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Shopping Spree [Open]

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#1Odin † 

Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:45 pm

Odin †

The market district in a town was always an interesting location for Odin to spend time, mostly because he spent most of the time being watched by every man, woman and child that met his gaze. Their reactions were always priceless, and usually what one would expect, save for the children. The men and women were pretty much what one would expect: fear, horror, the usual suspects, but the children were always much more varied. Some looked at Odin with that inquisitiveness only a child could possess, while others assumed he was dressed up for some kind of event and just looked at him like he was a weirdo. And then there were the ones who saw through the games, the kids that were too smart for their own good, who saw Odin for what he was, and often hid behind the legs of their horrified parents.

Regardless of the expression, it had become normal for Odin to have all eyes on him. All that was left for this day would be for a bunch of rune knights to try and frame him for something just to arrest him, or perhaps for some holy knights to appear and attempt to 'destroy him in the name of their lord'. They were always fun to play around with.


Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:17 pm

The dead quiet Regis seemed to control on his way, the normal paths he walked, But the armor he still wore might still seem not well taken care of anymore. Regis seemed a bit more fearless when he walked, But he still had a habit of looking downward for doing it so many years.

He was looking for food, He spent a long time out of view from people. But it seemed some one else was causing a different situation when he arrive...or something else. But it would not bother him to slowly continue walking.

Were walking past other people by they seemed to be looking at something else or some one else. It was not helping him trying to find food. Even looking up at what was catching other people's view.

Which he seemed to finally look at the Lich but he seemed not overly worried for the moment. Regis had a problem of brushing a lot of things off, even if it most likely not ideal of him too, But he face many things that dulled his mind.

Regis just so far found it annoying that he could not find exactly one of them he was looking for. something just simply he could cook over a fire or maybe just a few more things so he could not be around for a fair amount of time.

Not too long after looking up and seeing the Lich he just bump into a few people out of his way because it was just annoying him while he was trying to just simply shop and looking for simple things. Since he had rare spoke generally just to people he really knew but he had not seem her in a while and assume he had gone to do something else, thinking to himself while he was looking and wanting to keep in mind what he wanted.

#3Odin † 

Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:49 am

Odin †

While walking through the streets of Orchidia, nothing really grasped Odin's attention. Sure, there were pretty things on sale, but that was the same literally everywhere, it didn't warrant Odin going over to view any of them. And besides, not many shop owners would even sell to the Lich. He had once scared a shop owner so much that the man had closed up his shop and moved from Oak to Hargeon, almost on the other side of Fiore. All Odin had asked was why a ring was so expensive and if it was magic. But alas, that was his life. It had its ups, but it also definitely came with a few downs.

Something, finally, caught the Lich's attention, but not in the way he had expected. Through the years, Odin had met all kinds of interesting characters, to the point that some of them he simply didn't remember. But there were a few people he had only met once or twice that had left an impression, for whatever reason. Some had been really strong opponents, such as Alisa from Blue Pegasus. Some had been interesting people in his previous guild, such as Caius or Yumi.

Some had just been really odd individuals, such as the armoured man Odin recognised in the street. He wasn't known by any name, hell Odin didn't even know if he could speak, but the Lich had fought him once before, long before his death. t had been pretty one sided, with Odin not even requiring Lucifer, instead simply using a blade he had once possessed, a very long time ago.

Deciding to see if the man could speak at all, since he wouldn't recognise Odin as a Lich, he dark mage approached him, moving to subtly barge into him but being slightly knocked back as well, using the man's armour as a sort of spring board for the Lich's skeleton body.

At that moment, the entire street just stopped, with all eyes on Odin. As far as they were aware, this armoured man had just barged into the Lich, and they all wanted to see what was going to happen next. Brushing some dust off of his shoulder, Odin spoke to the man, his voice low and calm, but with a sense of malice peeking out from behind it, his hand's unmoving but ready to grasp Gungnir strapped to his back, "Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"


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Regis felt himself bumping into some one, some how managing to keep his annoyed feeling, That was on his mind currently. But for the moment he was not rude when he spoke when he could since his mind was in one spot. Being slightly back a few steps did not bother as much as some one bumping into him, But it seemed he had a normal look up from the ground but from what the Lich could see Regis did not seem too scared."I intend to pick up some food to eat."Regis seemed to speak clearly and normally, which might not be expected right now.

