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New Doors Open

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

New Doors Open Empty Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:23 pm

In just a matter of two days the village was beginning to look lively. At least more lively than how Vali Onfroy found it. With troy by his side, and 3 warriors trailing behind them, the young viking lord was ready to meet Zimnus and his leader. Finally the two leaders from two groups of people would meet face to face. Val walked slowly from within the village closer to his home, to the entrance where gates stood as the first line of defense. As he strolled through the sun kissed village, he was happy to see his people working on their homes. Earlier Val had did his part in helping his people. Since he was the only one out of everyone who could use magic, it was only fair for him to use his god given abilities to help his people.  "I've heard a lot about these Neko people. I hope we're doing the right thing." Val at first isn't acknowledge Troy's words, but the closer they got to the entrance the harder it was for him not to speak. "You seem to question a lot of my decisions, brother." The Desertian didn't bother to look his friend in the face. Instead he walked confidently not really caring if Troy responded or not. The blonde headed man shook his head. "I only think it is wiser if you talk to me about such arrangements. We are a team, no?"

Vali's eyes caught 7 figures at the gates, stopped by two warriors awaiting their lords command. "We are a team, Troy but I am heir to Skaal... you forget that often, brother."
"I do not, Val. I just want you to know that you are not alone, aye?"
"Don't worry, I know." Vali turned towards his warriors both eyes locked on the Neko's in front of them. 4 meters away from the gate, the Viking lord commanded his men to open it. A gold furred Neko with a huge orange mane stepped forward with an attire that looked rather tribal. A crown made of teeth circled his head as a cloth of some kind covered his bottom half. Beside the Lion Neko was Zimnus with a devilish smirk. 5 guards trailed behind the two nekos and at first it was completely silent. The two groups of men stared each other down for about 20 seconds.

"You must be Vali Onfroy, Lord of Skaal. I am Leonus. I've heard great things about you from my very trustworthy friend and advisor, Zimnus." Troy glanced at the black Neko known as Zimnus, then at Vali. The half elf raised an eyebrow before darting his eyes towards Zimnus who bowed lightly. Leonus extended his hand. "Did you?" he asked hoping for he Lion to continue while shaking his hand.
"Yes. Zimnus here told me that when he first defeated those wolves, a large group of bandits tried to kill him but you stopped them ALL by yourself. Zimnus is our greatest fighter, yet he claims that you are even stronger than him." Vali chuckled. I didn't know that Zimnus thought so highly of me. Gratitude. I was trained by the best warriors in all of earthland. I have warriors, enough to raid your village if I so wish...but lucky for you...I do not wish to do so." Leonus turned towards Zimnus with a smirk, probably believing that he was luckier than he actually was. Zimnus simply remained quiet and nodded. "Let us talk over a feast." Vali decided.

"Hehe, I could use a hefty meal, I'm starving!" Leonus strolled beside Vali as they walked towards his home, talking about random things like worth woodsea, and Fiore- nothing too important just yet. Meanwhile Troy and Zimnus trailed behind their leaders. "Warrior? Hahaha!" Troy teased making it obvious that he knew things about him that he thought only Vali would know. With his arms crossed the Neko turned to Troy. "And yet I am still more powerful than you." he hissed as the they all entered Vali's home.

#2Vali Onfroy † 

New Doors Open Empty Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:18 pm

In total there were about 12 men. However, not all of them would enter. "Bring us food. Meat mostly- oh and Ale." He told one of his guards. The rest of Vali's and Leonus' guards stood outside Vali's home while the two duos entered. Before Vali tended to this place it was pretty much already shaped up as if this home was previously more important than the others. Out of all the homes this one suffered the least. It's shape was still intact and most of the belongings were in good shape too. All the young elf really had to do was dust off the chairs and what seemed to be a throne. Of course whoever the leader was before this place went to shit remained in this home. The lord of Skall took his place on the large chair, Troy trailing behind him and standing at his side. Leonus and Zimnus both sat on the benches only a few feet away from the vikings.

"So. Lord Leo-"
"Chief. Chief Leonus..."
"Chief Leonus. I know you are familiar with Worth Woodsea. How much land do you own at the moment?" Leonus looked at Zimnus then back at Vali before opening his mouth to speak. "Currently I own a village spreading over 400 acres of land. My fathers father was one of the first settlements here. Since my time as Chief I have increased our land by 100 acres. It took some time considering we were up against werewolves but we managed to do it." Vali nodded. "And your army?" "Well our Army has had a bit of a shortage. We're not very good fighters-" "But our numbers are unmatched. Granted we aren't adept at fighting, we do have many other talents and things to offer. We're hunter gatherers, slick on our feet, quiet to the step." Vali scratched his chin. He glanced over at Troy who had his eyes glued to both Neko's. "But if your men are shit fighters, what does it matter? We could send our warriors and raid your entire village, take everything you own and go about our days, aye?" Leonus' eyes widened. The Chief began to stutter as his words wouldn't come out. It suddenly made sense why Zimnur was able to rise in the ranks so quickly. "That would be silly. Of course you'd probably win but it isn't worth the lives of both our people and yours. It would still be war and people would still die. We cannot offer you a strong army just yet, that is something we are working on but from the looks of things you could use a vast amount of land. We have food, supplies, everything you'd need to live."

