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Under the Surface [Quest | Victor Garrett]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle had no idea how the Red Hades members managed to do it, but their not-so-little branch within Orchidia was well organized and had not suffered any damage from the demonic incursion. Someone within the guild must have cast some serious concealing spell on the abandoned underground hall for no one to be able to find it.

Victor and she had taken refuge at the base after their horrific fight against the demons. It took her a good two days to even move like she used to. There were a few healers there who were willing to help with their recovery, but obviously, these were no do-gooders who would do it for free. And now, the two owed a decent chunk of money to one particular healer, who had threatened to poison their next dosage of medicine if they don’t cough up the money.

So, there she was, staring at the board near the entrance that had several jobs pinned up. Neither of them was in good shape to take on the riskier and more rewarding ones. So, she settled for a rather dull request. Follow a snitch and see if he really was a snitch. Quite simple. But beyond that, there were not many details regarding the target. They had to first meet up with the client. Pulling the flier off the board, she crumpled it and threw it towards where Victor was.


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#2Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
He didn't take kindly when he was disturbed. But usually, he also didn't take naps so early in the evening. He hadn't realised how much energy his body utilised to recover. The medications they were offered weren't helping much either. It would've been easier if the damage was just healed with magic once and for all, but that came at such a hefty price, Victor opted to keep his money and recuperate more... organically. He could indulge himself with a little time off anyways, play the prince and just rest. The drugs he was forced to take for his recovery had caused him to nod off on a large armchair.

He was woken unceremoniously by something that was chucked his way. He groaned and stirred before holding the crumpled paper in his hand and tightening his fist. 'Does it say garbage can on my head?' he asked, sarcasm oozing from every word, as he addressed Michelle. He was usually kinder to her, but not lately.

Ever since the incursion, he'd been just a tad saltier, since he blamed her for not having strengthened her healing abilities enough to get them out of the pickle they'd landed themselves in. Rolling his eyes, he smoothed the paper against his thigh and squinted to get their job description. 'Can't you just go by yourself, woman?' he added, his question was rhetorical, since it was accompanied with him peeling himself of off the damn armchair. He knew she'd be capable of it in general, but backup was probably going to be necessary in her current state.


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#3Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
The purple-haired woman wanted to say ‘yes’ in response to his question, but she bit her tongue and refrained from pissing him off. It’s not like she was scared of Victor—her fear was reserved for the one inside him. She just didn’t want him in a bad mood right before they were about to go on a job. They need each other a lot more than usual given their state and getting on the nerve of one another wasn’t going to help matters.

“Earn your bread, blondie,” she said, walking towards the staircase that led them up to the surface. The sun had set recently, giving the sky a beautiful hue of deep purple. There was no time to take a lazy stroll to enjoy that, however. They were to meet with the client in less than ten minutes. So, Michelle picked up the pace and headed towards the mentioned location. When they reached the narrow dark alley, there was no one in the near vicinity. Suddenly, they could hear a voice from behind. Michelle turned on her heel swiftly to see a silhouette of Awali. She walked up to the duo and spoke in a rather commanding voice.

The woman didn’t let either of them speak. She gave them the picture of the man whom they were supposed to tail, asked them to watch all his interactions carefully throughout the night, and report back to her by the morning. With that, she vanished back into the shadows. There was neither any introductions nor a goodbye. Michelle didn’t mind. In fact, she preferred it this way. So, when the woman left, she turned to Victor and nodded towards the main streets. They had to begin their search somewhere.


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#4Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Much like his partner, Victor to held his tongue. The two were pushing their luck, but indulging an altercation would be quite a gamble. The last thing the Vincitore needed was to walk away from his resting spot more wounded than he was when he got to it. He did take his time in peeling his form off the chair though. Slowly he slunk along after the voluptuous woman, brooding and stifling the urge to make snide comments about the whole ordeal, simply because it would be an inefficient venture. Complaining about their task wasn't going to make it any easier to accomplish.

Rarely did Victor rely on wishing and praying, but he did find himself hoping that the client had something easy in store for them. A job that would require excessive use of his magical or physical prowess may result in a failure. Neither could he stomach the idea of failing, nor could they afford it. A woman with hair similar to the shade of Michelle's strands approached them. Vic had been around the town long enough to know who she was. He was rarely deferent, but if she had earned her alleged title, this could be a job worth doing. Her demands were rather sparsely made, neither of the Hades members asked for elaboration.


