

After a short while, they were in the vicinity of a rather peculiar rock formation. Shaped somewhat similar to a right-angled pyramid, it was surrounded by dozens of cultists. The group Haru was following merged into the crowd. The Vampire Knight hung back, scanning the crowd, peeking through the small gaps to see where their victim was. He had no luck from where he stood, and he tried moving to a different spot.

The cultists seemed to have crowded all around their target like a pack of jackals; he couldn’t see no matter how much he skirted around. The only little glimpse he got was that of a… wing? He wasn’t sure if he really saw it or if it was just a trick of the light.

He soon realized he didn’t need to see who it was. Looking up, he noticed that the large rock was jagged on the steep end, but smooth on the incline—like a natural ramp. At the top of the rock was an altar with runic carvings very similar to that sketched in the reports he had received. He knew what was about to happen—no, what was not about to happen on his watch.

Two of the cultists had already begun dragging the sacrifice up the ramp. It was only when they had already dragged her half-way up the rock did he notice the familiar orb hovering over her. This was the first time he was seeing her spread her Nephilim wings; so that caught him off guard. But even if he could only see her back, there was no mistaking who it was—especially with that infamous glowing headgear.

His urgency simmered down. There was no freaking way Akira Shimada—the prodigal ex-Captain-Commander—got outwitted by this bunch of nitwits. He walked up to the group, stood behind the cultist at the outermost edge and calmly posed a question. “What’s happening?” The cultist didn’t even turn to see who was asking the question. He was standing on his toes, trying to get a better look at the ritual. Assuming it was a fellow member asking, he answered callously, “We finally got a powerful Nephilim. Sacrificing her should definitely open a huge rift.”

Haru scoffed. Hearing that, the cultist who answered his question turned to see who it was. Crack. Before his eyes could widen in shock upon realizing it was no cultist he was speaking to, his neck was twisted and he fell to the ground lifeless. No one noticed. They were still busy gawking at the winged beauty.

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#8Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Whatever it takes
You take me to the top
I'm ready for
Whatever it takes

The crowd around her grew more and more rabid by the second, till the vile threats the uttered started truly taking a toll on her. She bit her tongue in her mouth, to keep herself in character, wincing when she tasted blood. It was easy for the dark haired girl to seek solace in the fact that they'd all be meeting their ends really soon. It was only a matter of collecting enough of them in one spot, so she could be efficient in the use of her power. It made sense for her to go at this alone, considering that sparing people was going to be troublesome. But going at it alone, also meant she needed to keep an eye out on the resources she had available to her.

The Shimada had to remain watchful for anyone who dared to step out of line and actually attempt doing anything sneakily violent to her as the paraded her towards the sacrificial spot. Most had remained within some unstated boundary and refrained from blemishing her in any manner, at least physically. Some however, were bolder than others, rebels of sorts, perhaps. The Shimada didn't intend on avoiding such attacks, or retaliating in any manner. All she needed to do, was merely to ensure she reacted appropriately.

It was bad enough that some of them had already begun noticing that despite looking so fragile, she didn't bruise or bleed. A truly horrifying suggestion- which was a risk she had anticipated but boldly chosen to ignore- was to steal away everything she possessed before she was forced into the sacrifice. Luckily for her, the suggestion was shot down, since the fire would consume it all in time. So she stumbled and allowed herself to be pushed around, gasping and groaning at the aggressive handling. She was directed towards the cusp of the natural pyramid, the upward climb was rather unpleasantly humiliating.

She noticed the runic marks that surrounded the single carved pole, which shot skyward from top of the structure. Within moments, she was bound onto it, with rope yet again. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at their inadequacy. The rope would perish in the fire, long before she was hurt by it... And she'd be free to take down everyone. Her narrowed eyes surveyed the assembled cultists. There were so many. An old, crooked man held up his hands to demand silence. He then went onto chant in a language that Akira didn't fathom, she had to admit this was testing her patience.

And then the pyre under her was lit. Just to play her role accurately, as the flames licked at her, she howled in protest, waiting for it to burn away the coils that held her.

