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Who We Are [Private]

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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Up in the morning
Up in the evening
Picking down talks
When the birds get back to me

Coffee helped in providing her the sustenance she needed. Without it, there was definitely no getting through the day. She sighed softly as she scoured the menu to pick her beverage. Why were there so many choices? There was often a burden of choices to make in life, between the easy way and the hard way... and yet she was not relieved of such responsibilities even in the coffee house...

She was alone. The girl always made it a point to arrive early, before the others. Her nocturnal habits had given way to her rising really early instead. Since she couldn't give up the peace of solitude that the wee hours of the morning offered, instead of sleeping really late, she just opted to get up around three every morning. She still couldn't surrender to slumber anytime before midnight though, so the Shimada was always running really low on sleep. Perhaps, that is why coffee was so essential...

Finally, she beckoned the waitress and made her order. Apparently the woman was not pleased with her choice and decided it was a good time to convince her to opt for something more... eclectic and more expensive. The Shimada wasn't really in the mood to confront and argue about this, so she just accepted whatever choice was made for her by the eager woman. It was probably her first day on the job, because Akira hadn't seen this particular woman around before. Besides, no one looked so bright and fresh this early unless they had something to be excited about.

Idly, Akira made all these deductions about the woman, as she scanned the streets outside through the large window she was next to. Despite the availability of the more plush sofas, Akira didn't want to get comfortable and opted for a hard, wooden chair instead.

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Up on the mountain
Down in the king's lair
Pushing these boxes
In the heat of the afternoon
Oh, afternoon

Haru woke up next to no one. There were signs around the room that showed he wasn’t alone when he went to bed, however. The memory brought a wide smile to his face at first, but it vanished as quickly as it came. He was ecstatic, confused, and scared; all at the same time. It was a great night. One that he was sure he would never forget. But he wasn’t sure how Akira felt. And seeing how she wasn’t in the house this early in the morning, he was worried. She wasn’t a morning person. The girl usually slept late into the day. If she was up, it either meant she had work or something was on her mind that didn’t let her sleep.

He quickly got dressed, and left the house. He had a good idea where she would be. He rushed straight to the café that she fancied. Haru was certain she would be in there even before his eyes fell upon her. She was speaking to the waitress—whom he had never seen before—when he entered the café. He had a stupid grin on his face as he walked up to her table. He had obviously never done this before. So, there was some awkwardness when he closed the distance.

“Hey!” he said, as he sat across her. “Good morning,” he added. He actually wanted to say ‘Good morning beautiful’. But he wasn’t sure where they were and didn’t want to assume.

#3Akira Shimada 

Who We Are [Private] Empty Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:36 pm

Akira Shimada

We were never welcome here,
We were never welcome here at all.

She hadn't expected Tsuru to be awake as early as her. She was definitely more of an insomniac than he was. When they worked together, he used to wake before her, but he also slept earlier and far more soundly than the Shimada ever did. So she'd assumed she'd have the time to fetch them both some breakfast. When her eyes did fall upon him, she instantly felt heat rise to her cheeks.

The Shimada didn't want him thinking that she walked out on him or that their tryst was something that compelled her to avoid him. Despite her seeming embarrassment, the Nephilim was rather radiant with joy and Tsuru's grin was soon reflected on her lips, in a gentler, girlish way. He knew her well enough to know where to look for her.

Instincts forced her to avoid eye contact. 'Morning.' she said, peering at the menu intently. She wasn't particularly the shy variety... but what she'd shared with him the night before, was very new and nothing short of absolutely amazing. 'I thought I'd go get us some coffee and something sweet.' she muttered softly.

Much like every thing else though, her dark pessimism found its way into her mind, colouring her tinting the moment slowly. It was almost as though the lack of clarity on where they were headed next, was shrouding the joy of now. The future had stolen enough of their present... She pushed away the inclination to plan and prepare, instead embracing the luxury of intimacy that the got to share, in the moment.

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It's who we are
Doesn't matter if we've gone too far
Doesn't matter if it's all okay
Doesn't matter if it's not our day

She smiled. That in itself was quite rare, but this one was particularly different. He had never seen her smile that way and wanted to see more of it. She looked down at the menu. He saw her order just moments ago. So, there really was no need to look into the menu. It was obvious that she wanted to avoid eye contact. He found it cute, but didn’t oblige. He tilted his head slightly to catch her gaze. His eyes conveyed the love and his lips curved into a naughty smile.

