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Part 1: Lost Child [Ritual]

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Part 1: Lost Child [Ritual] Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:31 pm

It all began early in the morning within the outskirts of the forest surrounding Orchidia. A lone figure was walking along a small path leading deeper into the forest. The girl was a mysterious-looking maiden for sure, not only did she have hair as white as snow, but her eyes were a shade of blood-red. Likewise, mysterious red markings were covering the side of her neck and cheek, while a mysterious black colored garb covered her body.

Strapped onto her back by two black ribbons was a gigantic two-handed blade, clearly looking out of place on the girl. It was difficult to guess where she might have been going, but after a moment she walked away from the path and into a small clearing where two ominous figures awaited her.

Two adults, at least judging from their silhouettes were hidden underneath large hooded robes, the one to the left nodded his head in approval upon her arrival. "Excellent, I see that you have heeded the call also Tsukiko." The man whispered softly, upon which the white-haired maiden shrugged her shoulders lightly in a casual and easygoing fashion.

"Something like that~ She wanted me to play, and I heard there is a rather fun game going on right now~" The other cultist laughed softly, clearly amused at her words. "To think that you'd call this a game... are you having fun Tsukiko?"

The man's inquiry caused her to pause for a moment, a hand raised to her chin as she pondered for a moment on how to answer the question. It was finally after a bit when she finally answered the stranger, her lips curving into a bright and innocent smile. "I am!" The other cultist shook his head lightly, soon continuing their conversation. "Either way, as you no doubt know already, we need to gather ingredients for the shrine dedicated to 'her', it won't be easy for sure, but there is someone we might be able to exploit."

She didn't care too much about the whole shrine building, but she had to admit that so far obtaining the ingredients had been surprisingly fun to her. "There is a Nephilim nearby, a young lady who is known to take care of an orphanage, she has a soft spoke for children and teenagers, I'm sure a young lass like you will easily be able to make her lower her guard enough so that you can inconspicuously obtain the feather that is needed for our shrine.

It sounded like an easy enough job, and actually she was kinda curious if she could trick the Nephilim lady! "Okay~ I'll play along~" Tsukiko chimed in with a sheepish smile as she started walking away, but one of the cultists quickly urged her to stop. "Wait Tsukiko! You can't carry that sword with you in there! We'll keep it safe for you, meet us here after you obtained the feather."

Tsukiko shrugged her shoulders lightly in response as she removed the two ribbons around the sword and handed it over to the cultist who grunted lightly under its weight...

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It didn't take long for her to find the one that the cultists were talking about. Just a short few minutes walking from their spot she found a large clearing where a group of children were gathered in a small circle around a tall and beautiful looking woman. The garb reminded Tsukiko of the type of outfit the people belonging to the church tended to wear, perhaps she was a nun? She wasn't sure, but what she did notice were the beautiful white wings that stretched from her back, and the gentle compassionate look upon her face as she distributed a basket with food to the children.

However, upon her intrusion into the clearing the Nephilim turned her gaze at her, a warm smile on her lips. "Come closer child, are you also lost like those children?" Tsukiko nodded her head meekly, a few steps forwards being made as she seemed hesitant to continue onward. "I... lost my parents in the recent incursion..." The Nephilim's eyes widened for a moment in surprise before they grew moist with tears, rushed footsteps approaching her. "Are you alright my dear? Do you need help? Food? water? A place to stay?"

However, as she neared Tsukiko and noticed the red markings on her cheek the woman gasped in disbelief. "W-What happened to you poor child? Don't worry, I'll cleanse your suffering right away." The lady raised her hands to her cheeks, holding her face gently as a faint warm glow surrounded her, but it did little to shrink or remove the markings. "I... I never saw something I couldn't heal before..." The white-haired girl shook her head gently in response. "It's alright, your kindness is more than appreciated, as long as someone like you keeps on trying, I won't give up either~" The words brought tears to the Nephilim's eyes who wrapped her arms around Tsukiko in a tender embrace. Of course, the hands of the girl wrapped around the Nephilim's back, returning the embrace for a few moments till the woman took a step backwards and pulled out a small loaf of bread and offered it to her. "Here, have something to eat. Will you be staying with us for a while?"

Tsukiko shook her head gently in return, speaking in a warm tone. "I will return soon, for now I will see if anyone else in Orchidia will need your help and I'll tell them about you~" The Nephilim smiled warmly at her, a nod of affirmation being done. "You're always welcome."

And with those words Tsukiko turned her back at the Nephilim and started to walk to the outskirts of the clearing. Only once she had properly left and started to approach the area the cultists were waiting at, did Tsukiko's hand slip into the pockets of her garb, withdrawing what appeared to be a pure white feather from it.

"That was way too easy~" The lass chimed in amusement, quite proud that she had won this game of deception against the Nephilim.

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