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Train with me (mission/Solo)

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Train with me (mission/Solo)   Empty Sat May 11, 2019 2:11 pm

Grace had recently looked up at the job boards to see whether there was a job for her that would not require her to do any labor, like she had done before at Hargeon. Gosh...Hargeon. What a horrid place for Grace. A place that Grace could not believe she could ever be at. She couldn't believe that the lord of it, were even helping those fools. They couldn't even handle it all on their own. They had to get help from someone of higher power. Those idiots...well anyways, she was away from that town for now. She didn't expect to be there for a while either, at least not until she is strong enough to do something of higher quality over there.

So, asides from that, she had chosen a job to train with a poor girl with barely any experience with the physicality of being a true soldier. Although Grace wasn't that physically trained herself, she could still hold her own. This poor girl, however, has been taking 2 years trying to get herself into combat school, and yet she has failed every time. Grace actually felt remorse for this low tiered girl. Although she was of middle class, she actually has been working really hard. It just seemed as though she was just having a hard time. It wasn't her fault that she hasn't been given the proper training to grow to be a good soldier. So, that was what Grace was going to do today. She was going to pass on what she had learned from her private tutors, and give her knowledge onto the woman. After all, Grace needed these connections if she was ever going to be a famous noble/hero.

So, as she walked through the forest, she looked around to see where the girl was. It was weird to have taken up a job and have the girl be late to her own request. Grace was wondering if this girl was actually fit enough to be able to handle her training. After all, if someone couldn't even be on time for something they planned, then what credibility does that give her to train them.

As Grace waited there, she heard rustling coming from a bush a bit away. As she kept her guard, thinking this might've been a trap, and that she shouldn't have trusted a low classed idiot, she saw that it was just the girl. She seemed to be panting as she looked over at Grace and explained to her everything she had went through to get to the forest. She said that there was multiple problems that happened. None that should've worried Grace. So, the girl debriefed Grace, so that she was caught up to her situation, and then told Grace what sort of exercises the both of them would be doing that day. Grace listened in, as she heard that they would be doing a running drill through this forest. Grace looked at her, and did a very gentle smile, showing that she agreed with her.

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Train with me (mission/Solo)   Empty Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:52 pm

Grace watched as the girl began to run as fast as she could. However, her fastest didn't seem to be that fast at all. Although Grace was behind her, it was because she was doing her best to reserve her energy. The things she had learned from her private tutors, was that it was best to reserve your energy, so that you could last longer in battle. For the girl to lay it all out like that, was idiotic. It was no wonder she hadn't passed any of her tests.

With this in mind, she completely stopped as she said to the girl with a stern voice, "You need to conserve your energy. You'll never become a soldier if you use it all up like that. Soldiers need to be durable, and fight for long spans of time. If you lay it all out before the fight even begins, then you will surely be dead within seconds." Grace knew exactly how to speak, meaning that she used the right inflections on the right words, while increasing her volume to lead up to the main point. This tactic allowed her to put some fear into her client. It was obvious that Grace's words struck the girl hard, but if they didn't, then she wouldn't be any better than how she was before.

So, as Grace looked over the girl, she said to her once more, "Now then, get that petrified look off your face and continue on with your training. I know that you have a lot of dedication in you. You just need to use it wisely." Grace had started to get a bit more vulnerable in that moment. Though, whether it was the girl herself, or Grace's weakness spreading, she had to cut it away and focus on the mission. She wasn't going to let anything stop her from upholding her family's name.

As the two of them dashed through the forest, the girl tried to speak up, but the intimidation methods Grace used before seemed to shut the girl up. Grace had no doubt that the girl wanted to spill her life's story. After all, that was what most commoners wanted. They always loved to share their hopes, dreams, and hardships. Things that Grace hated to hear about. She never understood why the poor were the way they were, and maybe she was starting to understand why. However, she was stubborn in her ways, and decided to revert back to her idea that they weren't good enough to reach their dreams in the first place.

These thoughts were only further confirmed as her client tripped over a log, face planting into the floor. While it wasn't that surprising, Grace was impressed with how the girl was able to go on for so long. She didn't show too much promise before, but now, Grace believed that the girl would make a fine soldier one day. Once she did, Grace would already have a perfect connection to further her goal of spreading her family's name. Until then, she would help the flustered girl up, and receive her reward for helping. As the girl thanked Grace, she smiled and nodded, walking towards the outer rims of the forest.

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