“Aw… Thank you,” he said, when she mentioned she came here to get some sweets. She knew he liked sweets. He realized Akira could be really thoughtful if she cared.

An awkward silence hung for a moment. He didn’t know how to start this conversation. It was weird because, after what they shared, he thought this would be an easy enough talk. It wasn’t. At least, he was now convinced that she likes him as well. “Umm… So… Would you like to meet for dinner tonight?” he asked. Haru had never gone on a date before. At least not according to his existing memory. He had no idea how to do this, but had seen a few fellow male Knights hit on the female ones. And most of them asked the girl out for some meal. So, he figured he would follow that lead.

#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Save us,
What we are,
Don't look clear,
It's all uphill from here

The Shimada usually pale cheeks sported an even darker shade crimson as Tsuru forced their eyes to meet. Once her penetrating gaze did rest on him though, she held his stare, in an attempt to read his soul, as per usual. The fondness for her was so evident, as was the passion and the fiercely protective  inclinations. She bit her lower lip and nodded, as a silent you're welcome.

She wasn't sure how Tsuru found the sudden quiet that hung in the room. She was rather fond of the way the comfortable silence bloomed. Noticing a seemingly impatient aura brewing, the Shimada hummed softly as she contemplated what dish she should order for their early morning feast. The two of them really could use the energy...

Akira looked at Tsuru, slightly confused and slightly bemused. She couldn't see a reason to decline his request. They'd shared plenty of meals before, but she did realise that there was an implication here. However, infused with slight boldness, she decided to lean in, resting her elbow on the table and grinning. 'Technically, we're a little past that formality no?' she wondered if her implication was plain enough.

Giggling ever so softly, she nodded and then asked 'Would cooking together at home work?' there was nothing fancy about her option. But she liked the idea of sharing a home cooked meal with him. It was far more appealing than going to some stifling restaurant.

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Up in the attic,
Down in the cellar,
Lost in a static,
Coming back for more.
Oh, for more

He was seeing a completely new side of Akira. He found her shy expressions overwhelmingly cute and he had to fight the urge to lean across the table and give her a kiss when she bit her lip and nodded gently. He could have. It wasn’t like he was afraid to show some public display of his affection. But he wasn’t sure if she would be comfortable with that. He knew she didn’t like garnering any attention and liked to be the silent observer in any given environment.

It was Haru’s turn to go all red when she countered him with them being past the formality stage. It reminded him once more of the night before and grinned like an idiot. Even though he never allowed himself to put it into words even in his mind, he was a little scared that she would call the night a mistake and say it was just a one time thing. So, he was extremely happy that she didn’t deny him.

She did reject the idea of going out to a restaurant, which he could understand. Besides, he was extremely happy with her suggestion. They get to spend some time alone and with each other. That was far better than sitting amidst a bunch of people. “That sounds great? Does eight o’clock sound good?” he asked, sitting up in excitement.

#7Akira Shimada 

Who We Are [Private] Empty Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:13 am

Akira Shimada

Out with the reason,
In with the season,
Taking down names
in my book of jealousy.

The Shimada hated having to start something so beautiful in a manner that was secretive. A part of her wanted to flaunt what they shared. Akira wasn't born as reserved as she was today, circumstances forced her to grow more shrewd and distant. There was still a curious, optimistic child in her. One that craved attention, love and a sense of safety so she could explore the world with abandon. Tsuru provided all that and was slowly but steadily coaxing that part of her out again. Once again, the nineteen year old wondered if she had an out. If she could simply drop her mission to live out a dream that seemed like fantasy morphing into reality.

He would never forgive her.

There was a chance she was damned either way. If she broke his heart and stuck to her mission, it'd probably force her to make choices that neither of them would condone and perhaps, he'd never forgive her for making them. Or she could give up on her mission, an unknown evil would be allowed to preside and if he ever found out that she could've played a crucial role to prevent it, he'd hold her accountable for putting her selfish desire over the greater good.

There was no easy way out of this. Why did everything have to be so complicated around her? Love was a difficult balance without the added burdens, few were lucky enough to find it. She envied everyone else who did and didn't have to consider sacrificing it for something bigger.

