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Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo)

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Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:48 am

Each peaceful day and moment seemed to not change the quiet well mannered Waylon. Walking about himself as he normally did while things where rather low populated time of day in the area, which he realize he needed to work on maybe he could find some one while he was roaming about to help with this problem, If they did not think wrong of him trying to work on these skills. But who would be an interesting question so Waylon quietly humming a song to himself while he was roaming about.

One of the many songs his mother use to sing, But he forgot the words to it, which if was ever brought up he would feel rather embarassed about it. He was also using these moments to think out what other kinds of tea that he could get, buy to make for other people. After all the Fairy tail mage still was rather simple and happy with such easy things in life as well.
But in the end, he would figure it out eventually but he did not mind having the times to think. He realize as well he should eventually try and do mage things because he was bad remembering he was still one. Eventually he would get back on that maybe just once he go a few other things done he wished. As well as the fact he wa enjoying himself a lot more then he first assumed,

Even if he really was not gaining much money from it it was more for the joy of it.
It was still at least sometimes in people would start and continue their days as normal, much like
Waylon was himself, just he seemed rather content about happy also looking around at the people as they did these kind of places were still different to him, at least from what he remembered.

#2Varjo Ozoulf 

Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:15 am

Varjo Ozoulf
Varjo had been in the country for a little while and still getting used to things. The language barrier was thick still and only understood certain words. The Icebergian to Fiorian book her father given her stood in her side pocket. It was helpful to understand the whole Fiorian language. She sat in a small, less populated of the town. It was starting to become warmer with the aroma of spring around the corner. Grass began to grow the strong green of spring as the plants began sprout.

Varjo had not seen her father since they met for dinner just the first week she had been here. He was out going on missions. One thing that stuck in his mind was to join a guild. A place she could call home and start anew with her life. Lying on the ground, looking at the trees and their bare branches. A few had begun to sprout leaves and blossoms.

She begun to sing a song she heard from others in her small tribe back in Iceberg. It was a soothing lullaby sung to children to help them sleep. Her mother sung this quite often.

"Pais Dinogad sydd fraith, fraith, O groen y bela y mae'i waith.

Translation: Dinogad's shift is speckled, speckled,
It was made from the pelts of martens

"`Chwí! Chwí!' Chwibanwaith.
Gwaeddwn ni, gwaeddant hwy - yr wyth gaeth.
Pan elai dy dad di i hela"

Translation: `Wee! Wee!' Whistling.
We call, they call, the eight in chains.
When your father went out to hunt

She sung with a beautiful melody as she closed her eyes. Picturing her homeland and her people, her mother and Lydia. She missed them two so much! She really knew no one here. Only meeting very few and those enounters were rash and harsh. This whole country was lonely to her.

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Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:48 pm

It seemed his quiet moments he would catch something into his interest. A new kind of singing it was extremely interesting to Waylon to hear then again because it was something new and interesting, like his curious child like mind was thinking of it wanted to know who was singing, What language it was.

So he had nothing else really happening, maybe it could lead to some new and interesting. But also trying to be a bit hidden about it mostly because it also made situation like this weird in some manner in his mind so guess this case he would be working on it.

He was also trying to figure out if he knew what was being sung, Which he realized he didn't but he would be interested in asking now, but he was figuring out how to word it in his mind. But maybe it would be worth the risk, maybe it would backfire one of the two he had to keep in mind.

So walking towards the sound of singing out of his interest. As his thinking was rather clear and getting more settled because he was getting less nervous but still unsure of himself as he normally does.

But Waylon finally settled himself when he finally found what he wanted to find. So far it seemed like it could be an interesting and new experience. So diving into like he wanted to try he would finally just say."That is a wonderful singing voice you have miss."Waylon said politely to her but he was not overly rude because he did realize he did not introduce himself quiet yet."Hello, My name  is Waylon Karlinius I am currently a Mage of Fairy Tail." Which he mention with a small smile on his face about it, He was trying with this at least.

#4Varjo Ozoulf 

Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Sat May 04, 2019 12:57 am

Varjo Ozoulf
Varjo jumped a little by being surprised by a stranger. Her blue eyes looked over to see a young man who had heard her singing. She gave a warm smile and with her best Firoian smile gave a little bow of her head. "Oh why thank you! I don't do it too often" she replied.

