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The Cat Cried Wolf

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

The Cat Cried Wolf Empty Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:20 pm

 Worth Woodsea's beauty proved to be mesmerizing so far. As the young viking lord walked through the forest, he found himself unable to stop his gaze upon the soil and trees. Back in Skaal it was rare for him to see such healthy plants. The entire Iceberg was mostly snow and cold so the warmer climate in Fiore was appreciated. His focus however, remained on the task at hand. Vali's first true mission was to find this "village" that his father claimed he heard of. Apparently Icebergics claimed colonized in Woodsea, somewhere around this part of the forest. No matter how long it took the young Elf would make sure he found what he was searching for. A part of him felt like the forest itself was guiding him to his destination, as if the nature around him was telepathically speaking to him.

By now he was about a mile and a half or two away from where his camp was. The dangers that lurk within Worth Woodsea would undoubtedly reveal itself soon. In fact, Val began to hear leaves rustle from behind him. Balling both his fists up, the Viking elf turned to the bush that moved irregularly. "Show your face." he demanded. The only true authority he had was over the people of Skaal. This was a different land, he had no authority upon the people upon its soil. Still, his voice alone could shake a bit of fear in the heart of average Fiorians. There was no sound.  After a moment, he heard the bushes from in front of him rustle. Quickly he turned to face the bush as an eyebrow rose. "You will be my meal, creature." He stated. Whatever was playing with the Lord of Skaal had another thing coming.

Val suddenly felt the smallest whiff of wind on from behind him and swiftly turned with his hand swiping to grab whatever creature he faced when he was met with something more...humane. "A Neko." Vali's fingers wrapped themselves around the black furred Neko's neck coldly glaring at him. "Elf." the cat man responded with a devilish smirk. "You are following me. Why?" The Neko lifted his hands before placing them onto Val's, tapping them as a signal for air. The viking thought for a moment before slowly lowering his hand.

"An elf?" He sniffed. "Your ears..." he touched. *slap* His hand fell. "Odd. They're short."
"You have five seconds to tell me who you are."
"Apologies. How could I have been so rude? I...am Zimnur of the Smoketail neko tribe and you sir, with an accent like that...are not from here are you?"
"Thanks the gods, no. Vali Onfroy, Lord of Skaal. You have yet to tell my why I haven't killed you yet, Zimnus."
"Killing me would only kill an opportunity for you."

Zimnur that his tribe had some trouble with wolves in their area. He also admitted to Vali that if he showed his tribe proof that he had eliminated the threat then he would be chief of security. Of course money was a gain but Vali being a leader created another term. "You want me to lie to your clan so that you can rise to power, pitiful. I'll help you but on one condition." The young viking elf revealed to Zimnur that his people had just arrived to Worth Woodsea. He offered to help Zimnur's tribe but under the condition that when he became Chief of security that he and Val become allies and in the future if needed then Zimnur's "Security" will repay the favor. Zimnur agreed and the two began to travel to the home of the wolves.

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#2Vali Onfroy † 

The Cat Cried Wolf Empty Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:13 pm


The Neko and the Elf walked through the forests as not friends, but acquaintances. They spoke,  gathering knowledge of each other by sharing a few of their motives and all that good stuff. For Vali, this was an opportunity that he was eager to take, it was a sign from the gods no doubt. He knew his father would have done the same thing. One would be silly not to build an alliance with another community. Besides, Neko's had their perks. With Neko warriors standing with the warriors of Skaal, he could perhaps start claiming land. It was dangerous to think about in the state that Val in his people were in, his ambitions were bigger than himself. Zimnus seemed to have a cold demeanor. Dark, but not dark enough to strip Vali of true sight. The viking could see just how power hungry Zimnus was, and how quietly he moved.

The temporary duo approached the area where the wolves were. Up ahead a few meters the young lord could see the sleeping den. Quickly, he ducked pulling Zimnus down with him. Vali's eyes scanned the area. From around the Den, grey furred creatures the size of average floran men. It was a good thing Icebergics were not that puny. The Lord of Skaal turned to the ebony-furred neko. "Stay here." Zimnus raised an eyebrow. "You can't possibly think that you-" Without another word from Zimnur, Vali leapt into action. The trio of wolves turned towards Vali and began to snarl. The echoes of their anger rang through the forest. Vali was a warrior from Skaal, son of the Jarl...wolves could not kill him. He was loved by the gods. With that in mind, how could Onfroy not be so confident in battle?

On his mark the wolves began savaging forward. The distance between them began a 15 meters, but slowly closed in a matter of 3 seconds. However, 3 seconds was more than enough time for the Elf to take these wolves down. Once the beasts moved forward, Val zoomed forward. The wolf in the front who seemed eager to kill was Vali's first target. The first wolf used his snout to attack, opening his mouth and extending his neck forward to snap onto whatever he could. Vali simply weaved, moving to the side and quickly wrapping his arms around the head. The Wolf tried hard to shake Vali off but he stood his ground, planted his feet, lifting the wolf up before BOOM slamming him on his back with all his strength, knocking the wolf out.

The second wolf leapt towards Vali with pure rage in his eyes. Quickly the Viking turned to face the lunging wolf and crossed both of his arms in defense, creating a magic circle and buffing his endurance so that he would be able to continue to fight. The wolf managed to bite down on one of Vali's arms resulting in him falling to the ground with the wolves jaws still clamped. Quickly while on the floor he closed his left hand, conjuring a dagger from his palm as the other wolf quickly closed in from behind him. "I sacrifice you to the Satri god of wisdom." He whispered before stabbing the wolf directly in it's neck, digging deep and turning as all it's blood fell onto his own clothes. The wolf cried out before collapsing on top of the young lord. Quickly the Half elf pushed the giant wolf turning him on his back before the last wolf approached. Vali hopped up and glared the wolf down as the two beings began to circle each other.

Zimnus watched in awe as the man took on not one, not two, but three wolves at once. "Perhaps maybe an alliance wouldn't be such a bad idea at all." The Neko said to himself. His arms were crossed as he began to wait the end of the battle. Vali Stomped his foot, activating a spell that would allow him to tap into what was thought to be the powers of the gods and enhance his speed. The wolf charged towards the man and Vali simple weaved his snout attack, landing a punch directly to his jaw. When the wolf attempted to chomp again he weaved once more and snuffed the other side of the beasts jaws. The pattern continued until the young Icebergan found an opening to slice him across his throat, causing the beast to fall and bleed out. "I sacrifice this warrior beast to the gods so that the people of Skaal may easily farm upon this land." Vali watched the beasts for a moment before moving towards the first one he knocked out. This one wasn't sacrificed to his gods so taking it's head would bring no negative consequences. Vali managed to cut the wolves head off before bringing it to Zimnus.

"We meet at this same spot in three days, sunrise. Bring only yourself, your leader and 7 guards maximum- anything else will be seen as a compromise. Good day." Then Zimnus paid Vali and the deed was done.

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