In which he looked around just in case to everyone seeming looking upon them both."Do I seem to have cause a bit of scene, I did not intend to walk into you." Regis sounds a bit more polite and rather settled then most people seemed to assume of Regis to start with.

But he seemed like he did not want to cause too much of a situation from it."That or something to drink. Water gets rather boring after a while." He seemed to also mention. But Regis did not seem to try and dust himself off who knows what would fall if he tried but he did not seem to move other wise because he just did not really need too for the moment.

He seemed to no longer have the sword however, but the armor was just about it. Things seemed to have changed for Regis last Odin had saw him but he seemed to not remember Odin but that was an easy reason why, but Regis did seem rather harmless if anything this could be rather depressing even more, He was in some manner okay but nothing else had changed for him aside from that.

#5Odin † 

Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:23 pm

Odin †

Odin didn't know what was more confusing about the situation at hand: either the fact that the man had actually gained the ability to speak or the fact that his voice was calm in the face of pure evil, for that's what Odin was. A Lich was not a creature of good, barely a creature at all. They were something more, born of the most unholy darkness in the world, and he was definitely the first one this man had ever laid his eyes upon, so the calm demeanor was both curious and impressive, especially given how casual his words were.

Seemed he was in the market to buy food for his evening meal, and that he didn't want to cause too much of a ruckus. Unfortunately for him, Odin wasn't in the mood for a boring day. Hell, he rarely got a quiet day as it was, looking how he did, and here was someone he hadn't seen in a long time. It seemed like a good time to see if he'd changed at all. Last time, Odin had given the man a chance to fight, and he hadn't taken it, acting slowly and moving without conviction. Whether or not he'd changed was a matter to be discussed.

It was true the man didn't have a weapon, but perhaps he could fight with magic, and Odin had to get better with Gungnir anyway. Walking a few steps backwards, Odin drew his weapon, and noted the crowds dispersing to give them some space. A small, perhaps 5m radius circle was created from the space in the crowd, with Odin on one side and the armoured man on the other.

"I'll give you the same chance I gave you last time. Make the first move, or wait twenty seconds and I'll attack you. If you try to run, I will kill you. This way I'll just beat you, then you can go make your dinner."


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Looking at his options, Regis knew he kind of really had no other thing he could do here. So he kind of have gave into the situation, But seemed a bit annoyed about it. But he did speak some one else even if he did sound slightly annoyed."What on earth do you mean last time, Only one person ever pointed a weapon at me in situation like this looks nothing like you, But I haven't seen him since then."Regis mentioned because he did remember, The voice did not connect to him yet because it had been so much but he did remember.

But some how it showed that, His situation must have been something either really interesting or horrible. Regis had other reasons to try and live. Even if he did not from this situation some how he would want to drag himself out of death like he had already to try again, He was far too stubborn that way.

Regis thinking like started showing that he feeling a bit on edge about it while he took a moment to look at the distance between them Then took that starting steps forward by steps it was more of run for momentum for his punch,wthen was to facing Odin, for that very moment burning flame like effect seemed to show from the darkness of his helmet, As well as a slow panting for a moment. Now days, He had reasons to live aside from paying what he thought was a fair in return to who caused him to suffer as he did. For the woman who saved him Regis needed to live for, To seek any other answers of things he could to either pass his feeling on, Even thinking of the extreme of trying to bring either one or both his wife and daughter back from that dead.

Regis did not seem like he was backing down."I don't know how you know me, Or even if you want anything with me at this point."He did sound annoyed if anything he sounded frustrated and confused by these thoughts in his mind, It was reflected in the burning like images of his eyes as well.

Regis would willingly take the first move, After all he wanted to live, as for mentioned even if he were to fail here he at least tried, When it showed even if he had the armor, his arms and legs were moving fine he. Not wasting any time by throwing a punch with his right arm, The arm that was not working the last time Odin saw Regis. Even was going to give it all he could he was not sure where to hit, Then again his mind did not focus where he was hitting right away and seemed to be aiming right for the chest of the Lich, it was more of a habit then anything planned, But it was were Regis was aiming the punch and sticking to it, A main who had almost embraced what could have killed him slowly, Almost seemed to be fearless in the face of something or some one who embodied death.