He introduced himself as Waylon. She was about to reply when she heard the word Fairy Tail. That's what caught her attention. She heard great things about the guild from her father, rushing her to join and make some friends. Cause lets face it, Varjo has no friend in Fioire other than her own family. Even that was scare.

"Fairy Tail you say? I heard good things from my father it. My name is Varjo Ozoulf" she spoke with her thick accent. She held out her hand and smiled.

The white haired woman was already hooked to this man. Not for his looks, but with his connection with Fairy Tail The interest about that guild perked her a lot more. She wanted to know what that guild was like and to see if it was something she would be interested in. "Tell me Wyalon, what is your guild like? I am looking to join" she spoke.

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Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Sat May 04, 2019 1:50 pm

Alas here is now hoping he would not mess anything else when trying to say other names, Keeping that thought while he shook her hand that she had offered him."Well Fairy Tail is always an interesting bunch of people, My fellow guild members are quite wild bunch and always in some manner rough but well meaning."Waylon mentioned to start off with. "Members are always to happy to see one another and try to treat one another like family in some manner."Waylon also added to it as well.

Hoping in his mind that he explained it well enough, Fairy Tail was still many wonders to him mostly because he went into it in varying different manner then most."If that is the case Varjo, I am sure not only would I think personally you would be welcomed, I am sure everyone would enjoy seeing a new face."He was sure of it and sounded like he was even excited about it.

"It would be fun with some interesting adventures, If you don't mind loud drunks as well and sometimes bar fights as well."He figured it covered all of the bases of it. But the thought of him bringing a new member into fairy tail seemed to excite him. Then again a lot of simple things make him happy being content about being that kind of simple nature.

Waylon given how he was acting almost sounded like he was in the wrong guild, But given how he mentioned of them, He was giving her an honest answer, like even if there is some kind of negative part of it a man like Waylon would still try to be in it."I am sure you can even join more sooner rather then later too."Waylon made sure to point out."I would be willing to take you to sign up myself if you wish." Mentioning it was starting of the things he would tend to do for people, He was well meaning with that.

#6Varjo Ozoulf 

Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Thu May 09, 2019 2:29 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
The Icebergian woman's eyes lit up with a huge smile. She clapped her hands together and shook her head. "Could you please? I want to join as soon as possible" she smiled, ready for another adventure.

Her overall goal was to start a blank slate here in Fiore. She was away from her home and was quite homesick. Anything to remind her of the warm and happy smiles at the bars in her village and singing folk songs with her best friend. She missed having that in her life. To have it recreated was more tempting towards the woman

"What do I have to do? Some sort of test or essay, I am not good with Fiore langauge, but I will try" she smiled widely at Waylon. She got up really excited. "I miss having that kind of enviroment. People back at home in my village would drink and sing folk songs all night, every night. I miss that warm, comforting enviroment" she spoke. The thoughts of the old days really made her smile, it was her goal to be near family. Reason why she moved down here, where it was warmer and she hated it, but it was home now.

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He laugh in rather friendly manner."It is much easier then that my friend."Waylon mentioned and would explain since she was going to be a guild member."You simply go to Magnolia, the town Fairy Tail's guild hall is in,tell them you wish to join, You get a tattoo of the guild maker on your arm, That is it."That was it, That was all to it Waylon could not put it any better personally.

"Everyone has a point in the guild of misfits, I am sure even if your language of here isn't the greatest you will be fine."he also was making sure with that too because Waylon did in some manner want to see a soon to be guild member feel like they were welcome by him as well, Since he was bad at this he was happy he some how did not manage to screw up talking to some one.

"If you are use to such a place, Then you will be at home at the guild, I am a bit of the odd one myself since I am not use to such a place and group of people." He admitted but it showed he was trying to be honest about it."Yet if i knew before hand what i was getting myself into, I would not change it."He seemed so sure about it then with that he would eventually move on to making sure of one thing for Varjo.

"Do you know the way to Magnolia? Would you like me to help you if needed."He offered because he wanted to be sure, that was all Waylon was just being himself about it, He would not change even if some wanted him too, The bright and simple minded Waylon always was.

#8Varjo Ozoulf 

Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Fri May 10, 2019 10:20 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
It was relieving to know that she would not be the only misfit amongst a group. Perhaps someone there could speak her native language? The opportunies were priceless. Waylon seemed like a nice kid and perhaps a friend and comrade.

