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High Alert [Genzo]

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High Alert [Genzo] Empty Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:36 pm

The town was in the middle of rebuilding after the attack and the Knights were on full-alert. Not because they were afraid there was going to be another demon incursion in Orchidia. There were no signs of that yet, at least according to the scholars. What they were looking for were thieves and dumb demon worshippers who had become a huge nuisance around town. Obviously, most houses had too many unrepaired holes in their walls—which meant it was a field day for even the worst of the thieves. They just had to walk in and sweep the area of all valuables.

To add to the trouble, there were also some sightings of wannabe cultists and demon worshippers, who have been messing with the poor Earth mages who were assigned on repair duty. Most of them were Apprentices or volunteers, and they weren’t prepared to deal with the aggressive mob. So, even Haru wasn’t spared on the patrol duty that evening. He was to keep a look out at the market streets where the most crime have been happening.

Haru didn’t expect much trouble. None of the reports indicated anyone strong or fearsome. It was just a bunch of hooligans. So, even if they did show up, it wasn’t something he couldn’t handle. Or so he thought. When did things ever go like he expected, however?


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He spat out blood. The coat of the metallic tang was not so easy to get rid of though. He grunted as he slowly peeled himself off the ground. Staggering, he used his arm to prop himself against the very wall that he'd just been flung against. He coughed up some more blood, before using the back of his white sleeve to wipe it off as he attempted steadying himself yet again. Took just one good knock! Is this what mom wanted for me? he thought bitterly.

He was so much weaker than what he used to be, not just in terms of his magic, but also in terms of his physical state. He was just not as swift or as strong as he once was. In fact, he could swear he even felt pain more acutely than he ever had in the past. The only thing that kept him standing was his own sense of honour. He doubled over a little again though, his free hand helplessly and defensively curling against the stomach that had just been punched.

The men standing in the distance guffawed. 'A kid like you shouldn't be out here stopping us, boy!' one of them exclaimed, barely able to form words as he continued to chortle in a demeaning way. The strongest of the lot made his way towards Genzo, with a quick tug at the scruffs of his collar he was lifted straight off the ground and flung into the main street like a rag doll.

He still had the sharpness of his mind. While channelling his magic felt much tougher than before, he managed to create a billow of snow which poured out from his hands. It provided a soft padding of snow when he landed. He slipped on the cool compressed surface, before he skidded to a stop. He looked up and saw that he'd fallen someone's feet. The man's face was a silhouette against the soft glow of the winter sun. He could vaguely make out the robes and the spiked hair. His attackers made their way into the street cheering... Swiftly, he scrambled to try and get up again, this was so beneath him.


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The patrolling seemed to be going fine. So far, he had not witnessed anything out of the ordinary. However, all of a sudden, he saw someone be flung into the main road from one of the narrower alleys. The white-haired young man was going to have a nasty fall, but managed to cushion it with his magic. His reflexes and the way he handled being thrown showed that he was not new to fighting. Quick thinking. While the snow dampened the brunt of the fall, it didn’t allow for a graceful landing and the teen rolled to a halt right under Haru. The Knight immediately offered a hand to help him up.

One laugh and Haru got the picture. He turned towards the one laughing. A large beefy man with a wooden bat walked towards where the two were. His posse hung back a few meters, waiting to see how else their strong bully was going to entertain them. “Didn’t find anyone your own size to bully?” Haru asked, unaware that what he said might sting Genzo more than it did the thug. The man guffawed more as he raised his bat to take a swing at Haru.

The orange-haired Knight sighed softly. He put up his left arm lazily to block the attack and the wooden bat broke, barely doing anything to his hand. Before the shock of failure could kick in, Haru’s other fist had found its way straight into the beefy thug’s gut. The goon fell down groaning while his little gang scattered in different directions, hoping Haru doesn’t follow any of them.

Once he was certain they were all gone, Haru turned towards Genzo with a smile, unaware that he was looking at a member of the Phantom Lord guild. “You okay, kid?” he asked, as he raised his hand to pat his shoulder.


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Genzo rolled over quickly and sat up in the snow cushion he'd made. Luckily the weather helped the white fluff retain its form somewhat, otherwise he'd have found himself sitting in a puddle. Very elegant. He smacked the helping hand away, on principle. No one offered Genzo Shimada pity, that wasn't going to change just because circumstances lead him to get a little beat up. How ever, declining help proved to be a bad idea.

In his eyes he ended up embarrassing himself further as he got to his haunches and got up much like a very old man with creaky knees would. He groaned, but endured the pain, at least to stand straight and square his shoulders. He didn't get the colloquial saying and took it for face value.  'Indeed, they should've picked someone fat, lazy and slow like them.' his voice was raspy, it was clear that it was a struggle to speak, yet he would definitely not lose an opportunity to throw verbal jabs at the men who'd roughed him up.