#7Odin † 

Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:48 pm

Odin †

Odin couldn't deny, it felt good to be remembered. They had only shared perhaps five minutes together, likely shorter, and yet it had left enough of an impact to be recalled many years later. Odin remembered this man because he had been silent, unmoving, and wore that really creepy armour, but to all respects Odin hadn't been that interesting a character back then. He had been a bit arrogant to be sure, and had attacked the man without warning -even though technically there had been twenty seconds of preparatory time given- but otherwise he would've have considered himself overly special, and yet apparently he was. The Lich continued listening to the man, who's only argument for Odin not being Odin was that he didn't look like he had back then.

In his deep, echoing voice, Odin spoke once more, this time his normally calm voice dripping with menace, "People can change. I am no longer the man you met that day. As you can clearly see, I have become something... more." The man seemed annoyed, confused, and perhaps a little on edge, as he began making his way towards Odin, obviously not planning on letting the twenty seconds pass without action. He was crossing the 10m at a normal pace, easy enough to watch his motions, as Odin stood ready with Gungnir. The man seemed frustrated, annoyed, but there was almost a twinge of a man trying to hide his fear. Whether that was true or not didn't matter. After this, he would have something to fear.

He was running towards Odin, but he didn't have a huge base speed. His movements felt somewhat slow, almost like it was difficult to move in such a big armour. Odin himself wasn't much faster than the man, actually he may have been slower, but this wasn't a race. It was a fight, and Odin had the upper hand. Coming in for the melee attack may have been the man's only option, but it wasn't a good idea against someone with a longer weapon, like a legendary spear from an Icebergian god.

The moment the man had move far enough to be 3m away from Odin, the Lich acted. A slight twitch, and a blindingly quick motion for Odin to thrust forward with his spear. His spear stayed low, as it made its way to the man's chest, long before he came close to touching Odin. The thrust was quick and precise, going straight for the man's heart, with the intention of ending the battle in one instant.


Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:40 pm

It showed Regis was not a fighter, Or not as much as any he could be, Armor being wither could have rust that could effect him, Maybe a few other things. Regis could also just be not think and focusing. But all factors aside, there was not much chance of Regis much, He just tried anyway because he was not going to risk straight out death right away.

This would be more of an interesting conversation and moment to Regis if did not risk death maybe their was a point to it that his mind would not get.

But maybe there was something there,To show Regis was only limited by what was holding him back but seemed to be trying a bit harder, The armor would make more noticeable creaking noises, Regis seemed committed to the punch for up until the spear came into view, Not shocking ti changed things, It would have been foolish for him not too, It was low Regis did not have a lot of time to figure out what to do next.

Anyone else that was not his sister would call him a fool for agreeing to even do this. Everyone had their reasons. But he would not use that right hand to punch in fact he now changed to something else, after all Regis wanted to live and now his mind needed to think that way, He wanted to just change that spears path even if he may risk something else so he would put both of his hands together to give himself some kind of hopefully stronger force to bump the spear away from most likely ending his life he would hit it as hard as he could to change it's path, He could only hope for the best with this, For who knows what could happen now, Not having anything else to say to him after Odin's most recent words, the years goes by in odd times for him, It was both slow and quick for him but this was not much of a conversation of him to mention it.

#9Odin † 

Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:16 am

Odin †

The man's reaction were slightly quicker than Odin had expected, as he had managed to change his momentum quite well considering the motion. Once the spear had been moved into view, the man had attepted to stop his punch, and instead use both of his hands to push Gungnir out of the way of his heart, and maybe out of the way altogether. Perhaps, if he had been quicker and acted sooner, he may have even succeeded in avoiding the attack, but Odin's thrust had too much power behind it to be cast aside by someone who hadn't planned for it in advance. The armoured man didn't have enough time, or enough power, to stop the spear from piercing him. However, to Odin's surprise and amusement, the spear did not pierce the man's heart as expected. It had been moved slightly to the side, instead going through his shoulder. A much less serious injury, as the man would live through this one, but the damage would be severe enough that it would render his left arm useless for the remainder of the fight, until he sought medical attention.

If the man wished to continue the fight, Odin would happily blige and finish him off. However, as blood began trickling down the man's shoulder plate and dripping from the point of Odin's spear, he decided not to pursue a second attack himself. He pulled the spear out of the man, and held it to the side, deciding to speak to the man who would've still been perhaps three meters away from the Lich, "I have no desire to kill you. You're an odd one for sure, but that's no reason to end your life, and you've improved since the last time we spoke. I daresay I'm impressed. If it is your wish, I will continue the fight, but there is no reason why we must."