The Fairy Tail guild was somewhere she wanted to call home and a nice clean slate. She needed a place to call home without relying on her father. That was something that she refused to happen. Must be Icebergian pride going on there. "Good, I scared of what might become of myself if I did not pass that test" she spoke in her thick Icebergian accent. It was tough for her to talk in Fiorian language, she was still learning something new everyday.

It hit her. Did she know the way? It took her two months to even find where Orchidia was when she was in the next town over. Perhaps, it was okay to ask for help. Nervously, she scratched the back of her head with a nervous laughter. "Could you please take me there? I dont know way around Fiore" she asked Waylon politely.

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He just kind of laughed about it."Whomever told you their was a test was just messing around with you." Which he did not sound shocked about."But they are pron to making jokes like that."At least it showed Waylon would not try and not be too joking about these things like her, Waylon was a bit different and seemed like even with that he did fine where he was in Fairy Tail."So, It won't be that bad. I will help you with anything I can if needed." Waylon also might not be the best at it things.

"I am sure if you wanted some kind of test, They would make one up. But I think it is not needed myself."He meant that as a joke he was even laughing like he was having fun with that comment, Almost felt like he was unsure if should or not and it made Waylon nervous for a moment, could almost tell he had that tension on him and he was trying to fight it.

"I am more than willing to help you get there, I am more often then naught traveling even if it's just by myself then being around the guild so it would be simple."He would also add."Plus company on the travel would be nice for once."He mentioned like he was happy with the thought of having her join him, But still trying to fight that feeling or trying to not make it weird in his mind as well.

"I do travel by foot and stop only to sleep as well as maybe eat. If you are good with that plan or think we should do something else."He was making sure she was going with that travel plan."If we are no where around town while traveling I do carry a large tent and things to cook while camping."Waylon was a planner at least and point out what he did, Showed he was not just a ball or nerves and being unsure about himself, but at least making sure everything was okay.

#10Varjo Ozoulf 

Meeting of Different Worlds and Different Eyes(Varjo) Empty Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:58 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
A small sigh of relief washed over her. There were so many rumors and holes where people could give her false information, seeing she was foreign to the country. Varjo looked at Waylon. "I thank you, Waylon. Your words are comfort" she spoke. Getting up from her spot and holding out her hand ot help him up.

"Traveling by foot here nothing to Iceberg Mountains she replied with a smile. Her Firoian was broken but she tried her best to make it as clear as possible. The white haired woman hoped there were some people in this guild that were from Iceberg. She hoped to the gods that there was, it would make her anxiety so much better. Her father's advice was the best she has ever heard from him the years he as been away. Joining a guild would be the best bet of survival in this forgien country. "Is there anyone from Iceberg who is in your guild? I am just curious and I would enjoy traveling with you. That would be fantastic" she replied. The ice haired woman gave a warm smile despite her cold apperance. The frost colored hair was rare, but magic was mysterious.

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Waylon would take her hand to get up and try not to be a super nervous and scared small child because he was not use to the interaction. internally thinking to himself Don't mess this up! don't mess this up! don't mess this up.Getting up and rather happy himself that he did not react as he normally would do. internally in his mind he let out a sigh of relief.

"I am only honest as my mother made me, which is pretty much all of the time."He mentioned, but not was bragging or anything like most people would assume people would he just seemed to casually mention it. "But I follow the advice of mostly family who get me to chase my dreams." Most people would consider him a bit too clueless sometimes or his head was in the clouds.

Nonetheless he had a question to answer."I don't personally know anyone else in Fairy Tail...I joined and went out to collect tea."He laughed about it like he felt it was a bit of an odd thing to admit, But he still managed to throw off the embarrassment of it."Weird an ice mage loves tea.." He mentioned quietly himself before moving on.

"So, We might have one...or maybe one but I would have to meet the other members that isn't you."
Waylon mentioned like he counted Varjo as one already even with out the tattoo yet.

Waylon did not seem nervous or scared of Varjo at all from her appearance, It would be other things that Varjo might not know that could scared him but would not mention it.

Waylon seemed to start thinking about a few things. This would show how Waylon would prepare for the travel to the Guild."I have enough food, But the tent is enough for just one person..."Waylon mentioned like he felt it was a problem as well as he was trying to think around it."But that is fine, I can set it up and you can sleep in it."He had it planned out and was already being polite.


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