'How about just a little later than that?' she asked softly, before letting out a long sigh.

It was just about him either, she too would resent giving up midway. This was her chance to prove to herself that she could be more than just a let down. Besides, her recent blessing had given her so much access and she was making headway in sorting the good from the evil, at least among the Knights... The truth would emerge soon. She allowed her hand to rest on the table, and slide towards Tsuru slowly.

'I'd hate for our affiliations to cause friction, between us or the other way around...' she said softly, leaving it as an open ended statement to allow Tsuru to weigh in on their circumstance, while implying the reason for choosing her apartment and for requesting him to visit later into the night. There was a lot of decisions that she had to make alone, but wherever she did have the luxury, she at least wanted to allow her partner to make his sentiments known.

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We were never welcome here
We were never welcome here at all

Haru had been quite open with his displeasure when it came to Aki’s new religious believes up until then. But now that they may be more than just friends, he had to tone it down. He was afraid his words might come across as controlling or judging, and it might upset her. Besides, he had already come to terms with her transfer. He was certain, no matter where she was for what reason, she would always work towards the greater good.

He sighed along with her when she suggested they meet a bit later into the night. He understood the reason even before she had to explain. “Of course,” he said, giving her an understanding nod. He saw her slide her hand forward and he swiftly moved his to hold it gently. A wide smile spread across his face as he caressed her wrist with his thumb. Just then, the waitress arrived with their coffee and the cream-filled croissants.

They ate mostly in silence. The two spoke so much when they were friends. Now that they were more, they were tongue-tied. He did enjoy the occasional loving look they both shared when their eyes met. When they were done, he promised to meet her at night and leaned in to give her a gentle peck on her cheek before leaving.


Haru couldn’t wait for the night. He was extremely distracted and day-dreamed about the dinner. Thankfully, there weren’t any troublesome cases that day. So, he could afford to take it a little easy. Later in the evening, he went out to pick up a good bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, and of course, some flowers. He didn’t forget his promise to bring in new flowers before the old ones died.

He wore a new set of traditional Joyan attire and arrived at her apartment a few minutes to nine. He knocked on the door and waited with a grin, unable to hide how happy he was to be there.

#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

It's who we are.
Doesn't matter if we've gone too far.
Doesn't matter if it's all okay.
Doesn't matter if it's not our day.

She hissed as the grill of her oven seared the back of her hand. Cursing, she slammed the damn thing shut and ran some cold water over her angry wound. More curses found utterance. Today had certainly not gone as she had envisioned. What commenced ever so wonderfully, was seemingly headed for a disastrous climax.
Her surreptitious efforts had seen fruition. Nerva had been forced to collect his followers and separate himself from the church, the announcement of this was imminent. Basking in the glory of her success, she had found herself wondering if further delay in her budding relationship was necessary anymore. In her head, the sifting of the evil from the good was more than enough to count as a successful operation. The Shimada had believed that it would be enough for her to reclaim her rank amidst the Rune Knights and work alongside her trustee partner in defending the people from the supernatural and the threats amidst the humans...

Labouring under such fiction, her day was spent arguing with her handler. The young girl had all her hopes and dreams systematically shot down. Not just that, she was burdened with yet another mission, that's how the young Nephilim saw it anyways. The one in charge, believed that her expectations were a mere extension of the original plan. Akira, was to now attempt infiltrating the inquisition and find out what their intentions were. According to Adragna, now that they were not contained by the pretension of the Church they were even more dangerous...

The Shimada was beside herself. How was she to achieve this insurmountable task? She'd just spent a considerable amount of her emotional resource to somehow convince people that she was a believer... Now she was to turn her back on the Church too?
Seething, she'd returned home, labouring under a new delusion. That somehow, she could put all this aside and still enjoy the night that stretched ahead of her. So she busied herself in an attempt to bake some lasagna for the date tonight. She poured her heart and soul into her task, hoping to create the perfect night. She'd just spend a good fraction of an hour dressing herself up in a fancy Joyan wrap, when she realised her lasagna was burning.

So... Despite her best efforts, things were falling apart around her. She tended to her wound after dropping the burned dish on the counter with a loud clatter. Finally, she slunk to the door to address the knock.