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Always had a fear of being typical
Looking at my body feeling miserable

His amused expression turned into a frown when he saw the men dragging her like she was a plaything. He wasn’t sure why she was letting them do this. He knew she could turn them all into a ragdoll if she wished, in a split second. His eyes fell upon the thing that restrained her arms. Rope. Just plain old rope. He sensed no magical energy within it. So, it was not preventing her from casting her spells.

He had no idea why she allowed it; but he couldn’t watch her be humiliated this way. Parting the left side of his cloak away from his body slightly with one hand, he extended his other arm outwards. The hilt he had tucked under his belt flew to him. He pressed the button to activate the glowing blue blade.

Show time!

He was silent, but his lightsabre wasn’t. The hum and glow of his sword finally caught the attention of the cultists ahead of him. They turned to see what was causing the buzzing sound. But it was already too late. Haru cut a path through the crowd like butter. He was way too fast for the bunch. In a flurry of blue, he was at the base of the rock. The older men had already tied her up. Haru watched one of them point his staff at the pyre. A red bolt shot ahead from the staff, lighting the pyre.

She began screaming. He rolled his eyes and shook his head at the theatrics. Maybe he would have believed the act if he didn’t know what her orb did.

He hadn’t killed everyone in the crowd below; just enough to make his way to the pyre. The rest finally gathered their bearings and came at him. The majority seemed to be casters. Pity. They kept throwing spells towards where Haru was and they all disappeared the moment they neared him. He slowly walked up the ramp towards where Akira was ‘burning’. The man who lit the fire sent a couple of spells towards Haru. When he realized his spells just vanished before reaching the Vampire Knight, he jumped off the rock. The other one wasn’t brave enough to jump; he met the glowing blade instead.

Once he was close enough to the fire, it was even more apparent that it was all an act. Her robes had burned off. She was unscathed. He put out the magical fire with his nullification.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

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#10Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Always hanging on
to the visual
I wanna be invisible

The Shimada clenched her eyes shut tightly, while the flames did nothing to hurt her body, the smoke and the heat caused her eyes to water. Sharp inhalations made her lungs sting and elicited a sputtering, racking cough. When she was about to get her bearing again, she continued yelling and it echoed in her head. She grew more and more convinced that she was doing a rather accurate imitation of the  blood-curdling screech. Fueled by her own conviction, she roared even louder, drowning out all other sounds, except the cracks of the fire and the vague continued cheering and atrocious screaming from the assembled crowd. Little did she know that the cultists were being subjected to real pain... and death.

She finally allowed her lids to snap open when she heard the characteristic swoosh of a saber, very close to her. In a rut, she still continued screaming as her sight fell upon and recognized the pale face of her ex-partner. She held his gaze and continued her ridiculous screeching, as though it was a compulsion at this point, even though the fire around her had vanished. The periphery of her vision was littered with the trail of bodies, some still and others moaning as they teetered on the verge of death. She finally ceased her incessant wordless protests and sighed. She wiggled free out of the charred coils, only to come to the daunting realization that her robes were practically destroyed and the little else she had on, was also in tatters.

The cultists that were still alive froze and watched in horror, rather unnerved by her unburnt body. How polite of them to allow the two Knights to interact without interruptions, she'd have preferred it otherwise of course. She glanced down at herself and instantly grew mortified. Impulsively, she snatched at Tsuru's cloak, growling softly as though it was his fault that she stood here exposed like this. In a way, it was, because anyone who saw a glimpse of her like this was meant to die... Tsuru stole that from her by being a witness she was going to have to leave alive.

Finally, one of the cultists broke formation and began charging towards the duo of Knights at the top of the pyramidal rock. Noticing his advance others followed, hoping to overwhelm the two by sheer numbers. She held out her palm, shot a spell that sent the whole lot of them hurtling backwards to their death. She couldn't afford to be disturbed while she stole the robes off Tsuru's back. One tried to play it smart by scrambling from the side, behind rocks. Just for that, she shot a weak spell behind him, tossing him towards the duo... All Tsuru had to do was hold up his saber and the guy would fall onto it.

