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Rainbow In The Dark [Open]

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Rainbow In The Dark [Open] Empty Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:28 pm

Ianthe was still a person, a person with feelings and emotions. Some people might question that claim given her record but here she stood, her heart sinking as she looked down at a box of crying kittens. She counted six kittens who weren't even big enough to climb out of the box they were placed in. She could tell herself she wasn't crying, but the tears streaming down her cheeks were warmer than the biting winds that were whipping her hair up in a frenzy. She didn't know what place would even allow her to have this many kittens in one place unless she got an apartment or home of her own. It was times like these where she really wanted to be heartless, at least then her chest wouldn't hurt so bad.

Stop crying...I'll get you somewhere safe just, stop crying. The words slipped out as a mutter, she was trying to not full on bawl. The streets of Orchidia were pretty clear since it was the dead of night in the middle of winter. Ianthe wanted more than ever to find who would do such a thing to these poor, cute, creatures. She wanted to gut that person out and use their insides as a warm shelter for the kitties. Taking off the scarf she bought earlier and placing it around the kitties she decided that she would find somewhere safer for them. Picking up the box she stood thinking, where could she take a box full of kittens?

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Winter was one of many things to people, one things Waylon felt about winter is how. The winter's cold never brother him. He was kind of normally quite able to deal with this cold and such being out in winter. how long Waylon had managed to stay awake he was not sure but felt something was a miss this evening and he wanted to figure out what that was, He felt overly warm this evening and as well restless.

So getting his coat and scarf Waylon slowly got ready to go for an evening walk by himself, it was a lot colder then he first assumed even if he was prepared for it. So it would be worrying for a few people if they were caught out in this weather. Thus in his walk he would see if anyone ended up needing help or anything in general he was just generally that way.

Looking upon the almost empty evening Waylon started to notice what exactly was going on, or she thought. He assumed it was the woman who was cold but when walking towards her, It shaped maybe what exactly was going on now, It was almost heart breaking.

If it wasn't for Waylon anyway. Looking upon the woman wondering what she was going on about, He realized the box of six kittens. Since she was muttering about getting them safe, His kind nature would step in."Let me take them in where i am staying, They can warm up there." Waylon did greet her it was kind of not on his mind to do.

The ice mage offered since it was right for the moment, "if you are that worried come and join me as well, maybe you could use a break from the cold too." Hopefully he did not sound weird offering that too.


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A voice pulled her from her own frantic thoughts. It belonged to a man who seemed as if he was offering her help. She wasn't standing there long enough for her not to notice if he was coming towards her, yet she only realized he was near when he spoke. Ianthe clutched the box a little tighter, as if she were worried he might take it from her. She heard his offer of course but she was weary of someone just wanting to help, even if his offer was the only one she had. Giving the man one more look over she nodded her head. Thank you, I'll take you up on your offer...Uh.. Name?

Ianthe's violet gaze stared deeply into the man's own. She didn't even catch his name, if he said it all before offering his help. She wasn't too use to these kinds of kind gestures anymore so she was more on edge around him than anything else. Ianthe knew that even if she followed him and he turned out to not be crazy, she would still need to figure out her next steps in relocating all these kittens.

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Waylon's heart and mind where in the right intentions his way of going about it could be a bit better mostly in wording, He was a good guy in heart and soul but his way of going about it could really use some work, He would even forget to try and seem different about it.

"My name is Waylon Karlinius."
He said almost with out a second thought of it when it same to that. just the rest he should think about."You are also more and welcome to accompany them, I would not take you away from them."He was still clueless with that if felt like it was normal to after that. Empathy as well would be what his mind also had, He did understand what it would like for some one trying to help to drift apart from what they where trying to help.

So when he noticed she was staring at him, Even in his clueless manner not realizing even what she could be thinking Waylon just gave her a peaceful smile after staring back for a moment."Are you cold as well, Do you need anything to help warm you up?" Waylon said to make sure, Out of an actual caring thought for this person as well.

Waylon would be willing to give up his coat and scarf for seeing if this woman needed he just would not mention it right away. Mostly because he was sometimes clueless to various things.

He then said "We are not going too far away, A block or two." Which was true this was not too far of a walk for him, but he walked enough distances were different in his eyes and he shorter in his mind from how often he walked for how long he did walk.


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She continued to hold onto the box of kittens just a little too tightly. The previously loud mewing had quieted down some, probably because the warmth of her scarf had pulled them back from the brink of a cold death. She listened as the man gave his name and reiterated that she could come along with him and the kittens, as if she would just leave them in his care without her.

No, I'm fine..Let's just get these guys outta the cold and some food in them. I don't know who would just throw kittens out like this but it's disgusting.. The nerve of some people. She was clearly upset, the tone of voice she used was a bit more aggressive as she spoke those words. There wasn't much she felt strongly about nowadays but this she couldn't overlook.

She was ready to follow the man, but she didn't give her name like he gave his. Since he didn't ask she didn't feel the need to give one in the first place. She would wait for him to start moving and wondered what sort of place this man lived in that he was so ready to allow a stranger in his home.

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It seemed like maybe the cold was not doing either of them any good. Waylon did not personally feel it but that is just normal of him. But he would try his best anyway. He did feel worry about the lady as well, Maybe the cold was making her angry because of the kittens.

So just to make sure nothing else too harsh would happen Waylon would just almost keep a settled quiet. It would feel a bit longer because of how bitter feeling the cold is to most people. Waylon still did not feel it as much still compaired to other people.

So continuing on he really did not well more like was unsure what else to say or do, So the quiet of the cold was starting to get a bit annoying, but they were about half way to where he was staying in this city, So it would be short.

Not too long after pulling out the key to where he was staying to open the door, Which almost seemed a very short time frame with how slightly zoned out he was in this current time, Nonetheless Waylon would be just simply happy about how it seemed to be.

With that opening the door quietly and still not saying much Waylon would let her and the kittens in,To figure out that in which they needed and would like to do to take care of these kittens, Eventually as the evening would pass Waylon and her would eventually find out.

And that seemed the end of the situation for him, what else happen that night would be something he would really not remember it was not overly anything important really, some could assume any things,None he may remember to actually speak about because mostly being his aloof self, But it was an okay evening nonetheless.

[exit and end.]

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