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Dun Dun Dun [Odin/private/Red]

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Dun Dun Dun [Odin/private/Red] Empty Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:53 pm

Kyam had been barely breathing, his body broken battered and bruised from barely escaping the clutches of the Bounty hunters who so desperately wanted him dead. The young Savannan prince forced himself to move through the forest to the best of his abilities. With barely any mana left, just moving ached his bones. Blood ran like a waterfall from his stomach as he struggled to hold the blood in place with his sprained arm. His left arm held his spear and his mission was to make his way back to the guild. Lamia Scale was far from where he was and at this rate he'd die. Closing his eyes he stopped onto a tree and breathed heavily. Quickly he fished into his pocket before taking out a liquid that would heal his body. With a wince he threw the liquid back before tossing the container and immediately his body began to heal. You see, this concoction was the last item from his home country that he had and he saved it specifically for a moment like this, where he was nearly dead and had barely escaped the clutches of the foreign bounty hunters. Taking one last breath he stood up straight and fixed his tuxedo.  Although he was healed, his mana was still damn near drained so if he ran into any trouble within this forest, he probably would have a hard time living long enough to tell the story. Kyam often got himself into messes. As of late the bounty hunting seemed to increase, and his work fell off. His tactics became less careful and more sloppy. It was safe to say that he was losing himself. He was becoming too content with the country of Fiore. That wasn't a good thing.

#2Odin † 

Dun Dun Dun [Odin/private/Red] Empty Mon Feb 25, 2019 1:36 pm

Odin †

The forest was often a haunt for Odin, who preferred the solace and quiet compared to Orchidia. Not that Orchidia was a particularly busy town this time of year, it had nothing on Oak at its highest points, but sometimes Odin just couldn't be bothered dealing with people. Human beings, they were as interesting as dung beetles most of the time, but they at least had some uses, which brought Odin to his other reason for being in the forest, especially this late in the day, as the moon was starting to rise.

Orchidia was a town surrounded by the forest, a forest often wandered into by its local population. Sometimes, these people had a hard time finding their way out of said forest, and getting lost made them prey. Odin still had to collect blood for HER, and he hadn't collected in a little while, so he had to make sure today was a successful day for him.

It seemed that his mistress was going to be kind to him today, as Odin found someone that looked badly beaten, and barely holding onto life. Approaching him, the Lich then saw an interesting occurrence. The man took out some kind of potion and, drinking it, had his wounds healed. The blood that had been pouring out of the man's stomach moments before seemed to stop, and the stomach itself sealed up. As the man stood up straighter, Odin realised that he recognised him. With Gungnir strapped across his back, the dark mage approached the Lamia Scale mage.

"Kyam I believe, long time no see. I presume you remember my face?"


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With Ubithu lost, Kyam wouldn't be of any service to himself if he remained in the forest of Orchidia. Bad things were happening here. Darkness swelled with each passing day- not only for himself, but for this entire country. If he wasn't so pressed on taking this god forsaken country for himself, he would see his way to another country. Alas there was still much unfinished business in Fiore, a curse in itself considering he had no other choice but to stay. With a deep breath he rubbed his stomach making sure the wound was closed. Immediately his body felt brand new. As if he had never been faced with a battle moments prior. "Back to the guild I go..." he whispered before turning. What- no... who he saw next came as a surprise to him. This creature was non other than the Lich he had met before when he attempted to save the life of a woman who proved to be unworthy of his help. This condemned creature hadn't been able to face the wrath of the Savannan but from what Kyam had noticed, he controlled a quick and powerful spear. What other abilities he held remained unknown but his purpose in approaching Kyam probably had nothing to do with friendship.

"There aren't any other skeletons with the ability to walk and talk that would know m name, Lich..." He began before walking slowly towards the skeleton. "If you'll excuse me, the guild master of  Lamia Scale is waiting for me, just outside of these forests." he lied, only to strike fear and doubt into the soul of this monster so that he may put any possible thoughts of murder out of his mind.

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Odin †

Simply from the way Kyam called him a Lich, Odin felt a sense of hostility. He was acting smart, saying there wouldn't be many others like Odin who knew the male's name. As he said that, the Lich realised that he had never properly introduced himself to the Lamia Scale mage, having only discovered Kyam's name from a young neko child that had called him by it. For all Odin knew, it could've been a nickname, but that now seemed unlikely.

"Where are my manners, my name is Odin."

The next sentence to come out of Kyam's mouth was the interesting one. He suggested that he was going to meet the guild master outside of the forest, and that Kyam was going to see him. The chances of that statement being false were much higher than it being true, but could Odin take that risk and incur the wrath of the Lamia Scale master? The answer was simple, as Odin drew his spear and placed held it in the path of Kyam, the sharp point of Gungnir desiring the blood it knew it would be receiving.

Whether the guild master was in these woods or not didn't actually matter to Odin. He was not stopping Kyam out of any personal reason, but because SHE had made it so. It was HER will, and that superseded any notions of power. Against HER, all beings on Earthland were worthless, regardless of their rank.

"So tell me", Odin started, his voice casual as he debated whether or not to kill the man before him, "Why would the guild master of one of the strongest guilds in Fiore be waiting outside the forest of Orchidia for someone like you? You seem capable enough, why not just wait at your guild hall? You understand it all seems a little far-fetched." Despite his voice being casual, Odin's eyes stayed focused on the man, watching every twitch on his body as he drew closer. If he tried anything, he would taste steel.


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Kyam could move no further as the spear belonging to Odin had felt itself against his breast. Kyam glanced down at the weapon then back at Odin. If this man was set on painting the grass with Kyam's blood then he would find himself able to do so. Kyam had almost no mana left and his weapon was lost during his fight. The Savannan's eyes lowered, his pupils showed no sign of fear but his fists balled, ready to attack if he needed to defend his life. No demon had managed to strip him of breath and he didn't plan on having a false demon taking his right to breathe. His lie that his own master was awaiting him outside the forest proved to be false- or so Odin obviously thought. Kyam couldn't see any intent to kill beyond the Lich's eyes only because he lacked them but the smell of death and destruction lingered from his clothing. There was no way he was going to get through this alive and there was no way he'd put up a fight of value. With a deep breath he frowned, looking to the skies as if Illumin himself had been watching him. Without another moment of hesitation, Kyam stepped forward, allowing the spear to pierce directly through his heart and exit from his back. "Gahhhhrrgh." he grunted as his eyes stared deeply into the holes within the skeletons face. "I asked for a sign that my life held no meaning anymore, and here it is. You were sent by the mighty Illumin himself to send me to the depths of hell. Fuck it, I await them with open arms." He stated as the life from his body drained with each passing moment. "Fuck this...world."


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Dun Dun Dun [Odin/private/Red] Empty Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:28 pm

Odin †

Something had clearly happened to this Kyam boy, something so bad that he had lost all faith in humanity, and even all the faith he might've once held in himself. The man that Odin had briefly met in the streets of Orchidia was not the man before him today, and that was made very evident by the fact that the man walked directly into Odin's spear. Surprise would've been obvious upon the Lich's face if he had the ability to show emotion, but it mattered little to Odin. The man had lost his will to live, and Odin had been in the right place to take his life. All that mattered was that SHE had gained more blood from humans, which meant more power to her shrine, and more power for Odin.

The shrine had gained more power from a human, and so Odin was pleased. He pulled his spear out of the man, as his body slumped to the grassy floor of the forests. Bringing out an empty vial, Odin held it in the forming pool of blood, taking as much as he could to fill it up completely. With the item collected, Odin simply dried his spear and left.

"Shame, he had potential."


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