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Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe]

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Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe] Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:32 pm

Orchidia, it had been a beautiful city, although recently the area had suffered immensely under the incursion of a demonic horde. While the efforts of several groups of knights and guild mages alike had succeeded in vanquishing the threat, it still had left its scars on the town.

Perhaps it was for that reason it was such an unusual sight to behold, the way the white-haired lass was humming a cheerful melody, a joyous skip in her pace as she walked down the Market Streets.

For most it would be quite peculiar, unthinkable even to imagine this youthful lass to be a member of such a vile cult that was only spoken about it hushed whispers, and yet events had led to her affiliation with them.

However, even if she was here on an assignment for the cult, she prioritized her own desires and ambitions first, after all she was the type of person who could only do what she wanted to do! And fortunately for the cult, the things she wanted to do were exactly the things 'her' wanted from the cult.

Still, Tsukiko had to admit that ever since she had lost contact with Lacie, that she truly had been growing more bored recently... Clearly, she needed to figure out something to do, a suitable replacement for her boredom! But where in the world would she find such a thing?

#2Chloé Leclair 

Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe] Empty Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:04 pm

Chloé Leclair
It was pretty weird she could simply stroll over the market street after all the stunts she had pulled over the past few weeks. Granted, she didn't exactly look like the most dangerous criminal and there were probably bigger threats the rune knights were worried about, especially with the recent demonic rifts popping up willy-nilly. She considered herself lucky she hadn't run into one, there was no telling what Lyse would do if she saw a demon. If Chloé had to guess she'd probably want to fight it. It liked a fight a little bit too much for Chloé's tastes, especially since it used her body.

Unfortunately Chloé was so lost in thought about everything happening around her that she barely was aware of her own surroundings. She ran straight into a white haired girl while lost in her own thought who was skipping rather happily around. She fell backward on her butt, after which she rubbed over it softly. That actually hurt a bit.  Oh the girl! She jumped up and bowed to the girl for her careless behavior.

"Oh sorry! Sorry! Are you alright?" Now that she actually was paying attention she could see how beautiful this girl was. Which caused her to blush slightly. If the other girl had fallen as well she would offer her hand to bring her back up, since Chloé felt a bit guilty for the accident.


Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe] Empty Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:12 pm

Indeed, it seemed both girls had been quite lost in their own thoughts, for Tsukiko's carefree skipping had made her oblivious to the fact someone was approaching her, and soon an unavoidable collision happened which led Tsukiko to stagger backward. Fortunately for the white-haired lass the large executioner's blade which was strapped to her back served as a rather amusing foil for her to collapse onto her own backside, instead she found the tip of the blade dig into the ground, almost making it look like she was stuck to it like some sort of pole. "Woops~" Tsukiko chimed in amusement while she made a small hop upwards, lifting the sword so it was pulled out of the ground and grinned sheepishly at the girl who was bowing to her in response to the, what she assumed was the reason for the earlier collision. "Hehe~ don't worry about it, I'm partly to blame since I wasn't paying much attention either."

A sheepish grin lingered on her lips as she seemed fortunately unharmed, not even a sign of a bruise or anything of that sort visible on her. "That, and it's quite an interesting way to stumble onto new people~ Or in this case crash into them I guess."

The lass answered with a hearty chuckle as she tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion. "How about you? I hope you didn't hurt yourself?"

#4Chloé Leclair 

Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe] Empty Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:22 am

Chloé Leclair
Chloé sighed in relief that the girl in front of her was alright. She herself was fine as well. She wiped off the dirt from the back of her skirt and then looked at the girl she accidentally ran into. Since she could still smile she had to alright... right? She couldn't help but smile shyly at the white haired girl's comment.

"Y... Yes I'am fine." She felt a little unsure about how to go on about this. She felt she had to do something to make it up to the other girl, but at the same time she wouldn't know what she could possibly do to help her. The fact that the girl was also really good looking didn't help her awkward feeling. Chloé knew she should just say goodbye, that risking talking with the other girl was to put her in danger. Luckily Lyse had just taken over her a bit to have some fun around town, so she shouldn't be able to come out for a while.

"Um... do you... want to hang out together?" Chloé asked the girl hesitatingly trying to find the right words and trying to see what they actually could do? Luckily Chloé had been long enough in this town to know quite a few nice restaurants or bars. She still had the same shy smile as before while waiting on the answer of the white haired girl.


Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe] Empty Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:18 pm

A gentle tilt of her head followed as she observed the girl's mannerisms. Judging from the slight hesitation in her response, and the hints of shyness it was quite likely that the lass had not been that used to interacting with others, or perhaps there had been another reason behind the shyness. Whatever the case might have been, Tsukiko had to admit it was rather endearing, one could even go as far as describing it as adorable.

The hesitating request of the girl who seemingly wanted to hang out together made Tsukiko pause for a moment, a hand gently raised to her cheek as she pondered for a moment about the question. "Hmm~ I was told not to hang out with strangers..." The girl answered in the same soft and gentle tone from before, and yet what appeared to initially be a rejection of the invitation soon would be revealed to be something else, as the white-haired lass replied with a sheepish smile. "But there is an easy solution to that~ My name is Tsukiko!" The girl answered with the same innocent enthusiasm of a child, both hands trying to reach for the girl's own to shake them happily. "What's yours?"

Of course, a proper introduction was the first step, and she had to admit that so far she was growing quite fond of the mannerisms of this girl. So surely she wouldn't mind hanging out with her for a while.

#6Chloé Leclair 

Don't mess with a Demon's Pet [Ritual|Chloe] Empty Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:47 am

Chloé Leclair
"Oh...?" Chloé looked a little disappointed. It meant she couldn't properly apologize for running into the girl. That and Chloé didn't really know how to deal with such a sudden rejection. Even if she saw this one coming from a mile away.

"Re... I mean my name is Chloé, Chloé Leclair." The girl's frown went upside down in two seconds flat. While her face became as red as a tomato. The girl just introduced herself and actually did want to go with her? Feeling a wave of relief going through her Chloé grasped the hands of the girl that did the same to hers. Smiling happily as she did.

"Really?" She asked Tsukiko the previous question. Having finally recovered from the unexpected change of winds in the girls behavior.

"I know a great place nearby" Chloé would say if Tsukiko didn't mind. There were a few times during this visit she would drown her sorrows at that place. She would start to leave, letting lose one hand so she could lead the girl with the other. Of course it was entirely possible that the girl already knew of the place. It wasn't a place many girls there age hanged out, so Chloé assumed she didn't. In the day it had more normal customers, but at the evening it tended to be all rough looking men after a hard day of work. Still the drinks there were surprisingly good.

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