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For the Future [Foot Travel -> Magnolia]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

For the Future [Foot Travel -> Magnolia] Empty Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:56 pm

The day began much like it normally did. The people of the village Val named Erico were up and starting their day. Women tended to the gardens as they began to flourish. Quickly the patchy grass was becoming greener by the day. The men did whatever else needed to be done; hunting, house-fixing, training even helping the women. Vali walked with Troy by his side. Ever since Troy spoke to him about guilds he just wouldn't leave the topic alone. A couple of times the young viking lord had to tell his friend to stop but Troy was eager to know what Vali intended on doing. The duo walked from the young Lord's home together, greeting all the people that acknowledged their presence. Little did these people know that today was the day Vali would be leaving and moving deeper into Fiore. "Today is the day, aye?" A simple nod was enough to answer that question. He had hoped by not verbally responding Troy wouldn't say what he didn't want him to say, but of course he was mistaken. "What guild is it going to be, Vali." Vali simply ignored him until Troy grabbed him by the arm and forced him to turn around. To the elf's surprise Troy was angered. "You know you may think what you know what you're doing but I can see that you don't. You're going to be the reason we all die before anything is achieved. This is exactly how your broth-" Vali couldn't even allow him to finish before balling his fist and slamming it into his nose, causing a crack sound to pop loud enough for those around to hear.

Troy fell to the ground holding his nose. What he said was punishable by death if The young lord wished. He closed his right hand, conjuring a magic circle before a dagger appeared in it and quickly knelt down to place it on Troy's neck. The blonde headed viking glared at Vali, frustration blinding him but Vali's dagger making his vision clear again. The elf had enough of Troy questioning nearly every decision he made. He was the leader, he was the Lord of everything that was here. It was him that unified two groups.

"Disrespect me or my brother again and I'll sacrifice you to the gods. I'm going to Fairy Tail, the light guild. My decision is final. If you want to leave and go to Phantom Lord then you are welcome to do that but if you do... you will become my enemy." Vali stepped back as his dagger vanished. Troy pushed himself up angrily before stepping closer towards his lord. "At least there I'll be safe." Troy responded. The blonde headed man walked past Vali and out of the gate not saying another word. Just like that the friendship between to men who made bonds as boys was no more. Vali sighed, biting his lip as he watched Troy leave. Now that the people were already watching this was the perfect time to make the announcement.

"Today, I move deeper into Fiore... into their society." The people sighed, moaned, and sucked their teeth in disagreement. "I am going to join a guild known as Fairy Tail for protection against the Fioran government." The people continued to complain. Vali's head dropped with a shake before sucking his teeth and lifting his head again. "Look, I know you all don't see why this is necessary but I promise you that it is. Joining a guild will further secure our safety. There is a chance that they already know we're here, we do not want them to believe that we are here to cause trouble. Joining Fairy Tail is a decision that I made. While I'm there I'll also be working to find out anything I can on who killed my brother."

Naturally the people still didn't understand. Some got it, but for the most part a lot of the people were definitely going to feel abandoned by their leader but Vali was doing what he had to do. For a moment they talked amongst themselves, some of them shouting and asking who will lead. "Bunda! Come here." Vali called out. Bunda was a pretty big and muscular man in his late 40s. He was commanded by Tristan Onfroy to keep an eye on Val but now he was going to be in charge until the Desiertan returned. Bunda approached the young lord.
"Yes M'lord."
"You are in charge until I return. I trust you just as my father would, don't let me down." The man nodded. "And if anyone sees Troy...have him killed for treason." The crowd seemed surprised at their leaders words. He meant all of them. "The four of you, come with me." he pointed to his warriors as they approached their leader. "We're going on a road trip."

With that he walked away and began traveling through Worth Woodsea to find Fairy Tail guild with four of his men. From his conversation with Zimnus it was in Magnolia Town, one of the more popular towns in Fiore. The trip was long and walking would take days considering he had to walk through many different towns to even get to magnolia. Through his travels he found out a number of thing. For starters apparently there was an ongoing demon invasion. As of now it seemed to only be effecting some of the towns so Worth Woodsea was out of range. Perhaps that was because life thrived mainly in these towns and not the forests. He also learned the name of Fiore's "police force"; "Rune Knights". And he also learned that the Holy Knights were pretty much a religious form of Rune Knights. After all of that, Finally he had arrived in Magnolia.

- Enter Magnolia -

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