'I don't think any of them have worked a day in their lives...' Genzo spat, extremely bitter that it wasn't even a worthy opponent that had served to take him down.  He watched the orange haired man break a bat with his block. Genzo frowned. Just because you can do something, doesn't always mean you should. he thought, holding his tongue, but making a mental note to let the guy know that there were better ways to handle the situation without sustaining any damage at all.

His strength was something to appreciate though. Now he would serve as someone interesting to fight. He would've been fun to wrestle with, had Genzo still harnessed even the shadow of his former glory. The Shimada's deduction was right though, not only did these men have no prowess in combat, they were quick to disperse when their apparent leader took a hit. Genzo's expressions betrayed much disgust as he couldn't help but walk up to the fallen bat wielder and kick him hard in the side. 'Bloody ass, won't even get up to finish this honourably.' he muttered before the orange-haired man turned to him and asked some kid if he was okay. 'What kid? Where?' he turned to address the guy sharply. 'ME?' he barked when the reference dawned on him.


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Haru frowned and smirked at the same time when Genzo swatted his hand away. Someone’s got pride. He could appreciate that quality; but this one was taking it a little too far. Haru watched as he got back on his feet and it took a great deal of effort to not laugh. Thankfully, the goon with the bat distracted him from the frost mage long enough.

The gang scattered leaving their boss grunting and groaning on the ground. The Knight watched as the bullied teen took advantage of the moment and kicked the thug a few times as he was writhing in pain already. He let him vent for a bit, but had to intervene eventually. “Stop… before you kill him,” he said. He followed it with the question. The question that made the white-haired boy even angrier.

The boy was rather short, which prompted Haru to assume he was around fifteen or so. “Yeah, you,” he said, pointing a finger at Genzo. “Are you hurt?” he asked. Not that he could help if he was hurt. His healing magic was gone. But he could at least take him to the nearest clinic if it was something that needed addressing.

Haru was having fun teasing him a little. So, he went on with a cheeky grin. “What’s your name, kid?” he asked, emphasizing the last word. The Knight had no idea how much he was going to regret pissing off the half-brother of his love interest.


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'Yeah yeah...' he said, somewhat dismissively as the man who had taken down the gangster advised him to stop literally kicking a man when he was down. The Shimada wasn't the sort to take orders, and simply out of rebellion he wished to push the matter and continue his assault. But, luckily, for their already tenous relationship, there was a greater force from within him, that compelled him to stop. There was no honor or pride to glean from winning a fight when the circumstance had already declared a winner. He swung his foot against the dead weight one last time, using the recoil to step back and then shuffle further away from his attacker. 'Killing him would be too merciful anyways.' he muttered. Muttering with a characteristically dull expression was a trait he unwittingly shared with his sister... Perhaps one day, he'd come to realise that.

No one, except Genzo's mom addressed him as a kid anymore, and it was a habit even she was making the effort to wean off. 'I'm sixteen and more of a man than any of those guys.' Genzo said dryly, his chin jerking towards where the fallen man still lay groaning. He didn't like this scarlet haired fellow anymore. He had helped without the Shimada ever asking for it and while Genzo was sort of grateful, the taller guy had taken way too many liberties already. 'I'll be fine. Freaking cowards.' he spat, it would seem his ego had taken a much bigger beating than his body. He wiped the side of his face again, to ensure there was trail of crusty crimson.

The frost mage was dealing with some sort of a wisecrack. Mediocre with his talent, but quite heady and high with his strength and power. From the authoritative way he paraded through the streets, Genzo wondered if he was someone of importance. The Shimada was particularly vexed after the potential of this assumptive deduction. The bat-blocking man, only made matters worse. Genzo narrowed his eyes, and scoffed softly quite irked by the way he stressed kid. 'Listen big shot, if you can't address me right based on the information I've given you, how would offering my name make it better?'


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All Haru saw was an angry teen with way too much pride than he could afford. Of course, he had no idea of Genzo’s former capabilities or who he was. It was a lot easier to assume he was just another brat who thought too much of himself. Usually, Haru wouldn’t have made it his business to lecture the kid, but his comment about how killing would be a mercy didn’t sit well with the former-healer. He folded his hands across his chest and stared at the white-haired mage. “Killing is a mercy? So, what worse things would you do?” he asked, frowning.

The boy went on to claim how he was a better man than any of those goons even though he was younger. It was probably true, but in his experience, being a better man has seldom helped him defeat such goons. So, that was not good enough reason to pick a fight against a gang. “I see…” was all that he said in response, however. He had a feeling voicing his opinion wasn’t going to help matters.

“Maybe, if you tell me your name, I won’t have to call you a ‘kid’,” he said, raising an eyebrow. Noticing the blood on his cheek, Haru offered to take him to a healer. “You are bleeding. We should get that checked,” he said, pointing in the direction of the hospital.