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#5Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
As the duo walked into the main streets, Michelle noticed that it was a lot emptier than it was when they crossed it before to reach the rendezvous point. It had not been more than thirty minutes, but it was exactly the time when the shops along the street closed, which meant there were only a few stragglers left. It wasn’t hard to spot Wugeth in the thinly populated street. He was with his bodyguards, just like Awali mentioned. Michelle didn’t need to look at the picture to confirm it was him, but she did anyway, just to be sure. “That’s him,” she whispered softly, looking away from the group when she saw that one of the guard was turning towards their direction. “Don’t look,” she added swiftly, as she held him firmly by the bicep to stop him from turning in case he planned on it.

“We should stay out of sight from now on,” she said as she looked around. If the guard spotted them, then it would be extremely difficult to tail them on the empty streets without raising suspicion. Furthermore, they would be unable to efficiently watch their movements whenever they take a turn. The best way was to take the high ground. Since it was the main street, the buildings seemed close enough for them to move on the terrace. Some of them differed in the number of floors, but nothing too drastic that they wouldn’t be able to handle. She swiftly slid into the narrow gap between two buildings and took the fire escape stairway at the back to reach the terrace.


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#6Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Whatever shred of faith he put into his hope, must've worked. Their job was a rather simply one. The night had begun tumbling into the sky swiftly, the darkness bloomed in its wake almost suddenly as the sun ducked out of view and the hues of violet quickly faded with it to welcome the inky blue and black.

As usual, the Garrett had other plans. The two could easily hide in plain sight, drunken lovers would do the trick. But ever since he'd sent Michelle as a envoy to meet his father, she'd been strictly business and yet, more in his business than she had cared to be before. He was too perceptive to miss the change, but the truth was one he couldn't have guessed or fathomed with ease. So the situation continued to baffle him and he found no way to explain the minor changes in their relationship.

He saw no reason to argue or discuss this in the present. They were already close to being spotted and now that only one of them had come up with a plan, the other had to either weave a swifter way to shroud their presence, or fall in line He had to be the latter. As uncharacteristic as it was for him to follow, to create a scene would jeopardize their mission. He wasn't going to allow his ego to compromised something that was so painfully easy to accomplish.


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#7Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Of course, acting like a couple would have been something that she might have suggested, were she not aware that Victor was her half-brother. Now, it was weird. Especially because she had him at a disadvantage when it came to the true nature of their relationship.

Tailing them from over the buildings was painless and the guards had no idea of their presence. Even at her weakened state, she was still flawless with her soft landings after the jumps. Some skills simply cannot be taken away. She watched Wugeth and his guards meet with a couple of strangers, but neither of the interactions lasted long enough to amount to anything. Besides, they weren’t even close enough for a sneak transaction to have occurred. It looked like they just bumped into each other.

After a while, however, the group came to a halt and stood at the corner of the street for quite a while, as if they were waiting. Michelle and Victor were right on top of them, on the terrace of the corner building. The former assassin noticed the speeding car even before Wugeth or his guards took note of it. The car came to a stop near the target. This was obviously a meeting set up a priori. They wouldn’t have waited there otherwise. Despite their vantage point, they couldn’t really see inside the car to see who was talking to Wugeth. But after a few moments, a hand extended out through the window and gave a black suitcase to Wugeth, which he promptly took hold of.

Immediately after, the car sped away in the other direction and vanished into a dark street. But it had lingered long enough for them to take note of its colour and model. Now, it was time to head back to Awali and report their findings.


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#8Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
He was rather disgruntled in her hot pursuit as she led them from one terrace to another. All the while they kept their eyes peeled and planted on their target. Small mercies really that there was no need for any confrontations. He didn't want to admit it, but her old-school plan had worked out in his favor.

Pretending to be madly in love would've been quite a burden whilst they also kept an eye on things. Trudging along the uneven path through the terraces allowed them more freedom. The lack of proximity seemed to be problematic initially, but they had deemed the interactions with the strangers random and useless anyways.

'This is it.' Victor muttered, somewhat keenly. After a good hour of simply leaping from building to building like fugitives, event he tall pause from the group they were following was welcome, simply for the change in rhythm. The two had witnessed enough shady transactions to know that a covet deal was imminent. The two watched like hawks as a car finally pulled up.

There was a small exchange. The lack of proximity did prevent them from finding out who exactly the target met with. Needless to say Awali wouldn't be pleased. But something was better than nothing. If they couched their information well enough, it'd probably work out well enough. Charm was Victor's strong suit, especially with women, so he took the lead on that.

He made their work sound much tougher and more dangerous than it really was. Which in contrast aided in making whatever information they were able to gather, seem more precious. While Awali wasn't too generous in her payment, she did appear to be pleased with their work. In Garrett's eyes that was good enough, because she was a good asset to have on her side, given her reputation...


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