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Part 2: Bloody Valentine [Ritual]

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It had been a few days since she had obtained a feather from the Nephilim that had taken care of the various orphans and children of Orchidia who had suffered in the wake of the demonic incursion upon the city. However, for some peculiar reason, Tsukiko found herself wandering along the outskirts of the forest surrounding Orchidia. This time it was not the cultists that had called for her, no instead she had decided to travel to this particular area out of a certain 'feeling' she had.

It was the parasite within her, urging her to go there, because she felt something good would happen if she was to go there. However, little did Tsukiko expect that the thing she was about to experience, was one of those events she had never expected. It all started to happen shortly after she arrived at the clearing where the Nephilim had been, but it seemed that today she wasn't around. No, instead Tsukiko found a lone child who was busy picking flowers from the nearby flower beds.

"It's pretty dangerous to go out here by yourself~" The white-haired lass chimed with a gentle smile, the presence of the girl seemingly startling the child who turned toward her in surprise, but after a moment seemed to recognize her. "You're that girl that showed up a few days ago, didn't you? Why are you here?"

In response to the question, Tsukiko merely smiled and approached the nearby flower bed, her fingers scooping up one of the flowers as she hummed softly. "I was looking for a nice flower to take to that nice lady that was with you last time~ Do you happen to know her name?"

The child nodded his head lightly and soon answered proudly. "Of course! Everyone at the Orphanage knows miss Olivia!" Olivia, so that was the name of that Nephilim... That was quite an interesting thing to know. "That's a nice name~" Tsukiko hummed softly while the child nodded his head in agreement. "She really is a nice lady! My name is Lucas, what is yours?" A momentary pause followed as the girl pondered about something, when finally she answered the child's inquiry with a sheepish grin. "Tsukiko~"

The child looked in bewilderment at her for a moment before chuckling softly. "What a weird name!" The childish comment made Tsukiko's lips curve up into a grin while she shrugged her shoulders lightly. "Not as weird as a boy who is called Luka~" Of course, the teasing remark quickly earned a pout from the child who continued speaking "It's LUCAS!"

Still, it seemed a sudden chill lingered in the air as a hooded figure stepped out from amidst the nearby trees. "What do we have here~ A child all by himself in the forest of Orchidia~ A perfect sacrifice for our demonic masters..."

It seemed trouble had arrived, yet for Tsukiko this might had been an excellent opportunity, taking a step forward as a hand slowly slid toward her back. "Lucas, run back to Orchidia as fast as you can~"

WC: 510/1000

WC: 510/1000 for learning D-rank regeneration

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