From the way he looked and his accent, it was obvious that he was not from Fiore. Haru suspected he was from Joya as well. He wanted to ask. But given how he refused to even reveal his name without retaliating, he didn’t want to bombard him with any more questions.


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That question in itself felt so strangely familiar, it made him homesick. It echoed of the countless number of times those assigned to be his subordinates had asked him for specific details regarding how to deal with a captive and such. He almost wanted to answer it elaborately, but the judgmental tone of the question made him reconsider. It evoked a bunch of muttering again, which was pretty much inaudible as he went through some possible scenarios and tried to find a common vein.

He was too prideful to actually assume silence despite the thinly veiled threat in the question. Perhaps it was because of that friction, that he felt inclined to answer. Genzo wasn't one to b e intimidated, but out of courtesy and to prevent making the scene he sort of glazed over the specifics. 'I'd take something away from them... something that they care about, something that will hinder them and serve as a reminder.' he said, darkly and then shrugged as though he was talking about the weather.  

He realized he was still walking slightly curled, defending his bruising middle, he winced and even though it still hurt, he drew himself to full height beside the scarlet haired man. The strong guy had accurately deduced that there was no point arguing with the Shimada and had retorted with something that could probably be assumed as acquiescence, but it wasn't without doubt and a grudge.

'It's rude to ask for a name when you haven't offered yours, didn't your mother teach you any manners?' Genzo added, gruffly. His annoyance at his own mother was now misdirected at the creed in general. He waved his hand dismissively at the suggestion of needing his injuries checked, that literally be adding insult to injury. He simply held out his hand to condense the air around him to coat it with a layer of shimmering ice. He held it just below his chest a little to the side.

'What're you doing parading around like this anyways? You a Rune Knight or something?' as he tended to his hurting side, he lurched towards the alley where one of the goons had dropped a sorry excuse for a blade. It wouldn't hold up too well or for too long, but it was better than nothing. He picked it up and checked its balance, wincing a little as he moved, but just holding a weapon in his hand already made him feel better.


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The teen’s answer was much darker than he had anticipated. He raised an eyebrow and folded his hands, watching the injured boy walk past him and towards the knocked-out goon. His responses didn’t get any better from there. He went so far as to blame the mother he doesn’t remember for his supposed ill manners. “Didn’t your mother teach you to respect your elders?” he retaliated. Why the Knight was engaging in this silly quarrel was beyond anyone. The kid looked like he was going to be fine. He should just leave, for he had better things to do. But then, something about this white-haired boy held his attention.

His next question while he picked up the blade made Haru squint. “And what if I am?” he asked. Haru he didn’t like the tone he took when he said the words ‘Rune Knight’. He wasn’t someone who demanded—or even expected—gratitude for saving people. After all, it was his duty. But, at the same time, he wasn’t one to turn a blind eye to those who thought less of his faction; especially, after being saved by one associated with it.

“Leave it be, before you hurt yourself,” he prodded, nodding towards the blade that Genzo held. “It’s not a toy,” he added. This one practically was a toy, with its chipped edge and worn-out grip. But he taunted the kid anyway.


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Genzo scoffed at that comment. He was homesick, he missed his mother, but he was also glad that she didn't get to watch him pay for his mistakes with that smugness parents often had. He grimaced almost out of pity when the man counter questioned him upon being asked if he was a Knight or not. 'Nothing.' he shrugged, his answer was almost lazy. Like he didn't think there was any point in explaining his point of view. Just that word still betrayed the lack of respect for that organization he believed to be chained by the law.

He'd heard rumors about Akira Shimada, how she'd been cast aside from the apparently esteemed ranks. Perhaps, that had something to do with his prejudice, he could find a way to interrogate this orange-headed oaf about his half-sister, but it would seem the guy had taken yet another issue with Genzo. His grip tightened around the sword's worn hilt and he shot up as straight as his wound would let him, he now had a childishly evil smirk stretching his lips.

'Make me.' he said, brandishing the blunted weapon as a taunt, for good measure. It was probably a fight he couldn't win... In the past he'd have been more careful in the way he gauged his opponents. Now, with nothing to really lose, he approached the moment with a blase attitude.


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The kid was starting to get on his nerves. Haru made it obvious with his frown. When he not only refused to drop the weapon, but went on to challenge him, the Knight lost it. His frown deepened and he started to wonder if he had saved the wrong person. Maybe this kid went on yapping to the goon, asking to be beat up, like he was doing right now.

No matter. Haru was good at shutting down people without harming them. And that was what he intended on doing to this teen. Perhaps it will also teach him not to goad people who could cause some serious trouble for him.

