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I. Fiore, Meet Skaal!

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

I. Fiore, Meet Skaal!  Empty Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:09 pm


"The gods grant us safe passage. At last we arrive upon the shores of Fiore." Vali stood at the front of his ship, weaponless. The government of Fiore would have no idea that the vikings of Iceberg were to be settling in Worth Woodsea. To further make sure that they could arrive uninterrupted, Vali made sure they they took the more dangerous route which would secure their privacy. Nobody died, the food remained unspoiled and everybody was excited to witness Fiore firsthand. With a smile the young elf turned and walked towards the end of his ship telling each man to begin gathering the items so that they could settle immediately. Although the Jarl of Skaal granted Vali only there boats, the young Viking was grateful. One ship was all he needed as long as he had enough men- and that, he did.  Roughly 150 Icebergians travelled with him some warriors, others farmers and some women. According to the rumors, Worth Woodsea was so vast that it could even be considered it's own continent, it appeared to be a much better option than Seighart mountains.

"Troy!" Vali shouted towards the man on the ship behind his own as he stood at the stern. The man was blonde ruffled hair shouted back and the son of the Jarl commanded him to tell the men on the ship to ready themselves and to also pass his command to the ship behind him. Troy did just that and within moments the ships reached the forest complex. Quickly all of the men gathered the items upon the ship and began to take them off. Vali stepped upon the fresh dirt of Worth Woodsea inhaling the fresh air given to them by the trees around them. The women helped themselves off the boat while the men did as they were commanded. The smell of the wind was so sweet that Val could almost taste it. The bronze elf knelt and touched felt dirt, pressing it's damp surface before scooping some in his hand. Troy found his way towards Val. The two had been close friends since as long as they could remember. Turning to him with a smile, he showed Troy the dirt of the fresh land. "This is the freshest soil I have ever touched." Troy leaned in to sniff the dirt and smiled. "The gods favor us, brother haha!" He exclaimed before the two embraced each other with a strong hug. Vali turned to face his people, lifting up his hand before speaking.

"My brothers...my sisters...This is a glorious day! What I hold in my hand is the soil of this beautiful land, smell how sweet and fresh it is! Surely this is a sign that the gods have given us all a chance to start a new life! Today we settle and embrace this land as we claim it for ourselves, for the people of Skaal! Tonight, we feast in honor of Skaal and the gods that bless us! FOR SKAAL!!"

The people cheered as Vali gave his words to the people he loved so much. Despite his youthful age, he was admired by many of his people- of course not nearly as admired as his older brother was but with each passing day he would prove himself not only to his father but to the people of Skaal. Moments later the cheering died down and the last son of the Jarl would turn to Troy.

"Gather the women, tell them to put up the tents and prepare food for a feast tonight. I'll be back by sunset." "Where are you going?"
"My father told me that long ago before even my brother came that there were others who settled here. He believes that they lived and died somewhere around this part of Worth Woodsea which means they could have built homes, a village maybe."
"That's why it was so important for us to land here?"
"That's part of the reason. I'm going to see if I can find it."
"You can't go alone, Vali, we don't know what or who else takes refuge here... let me come with you-"
"Troy, I trust you more than I trust myself, I need you to look after our people until I return. Worry not, It'll be quick." With a warm smile Vali walked off.

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