She peered through the peephole, noticing that Tsuru came bearing more gifts. His preparedness further paled her dismal attempts. She opened the door, with a huff, still clutching a wet cloth over her burn. Wordlessly, she snatched the bottle of wine from his grasp and slammed the door shut again with a soft grunt. She couldn't do this, not today.  

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Save us
What we are
Don't look clear
It's all uphill from here

As the door opened, his grin grew wider and he was longing to see Akira’s smile—which he unfortunately wasn’t graced with. Instead, she huffed and closed the door on him, but not before snatching the bottle of wine. He was confused at first, but when the closing door sent a waft of the charred lasagne inside the house, he knew what was going on. Not to mention, it also explained why she was holding a wet cloth to her hand when she opened the door.

Haru wasn’t willing to give up that easily. Sure, he was looking forward to eating a meal that she cooked. But above that, the primary reason he was there was to spend the evening with her. After a soft sigh, he knocked on the door once again before speaking. “Not just the wine. It’s a package deal. All four are for you,” he said, his lips curving into a gentle smile. He included himself in the list along with the flowers and chocolates, and hoped she would find it at least slightly funny.

He would wait for her to open the door and if she did, he would let himself in. Putting the things he held on the nearby table, he swiftly took her burnt hand in his to see how bad it was. The angry red gash was not going to cause any complications, but he knew the pain must be pretty bad. He put the wet cloth under cold water before placing it back over the gash. “The moon is beautiful tonight. I’m not all that hungry. Would you like to take a walk with me?” he asked, looking her in the eyes.

Haru planned on taking her to the clearing where they had been when they were stationed at the Flower Festival. Last time they were bothered by some tourist couple; he was certain they would get their privacy this time around. But first, he needed to take her to the nearby pharmacy and get a salve to apply on the burnt hand.

#11Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

They say we're crazy.
It's who we are

She leaned against the door, with her forehead pressed to the furnished wood. The cloth remained draped over her throbbing wound, the other hand held the bottle of wine rather limply. She couldn't stifle the small smile that his comment drew. Slowly, she opened the door again, snatching the chocolates this time. 'These two I can consume, should I treat you like the flowers? Wait for you to wither and die?' she responded, her words laced with darkness and yet the dry humor, inspired a chuckle.

From her characteristic burn and the smokey scent that clung to the air in her apartment, Tsuru had probably figured out what happened. Given that he knew how obsessive she could get about perfection sometimes, he had probably assumed that she'd merely overreacted at her failure to prepare the lasagna. But there was so much more that fueled her distraught state.

She rolled her eyes and let him in, tensing ever so slightly as he aided in tending to her wound. The Shimada missed his healing abilities sourly in the moment. She held his gaze as he asked his question, the muscles of her arm coiled tighter, pulling away from his gentle grip. 'You know I shouldn't.' she said, a little more sharply than she'd intended. She was so close to spilling the beans about her duties, but managed to bite her tongue in time. The girl sauntered to the couch, and flopped onto it, giving up on any display of grace and poise.

'Wine and chocolate will have to do, I suppose.' she said softly, patting the spot beside her. She could just choose to savor this moment. She wasn't the only one with a mission, surely he too would be called away, the time they could share was a precious gift, the present was a present indeed. Was there no way the two could separate their work from their... play?

Maybe she could soften the eventual blow by offering him some inkling to the new turn in her mission. She needed to find a way to lead him to yet another change in her allegiance, this time, perhaps more radical than the last. 'You wanted to know why I was taller right?' she started.

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Doesn't matter if we've gone too far

When she opened the door again, he found himself grinning again. Her comment wiped his grin rather quickly and made him frown, however. “Ouch!” he said, putting a hand on his chest indicate her words wounded his heart. It was an exaggerated reaction, of course, and he made it obvious by going back to the goofy grin.

His suggestion to take a walk was shut down rather swiftly. “Why not? Last I checked, there was no rule against Rune Knights dating a potential Holy Knight,” he teased as he sat next to her. He took her good hand in his and caressed it gently as he spoke. “What are you afraid of? They can’t hate you any more than they already do,” he said softly, looking into her eyes. Her furrowed brows and pouting lips showed her annoyance, but her eyes seldom lied. Her perpetual state of confusion was apparent; as though she was both happy and unhappy of their relationship, at the same time. As much as he found her mysteriousness alluring, he really did wish to know what was troubling her so and comfort her if needed.

