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Bandit Act

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Bandit Act  Empty Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:40 pm

The winds grew more fearsome as the young Viking Lord arose from his slumber. His journey to where he now opened his eyes wasn't long nor tiresome, however it was extremely boring. The trip was worth it though because last night after leaving the Neko, he rediscovered a settlement supposedly built by Icebergans. When he arrived the place was barely alive. The wooden homes were battered and mostly distraught. The Land was poor in beauty. He wondered what happened to all those that lived here before but unfortunately there was only rumors of what may have occurred. Some believe that the people who settled here completely renounced the Satri gods, this was their getaway from the brutal barren lands of Iceberg and became apart of the Fioran society somewhere down the line. However, there was also a chance that Fiorans wiped them out. Icebergans were hardly accepted because of their reputation. People believed them to be savages and pagans who worshipped false gods.

Vali himself was entirely fine with that image. He loved the Satri gods as they loved him. It wasn't Illumin who kept him warm during the hazardous storms that raided Iceberg, it was the Satri gods. Besides, being feared wasn't necessarily a bad thing right? The half-elf rubbed his eyes before standing up. He dusted his clothes off and left one of the wooden homes standing in the middle of the village for a moment. The sun beamed directly onto his body. Today was specifically a very hot day, usually that meant it would rain eventually. Having achieved his goal, he could return back to his people and bring them here with all their belongings. It wasn't much but if everyone worked together they could fix this place up and make it livable again. Val counted about 30 homes spread across the patchy grassland. "This will work." he whispered to himself before slowly turning to make his journey home. If he moved quickly he could return a bit past midday. So he walked...  

Fiore was beautiful. Vali truly had no words as he walked through the forest, embracing the songs of creatures small and big. Weather like this was impossible In Iceberg. "What were you thinking brother?" he said to himself with a sigh. Thinking about his brother and his journey in Fiore. Part of him liked to remember his brother because he loved him, but another part of him liked to remind himself not to make the same mistakes he his brother did.

Vali walked and eventually made it back to where h departed Zimnus. If Zimnus was here it would only be because he knew Vali was coming. Although he didn't know much about the man he could easily tell that it was't wise to trust him. Vali was smarter than him though, being allies with someone he could manipulate would make being here so much easier. He wasn't sure what Zimnus and his people could provide for him yet but they would undoubtedly figure something out. And of course he's here... he thought as he saw that black furred Neko up ahead. Zimnus waved with a devilish smirk as Vali moved towards him.

"Vali, such a pleasure running into you again."
"We agreed to meet in two days. What do you want?"
"Oh? Well, I guess there's no need for formal conversation then." Vali stared at the Neko, waiting for him to get to the point. Obviously he wanted something from the elf, perhaps it was another enemy he needed help in dealing with. Zimnus sighed as if he felt bad about what he was about to say but Val was smart enough to know that it was all an act. All the cat was doing was lying to himself. "After killing those wolves I was renamed leader of my people's security. While that is a pretty big feat, I need to level up one more time to become closer to the elders and our leader. As of now he doesn't take me as serious as I would like him to s-"
"Just tell me what it is you want from me, Zimnus." Vali demanded impatiently. Zimnus smirked with a chuckle before nodding.
"You dress up as a bandit, beat all the lookouts and guards, then, when you face me you intentionally lose." he said proudly as if he just came up with the greatest idea of all time. For a moment Vali remained quiet. He couldn't believe how much of a scum this Neko was. Hell Vali was almost against agreeing, he just had to make sure that this was all worth it.
"How will this help you rise in the rank? What title do you wish to hold by doing this?"
"Second in command of the entire clan. I'd have direct control over our army and have influence over the clan leader. He's already extremely gullible, by making me appear like the man who knows what's best I'm sure I can...make things happen." Vali remained silent for a moment. He took in all that his ally said. They had an arrangement to meet in two days to discuss the terms of their alliance but perhaps right now he could create the terms. If Zimnus really wanted power as bad as he made it seem, then the Desiertan might be able to make something work.

"I do this on one condition..."
"Of course, anything for a friend."
"You convince your leader....to kneel before me and accept me as his superior." Zimnus' eyes widened as he moved closer towards Vali. He expressed that that was near impossible. Apparently his leader would never kneel to someone he didn't know.
"Tell him that we have an army coming soon, and if he refuses that I will tell him the truth about Zimnus... then I will kill you all." Zimnus frowned, biting his lip. He was taking everything into consideration, weighing his options and trying to think of a way he could make this happen. If he simply told the viking that he didn't want him to do the bandit act then this would be easier on him but Zimnus desperately wanted power. Fortunately for the young viking Lord Zimnus extended his hand for a shake. "Fine. You get ready and I'll go back and plant the seed in my leaders brain right now. When this is done and I beat you, I'll convince him how important having you as an ally is. He'll see how weak our security is and feel pressured. When we meet in two days, he'll bend the knee."

Vali nodded and shook the Neko's hand with a smile. The Neko handed him the location of his village and then the two separated. Tonight he would make it there, do what it was that needed to be done and be off.