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Looking at my years like a martyrdom
Everybody needs to be a part of 'em

Even after seeing him, she continued screaming. But there was a subtle change in the pitch; he reckoned she was screaming for real this time, out of shock. She must not have expected him there, just as he didn’t expect her. Despite the seriousness of the situation, his lips curled into a slight smirk. She didn’t answer his question, but began tugging at his cloak. He resisted the first time—just to tease her—but allowed it come loose the second time. She needed that more than he did; especially because he wasn’t the only one in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, some of the cultists had mustered the courage to charge at them. He felt Akira’s spells shoot forward, tossing them up in the air like popping corn. One of them was thrown straight towards where Haru was. The swordsman didn’t hold up the sabre—he slashed. He was too close and must have seen things he shouldn’t have. Haru didn’t want to risk leaving him alive.

He could guess why she was here. These lunatics were trying to summon demons. An act that her new boss wouldn’t approve of, surely. He wanted to ask if she was here under his command, but refrained from it. He knew his words would divulge his irk against her decision, and he didn’t want to let it show. For some reason, he felt like he needed to show her that the faction she left doesn’t really need her—even if he knew that was a lie. Maybe, he was partially guilty of Kazimir’s allegation. He does have an attachment to the Rune Knights. However, thankfully, flawed as it is, the faction is yet to give him a real reason to give up on it.

After giving her the cloak, he dashed away to clean up the rest of the imbeciles around. These cretins posed no challenge. He danced around them lazily and was pre-occupied with the consequences of this event. How would the news spread throughout the town? He could already see it. ‘The Rune Knights and the Inquisition join hands for the fight against the demons.’ An association that, perhaps, neither side wished for. He felt four targets behind him; three small ones and a bigger fourth, which was knocking the smaller ones towards him. He sighed, resigning himself to the flow of fate.

Even before he turned, he knew the larger target was a spell. He nulled it the moment it was in his range. With a swift flick of his wrist, he pointed the blade backwards and hit the cultist that was flying straight towards him. The other two fell to his sides, one on each. For a moment they were happy that they were crushed to their death by some invisible force. But that didn’t last long. When they saw Haru pull the blade out from their friend, they knew their fate was sealed.

It took a bit longer than expected to clean up properly. Some of the smart ones—or cowardly ones—knew they stood no chance and began running. They couldn’t run far though. Finally, when it was done, he walked back to where Akira was.

Here comes the awkward part.

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#12Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Never be enough,
I'm the prodigal son
I was born to run,
I was born for this

She glared at him with a ferocity she had never thought herself capable of. It was as though she suddenly had a right over his clothes, the Shimada did think she needed and deserved them more. Given the intimacy they'd shared before and the fact that they usually had each other's back, even that tug had her panicking and furious. She'd expected the robe to just slide off him, in fact, she'd assumed he would've taken it off and offered it to her already.

That cruel smirk made her want to sling a spell at him, not that it would matter, he'd probably just null it. She grunted softly and tugged harder. Would he actually deny me the chance at modesty?  He didn't. He just took some perverse pleasure in the situation. She narrowed her eyes and swiftly put the damn thing on, tightening it around herself for security. Instead of showing gratitude, she still remained prickly about the whole situation.

She winced at the violence of the sword as it drew blood that spattered at her feet. Somehow, she was so accustomed to magic being the destructive force, weapons and close combat still had her feeling queasy. There was just something that felt more deliberate in a weapon's strike than a spell's impact. She shrugged, it wasn't like this was some crippling fear, she'd seen too much already. One did whatever they could to survive and in the case of the two Knights, to protect.

Their combined efforts had definitely stopped, or at the very least stalled the summoning. Now, it was just a matter of mopping up the cultists. Arresting so many was hardly a possibility, there was a time Tsuru would've probably advocated for that regardless. But given the dangers that demons posed to humanity, this was no longer just a simple crime of greed, but one that left these cultists wearing the garb of traitors. It was an act that could plunge a whole region into extreme danger. It made sense to cull such groups in prevention.

She knocked and destroyed another group that attempted to attack her and Tsuru from behind, while Tsuru dashed forward and picked off the rest, chasing them when necessary to ensure their demise. The Shimada couldn't tell if it was the violence that made her uneasy, or its unexpected source, she quelled the feeling yet again as Tsuru made his way back to her.

