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Welcoming Committee [Quest|Faye]

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Faye, in a rare moment of goodness and motivation, had agreed to help Dacol in welcoming new travelers to the city in order to increase its popularity and perhaps boost the tourist industry. They had had the talk the night before when Faye had a chance encounter with him outside her inn. The slightly taller man was making a note all the places he thought travelers would enjoy or find helpful versus all the places they would want to stay away from. Considering the present circumstances in Orchidia, even Faye agreed that having someone to guide the people around would indeed be a good idea. After all, it had not been too long ago that a bunch of demons invaded the town. It had happened in all sorts of places –Faye came to know this later via the innkeeper- and the town was still going through the after-shock of it. People were still scared of going out alone and many had sworn off trains since the incident even hit the railway lines running to and fro from the city.

Thus as the conversation boiled down, Dacol had managed to ignite Faye’s spirits enough to get her to actually help him with the welcoming. Despite regretting a little, Faye had wasted no time in heading down to the entrance where she agreed to meet with him. It was a bright and sunny day with a lot of people out and about for the first time after the incursion. Faye felt a little comforted by it, too, seeing the crowd of people beginning to enjoy their life again inside the small town. Dacol seemed to be happier judging from the ear to ear grin he wore on his lips. The whole incident may have made him more worried than most others. He was one of those figures that genuinely hoped to get Orchidia off the ground, a sentiment Faye respected but wouldn’t care more about.

He greeted her enthusiastically the moment he saw her coming down the road, immediately dropping a great amount of flyers into her hand. He told her he would wait with her until a traveler came along and then when he wasn’t there, she could just hand out the flyers and perhaps even answer some of their question. Faye agreed seeing that it was a harmless and effortless job. Neither did she had to run around nor memorize the importance of each place Dacol viewed as important enough to explain to the travelers.

She waited for about half an hour with Dacol, engaged in a conversation about the riverside spirit they had met a while ago. Despite having been asked to come back the next day, Faye had been too busy with a lot of stuff – the demon invasion being the worst and the sudden meeting of her guild mates being another- that she had genuinely forgotten about it. However, she had plans to visit again soon enough and deal with whatever the spirit seemed to be hinting at.


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Anyhow, soon enough, the first traveler made his appearance at the gate to whom Faye was surprised to see Dacol flying to in great speed. He was onto the traveler in less than a second, getting him hooked towards the interesting side of Orchidia as soon as possible. They departed soon enough after Dacol gave Faye a wink, indicating she was going to be all by herself for a while until he comes back. Did he perhaps expect too much from her?

Faye wondered but turned her attention back to the entrance once more. Soon enough, she saw the silver hair of an elderly –a woman in her sixties- carrying a couple of children on her hunched back. The woman looked tired and irritated but as soon as she saw her, she tried with some effort to make a pleasant face. Clearly, the woman was a nice person who had too much on her hands to deal with. Noticing how she dressed differently to the usual style of inhabitants of Orch, Faye guessed she was travelling and immediately handed a fyler over to her, using Hana to even entertain the kids.

The next travelers, two of them, were couples in love. They were engaged, soon to be married and had made a visit to Orch on their way over to Asteria. When she handed the flyer over to them, they initially gave her a quizzical look as if they did not see Orchidia important enough but once she started telling them how they would have to cross the great worth woodsea to get to their destination, they finally relented and considered staying Orch for a couple of days before resuming their journey.

The next three were a group of literary enthusiasts that traveled all around Fiore in search of inspiration. To them, Faye could relate quite easily and she found herself having a nice chat with them until Dacol arrived and she sent them off with the flyer. Dacol, although he looked exhausted, seemed exhited and happy that the previous traveler had liked Orchidia very much. He told her how people undermined the town when it was actually a rough diamond in need of a good polish. Faye agreed, half due to the fact that she didn’t have the heart to disagree and half because she did see the charms of the small town. After that brief conversation, Dacol had left once again to show another bunch of travelers around as Faye, too, resumed her job of passing out the flyers. Surprisingly enough, Faye enjoyed the way the day turned out since she had the chance of meeting a variety of people she would usually not when it came to other jobs. She also had the pleasure of chatting with a few of them who found the puppet in her hand more interesting than strange. Although some of them had proved to be mean and arrogant, overall, the day had been very good. Dacol must have thought the same because he had immediately rewarded her right after coming back from another tour.


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