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#2Vali Onfroy † 

Bandit Act  Empty Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:14 pm

Vali stood looking outward towards the seas as his people all began to gather their belongings. The sun was setting, but it was moving quickly which meant by the time they were all brought to their new home it would be night time. This was a good time to move, granted as soon as he came back he should have commanded everyone to get moving, he thought he could use a break before moving again. "This place, is it really worth the travel?" Troy quietly stepped up from behind his leader and friend. A once focused Vali broke his gaze from the ocean and turned towards his friend. "The homes are survivable, we'll just have to work on fixing them up and the land will suffice...so I think it is worth it." Vali stated with a smile. He moved a bit closer to troy and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I will escort you all to the new settlement and then I will depart for the night." Troy's eyes widened just a bit as he wondered what Vali could be leaving for. "Why?" Vali's smile grew larger as if he hit the jackpot or something. "I've met a tribe of Neko's...and they're going to kneel to me." Troy's eyes nearly bulged from his head as he widely smiled. The two of them laughed together. "You fucker, I knew you gone out to cause trouble or somethin'! Fuck the gods, how'd you do it?!" Vali simply shrugged before ignoring the question. The Viking lord removed his hand and stepped passed his friend.

"Okay! time to move on, follow me!" He shouted to his people as they all began to gather around and move on to the next location.

2 Hours Later

The people of Skaal looked around. Some were confused, some were disappointed and many others seemed to be excited. Vali announced that the biggest home all the way at the end was to be his home. He ordered each family to take a home and ordered Troy to make sure they were given out appropriately. Vali himself made a silent and quick exit. He had some business to take care of.

Vali quickly gathered his cloak and scarf to wrap around his face. He stripped himself of his red jacket and wrapped the cloak around himself before easily slipping away with none of his people looking. Some of them began to attempt to fix their homes with the moonlight and torches. Women settled in and everyone was becoming comfortable with their current situation. It wasn't a big achievement but finding this old Icebergic village inspired hope that the gods would give him wisdom. Vali wanted to be someone who his people aspired to me like. He wanted to be admired and that meant that he had to be the best leader he could be.

Right now being the best leader he could be meant making this cat dude look better than he actually was. Vali quickly began to move through the forest, running at max speed through the forest while following the directions on the map in his hand. He had to hurry so that this could all be over soon. Fortunately he was also in the mood for a fight so he hoped these Neko guards were better fighters than Zimnus. The young viking lord moved swiftly for about twenty minutes. Up ahead he began to see the area where the Neko's were. Vali nearly couldn't believe what he saw. The first things his eyes laid on were not his enemies, it was the village itself. The houses were in the trees, the roots and bark purposely used. All in all the place was beautiful. It didn't take long for the Elf to snap back into character. Firstly he began by leaping onto a tree just before the entrance of the village where he saw two guards in the trees on look about about 15 meters away.

Vali needed to get closer without being spotted. One guard was a bit higher than the other. Each of them were on different sides and faced different ways to ensure the villages safety. Vali was quicker than most folks though, even without the use his powers he could dart around undetected by using the branches and roots to his advantage. All he needed to do was get a little bit closer to the higher god, take him out silently, then sneak the second. There was a chance that by the time he went to sneak the second he'd be seen and alert the rest of the look-outs so he had to be ready. He didn't want to kill anybody but if doing so meant protecting his own identity then he'd do just that. If he was seen then there was no way that he could get their leader to kneel.

With one big breath, Vali moved. Quickly he lunged from where he was. He leapt across to land on a mother tree that would bring him 5 meters closer to the one higher up. Just as he soared through the air the lookout snapped his head towards the Onfroy's direction. Luckily he saw nobody. Val made it in time without being seen so he hid behind the giant trunk. This first one he would have to kill. There were no other trees to hide behind and moving back wouldn't make any sense. Vali closed his hand, creating a magic circle within it and conjuring a throwing knife. The moonlight brightened up the area. This would make it especially hard for him to get a view quick enough without being noticed. Oh well...

The young lord revealed himself though the first one to see him would be the man higher than the other lookout. Quickly he threw the knife as it traveled quickly to pierce the man in his neck just as he noticed Val. Unfortunately for him he wouldn't be able to alert his mate. The lookout's body became limp. Just as he fell, Vali lunged towards the other lookout. The Neko guard was too busy seeing his partner fall that he wasn't able to physically respond to Val quick enough. The viking landed on the second lookout, pushing him to the ground. "Say a word and you die." He warned as the lookout paused. "In-" he attempted. "I warned you." Val said as he pressed his fingers into the mans eyes, pushing hard until his eyeballs fell to the back of his head and the inside of his eyesocktets popped. Tears of blood streamed down the dead cat's face.

Another lookout stood about 20 feet away from where Vali was. Glaring at the Neko, he backed up and turned away, yelling for Zimnur to come and help. This was the moment of truth. Vali stood and began slowly walking deeper into the tree village. People began to turn on their lights and peer out their windows, eyes gazing upon the murderous bandit known to none but Zimnur as Vali Onfroy. Zimnur didn't take long to meet Vali. The black cat slowly approached him before looking around. Vali waited. "How dare you come into my village and harm my people, bandit! I am Zimnur, protector of these people. I will not allow you to hurt anybody else." He ended his small skit. Zimnur nodded slightly at Vali who had no idea when to start. "oh now?" He whispered confused. Zimnur grunted with a nod before attacking Vali. The Neko lifted his hand.

Any other time the Viking would have easily dodged, for countered but for the greater good he closed his eyes and allowed the punch to land on his chin. "Gah!" he exclaimed. The punch wasn't strong enough to hurt a fly but Val had to pretend. Zimnur then punched his enemy in the stomach, then proceeded with a couple more jabs to the face and ended with a kick that actually hurt. The elf fell to his back as Zimnur approached. "Now, it's time for you to answer for your crimes." Vali knew then that the fight was over. Quickly he stood up before turning and leaping away. "You're way too strong for me!!
He shouted as he hurried away. "Don't even think about coming back, or next time won't be pretty!"

Later that night Zimnus met up with Vali before paying him and promising to meet up with him with his leader in two days. Vali gave Zimnus new coordinates to the village he rediscovered and was on his way.
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