It didn’t seem like the right time, however. It was supposed to be a fun night, and from the look of her kitchen, she had had enough troubles for the day. He smiled and got up to fetch two glasses as she settled on just wine and chocolate. Sitting back down next to her, he popped the bottle open and filled both the glasses. Handing one to her and picking up the other one for himself, he decided to propose a toast. “To you—who halves my sorrows and doubles my joy,” he said, raising his glass before taking a sip.

He had not forgotten about her sudden growth in height. It was still something he noticed every time he saw her, but was slowly getting used to. Having not brought up the subject after the first time, thinking she would tell him when she was ready, he was rather happy that she opened the topic herself. Excited that she was willing to open up, he turned towards her with much interest. “Yes! I’m most curious,” he said, listening intently.

#13Akira Shimada 

Who We Are [Private] Empty Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:46 pm

Akira Shimada

Doesn't matter if it's all okay.
Doesn't matter if it's not our day.

A slow roll of her eyes mocked his theatrics, placing her hand over the one he used to indicate the apparent ache in his heart and pushing him away tenderly. A crack of a smile graced her lips as her annoyance began to fade. But it returned just as swiftly as it had left, when countered her yet again. She held her tongue and didn't respond immediately, but he didn't budge. She tapped her foot against the floor, trying to harness her fleeing patience. 'Because... Let's just say my faith is wavering and that amps up the number of haters. Significantly.' she started. she announced and for the moment spoke no more of it.

He seemed to have dropped the matter as well, but something in his mannerisms betrayed that to be a temporary choice. He didn't press her for a walk anymore, but remained resolute in spending the night with her. She sighed softly and chose not to fight it anymore. In a way, she was all too eager to have him around after all. If she could quiet the storm, subdue that turmoil, maybe she could allow herself to have a good time regardless of the impediments in the future.

The pop of the cork leaving the mouth of the wine bottle, shook her from her little reverie. She offered a briefly warm smile before settling down on her couch, and trying to figure out a way to lead him to something akin to the truth, or at least warn him of her role. She hoped that this venture would be even shorter than the first... After all the organisation she was to infiltrate this time, was far newer and hopefully less established. She sat by Tsuru, a little more icily than she'd have liked to, mechanically raising the glass as he offered a seemingly glib toast, but she knew it was anything but.

She could just come out and state the change in race, but she had a better idea. A fair way to ease him into it and to let it help in establishing other things. She wondered how he'd take her flip-flopping loyalty and all the potential enemies she made on this journey. She let her hand slip over his, giving it a reassuring squeeze before downing her wine.

As she set her glass down, she sprung off the couch, her plan revealing itself as she acted on it, her approach more spontaneous than it had ever been. 'Why don't I show you instead?' she said, softly, earnestly holding his gaze as she walked backwards and then turned towards her room. She didn't switch on the light and allowed the comparative darkness to swallow her whole as she waited for him to follow.


Who We Are [Private] Signature6

Who We Are [Private] Empty Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:29 pm


Because it's who we are

He considered his shoddy little act a success, since it made her smile. However, it was a fleeting one, as his next set of words wiped that smile off her face. In hopes of not upsetting her any further, he simply gave her an ‘understanding’ nod as a response and refrained from getting into an argument. The two of them were there, together. He saw no reason to sour the mood over a discussion on why he shouldn’t be there because someone else thinks he shouldn’t. It was a topic that was worth it on the long run, but not at the moment.

She seemed distracted. Haru wasn’t even sure if she heard his toast. At this point, he really began to wonder if he was imposing. Perhaps, she really doesn’t want me here tonight. Usually, he would have just asked plainly. However, that was an easy task when one’s heart was willing to take any answer without being hurt. Now, since he did not want to hear that she didn’t want him there, he hesitated. Love changes things; and these changes are not always subtle.

Before he could fester further in his depressing assumptions, he was saved by her offer to tell him—no, show him—how she grew taller. This changed things instantly. His thoughts of her not wanting him there vanished and he was eager to learn more about her. He had no idea as to what exactly she wanted to show him, but he was excited anyway. And that excitement only grew further—in some irresistible and embarrassing route—when she walked backwards towards her room, all the while looking right at him.

Haru had a playful grin as he put his wine glass away and followed her.


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