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Regis did feel that pain as normally as any other person would not but he seemed to try his best to not make a single a noise of it, He must have dealt with these things signs showed he felt the pain from me and it did bother him. But he just seemed to react only just simply touching the wound for a moment and just leaving himself to bleed their.

"I would rather live, Then see Phoebe's work go to waste dying like I almost have once."He mentioned, like it was that one of the few things was keeping him going like he was trying to keep himself alive for the sake or that it was one of the few things left. After all how little he had left he seemed almost like he would view honor bound to stay alive and far determine to as well stay going through what he did.

However he did just seem to just take one step and stop walking, He did not have any intention of fighting."I would be interested in hearing what you remember of that stage of my life,See if their are parts of my memory that failed me even if I would like to say I remember all of it."Why Regis did not seem to take this small scrap to heart would be odd even to him, Maybe just numbing himself some how because he wanted to maybe it was something else, Many options could be the factor to this odd man.

But he took a look around of the group of people around him. He seemed more angry with the people around him and Odin then the person who just stabbed him."All of these people must fools to watch seems more dangerous..."Regis mentioned in general.

Looking at some of the people still around and what anger he seemed to have left he just yelled at the people around him."Are all of you fools or wishing to die? Would you rather I snap your necks  with my still working arm!"Regis mentioned to them why no one could peace together, He just sounded bitter about people just staring so much, But continued on his way making his way to walk through people. He now wanted food and something to wrap up his arm, But for his determine way their was something more dangerous with in Regis, Odin might gotten a small sign of it, But Regis did not have a clue of this power, Regis was a interesting person but also seemed to have something with in him that could make him snap in public or on people, it could be use for some but dangerous for others.

#11Odin † 

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Odin †

The attack went through, and it seemed to make the man stop and think about whether or not he really wanted to go through with fighting any more. In a show of good intelligence, the man did want to stop, as he likely had less need to fight than Odin himself had. He mentioned a girl's name, whether it was his mother or his creator Odin wasn't quite sure by the way he spoke of her, but he didn't care enough to press it, as it wasn't a name he himself knew.

The man then asked how it was that Odin knew him, and asked for the Lich to recollect the timer they last met, in case his memory was failing him. Odin figured that it was more likely that it just hadn't been that important an encounter rather than the memory having been lost or removed somehow, but he decided to oblige the man and give him what he wanted.

"It was maybe two years ago, actually perhaps almost three at this point, in the forests outside of Magnolia. It wasn't really a special day at all. I was wandering through the forests for whatever reason and stumbled upon you. You weren't moving, quite possibly dead, and I tried to talk to you. You didn't respond at all so I suggested we fight. You got about one attack in before the fight ended, after which I left, before telling you to learn how to speak. So glad you did."

Reminiscing about a time so long ago almost made Odin smile, as he realised all the things that had changed since then. He was no longer human, no longer in Grimoire Heart, no longer a vessel to the demon prince of darkness. He was a very different being now.

He then seemed to get really annoyed at the people gathered around them, shouting at them as his temper was let off. Odin didn't really understand why he was getting so worked up, but he didn't care enough to press it. The man then started making his way through the crowds towards something, whether it was a shop, a café or a hospital Odin didn't know, but the Lich turned in the other direction and started making his way home. They'd finished their fight, and the man had even spoke, what an evolution.



Shopping Spree [Open] Empty Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:17 pm

Regis did actually hear Odin, It was almost like he remembered most of it but the actions he took down to the detail. But it really did not matter now, It was all over and the Lich left, Regis was coming off of his rage and annoyance just continued what he was trying to do but leaving a blood trail behind him and just leaving his arm to freely swing, It was giving him such feelings that he had gone through this before.

He would pick up all of the things he could manage to pick up but he was being stubborn and just trying with one arm, but he just some how managed. It felt him thinking of other things on the way, But he would pick up things he could do to try to attend to the wound, why ask for help or get some one else too just seemed to be for him just dealing with what he wanted too when he wanted too, This was dangerous and he knew it, it risked his arm but he did not care.

But leaving an open wound Regis would attempt to attend to it when he arrived at the camp he had set up. He would just need to get back to it first, Which he was in the process of. If he did not do anything helpful with in the evening in the morning he would he go find some one who would, They would help him....He would force them too, Regis did not care about what he had to do, As long as it got done and helped him. Leaving the area where he was to see how such plans would work for him. This man would still be a danger to himself and to other even when sane.


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