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Hypocritical, egotistical
Don't wanna be the
Parenthetical, hypothetical

He didn’t plan on teasing her any longer. But that glare ensured he didn’t even think about it. He let her have his cloak and continued to clear the area. The rift was never a risk. Assuming these idiots managed to actually perform a legit ritual—which he doubted—it would require the Nephilim to actually burn. Her orb had ensured the fire didn’t even tickle her. Breathing in smoke was the biggest issue.

When all the cultists were down, either dead or crippled, he stood in front of her. It seemed neither of them had anything to say. She looked a tad uncomfortable. He assumed she was still prickly about his playful hesitation in giving up the cloak and decided not to question it. When she followed Nerva that day, he was afraid there will come a day when the two of them will have to stand against each other. That day may yet come, but it wasn’t today. She was here for the same reason as he was.

He could still technically ‘arrest’ her for taking justice into her own hands. He considered it. Not because he thought it was the right thing to do; but because he would keep her away from that dangerous man if he did that. He let out an audible sigh, realizing he was fantasizing. There was no way he could get himself to arrest Akira; not to mention, she was definitely not going to come quietly.

“I suppose we never met each other here? So, what’s it going to be? Inquisition took care of the cultists that the Knights were too lazy to deal with?” he asked. While he didn’t retaliate against their choices, it did make him a tad bit bitter and paranoid. Now, his brain instinctively taints all their actions with an ulterior motive.

#14Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Working onto something
that I'm proud of,
out of the box, an epoxy to the world
and the vision we've lost
I'm an apostrophe

She watched him return to her. She stood there, still as a statue, watching him as a gentle breeze lifted the strands of her dark hair. Things seemed so normal and quiet suddenly, despite the bloodshed and the bodies around them. When did partaking in such a violent massacre start feeling so natural? The fact that she couldn't tell when that switch flipped, made the realization even scarier.

She sighed. He looked so noble, valiant... and attractive. Most people had to have a weakness for raw power and skill. That veil of doubt that kept him from protecting people more offensively, seemed to have disappeared. That being lifted out of the way, as she had expected, only made him more formidable force to deal with. She tried to avoid letting her eyes linger on his chiseled body, mostly because it would imply she had ulterior motives in stealing his cloak and she didn't want that. Things usually escalated to the same conclusion around the two of them and it was imperative that she curbed those situations. The memory of her interactions with him, did bring a sly smirk to her face. She waited to greet him more... traditionally.

He however had his own ideas about this tryst. The bitterness in his tone had her all confused.  She took half a step back, denoting her mentally defensive stance. She folded her hands across her chest for good measure, although that was also probably just to hold the cloak in place better. She narrowed her eyes and peered at him. 'I came here on my own...' she started, but it felt odd to have to defend her actions to him. It wasn't like she was under his jurisdiction. '...And I did get here before you.' Perhaps she should've been a little kinder in her approach. While it was unexpected coming from him, if she'd paused to dwell on the situation, the Shimada would've had enough insight to understand the source of his frustration. But there was something about walking out of a fire, maiming and killing a whole hoard of cultists, that dulled the sharpness of one's mind.

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I'm just a symbol to remind you
That there's more to see
I'm just a product of the system
A catastrophe

There was a gentleness in her expression that turned rigid almost instantly after his mild accusation. He realized, despite everything, he still didn’t like seeing her unhappy. He instantly regretted saying what he did. She retaliated exactly the way he had expected her to. The Knight couldn’t help but smirk again as he watched her fold her hands and get defensive. “Right. Got here first, was about to be burned and saved by a Knight,” he said, his voice laced with humorous sarcasm. He had to press his tongue against the cheek to stop himself from grinning and giving up the act. But he was certain she must have already seen through it.

He missed her, but knew she was going to go away again. He wanted her, but not in the usual way. That second realization made him step back. I could pull away before it gets debilitating… And that was when he knew he needed to leave. “Er… Anyway… I should go. You can keep the cloak,” he said. It was a prized possession, but not worth enough to risk sinking his teeth into her—which was becoming a likelier possibility by the minute.