The four of them engaged in conversation. Talking more along the lines of how Vali hoped to eventually build something great upon these lands for his people to thrive on. The guard finally return with food, enough for them all to eat comfortably and enjoy the meal. The conversation continued over the meal. The Desertan Elf expressed that Iceberg was only getting worse and becoming harder to live on so Worth Woodsea was where hope had brought them. Somehow the conversation took a turn and they began to talk about Fiore in generally. That conversation eventually led to the talk of magic, the gods, Illumin and guilds. Zimnus shed light on what guilds were which peaked Vali's interests for one reason or another. "So these guilds, you say they are the home to people who can use magic, aye?" "Indeed."
"And joining one ensures your safety? Meaning the members of this guild will become your people and fight for you?"
"It's not like a kingdom, Lord Vali. They don't fight for you, they fight with you. Some guilds have certain rules and laws to follow. For example, Phantom Lord is a guild located in Oak town- not too far from here, however, it is a dark guild. Most of the people there only care about power and partake in illegal things. They're considered enemies to the government more or less. Then you have light guilds light Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail. Those guilds are known for doing good things. Lamia Scale is mostly favored for their weirdo folk, Blue Pegasus for their beautiful people and Fairy Tail for their brute power."
"Does joining one of these guilds mean you serve the person in charge?"
"No, not exactly. The person in charge is mainly responsible for the guild hall where the members go to get quests and hangout. You're not inclined to follow the leader but they are extremely powerful and will either kick you out, or kill you if you don't follow their laws." Vali nodded in understanding. Troy watched his friend. He knew exactly what was going through his head right now.

"Let us get back to business. You have yet to tell me what you want in return, Chief Leonus. We speak about what you can offer me but we haven't had word of what I can offer you." Boom. That was the bomb they were waiting for. The chief cleared his throat and stood. "All I ask for is the protection of your army. In the instance that any invaders try to harm us, you will come to our aid. You give us that and today, right now we will become your people. I will kneel to you and you will be my lord." Troy leaned over to whisper in Vali's ear as he held his cup of ale. "That would be a waste of our army, Vali you know that. If they're as weak as they say why not take their land anyway, that way we don't have to worry about anyone-"
"This is not Iceberg, Troy." he began with a glare towards his friend. "I will not have anymore senseless killing when we could make friends of these people. Don't you want to live? We can't just go around killing everyone." He said in Icebergan. With that, Troy nodded.

"Done." Upon hearing that, Zimnus stood with a smile. Both the chief and Zimnus knelt to Vali. "You will have no regrets, my lord."

#3Vali Onfroy † 

New Doors Open Empty Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:56 pm

1 Hour later

The Neko chief and Zimnus along with his men have finally left. After speaking for another hour and talking politics, Vali had gained a tribe under his influence. He was sure that the Neko's would prove themselves useful, especially now that Vali was their leader's leader. In a sense, he was a king but placing that title on himself before it was actually true would only result in backfire. The viking Lord watched as the Neko's left on foot. He knew exactly how long it'd take them to get home because he'd been there. Of course the Chief had no idea that he was the Bandit who killed his men only a few days before. After they were out of sight, the half elf turned to walk back towards his home. Today would be a rest day for him, especially since he had a lot to think about. He was more or less intrigued about this whole guild thing and began to think that maybe joining a Light guild was the type of positive exposure he could use.

"I know what you are thinking Vali." Troy simply said. "And let me guess, you disagree?" Vali asked. "I know that you will do what you think is right for all of us." "But do you disagree?" Troy silenced himself for a split moment. "Well, it depends on which one you join..." "What would be your suggestion?" "The Phantom one-" "Of course..." "Vali you cannot forget why we came here- why you were so set on coming. This is about your brother. Nobody will accept raiders in this country. The gods forsake this place can't you see that? If you are to join one of those guilds it has to be one that will aid us when we battle the Fiorians for your brother. It has to be a guild that will accept our culture, accept you-" "Troy, this sin't just about revenge for my brother. This is more than that. This will decision will shed light on our people in the future to come. If I do good here and my name begins to rise don't you think they are more incline to accept our people?" "You are not thinking clearly. When they find out who you are they won't give a fuck about the good you have done for them, that is how they are. What of avenging your brother? After you do all that good you will then wage war? By then your light guild will not stand behind you. They are friends of the government." Vali didn't say a word. Admittedly Troy was right. Phantom Lord was a dark guild, they'd be the ones to stand behind him if he actually was to oppose the government of Fiore for killing his brother. The viking lord wanted his people to be able to prosper in this country though. He wanted them to be accepted and he didn't want to build a bad reputation just to provide a source of income- that wasn't who he was. "Joining a light guild will put their guard down-" "Or make them raise their guard."
"I do not intend on leaving in the days to come, so let us not speak on this topic anymore. For now I want to be in my own home, leave me."
"Tuh... Sure." Troy stopped in his tracks as Vali entered his home. This conversation was over.

- EXIT -

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