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She has a bone to pick with you [Ritual|Odin]

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She has a bone to pick with you [Ritual|Odin] Empty Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:58 am

It had been only a few days since Tsukiko had arrived within Orchidia, and yet the place already felt so different from when she had first visited this place. Was it because of the recent demonic incursions? She did notice that the town was in the middle of rebuilding itself in the wake of the violent conflicts it had been forced to endure at the hands of the demonic invasion. However, right now Tsukiko could pay little heed to the suffering of others, for she had a rather important task.

It all began in the wake of her brother having gone missing. When the demonic incursion first began Tsukiko had been searching for the whereabouts of her elder sibling but to no avail... No, instead she found a mysterious leather-bound book which according to the mysterious parasite that inhabited her body was supposed to contain the answers she sought, the solution to how she could be reunited with her missing brother.

It would be 'HER' who would grant her the wish she longed for, the parasite had ensured her that following the desire of 'Her' would lead to the things she wanted. Still, to think that they were so skeptical as to say that a certain individual would be able to help her out within Orchidia.

The hooded figure had told her little, aside from the fact that the man she sought was a bit underfed, or was he a lich? She had already forgotten...

"They really should have been more specific with their instructions... I mean stabbing someone to get their blood is one thing, but how do they expect for me to get the feather of a Nephilim with them noticing, or a Lich who would be willing to give up a bone willingly? It's like a freaking riddle!"

#2Odin † 

She has a bone to pick with you [Ritual|Odin] Empty Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:30 am

Odin †

To Odin, it seemed like SHE had been too kind. The three items he had to collect for the shrine: human blood, nephilim feathers, and lich bones, they were all just too perfect for Odin. In Fiore, finding a human was the easiest thing one could do, and it didn't matter what kind of human they were, just any old person would do, or young. Male, female, child, elder, it was almost too easy. And then came the second item, nephilim feathers. Definitely harder to come by in every day life, but not if someone was, for example, close friends with two nephilim and knew what to look out for when dealing with them. Odin knew that nephilim wings weren't always out, and that the nephilim in question had to activate them to release their power, which many others wouldn't know.

And then came the third item, arguably the hardest one for any to get their hands on, the bone of a Lich. Fortunately for Odin, he himself was a Lich. A bone, willingly given, Odin had hundreds, an infinite amount actually. All he had to do was take one bone, offer it up to HER, and then replace it at a nearby graveyard, he would lose nothing in doing it, and had no reason not to.

It also put Odin in the unique position that, if for example another Midnight Cult member were in the area, they would jump at the opportunity to converse with a Lich, and hopefully persuade it to give up a bone.

Those were the Lich's thoughts, as he wandered through the forest, the sun high in the sky as it reached noon.

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She has a bone to pick with you [Ritual|Odin] Empty Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:25 pm

Odin †

As Odin wandered through the forest, he grew tired at the lack of anything interesting actually happening. Growing tired caused Odin to grow irritated, and becoming irritated drew his ire. Basically, Odin was pissed, and he wanted to take that anger out on something, hell anything would do at this point. He just needed to actually find someone to exact his anger on, but luckily that wouldn't take too long.

Walking through the forest, Odin would see a young woman, someone he didn't recognise but potentially should have. He didn't care, he wouldn't listen to anything that was said. Instead, he would simply walk up to her location, use his spear and, without any hesitation or suggestion, pierce her shoulder with it. It would drop enough blood to fill two vials of blood for Odin, and it would make him forget about his anger. Fulfilling HER wishes was usually what brought Odin some joy, so any chance to do some more of it was worthwhile.

He honestly couldn't care if the woman survived or not, and didn't bother waiting to find out. He was fed up for the day, and simply wanted to get to the rented room he had.


2x Vials of Human Blood acquired

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