The more he tried not to think about it, the stronger the urge became. Perhaps it was because she was a Nephilim and the supernatural blood had its allure, or maybe it was because he was emotionally attached to her… or it was just plain hunger. He couldn’t tell. But the burning need had begun to cloud both his judgement and his vision. He had to go…

#16Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
 And yet a masterpiece,
and yet I'm half-diseased  

The bitterness in his voice no longer surprised her. Within the short span of a few seconds, she had finally cast her own feelings aside and managed to look at the situation more objectively. The Shimada had realized his standpoint as the memory of how they parted echoed in her mind. He was lonely no doubt, deserted and probably, rightfully worried about the image of the organization he now led... One they both led, in fact, despite that fact being temporarily inaccurate given her mission. She narrowed her eyes as despite the bitter notes, she could sense the inevitable comfort in his tone.

They had the freedom to be cheeky with one another, despite the political climate and the destruction around them. It was when she noticed him backing away, that she decided to steal the moment after all. She still held the cloak tightly around her as she confidently sauntered closer to the vampyre who was backing away. 'I think I had it handled, but nonetheless, would you like me to state that a certain Knight in shining armor, or rather... dull robes, came and saved me?' her own sarcasm dripped from the honey-sweet ring to her words. She peered into his eyes, their bloodshot nature becoming so apparent and a glaring noticeable feature for the first time today.

She stopped in her tracks, having already closed most of the distance he was trying to create between them. She didn't have the heart to back away, as a deduction snaked around her thoughts, choking the life out of the moment. She teetered on her tip-toes, and hesitated. 'I'll make sure the cloak finds its way back to you.' she whispered, impassively, as though it was an after thought. Her spine tingling with some inexplicable sensation.

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And when I am deceased
At least I go down to the grave
And die happily

The onset was so sudden. While it wasn’t as bad as it was the first time he woke up as a Vampire, this urge was the second worst thing to that. He had to wonder if it was because of sheer amount of blood around him. Numerous cultists lay around them, some already dead, and several bleeding to their death. But, strangely, the burning desire was very particular. It was less about the need for any blood to sate his hunger, but the need for Akira’s.

She didn’t make matters easy. As he stepped away, she followed, closing the distance he put between them. Did she not realize the need for the distance, or did she know and not care? It didn’t matter. He had to find the strength to leave before he completely loses control. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Her getting so close to him—and the whispering—was enough to push him off the edge. He couldn’t care about anything else at that moment. Her blood was all that mattered.

In a swift embrace, he held her tightly against him as his teeth attempted to penetrate the side of her neck. Thankfully, he couldn’t succeed. An invisible force prevented his teeth from sinking into her skin. Of course! How could he forget that golden orb of hers? He broke away from her in a jerk of a motion, snapping out of his instinct. Without a word, he transformed into his raven form and flew away. Selfishly, he was glad she left his faction; after this, he wouldn’t have been able to face her every day.


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Akira Shimada
 Leave the body and my soul
to be a part of thee  

And then it happened. The gesture was so sudden and her flight and fight response was so subdued given that the perpetrator was Tsuru, she just stood there frozen. Surprised at the trust she betrayed, because she'd come to realize that as she shuddered softly, given the eeriness of the moment, she had also cocked her head slightly to the side, almost as though she wanted to give him the access he craved. Like silent consent for what happened next.

Luckily, nothing happened. Nothing except the stark realization of what he wanted, that he would take it and that somehow, she'd find herself offering it too... The moment was too short for her to analyse. Before she could make heads or tails of it all, a flurry of feathers popped in front of her and Tsuru took on his bird form and flew away.

Her head tilted backwards now, watching him soar away. Their paths would cross again, she knew of it. Regardless of what either of them wanted, fate had braided their destinies together in a strange way. She wondered what compelled him to leave her. Since he'd not actually succeeded, was there really a reason to allow it to come between them? That was hardly the only thing between them anyways, so perhaps it was for the best. Maybe this would allow for her to find redemption; to allow him the luxury to falter and yet, not allow that to take away from the blatant trust she had in him. Once she could no longer make out his form and he disappeared into the darkness, she began finding her way back.


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