In a blink of an eye, Haru dashed ahead to close the distance between him and Genzo. Midway through his dash, he pulled his lightsabre out from under his belt and activated it. Once he was close enough, he made a wide sweeping strike, attempting to strike the blade that Genzo held to knock it out of his hand. If his attack connected, it might even break the sword he held, considering its worn-out state.


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Baited. Genzo resisted the urge to laugh, simply because it would prevent him from maintaining his stance, especially because it was likely to evoke pain in his bruises - Pain he once could handle with ease, but now struggled with. He remained silent, allowing for the advance, his eyes were following the motions of the man with a precision of a seasoned swordsman. The man in front of him was anything but.

His movement towards Genzo was faster than the Phantom had expected, but he lacked the finesse that usually went hand in hand with such a swift advance. Genzo didn't press his blade against the glowing, noisy thing that the Knight brandished, he merely stabbed the air between the sword and the man. He then tugged his sword towards him, so the hilts linked together. The sword Genzo had picked up, was useless, but it had the traditional additional appendage at the start of the hilt, which hooked behind the Knight's and jerking pull-push motion would serve to loosen most grips, especially when it hindered such high velocity.


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Haru was surprised at the swift reflex of the young man. Most people were usually unable to react to his quick dashes. This boy not only reacted effortlessly, he counteracted his attack with such skill. He was starting to believe his instinct that this was no ordinary kid, and why he had held his attention for so long.

His obvious swing was easily side-stepped, and his opponent blocked the blade from inside, loosening his grip with a jerk. He had to admit it was well done. And the ease with which he did it made it obvious that he was no amateur. However… there was one thing that was obviously lacking. Just raw strength. His technique was extraordinary, but there was no real power behind it. Haru did not miss that.

He let his sabre drop to the ground when his grip loosened. He knew he could always call it back when he needed it. Instead, he decided to use the boy bold move against him. He was in close proximity, and by thrusting the blade between him and his sabre, he had left his side open. Haru simply pushed Genzo’s sword-wielding arm against his body and then tried to push him off balance by thrusting his shoulder into him.

Meanwhile, he pointed his right arm towards the ground and his sabre flew back to him. If he had succeeded in pushing Genzo down, he would use the moment when he had no control of his body to strike the blade off his hand with his. Then, he would point his glowing sabre at Genzo, mere inches from his face, and smirk. “I’m impressed kid. Good try. But not enough,” he said. “Now, you come with me,” he added.


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He noticed that his expertise was recognised and appreciated. At least the guy knew what he lacked, just like Genzo was acutely aware of his own short comings. The ones that were about to lead to the Knight prevailing in a moment. The joy of his success turned into the bitter ashes of defeat really quickly.

Technique won over raw strength, except when the difference was so exponential. That is why training was essential, but given the curse he wore, training would serve no purpose, his power had been stolen from him and allegedly for good reason. He winced as the man's shoulder rammed into his side, he'd guarded his injured side, but had the other was left open. He didn't have time for another side step.

He was knocked to the ground and fell on his butt with a distraught gasp. He couldn't say this was suprising. In a way, he'd expected such an outcome from the very beginning, his pride just wished to deny that logical deduction. When the disarmed Knight managed to simply pull his hilt back to himself, Genzo grew grumpier, that coupled with his patronising words left the ice mage prickly.

'I suppose that makes up for that annoying buzzing and the stupidly obvious glow.' he said, woefully ignoring the request till he could. He staggered back to his feet and condensed some more ice for his other side now. Given this man hadn't simply stabbed him, or used brute force to cuff him, meant he took his duty seriously and possessed some honor. Genzo had not been caught doing anything illegal enough to be jailed, so there was no harm in at least extending the courtesy to accompany the Knight and offer his name, now that he truly had been bested.

'Right. I'm Genzo and I have a few questions about a certain someone, if you would indulge me on our way.' He proceeded to accompany the Knight, without needing to be cuffed and hauled through the streets. He had to have some grace in this defeat, that was perhaps his first lesson.



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It was over, thankfully. The boy didn’t try anything stupid after he was down on the ground. Not that it would have made much of a difference. Haru would never harm the kid; he had done nothing criminal. If anything, the Knight thought he needed direction. He was skilled; it was best to employ that skill for the good and not waste it on baiting goons on the street.

Haru deactivated his blade and gave a light-hearted laugh when Genzo commented on his blade. “Not the best weapon on an assassin, but I’m no assassin,” he said. Tucking the hilt away, he offered his hand to help Genzo back up on his feet. He planned on taking him to a healer first, and then find out a little more about him before offering a job among the Knights. His faction could use a skilled swordsman like him. Besides, it was best to curb that darkness he sensed in the boy early, which he could do if he was in his reach.

When the white-haired teen introduced himself and asked if he would entertain him with a few questions, he raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Only if you’ll teach me that disarming trick,” he said. When it came to training and learning, Haru had no shame or pride. He would learn from a three-year-old if there was something worth learning.


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